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'The Immortals of Meluha sees Lord Shiva and his intriguing life with a refreshing The first edition of Systems Thinking was the first book to develop a working. Praise for The Immortals of Meluha 'Shiva rocks. 'The Immortals of Meluha sees Lord Shiva and his intriguing life with a Pdfdrive:hope Give books away. The book is (a) marvellous attempt to create fiction from folklore, religion and archaeological facts.' — People The Immortals of Meluha sees Lord Shiva and his.

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Page 1. The Immortals of Meluha. Page 1/1. Read The Immortals of Meluha free novels read online from your Mobile, Pc. The Immortals of Meluha is a Fantasy novel by Amish Tripathi. Status: Full. Series: Shiva Trilogy #1. View: Read Online. Rating 9. BC. In what modern. Immortals of Meluha (The Shiva Trilogy Book 1) eBook: Amish Tripathi: this book to be and much more It was full of action and the way certain places were.

Immortals of meluha

It was their deeds in the human life that made them famous as Gods. Tripathi's grandfather was a pundit and his parents are avid readers of Indian mythology, hence he found it easy to trust what he had heard from his parents and grandparents, and relied on them for the stories in the novel.

Around this time, Tripathi's wife suggested an alternative. She asked him not to control the fate of his characters beforehand, but let the plot develop on its own. Tripathi applied these suggestions and the result was a smoother outflow. The manuscript for The Immortals of Meluha got rejected by 35 to 40 publication houses. I was a finance guy and a staunch believer in digital marketing that has a better reach in the books market.

It actually puts up a conversation rather than a two-minute wire on the same. He put up the entire first chapter of The Immortals of Meluha as a digital download from his website, so that the readers would get interested. With the help of his musician friend Taufiq Qureshi , he launched a live-action trailer film on YouTube and built an online community in Facebook and Twitter , surrounding the video, to further hold the reader's interest.

Hence Pusalkar chose to just portray the back profile of Shiva, standing in front of a huge lake.

Since Pusalkar had never designed any book covers before, she felt that the task was more daunting for her, and explained "Shiva is a human of flesh and blood, he is not a God. The challenge was to show him as vulnerable.

I portrayed him from the back, because Indian Gods are never seen from the back. He has battle scars and a sculpted physique.

He also created a clay model of the broken Pashupati seal, which was later photographed and used in the book inlay. The increasing brightness of the book covers, from the dull colors of The Immortals of Meluha to the bright hue of The Oath of the Vayuputras , signified the triumph of good over evil, according to Tripathi.

Hence he sent the book to various known faces in the publishing world like Anil Dharker and Prahlad Kakkar. Ultimately, when Tripathi's agent Bahri decided to publish around 5, copies of the book himself, they already had the celebrity preview attached to it, and it helped in promotion.

The book would be released in the United States in summer The album is an extension of The Immortals of Meluha and The Secret of the Nagas with special tracks inspired by important junctures like Shiva's dance and the war speech in the books. This was the first time ever that an original soundtrack was made for a book series.

After its publication, The Immortals of Meluha received mostly positive response from critics for its concept but the prose received mixed reviews.

It will be interesting to see how the trilogy progresses. One cannot but admire the creative drive that impels a finance professional to embark on such an ambitious odyssey on uncharted seas.

One can actually sense the beats of Shiva's dumru and fumes of intoxicating chillum. Simply unputdownable. Some crunching of thoughts that tended to overlap and repeat would be welcome in the next two books.

Shiva's our definition of a hero, ready to fight for a good cause anytime. Age-old thoughts and philosophies were delivered in a very modern context, which I thought made for an interesting juxtaposition. I wrote to Amish to express one small observation, the script writing is not that sharp. You have words like 'Goddamnit', 'bloody hell', 'In the name of God what is this nonsense? Just after a week of its publication in February , the book hit the best seller list of several magazines and newspapers, including The Statesman , The Economic Times , The Times of India , Rolling Stone India , among others.

Plot Edit Meluha is a near perfect empire, created many centuries earlier by Lord Ram, one of the greatest monarchs that ever lived. However, the once proud empire and its Suryavanshi rulers face severe perils as its primary river, the revered Saraswati ,is slowly drying to extinction. They also face devastating terrorist attacks from the east, the land of the Chandravanshis who have joined forces with the Nagas , a cursed race with physical deformities.

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The present king of Meluha, Daksha , sends his emissaries to North India in Tibet, to invite the tribes that live there to Meluha. One of those invited are the Gunas , whose chief Shiva is a brave warrior and protector.

Shiva accepts the proposal and moves to Meluha with his tribe. They reach the city of Srinagar and are received there by Ayurvati , the Chief of Medicine of the Meluhans.

Shiva and his tribe are impressed with the Meluhan way of life. On their first night of stay at Srinagar, the Gunas wake up amid high fever and sweating. The Meluhans, under Ayurvati's orders, carry on the healing process. However, Ayurvati finds out that Shiva is the only one devoid of these symptoms and that his throat has turned blue.

The Meluhans announce Shiva as the Neelkanth, their fabled savior.

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Shiva is then taken to Devagiri , the capital city of Meluha. While on his way there,he decides to halt at a place on the bank of a river. While Nandi is resting,she goes out to explore the area. After a while,he comes across a temple. There he encounter a mysterious woman, who though very beautiful, has a look of penance on her face. He immediately falls in love with her. When he asks her name and when can he see her again,her friend answers that when he reaches Devgiri,he can ask anyone where he can find Lady Sati and they'll tell him where to find her.

He meets King Daksha,after reaching Devgiri. While staying there, Shiva and his comrade,Nandi come to know that the woman who Shiva met at the temple,Sati is actually Princess Sati , the daughter of Daksha and is a vikarma , an untouchable in this life due to sins of her past births.

The characters were flat and not at all well developed. It was hard to believe that people, even a wise king and his courtiers, would be so ready to believe that a person was their savior and blindly follow him without considering the consequences of their decisions. Also when an author wants to emphasize how good his protagonist is, it is best done in a subtle manner but here it is loudly proclaimed over and over again by the other characters which annoyed me a lot.

Each fact is repeated over and over again in ten different ways and it made me wonder if the author thinks we are complete fools who will not get a concept on the first try. The book reads more like a movie script than a novel. It seems as though the author has written the book keeping Bollywood producers and directors in mind, rather than genuine readers.

The last few chapters, especially were very hastily written and seemed really rushed.

The author had some good places where he could have ended this book but he chose to end the book with a cliffhanger and a 'To Be Continued'.Finally I found it in a tiny little shop, the proprietor I first heard about this book from a friend who had said that the book was a good read. Characters and locations are per the books from the series and from the official website.

I liked the discussion on what is evil and the fact that what is considered evil or wrong by some people may not be seen in the same way by others. Tripathi's grandfather was a pundit and his parents are avid readers of Indian mythology, hence he found it easy to trust what he had heard from his parents and grandparents, and relied on them for the stories in the novel.

He has introduced concepts of terrorism, the caste system and the position of women in society in this first book in a planned trilogy.

Even though the chances for Sati's victory were low;she wins the Agni Pariksha and instead of killing the man,she forgives him. That is really surprising for a first time Indian author. They also face devastating terrorist attacks from the east, the land of the Chandravanshis. The Meluhan doctors administer medicine.

There he encounter a mysterious woman, who though very beautiful, has a look of penance on her face.

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