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The Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) Program. Hacking Kevin is author of Hacking Hacking Wireless Networ. PDF - Business Intelligence For Dummies. Want to know more about Business Intelligence and how it can help you make better business decisions? Business. [PDF BOOK] Business Intelligence for Dummies By Swain Scheps Full Audiobook Online PDF Business Intelligence for Dummies, Read PDF.

Business Intelligence Dummies Pdf

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Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley Publishing logo, For Dummies, the Dummies Man Microsoft side and the discussions about the Microsoft Business Intelligence. hundreds times for their chosen readings like this business intelligence for dummies, business intelligence for dummies is available in our book collection an. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Understand the principles and practical elements of BI Business Intelligence For Dummies by [Scheps, Swain].

Part I: Introduction and Basics.

Chapter 1: Understanding Business Intelligence. Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Meeting the BI Challenge.

Business Intelligence Insights

Part II: Business Intelligence User Models. Chapter 4: Basic Reporting and Querying.

Chapter 5: Online Analytical Processing. Chapter 6: Dashboards and Briefing Books.

Chapter 7: Part III: The BI Lifecycle. Chapter 8: The BI Big Picture. Chapter 9: Human Factors in BI Implementations.

Chapter Part IV: Implementing BI. Building the BI Project Plan. Collecting User Requirements. BI Design and Development.

The Day After: Maintenance and Enhancement. Data-driven maps and location applications created using LI reveal spatial relationships and correlations that otherwise may not have been apparent.

Business Intelligence For Dummies Excerpt

Maintaining a competitive edge in todays marketplace requires a full understanding of your location data. There is more to data than meets the eye.

Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. In this chapter, we introduce you to a brief history of spatial data and the rise in the importance of LI.

Then, we discuss what growth in LI means for various industries. Reaching Back into the History of Location Data The analysis of location information isnt an entirely novel con- cept. However, it wasnt until the development of one of the first practical uses of geographic information for maritime navigation that analysis of location information set sail.

Ptolemy, a Greek geographer, astronomer, and mathematician, is credited with establishing the use of location information for the expansion of the Roman Empire in second century AD through navigational precision. Today we credit Ptolemy, as well as other geographers, for their contributions and impact on todays mod- ern geographic nomenclature. He believed that the Earth was the center Universe. The word for earth in Greek is geo, so this idea is called a geocentric theory.

Business Intelligence For Dummies.pdf

Although significant advances have been made in analyzing and using location data, the ultimate purpose is still the same: to solve the most challenging problems that we face today. Modern use of location data came into use over 30 years ago to assist governments in mapping their resources to make better use of them. Transportation hubs and oil reserves were mapped, and the Geographic Information Systems GIS industry rose to prominence. While valuable, GIS applications required special- ized software and expert-level training, making them difficult to implement and scale.

Then came the Internet.

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The Internet facilitated a great leap for- ward by making location data available on the cloud. Vendors like Google became pioneers in democratizing access to location data with its product, Google maps. This allowed business intelligence BI vendors to create mashups combinations of discrete data- sets brought together to create new applications.

These mashups overlaid demographic data on top of geospatial data, bringing us closer to the LI that we know today.

Todays location information landscape focuses primarily on ana- lyzing and using location data to gain real insights on society and services. Some of the most successful companies today, like Uber and Airbnb, leverage location data and use LI at the core of their business strategies, turning insights from analysis into business outcomes.

Recognizing the Importance of LI Today, LI plays an increasingly important role for organizations and businesses by providing accessible insight into where things happen, why they happen, and what the next best move is.Business Intelligence For Dummies helps it all make sense. The Day After: BI Design and Development.

Business Intelligence For Dummies Excerpt

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