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Packed with historical action-adventure, the eighth and final book in Chris Bradford's blockbuster Young Samurai series reaches a thrilling conclusion. The port of Nagasaki is within reach, but the Shogun's samurai are closing in fast for the kill. So too is Jack's old school rival. Editorial Reviews. Review. "A fantastic adventure that floors the reader on page one and keeps Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Children's eBooks. eBook Editions. Open menu . The Ring of Sky (Young Samurai, Book 8). Imprint: Puffin The Ring of Water (Young Samurai, Book 5).

Young Samurai The Ring Of Sky Ebook

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Packed with historical action-adventure, the eighth and final book in Chris Bradford's blockbuster Young Samurai series reaches a thrilling. The Ring of Sky book. Read 81 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. AS JACK EMBARKS ON HIS FINAL ADVENTURE, WILL HE MAKE IT. JACK FLETCHER IS RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE The port of Nagasaki is within reach, but the Shogun's samurai are closing in fast for the kill. So too is Jack's old .

He earned his black belt in Zen Kyo Shin Taijutsu, the secret fighting art of the ninja. You can learn more about Chris Bradford and his books at www. Rating details. Our customer reviews Chris Bradford has the knack of keeping you hooked. With the plot twisting and turning like a treacherous mountain road, you never know what awaits you behind the next bend: The characters are likeable and feel authentic, because they all have their flaws to contend with and their own inner demons to battle.

New characters feel like old friends after about three pages and familiar ones, that keep popping up throughout the series when you least expect them to, seem like you've known them for many years and it's not always easy to say goodbye.

What I like most about the series though is that it is not merely an action-packed adventure-story with nail-biting tension, but that it manages to be highly instructive at the same time, in a refreshingly offhand sort of way.

Through Jack the reader gains an amazing amount of insight not only into Japanese culture and society at that time and of course into the field of martial arts, but also learns some important lessons of life: So when you have followed Jack through all the highs and lows of his journey and his ultimate effort to reach home, you will have inadvertently absorbed some of that wisdom for yourself and have grown a little bit as a person, whether you are 9 or 90 years of age.

I know I did and so did my girls, and that's exactly what will make "Young Samurai" always very special to us. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

Riddling Monk — a devious-looking character who was in possession of Jack's rutter. Has a huge following of disciples. He did encounter a drunk Ronin at some point, and took the rutter away from him.

Ronin failed to get back the book since he answered the Monk's riddle incorrectly.

Jack and Hana would get the rutter back by answering his 3 riddles late in the book, which is in a ruined temple on a stormy mountaintop. Matagoro Araki — Headmaster at the Yagyu Ryu whoms't is in possession of Jack's daisho, and challenged him to a duel which Jack won. Botan — skilled and ruthless samurai, leader of the group that assaulted Jack and robbed him of his possessions. He hired Ronin as part of his plan, but drugged his sake as well as a cover.

Killed by Ronin after he tries to kill Jack and Hana. Challenged Jack to a game of Go, or Japanese Chess. His flag is black and white checks, as is the rest of his palace and his clothes. The Ring of Fire[ edit ] Winter After a snowstorm forces him to take shelter, Jack comes across a village in need of protection from raiding mountain bandits.

Torn between moving on or helping, Jack is persuaded to stay and fight their cause. Jack is the only samurai to do so. He must enlist other warriors to the village's aid before the bandits return to steal their harvest. No easy task when the reward is so little and he is a foreigner. Yuudai — able-bodied and immensely strong samurai who wields a nodachi. Shows deep feelings for Neko. Miyuki — the young kunoichi female ninja from the earlier Ring of Earth and is one of Jack's group of defenders of Tamagshi village.

She develops a friendship with Neko and admires her bravery. Saburo — Jack's friend from the Niten Ichi Ryu school of the first three books. Neko — an orphaned girl who is both deaf and mute. She cooks for Jack's squad and the farmers, and also learns some ninja skills from Miyuki.

Shows deep affection for Yuudai.

Junichi — head of the Tamagashi village Jack resides in. He has his Mother living with him. Yoshi — elder of Tamagashi village. Toge — one of the village leaders, and highly distrusts Jack, doubting his abilities as a samurai. E Sora — one of the elderly farmers.

Akuma — main antagonist in the story. Nicknamed "Black Moon", He is an utterly heartless warrior who plunders the villagers' rice for his own every year at full moon, leaving them with almost nothing to eat. He is killed by those whom he ruthlessly oppressed in the end.

Nakamura "Scarface" — Not to be confused with Sensei Nakamura, Nakamura is one of Akuma's most skilled henchmen, wielding an axe with fierce abandon. He tries to take down Jack with him knowing that he is dying, but fails and drowns.

Sayomi — female bandit who serves Akuma. Wields a naginata. Her hair was ripped from her head with her scalp.

See a Problem?

Kurochi — nicknamed "The Snake" he is highly proficient with using the musket to shoot targets from long range. The first time is on the volcanic bridge and heavy sword dueling with Jack, alone. Soon, Akiko appears, I mean I certainly didn't see that coming. After she appears and saves Jack there's a lot of emotional feelings. A lot of love, friendship and emotional attachment, helpfulness is given more than necessary highlighting.

It affects the readers positively in the end. Moving on to the best part of the book, there's a lot of blood, fire, sword duels, arrows, piercing, suffocation, screaming, praying, healing and death at the mega trap where we see a lot of action and turbulence of power.

Kazuki completely loses here. Miyuki gives up her life? Was that necessary, I always liked her. Should have substituted Saburo instead. Anyways, moving on the ring of the sky is revealed near the end. Jack has finally perfected his skills and saved the life of his friends in redemption. The end is just thrilling and surprising. Akiko and Yori also come aboard with Jack. Masamoto teaches a lot of things to Jack and many mysteries are unveiled. Many positive and inspiring thoughts, quotes and feeling are highlighted in the book which make it a wonderful read, specially the second half.

And we get to learn about a hoard of new terms and words here. What a great way to end this series, with a massive reunion and and some major character deaths.

I'll always remember these characters who have been through so much and risked their life for their friends. This series really puts up morals and values for young generation and carves the mind with gentle, yet fascinating stories that you can learn a ton from. Farewell, Jack and all the young samurai that enlightened my life for the past month.

It's really been an amazing, fascinating and a thrilling journey. Nice Reading! Jul 31, Ashley rated it really liked it. I'm in my mid-twenties and I think this series is the bomb diggity. I know rights have been purchased for a TV series, but these are so good they deserve a major Hollywood blockbuster series.

Amirite, or amirite? Although I enjoyed other books in the series more, this final book was no let down.

I thought the author did a great job of bringing new characters into the series, like JunJu I'm in my mid-twenties and I think this series is the bomb diggity. I thought the author did a great job of bringing new characters into the series, like JunJun, without overwhelming us with too much detail about them.

The ending was satisfactory and while I'd obviously LOVE a ninth book, I feel satisfied with how the story was wrapped up.

Personally, I was hoping that Jack's sister, Jess, had pulled a totally rad stunt and sailed across the ocean, looking for Jack and their father after they didn't return home on schedule, allowing all of the characters to stay in Japan. A girl can dream, right? Mar 19, Adeeb rated it it was amazing. Loved this. This series is great! Don't get put off because it's a middle grade series. It's really awesome.

Jun 27, 15GrahamA rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is a great but sad ending to the young samurai series.

Miyuki dies at the hands of Kazuki and his ronin after saving Jack from a daiymos prison and running to Nagasaki. He also meets a friend called Benkei who helps him through by guiding him but has to be saved many times.

Also Jacks sensei Kyuzo cuts jacks little finger off at a prison so jack must learn a new way of using the two heavens to beat Kazuki. Jack and his friends are pinned to stakes at the end as they try to board a ship to N This is a great but sad ending to the young samurai series.

Jack and his friends are pinned to stakes at the end as they try to board a ship to Nagasaki but the Shogun dies before they got caught so a Dayimo who is jacks friend as he saved her sister, takes over and orders Jack and his friends to be taken off the stakes so they wouldn't burn. Kazuki sets the stakes alight so jack must use the ring of sky with a ninja friend Zenjubo to cause rain to put out the fire. Mar 12, Jasonny rated it it was amazing. Good series for understanding the world of 'shipping'.

When the plot was more important than the love life. Mar 19, Intan Musa rated it it was amazing. Jack's journey brought him to Nagasaki. Together they helped a village of Christians and were almost burned at the stake. Kazuki also got to know of Jack's whereabouts and ambushed Jack. He was also almost burnt at the stake. But Masamoto came at the last moment to announce that the Shogun had died. And that Jack had been pardoned. Luckily, there was a Dutch ship that was willing to send Jack back to England.

Yori and Akiko ag Jack's journey brought him to Nagasaki. Yori and Akiko agreed to follow him home. Jack felt complete with Akiko's presence and was assured with Yori presence. He was finally going back to see Jess. View all 4 comments. Aug 24, Barry rated it really liked it Shelves: The last action filled adventure of this excellent 8 book series. Jack gets to finally set out for home, but he brings a little bit of Japan with him. I know that authors bring books and series to an end, but the strength of this is that I want it to continue and to find out what happens next.

Mar 23, Anh Dang rated it really liked it. Jul 19, Muhammad Ozair rated it liked it. Akiko again. And for some reason Kazuki can never win,even with Metsuke and all that he has.

The Ring of Sky (Young Samurai, Book 8)

I mean Masamoto just Miraculously arrives at the end? And again the Ring of Sky was kinda pushed in. I really like the series but the end was a little dissapointing.

Feb 18, TheReader rated it it was amazing Shelves: This series is just amazing! And this book is a worty ending. It was perfect Aug 20, Sankalp R rated it it was amazing. Incredible run to freedom for Jack. Dangerous, Hunted and Lost. My heart goes out to Miyuki. The ending is totally unexpected.

The Ring of Sky

Mar 15, Samantha rated it it was amazing. I cannot wait until the 9th book comes out. Whatever am I gonna do with myself?!

I love this series! Best one I've read since Michael J. Sullivan's "Riryria Chronicles and Revelations"!!! Awesome job, Mr. Nu bijna 3 jaar later eindigt deze reis. De weg van… In deze boe Juni mijn eerste kennis making met Jack Fletcher om binnen 3 weken totaal betoverd te worden door De weg van de krijger , De weg van het zwaard en De weg van de draak.

Mar 10, Nathaniel rated it it was amazing. Mar 03, Caleb rated it it was amazing. Oct 11, Jianne rated it really liked it Shelves: I hate endings. They ruin my heart. Well, since this is already the last book I guess I can also comment on the series overall. The first three books were awesome, The Way of the Book three aka The Way of the Dragon made me cry to no ends.

In the second half of the series, thus begins The Ring of However, it just becomes too cliche as each book progresses. And I will say the same for the last book in the series.

It all starts and ends the same, Jack injuried, rescued by someone, helped him get to Nagasaki, enemies in the way, make use of the ring of something, nearly died but not dead then a happy ending. It's always like that. So I was a bit disappointed when The Ring of Sky turned out to be like that because it is the last book and I was expecting to be mind-blown! It is definitely exciting and I was a bit joyful that Jack finally turned out to be as invincible as others think he is.

He learns something new again and he was able to get that. However, there were a lot of loose ends.

For example, the mystery of Dragon Eye, I was waiting for that. About time Ugh, but I hate endings.Every road is blocked and every mountain pass guarded as Jack makes his final dash for safety. Miyuki, sadly dies here and everybody else is running away to Nagasaki, but before that Jack drives his sword through Kazuki, still failing to kill him.

Chris Bradford bedankt, nu wachten dat de Bodyguard serie is vertaald. Gives Jack a gift of five shuriken. Yoshi — elder of Tamagashi village. Penguin gifts.

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