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Работа по теме: Business Start-up 1 Student's Book. ВУЗ: ВГСПУ. Business Start-Up 1 | Business Start-up is a two-level (CEF level A1/A2) Business The Student's Books bring reality to even the most basic levels of language. Business Start-Up 1 Student's - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text Business Benchmark - Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate - CAMBRIDGE - Answers .

Business Start-up 1 Students Book Cambridge

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Business Start-Up 1 Student's - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Business Start-Up 1 Student's Book (Cambridge Professional English) [Mark Ibbotson, Bryan Stephens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Contents Mapofthebook Unit1 Welcome 6. Unit2 Numbers Unit3 Work Unit4 Information 24 unít 5. Places Unit6 Action Unit7 Meeting Unit8.

Adobc R. J l computer coPY download files print save softwate book A: At rfuri ,syoucan downloadmusic, The sile has ,songs. But you can't give or Be l copies to otherpeople. You jusl get a referencenumber. Whatcountry is thecompany in? Canyoureadthewebsite in English? Youaanbuy booksfromAmazon. YoucarftcopyCDs, pract ce Que5fiors Canyoubuyproductsfromthe website? I copyall fllesontoa CD. Use a dictionary to help you. Could use the fax machine? Theres a photocopicr.

There'sa photocopierin my office. Are there computers at the hotel? Can I use the phonein the meetingroom? I needto photocopy this. You can faxit. We havea fax machine. Thereis i lky bridge' 'rcorridor E a in theair at levek4l and Therearej in the building. Therearea windows flishtsof Thc buildins has5 lifis.

L stenand rep. Ptaces5 0 practice. Listen and repeatthe questions. Tum right' practice''. I tl -Jl U a he l]ft? Whereare the stalrs? Ill a! J, IN! It'sa big apartment. I po c vo abularypractice.. Whatdoes 'hotproperty'mean?

Small Business Enterprise Centre and community-based provider locations

Wheredo most peoplelive? Not exact y. Do you go to tradefairs? He oftengoesto the headomce.

Business Start-Up 1 Student's Book.pdf

I workat home. Page99' Exercise2. Fill in the 8aP5. Hi everyone. C h s Are you havinga good timein lstanbuL? Emma Oh. Emma Sure. Go ahead. Well, 3 wele,,,ro. Wete just flnlshingthe testingon that thal'sthe lasl iob They'rchavlnglunchat the moment.

He lsnt maklnga phonecall. OR He'snot makinga phonecall. How do you say. What'sshe doing? StudentB -. Theylehavinga coffeeat the moment.

Whatareyou doingnow? I'mnot in the officetoday. We'reworkingon the newprojectthigweek. Canyou btly ForDunnies book.

Whydo peopLebuy For Dummiesbooks? Whatkindof peoplebuyForDummles books? Nola ot? The sla is the For Dlrmmies yoUhoWtodoh! Dates We write: We say: Exetcise1' 76 Li. Ine morntng. A Thetwelfth of January B Tuesday. I'mfreeat thebeginning of lull I'mbusyin themiddleof July. Whataboutthe firstweekin August? Paris London Cf i. LLt;rt " -i pl r.. In Pdris,wh ch hoteLs he slayingat?

I'mworking withlohn. Who'sSoingto the meeting? Whyareyou goingto Hamburg? I'mgoingto a meeting. Becausehe doesn'tlike flying. To the Londonoff]ce? Work with a partneL look back at Gary's diary. Ask and answer questlons about his trip. Talk to other students. Whyareyougoingto lvlilan? WhenAVhat timeareyouleaving? Howareyou travelling? I'mleavingLondonon Tuesday. Witha standardfare,you can changeor canceLthe booking.

How e fare,then? Llstenand rapeat, 1 2 3 4 I'dliketo booka seat. Whenwouldyouliketo comeback?

Doyou wantto bookthe returntrip now? Whenwoutdyou llke to teave? Destination icket singletetun, Leavin9on day l Leavingat. Retumingat ftner: Ea 3 lt!! They were in the same hotel.

The presentationwasnt very good. Page lo1. Howmanypeoplewereat themeeting? BOO Io: PS Edwn Palmere! Whatdid theydiscussat the meeting lastweek? Communication practice 2]. Wedidn'tlookat thenewpricelist. Then lllten a8alnand repeat. Ooo oO Oo d oOo oooOo i:.

Page8]' studentB '. She readthem. Listen and repeat. Grammarpracti e.. Pleasefindattachedmy reportof the trip. Couldyou send me the schedule?

Ispeakto Louise He o. Rob 0h, right. I'll call backlater. Rob Rcceptlon oK. Rob Bye. Receptlon Bye. Wouldyou like 61 Rob t]m'.. She'llcauyou back. StudentI - Page Herline'sbusyat the moment. Wouldyou llke to hold? A sthatRob? B Yes,speaklng. Who'scalling, ]t. Sorry I'mafraidshe'sout. Couldyouaskherto callme baak? I'll call backlatel CouldI takeyourname? Herlinebbusyat themoment. Wouldyouliketo hold? Read the emails again. Find words in the emails to filt in the gaps.

Are you bo hoK What. Whatcityare the colledgues in? Whnfs the Mislr. Btltt0 lay. Wherestheremosl competition betweenairlines? The prob emis competition in the air,and on the ground. And whentheypay peanutsfor the, Tl]. Superlatives Short adie. Yes,I agree. Thisis thecheapest option. TIM E our ,. The checkin ls I The flightsto You can'tcheckin for the fllghtto. I dont have any hand luggage. N0, it's delayed. I Shall comelo Tokyo? Akio Um '.. Akio l'll sendll now And 'll calLback,!

When,, rl a g a r n I n an Kristi Akio 0K, fine. Whenshall ] phoneyou? Letls meet next week. Makesuggestionsabout thesethings: Imnot aboutthat. I thinkyou? B That'sa good c Choosethe photos. Then,we candlscuss thedesign. Next,we cantalkaboutthewebsite. They'retoing to callthe supplier. Questions Whatareyougolngto talkaboutat the meeting? Areyou golngto discussthe website?

Are these senten estrue f or false F? L YoUi1. Simon Cornpletely? Extract 2 Simon OK, good. Whenare you goingto haveI ready? Plans 11 practice.. I'mgoingto takea taxitothe hotel l m stayingat the New Empire. E HiKristi, Yes I agree. Lets havedinneron Wednesday anddiscussourideas. Workln paks. A Whatareyougoingto do nextweek? See youal7.

Listen to Kristi Cortland checking c into a hotel in Tokyo. Fill In the gaps with "' listen again to the conversation. What does KristJ need to write on the form? She's in room "' d Now look at the transcript on page Use have got pm. I have a reservation.

Are these sentences repeat. Tryto use the aameintonation. I've got a creditcard. He's got a message. She hasn't got a key. Klisti could checkr. Kristi Can I pay by 7 cardl Re.

Kristi ReceptionThankyou. Canyou sign this? Checkingaut of a hotel Couldlcheck out,pLease? My first goal was to improvc busincss in the stores wc had. But wo'ro ot doins badly. Answer the questions. They'red scussinghow bUsiness is going. Whafs your oplnion? Use nuchlnony. L A llmm. Thafs thc question. Whal companiesdo you. Do you havemanycompetitors?

How mu. What'sthe profltmargin? Doyouhavesalesin youlcountry? Sales 12! Listenand rePeal 1 The priceof the T-shiftis practice-. B Yes,how muchis ltli T. CouldI haveone of , please? B one of , here? Whlchof the two peopteis mostllke you? Sfugulai Howmuchis thls shirt? Singular I likethatmobilephone.

CouldI haveone of those please? I'ma size forty,European size. CanI paywiththis creditcard? B Yes,please. CouldI have? StudentB Name: IST stldent C Name: Writethe numbe Thatl right. StudentA Ask and answerquestions.

What company Lookat theexamPle. Go e3. Howdo you spel that? A I get up at six o'clock. No pfoblem. By HoW StudentA onpaper. Youneed2 meetingrooms. Eachroomneeds to have: StudentA Pierre: Departure date: Departure time: Return date: Ate yotJPetson! I 2 3 4 5 6 7 a Destination: Leavingon day: Retuningon day: Retuming at tlme: Course name: Ask qUestlons.

NewZealand,Southlsland Transpon: I don'thavelhe minutesof the lastmeeting. Usethis information. Sayyou are sorryshe didn'treceivethe information. A B A B What'sthe weatherlike? Ask to speakto TonyDavey. YoUworkforconnex' you. Im notsure. Now you are a passenger. Check in for your flight. You havea small briefcaseand a largesuitcase.

Dinneron r5th- where? Lunchon 16th- where? Fina ly' '. Student A Yourname!

Business Start-up 1 Student's Book

UU Nights: Bookthe hotel. Senda scheduleof the trip to colleagues. Choosea location: Chooseaccommodationi hotel? Planthe eventsat the conference: Guest payrngextras. Tempora Produ. ChallenSer'watch Resulrs 'tI lr3 2ndquarter Nowask your partnerhow businessis. The customerwantsto tookat and buy t h et hi ng s i n t h e p h o t o s.

How much? Can I pay by? Suppller; l'"loncego Accessories Product: Ask andanswerque5tion5. B lt's B That'sright. Student B A5kandanswerquestions. HoWdo you spellthat? Facilitiesin reception: Customerspay by creditcardon the website. TravelTicket Centralsendscuslomerslheirticketsby mail customerscan t downloadand printtickets.

Usethisinformation to answerthe questions: Facilitiesin the hotelbusinesscentre: Youarebusyonthehightighted dates. Meetang with: Oh, right. Meeting wath: I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Destination: Cambridge return Ticket: Monday nextweek Returning at: Ask questions aboutit. Number of people: Ask questions aboutthebusiness trip. Didyou '..? Youtea receptionist at the Elm Hotel. Makethis phonecall: Telephone Connex. Ask to speakto BettyColley.

Vpeor room: Havea conversation. Usethis information to agk andanswerquestions,. Givethe passenger GateC No delays. StudentB howbusinessis.

Descrlbe endhowquickly. MontoSo Accessorles. X PrlcGIn. Ptlductt to d. I'm Kate Brown. B Yes,.. No milk. E Yes. Wouldyou like milkand sugar? A coffeewithsugar. Yes,p ease. Tel Mobile is in the sd. O5 7 Inthe headoffice,in Dublin. Deane had three satchels made in brown leather. Her children modeled them. Deane then taught herself to code in two days with a free Microsoft course so that she could get a website up.

This is obviously a job for the Internet. Photo courtesy The Cambridge Satchel Company On her home-made website, the Paypal buttons weren't all lined up, admits Deane, but it did the job. She started getting orders first from friends and family out of pity, she says. The British Satchel Company was officially incorporated by Dec. In , Deane had the idea to send some of her brightest, neon-colored satchels to fashion bloggers to wear at New York Fashion Week.

She couldn't afford to go herself. It was just not in the budget, everything was going to [private] school fees. The Cambridge Satchel Company got the attention Deane was seeking — perhaps more than she was predicting.

She was flooded with 16, orders. At the time, Deane had four small manufacturers that could make satchels each per week. After production started, she got a call from one of the employees informing her that the manufacturer was stealing leather from her supply, making copycat bags and selling them at a discount.

She confronted the manufacturer and his brash dismissal of her claims set Deane on a path even she wasn't expecting. He turned on his heel and went out the back. Three weeks later, she had turned a rundown building into a working factory and hired all but two of the rude manufacturer's employees.

And Anne? A oN How do you say coffee tea mineral wate d and o' in these sentences? List n nd onge juice app eiuice icedtea ePeat. Mnelalwaterconbe stilI please? E" 13 list n and reD a t th numbers. I A What'syournumber? B Nlyphonenumbe? A YEs. B That'sright. Talkto othestudents. Rnd out the r m all addrcsseg. E" lE Listen and ep a t the nmbers.

E" Match the pais. Takeit in tutns. List n and. Filtin the lighttimes. Workwith a patnerstudentA says a time,then stud n t B says the flight. A Fourteenthirteen. B The f ightto Fankfut. A That'5ight. Mtch the times to the clocks. Page 95, Exercise5.

Gammar th boxes. O'HareAirport - TrainDepartures l0: OO l0: Nunbers11 59 Whattimeis it? Vocabulary 20 l0 40 50 51 practi e Page Work Communication twentv lh]ty fo V flfty.

Whattimeis ll? Whattimes the nexttrain? B lts qLrarter past tari, It'sat fouteenthity. Takeit in turns. Howdo you say it in Engllsh? Duge Howmuchis a B gMac youconty? L Germany 2. Take t n tlrns to a. Asw in doltars. A Howmuchi5 a Big vlacin Gemany? B t5two dollarsthityseven.

How muchis that? Listenand repeat. F lt n th gaps. B Yes,please. And two 60 to 80 muchis that? B Anylhingelse? T h a l ' s ' 1 pounds Buying food Could I have two coffeesand hotdogs,please? No, thanks. Mat hthe iobs to the wokplaces. Work 3. Listenand p ea. I liv. Do you liv in Palis? Sludent B -. Talk to oth r students'Ask them about th i r iob and company. Th n pra. I work foWi sonPartners. IWokin Bilbao,nspin.

Whatconpany do you wokor? Wheedo you live? H thnmbes' de. Multi nillionail GoBn tbti 3 Hehas5o,oooemploy e s'! He come3 4 orion compani sbuy steelfom from spt in croatia' but today in WestelnEuope. Mr 1b'tiTole' ha]fof the orion omup. Hb colleague,Jsmes They make steel a ovel the Wold.

Then nmbers. GolanTatiiis ''. E" th 35 Listenand repeatthe sentenc s in grammabox' I tonnesof steel you hear. Theyownthe company. Theverbhave is irregular: Theyhavafactoiesin Russia. HehasAustaljan nationality. Howdo we say do ad does? Th n ll n the chat' Whatdo you selt? Doshe ownthe company? Listento her convesat onwith FrankAzt' wolk wlth a partn Ask and answer Metal n,s factorymanager.

Are thes questionsaboutGoranTatla. My colleaguecomesfromGermany. Theybuysteelfromsuppliersin Russia. Theyhavefactoriesin China. Wesell this poduct all overthe world. E" 39 Listen. Match a-g to the photos. Talkaboutthe peopl in the photos. E" 40 List n to this conversationabout daily routines.

Are th s e sentencestrue D o false? Filtin the gaps in theae politephrases. I Good 2 sory 'm 3 ploo en'. Look at thes sentencesfrom the conversation. Filt in the gapa with E" Wokwith a oartn. Read the article about mealtimes. Which two statementsae not tu? But is jt lunchtimejn London'bleakast tjmein 8o'ton 4 We eveningp o p e' anddinne timein DeLhj? Pactisesaying the s n tences Peoplein the UK hdvea bjgbreakfdst' w]thbaconnd eqq5,andthenth y don,tedtlunch' Workers jn Fance hdvea tonglunchbreak.

DE I'mnota morningperson, Tatkaboutroutinesin youcountryand any oth l Youaren'tlate, countriesyou know well. Helsnt late. Whatli]edo peopLestirl Wok? Do theyst. Whattlmedo theyhavc lun.

Otherverbs Do theyhavc cofee boilks? Whattlmedo theyfinishwork? Do peopleworklale? We don't have coffeebreaks.

Janstartsworkat 2. She stansafterlunch. A anfinisheswokat E" 44 NeiLLeeman phones Tina car y , a colleague. Listen to the conversationand El a Readthe article. Fill in the gaps in the sentences. Whatdoes it 'Ihe Netl,ingowebsitehas an online dictionary With tlrousands oflvords' fronr ' to Zip. I Good question.

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B think '.. A Whatdoes ''. Student B. E" Do s youlanguag u9eEnglishwords? Writ somewodsin the chart. B Customer. Discussyour wolds with a partn r.

How do ustomerMy ndrp! How do you kom Hugh s nr! A doubl l'4 E R s o N- It standsfor'electronic'. Iteil SAdoubleM. How do you spell. Whatdoes this mean? H-E S. Couldyou speakslowly,please? Twopeop]efroncc sotwae ta ywou d ikelo go in English. Theyaresi Via 3 don't messages Lard.

Besl egards Wokwith a patne. Ta kaboutemailsin you iob, usingthe vebsin la. Readthe emails. Readthe emaik and undel ne all the poss s siv adiectivesfromthe box'. Sl]sanneF oe To: Eng ishtrainng course Thankyouforyo!

Wrle Eng ish,s a taningcourseorcc Besl regads Softwre'smanages and! Possessive's ond o. Wher ' sAndew'soffice?

Use's withpeople. What'sthe numbe of the London Dea susanne office? Possessiveodjectives Wolk with a ptn l. Ask qu s tions bout lWorkhere. This is my office. Wheredo you work? Where'syoor Wl. Tomworks here. This is hls offlce. We workhere. This is our omce. They Workhee. This i5 the off]ce. Wheredo youbuythem? Whatsotof musicdo you like?

Wheredo youbuyyourCDs? You pay by cr d it ca d Readaboutthe websltes. You can also download use thesewebsites? Usea Q l.. Adobc R. Adobe Reado. AdobeReader is ,'"". The sile has ,songs. You can savelhe musicon yourcomputoior copy lTunesdoesn't sellsongson CDs. But you can't give or Be l haddlive' copies to otherpeople. You jusl get by phoneor online.

Pag97l ExeCise5. Information 4. E a Radthe textagain.

Jndelin the coect words 50 Listenagainandanswethe in the sentences. How do you say a' and can'tin the sentencs' I Youcanbookon theInternet. Youaanbuy booksfromAmazon. Que5fiors Thlkabouta web9 t you know. Make Canyoubuyproductsfromthe website? Talk WhatCancustome5 to youl ptn aboutit. Ask youpartner buy? I "'t Germansoftwarc,. E Youcansavephotoson the computet. E Youcan printdocuments photoson pape. F I copyall fllesontoa CD. Youcandownloadthe software fromthelnternet.

Are thcre power strateily We don t say ePeat. R a d the adcle and answ r the questions. Therear a thousand ToweB? The answer is, 2 Whereis the Ern]rates t h e h o t e l d o e s nt j u s t 3 what group is the hotel f? At th Emirates it a businessfaci ity 5 Doesthe hotclhavegood businessiaclLities? E" 53 Lislenlo the conversation between a Customerand a receptionistat the Hoizon E" Make verbs flom th undelinednouns and fitl in the gaps in As sentences.

Use a dictionary Hotel.

B Yes, 2 A needto my ssistant'can makea phonecal fomhere? B Yes, ] A Ined to this to my offlce. Could use the fax machine? B Yes, this lle. C Practis th convesation5in 3a. Therear mectin8rooms. Theres a photocopicr. Ther are two pintesin I needto makea phonecall. Can I use the office. Queslorls] s thele a fax machine s thelea powersocketlor nylaptop? Are there computers I needto pintthis page'Do you have at the hotel? You can faxit. We havea fax machine. The seniormrnrrgement otlces in theair at levek4l and Theretlre88 loorsin th.

Therearea flishtsof buildins abovegroundlevcl. The basementhrs ourlevels. Thc buildins has5 lifis. Thereis i lky bridge' 'rcorridor. E a Mat. L stenand rep. F tt n th gaps in these sentences. The entrances to the Petronas Towesale on the ' t!! Our officeis the right. Go thoughthe doorsat the end' and Th entran. Go to the end of lhe coridor' throughth doo15,and tunleft'! MtrEtr vocabularypactice. Listen and 4 Go to the end of lho. Go thoughthe doo5.

Tum right' Lookat thoffic Plan. Wit a. Whereare the stalrs? L] arethe toilel5'pIease? J, I IN! Fol or pool BeaurrlLrlvrew Tasmansea swrmm,nq a! U5 d ct onary to help you. Listenand repeat, 2 0rg. Jnderline the Coe. Theapanment is bi8. It'sa big apartment. Whatdoes "t 'hotproperty'mean? E" 63 List n to a mn talking to a cotlegueabout his home. Austa a s big' very b g. Not exact y. A alge pcen age b pla li e '. Avelysma popu aon meansvery owptopety ptices' a work with a partner. Talk about a ch other's.

Hot Whee.. Talk about popetyPlices in youcountry. Is poperty expensivein youcountry? Ia Label the photos a-e with the wod.

Discuss th s e questions With a patnel. Do you go to confeences? Do you go to tradefairs? Matchthe p o ple you hearlo the photos. I a Lookat the advebsof fequencyin the grammarbox. Then compLetethe sentences so Inev a ue ovou. Howoften do s she do these things? Mk sentences about. V 2 don'tg Vc a Iotopresentations' 2 Hetravels a lot or buslness.

L ] Do you go lo a ol oconferences? Page99' Exercise2. I nevergive presentations in EngLish. I go to a lot of me t ings in English'! Fill in the 8aP5. Hi everyone. C h s Are you havinga good timein lstanbuL?

Emma Oh. Thi] on ypoblem is' 'mr ] C h s ]n 5uc you aren'twokinga th time] lim Emna, wete 4 about your proiect,Canwe ask yoll one otwo questions? Emma Sure. Go ahead. Ch s Yeah. What'5Youteandoing t , Emma? Enma We ,theyaen'tWorkingat the. Enma Oh, right. Well, 1 lim' Lauaand chisnre in the offi. Wete 2 Emmaisn'tin the offce thisweek. I Ernma'sin lslanbul. They'rchavlnglunchat the moment. Negotive 'iot havlga coffeeat the moment.

He lsnt maklnga phonecall. OR He'snot makinga phonecall. OR We'enotwolkingtoday. Bothons of thenegativeare in mnon use.

Questions whafg she do 8? A theyworklton the proiect? How do you say. StudentB -. Talkto a partneLwhat aeyou workingon 6 Whataeyou doing?

Het in a meeting thismorning. Theylehavinga coffeeat the moment. Whatareyou doingnow? I'mnot in the officetoday. We'reworkingon the newprojectthigweek. Ea Readthe text. Canyou btly ForDunnies book. Answ r thqu s tions. What do you do nyo sparc time? Nola ot? AeYou ooking 10a new hobby? The booksteach yoUhoWtodoh! Can you guess what the answes.

Listen and repet. Aeany of the peopledo in theilspaetime? Which activiti s fom 1c do theytalk about? Completethis extrart fomthe conversation. Wokwith a partner. Whatdo you do in yourspaetime? Ea 74 Listento fourshortconvesation.. Mak lanuaytebuayivlachApl lt4ay June th foul dat s on the calendar. We write: We say: Exetcise1' b pactice.. Witethe days in th oder vocabularypractice. Exercis ]. Ine morntng 77 Listenand repeat. Practisesaying the daysof the we k. Workwith a patner. Lookat the calenda.

August10th day'chang roles. A Thetwelfth of January. Ea 79 Listen to Gary lipton talking to a Coll a gue abouthi5 plans for a busin s s trip. Filtin the gaps in his diay. Paris London Cf i. LLt;rt ". LLrjh j. Tra,n Eurt: In the sentencesGary Lipton describes his tavel plans. Shebmeetlnga collea8uethls afrernoon. I'mworking withlohn. Theyl 8r v n8 tonorow' Who'sSoingto the meeting? Whyareyou goingto Hamburg?

I'mgoingto a meeting. Becausehe doesn'tlike flying. Pag ,Exercise5. Ask and answer questlons about his trip. A Whafs he doingon? To the Londonoff]ce? A Whee's he.. Are you aeyou lfave ing communication oractic Page82' stud n t B -.

Flnd out what again. Whyareyougoingto lvlilan? WhenAVhat timeareyouleaving? Howareyou travelling? I'mleavingLondonon Tuesday. E HoWoftendo you travelby tain?

Do you like tainlave?I s-r. Akio OK, fine. I'lltrylt , Thinkof mor ompani s that use lettersfor thek names. Nola ot? Chris rated it liked it Feb 25, You can savelhe musicon yourcomputoior copy lTunesdoesn't sellsongson CDs. E a Fitlin th gaPs.

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