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Let's talk about scuba diving log books. My first logbook was small and simple; just date, location, depth & duration. Like most newbie divers, I got it from the Dive. As described. Fits in a normal 3-ring dive binder. Sturdy. Has many different options to tick off, which is good if you want to keep a comprehensive log book. A log book that you can fill in on the boat while you're still dripping wet. A log book that you can throw in with your dive gear. A log book that won't get ruined no.

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Easy to use scuba dive log refills, log books, and compact binders. Create your own dive log designs, logbook stamps, slates, and waterproof wet notes. DIve Logs. Artful scuba diving log books that are as original as you are! Tons of cover designs. Inside: 50 simple, practical log pages with lots of room for notes. The world's best online logbook for scuba divers – web & mobile - dive computer upload – digital log validation - + divers – + dive centers, resorts.

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Why Keeping a Logbook Will Help Make You a Better Diver

Ok great, thanks! The template is now available on Overleaf here: Share this: Like this: Like Loading Dear John, Thanks a lot for letting me know.

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Feature 5. Finally, if you ever Black with Dive Flags. Black with dive flag. Wherever you go diving you need to have proof of diving experience.

Without it you can be left behind on more experienced dives when you are qualified to make them. Make sure you log all your dives an Dive Logz Log Book. The log books pages have UV coating for durability and a water-resistant cover.

What's in a log - each section

Great Looking Log Book. Eye Catching Log Book. Cover Mate Useful Diver Information. Eye Cat If you get the bends after a dive, this information will help a diving doctor or hyperbaric technician with their assessment.

Optional things for recreational divers include your average depth, the time you entered, and your nitrogen saturation levels both before and after a dive. This is if you have a dive computer, which most of us do. If you do not have one of those then you must use your log page and diving tables to do a more detailed calculation and record of your profile and final nitrogen saturation.

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Getting into Nitrox diving adds in the necessity to calculate your final oxygen loading after a dive. If you are in the specialist area of Closed Circuit Rebreathers or technical diving then your profile takes on much greater complexity.

Here, you will be including such things as the different gas mixes you used at what depths and the state and condition of your technical breathing kit. Dive Log Equipment Used For most people, the most important piece in this is the weight used.

Log-it Log Book

This coupled with the record of what you were wearing will help you plan what weight you should take on your next dive. What you were wearing covers the type and size of cylinder aluminium weighs less than steel and the exposure protection you will want to use neoprene is bouyant stuff. Being correctly weighted is one of the biggest things to influence relaxed and efficient diving and so making sure you achieve low air consumption and enjoy the dive.

Optional extras in this section include details of the camera equipment you used if you are into underwater photography. Dive Log Conditions Not so important for some, the conditions section helps you remember more about the experience.

Temperature can be a useful record when it is coupled with your exposure protection; it can help you plan what to take on your next holiday. Visibility can tell you whether you should bother going back! Dive Log Comments Space to write down anything you want!

In our standard logs you get a place to record the fish encounters which is split off into another section in our nature logs.Follow us on Instagram.

Why are we the best dive log system? Doc here: Read more Eye Catching Log Book.

Will hold SSI log book pages. How can keeping a logbook can help you be a better diver? But if you have moved on to the online world or are just starting out , then please take a look at our free dive log map service.

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