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On Business result elementary student's book - oxford air traffic controller / movement of aeroplanes teachers / students «НИИ engineer / projects team leaders / team 5 English Result Intermediate Student´s Book pdf file. Download Business Result Elementary Student's This book is available at quantity discounts for bulk purchases. For information the side of overscrupulous data-keepi Cambridge University Press - English.

Business Result Elementary Students Book Pdf

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Business Result Elementary Student's - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Business Result - Elementary Student's Book - Oxford - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Student´s Book de libro Business result. Oxford University Press Business Result Elementary. Student's Book Answer Key. 1 │ Jobs. Working with words. 1. Dahlia is from India.

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Business result elementary student's book - oxford 1. He doesn't want to make any mistakes! Make sentences about these jobs using the verbs in 2. An air traffic controller controls the movement of aeroplanes. Make sentences about these departments using words in the table. Logistics plans deliveries from suppliers. Listen and write the sounds. Try to guess the department your partner describes.

A This department works with customers. A Correct.

The revision game Work with a partner. Take turns to choose a square. On a yellow square, have a role-play with your partner, on a blue square follow the instruction, on a pink square answer the question s.

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If you are correct, or if you complete the role-play, you win the square. If you are not correct, the squares stays open. What is your nationality?

What is your job? A Call a hotel and ask about its services then book a room. Describe your favourite restaurant using superlatives. A Arrive at a hotel and check in. Ask about breakfast and dinner.

Find the mistake: When you take a Explain how to use Are you from Peru? Yes, I from. Your CEO wants to move your offices to a city km away. What have you done today? Plan a party for your English group next week. Talk about your last trip. Where did you go? How long? BWSfflflW What is the location of your company and what is near it? Blue Fins - Sarah Axten. Holiday accommodation 2. Contacting friends 3.

Dealing with bureaucracy 4. Letters to newspapers 5.


Letters of complaint about goods and services "Work and Study" 6. Writing job references 8. Customer surveys 9. Taking notes from a product presentation Work correspondence Writing a personal statement Taking notes in a talk or lecture Preparing a classroom presentation Summaries of written texts Arguing a point of view Real Listening and Speaking 1: Real Writing 4.

Real Writing 4 - Audio CD.

Expand text… Level 3 Pre-Intermediate: Level Elementary: English Result Elementary: English Result Elementary SB. PDF English Result Elementary WB.

English Result Elementary RB. English Result Elementary TB. Business Result Elementary SB. Business Result Elementary Audio. Business Result Elementary TB. Does anyone have Business Result Starter? Adinda Agustian. Maria-Elisa Acevedo.

Business Result Elementary WK?? Where can I get it? Elementary Stories for Reproduction Series 1. Elementary Stories for Reproduction 1. Elementary Stories for Reproduction 1 Audio. Elementary Stories for Reproduction 2.


Elementary Stories for Reproduction 2 Audio. BISL 01 - Universe. Hussam Abdlkreen pinned post 23 Sep Consumers, Travel and Tourism. Macmillan Topics. BISL 07 - Invertebrates.Weusepronouns with verbs. Ask -rdcnts Lo: Nominatea studentto askyou the questions. Is therea KFCin your station? Remindstudentsnot to usetheir notesor sentencesfrom exercise6 to helpthem. As students have the conversation, monitor and give plenty of positive feedback for a first try at having a conversation in English.

Help them keep rhythm by clapping or tapping on the desk.

Studentperformance Studentsshouldbe abieto askquestionsto completean appiication form accurately. Real Writing 4. Checkstudents

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