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Adi Granov has been wowing comic book readers with his realistic, but subtle work since his first work for Marvel with 's Iron Man: Extremis. Comics Title: उड़न तश्तरी से आक्रमण?! Year: Jan Language: हिंदी. Hero: विक्रम; इंस्पेक्टर गरुड़. Script: Jagjit Uppal Illustrator: Pradeep. (Note: All Kindle Unlimited, FreeTime Unlimited, comiXology Unlimited, & Prime Reading books are removed from the chart.) 1 (-). Marvel Encyclopedia, New.

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Improve your English through Reading Comic with Fun Comic books are a great way for kids to get interested and excited about reading as well as helping to. 2 days ago COMIC BITS ONLINE . A few hundred comic covers, art pages, book and merchandise info are on the page AND you can chat with me. Norm Breyfogle, comic book artist (Batman, Prime), complications from a stroke at age Carlos Ezquerra, Spanish comics artist (Judge.


I have no idea why, unless the people I'm explaining this to have no artistic minds and have never known a fevered mind! However, the story I told on the original Maakika Art site in is factual. These pieces have been called some of the best work I've done -my comic work getting swiftly dismissed!

I'm also told, though I never saw it that way myself until I went through all the pieces again, that the pieces seem to form a type of mythology or at least hint at one.

I'll let YOU decide. In I had a serious respiratory infection. It came and went but,in ,it came back with a vengeance over several months and with complications I thought it would see me shift this mortal coil -and I am NOT joking!

Around May, , it got really bad. Then, suddenly,pouring with sweat, while seated on a bus, my mind started getting a rush of images -maybe I got home exhausted but I sat down and began to draw.

Honestly, at 50 years of age I had drawn many things but these new images were so out of my usual frame of image reference that I was stumped.

I drew a few, sat back and thought "What the bloody hell have I drawn?! At the same time I got the definition "solid black and white art under guidance from the Maakika". Ahh, a fevered mind -and no drugs involved! I've searched the word on the internet, in books and anywhere else I can but it seems not to exist.

I cannot find anything similar. And with each came a title or description. So,a divine gift from the Maakika pantheon seems credible! And lucky.

I still have the original images in my mind [they won't shift!

So,if you have any questions or comments get in touch! The best email address to use is: The Maakika hatchlings played under the watchful Mother Tree Timipu. Kathassi knew the time was coming. Tinikia knew that the egg was special.

The Divine Beholder. VAT Prints in business days http: By J Stransky "Unique and eye catching. It is equal parts disturbing and wonderful.

I've cut a few out and put them in frames on the wall in my work room. They are, I tell you, really quite though provoking. Recommended to someone with an interest in primitive art or hypnosis-state painting.

Look at these images deeply for a while, they will seep into your soul. A few hundred comic covers, art pages, book and merchandise info are on the page AND you can chat with me. See you there I hope! Just saying.

CBOs First Post! Merriwether [Vol. Three pages from the above titled book published in and up-dated and published in a second edition this year. I ought to address a few questions about the Good Reverend.

Firstly, how did I go about creating him? Well,I once lived next to a church and on one occasion saw a group of clergymen of all shapes and sizes. However,one was at least 6. He had greased back hair and rounded spectacles. Thing was this Reverend was also skinny.

So I beefed up is everything sounding like a double entendre? Vampires,werewolves,a village of demons and then I thought to myself that the series needed to end quickly for personal reasons I'll not go into here. And so,the Very Reverend Merriwether confronted the ultimate evil -Satan himself! After drawing this I was given a batch of old videoes which included End Of Days starring the 20th Century's greatest action hero -Arnold Schwarzenegger. That said, Arnie is too short to be Merriwether.

In my "previous occupation" I met a lot of clergy. I think I was mostly typing to get a new blog established and then get back to the real one -I think it had 4 million? Then, of course, it was sold from under me.


So, it was quite lucky that I started this blog with 0 views! That was back when Archie was still loyal to those who continued to push their books before they got "cool" and then dropped their old supporters.

Comics, heh? It is interesting to find that I mentioned in how different Blogger was to WordPress. With WP I was getting comments daily -sometimes or more but with Blogger Still -comics, heh? The other thing that surprised me was how many times I offered Black Tower titles for free and got not one single response! In fact, twice I was given books by other companies to give away "first come For that reason I declined later company offers.

But, comics, heh? There must be a real life out there waiting for me Project Pitchfork - Rain. To date, no one who has had copies of Black Tower tiles has had anything negative to say. My initial idea was to send copies of books to people in comics that I know and who really do not give two parrot-poops about criticising something. My thought was that they would spot a problem and I could deal with that or withdraw a book until it was sorted. All came back with very minor criticism but what I expected.

To the Movies!: Clearly the number cannot be zero as it did get a limited release in the U.

Movies scheduled for release in include: Dragon Ball Super: Broly January ; Asterix: April ; Hellboy April ; Avengers: Sorry this is being posted so late—I started this post way back in January, and then apparently forgot to finish it! Posted by Dave Carter at 2: Friday, May 10, Amazon Top 50 - May 10, Posted by Dave Carter at 6: March - One Thousand Detectives. Greetings, sales charts fans! It's time once again to look at DC's sales figures.

DC took the top six spots on the Diamond chart for March. The Sandman Universe titles, while not setting the sales chart on fire, are at least doing a far sight better than any other Vertigo series of the past several years.

Those looking for a more straightforward analysis are directed to John Jackson Miller's excellent Comichron analysis, posted earlier this month over at Comichron! Please consider the fine print at the end of the column, as it explains several things about how these charts are compiled. Note that the percentage comparisons are done with total orders including reorder activity.

No surprises here. Batman Who Laughs 2 of 6 -- , - Batman Who Laughs 3 of 6 -- , - A fill-in one-shot, and leave it to the Batman Who Laughs to have a fill-in that sells better than the previous two issues. Post-crossover and Batman is back in the midKs. Issue 66 is a post-New 52 low. Those who kept up with the series after the first issue seem to be keeping with it.

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Issue 19 had a Rob Liefeld variant, and issue 20 had two variants which formed a tryptic with the main cover. Pretty much following the new series attrition script. With first month sales slightly above those of the previous issue, perhaps Shazam! Last month saw a couple of Artgerm variants; this month not. Back to an Artgerm variant this month. Justice League Dark 29 -- 29, Justice League Dark 40 -- 24, Crossover with Deathstroke starts this month.

Is Nightwing still an amnesiac? Aquaman 16 -- 22, Aquaman 50 -- 24, Aquaman 43 -- 30, - Aquaman 44 -- 26, - Another biggish percentage drop, but previous issues are still getting some reorders.

Penultimate issue. The latest Wonder Comics title debuts lower than the previous ones, but nearly twice as big as the end of the previous iteration of the title from the New 52 days.

Final for now over-sized and -priced 50th issue. A relaunch is allegedly in the works for later this year. A crossover with Teen Titans starts this month.

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Wonder Twins 2 of 6 -- 19, - An expected second-issue percentage drop. Tracking on par with the previous MM series, which ended its twelve-issue run at just Red Hood: The new direction gave Red Hood about a seven-month reprieve. Death of Hawkman 6 of 6 -- 13, Batman Beyond 10 -- 21, Batman Beyond 26 -- 18, - Batman Beyond 27 -- 16, - Terrifics 10 -- 19, - Naomi 2 -- 15, - Sales on Naomi are a bit more complicated than the raw sales numbers here would suggest.

There have or soon will be second printings on the first four issues, and there is strong demand for issues on the secondary market. So there appears to be a bit of a mismatch between perceived and actual demand, at least in certain areas. Female Furies 1 of 6 -- 26, Female Furies 2 of 6 -- 13, - An expected second-issue drop, but one that this title could ill-afford.

Lucifer 28 -- 12, The Wild Storm 13 -- 14, - Maybe DC should have played up the fact that The Authority had returned under the pen of their co-creator in some any publicity for this final stretch.I waited.

Juan and John are two characters that Clinton came up with over the summer of That said, Arnie is too short to be Merriwether.

Just saying. Oh well! Still -comics, heh? Clearly the number cannot be zero as it did get a limited release in the U. Martin Greim, writer and artist Thunderbunny from heart failure at age

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