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by Ramesh Natarajan on September 22, Nagios Core 3 eBook is the only guide you'll ever need to get your IT infrastructure monitored using Nagios. My name is Ramesh Natarajan. for Becoming Fast and Productive in Vim Editor; Nagios Core 3 eBook - Monitor Everything, Be Proactive, and Sleep Well. Nagios 3 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. by Ramesh Natarajan on May 29, Download the nagios and plugins 2. . Nagios Core 3 eBook – Ive been using Nagios for several years, and I can sleep .

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3. RARP request: This is more or less same as ARP request, the difference being that in this message a . in Vim Editor. Nagios Core 3 eBook - Monitor Everything , Be Proactive, and Sleep Well The Ultimate Wget Download Guide With 15 Awesome Examples Read more about Ramesh Natarajan and. by RAMESH NATARAJAN on JANUARY 5, 3 Steps to Install the Perl- Support Vim Plugin. Step 1: Download Perl-Support Vim Plugin. Download the plugin from website. Step 3: Enable the plugin in the ~/.vimrc . Sed and Awk Hacks Book · Nagios Core 3 Book · Vim Hacks Book. 15 Practical Grep Command Examples 3. find command examples Find files using . To connect to a remote server and download multiple files, do the following. */10 * * * * /home/ramesh/check-disk-space More crontab examples: Linux Linux Commands (With Examples) Vim Hacks eBook Nagios Core 3 eBook.

Print the filename and get confirmation before removing the file. This also removes the example directory itself. Following example prints the content of file1 followed by file2 to stdout.

Give full access to user and group i.

This will prompt for the old password followed by the new password. This will not prompt for current password of the user.

Root user can disable password for a specific user. Once the password is disabled, the user can login without entering the password. If any of these directories exist already, it will not display any error. View all the interfaces along with status. Locate command uses the database created by updatedb. The example below shows all files in the system that contains the word crontab in it. To view section 5 of crontab man page, do the following.

This is useful to view the log files, that keeps growing. Unix Less Command: Super user can switch to any other user without entering their password.

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In the following example, john can execute the ls command as raj username. To connect to a remote mysql database.

This will prompt for a password. RPM Command: Ping Tutorial: The focus of this course is to help you understand system administration tools, which will help you to become an effective Linux system administrator.

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If you enjoyed this article, you might also like.. Linux Hacks 2nd Edition eBook www. But I guess the commands like du, scp and init should be included.

I will also like to add that -S with ls will sort on size and -f with rm will forcefully remove files. The commands like shutdown, yum, rpm, whereis and whatis can be excluded.

50 Most Frequently Used UNIX / Linux Commands (With Examples)

Hope this article is a Deepavalli treat. Very Nice and Informative. Please prepare one more treat for Christmas and New year RO 6 Geoff November 8, at 9: I would add: Similar functionality is available via pgrep as well.

But this is a handy list, nonetheless.

I suspect it will be showing up in a lot of Google searches. Thanks a lot! Possible additions: Instead of writing a while loop to run a command repeatedly, use watch.

It runs the command you specify every 2 seconds default interval. Examples are awesome. Thanks 15 sathiya January 1, at 6: For any Unix or Linux including Red Hat is via: This is a very useful list for new Linux users to use for reference.

Really gets you up to speed quickly!

Mommy, I found it! — 15 Practical Linux Find Command Examples

Thank You!! Very useful commands for me. TQ 27 Nalaka September 12, at 9: You helped me take the first steps. I really wanted to say thank you for writting such a great tutorial. I looked it up on here and was able to look smart in front of the whole class www.

Otherwise perfect post, thank you! Saved me a bit of hair pulling. How do I configure for multiple servers?

It is very understandable. If it shows nothing you need to go through the install guide again and check all the steps. But when i tried to start the Nagios service its saying unrecognized service Nagios. Please help me out in this issue.. Otherwise its not working step 7 fails. Allow Internal Network to External network.

In this example, eth1 is connected to external network internet , and eth0 is connected to internal network For example: The NIS ports are dynamic. First do a rpcinfo -p as shown below and get the port numbers. In this example, it was using port and In most cases, you might have web server running on the same server where the MySQL database runs. In those case, you might want to allow your internal network to talk to the MySQL directly as shown below.

This means that the incoming ssh connection can come from both port 22 and Log Dropped Packets You might also want to log all the dropped packets. These rules should be at the bottom.

Mommy, I found it! Thanks Link diptanu June 14, , am Hi,Thanks alot for the above info. Even if that was possible that host is not on your subnet therefore you do not communicate to it or it to you using MAC address. Link vierupro June 16, , am Good collection of iptables rules! The solution to limit the number of connections is to use connlimit match. Anyway, thanks for a good article! Link jalal hajigholamali October 21, , am very good… thanks Link Sharad December 12, , am Really helped me a lot… Just 1 question, after implementing some of the policies, My server is unable to resolve any domain name.

Exit code: Link dp February 23, , am Hai Friends, Please let me know how to restrict the server access by using the iptables with mac addressses. I want to give permission only to 2 mac addresses and restict the remaining mac addresses to connect with the server. I have one query regarding the deletion of a rule.Using option -i, you can view the inode number of the file, which will be different for these two files.

3 Steps to Install the Perl-Support Vim Plugin

Still cant access. I used onl --with-command-group as shown above.

Link vierupro June 16, , 3: What else can be said about the good old pwd who has been printing the current directory name for ages. How can I construct a pipe to execute the following? Log Dropped Packets You might also want to log all the dropped packets. Click here to sign up.

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