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Hell on Earth book. Read 30 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Volume two in the series of novels based on a popular videogame. Doom: Hell On Earth (): Dafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweaver: Books. Doom Hell on Earth [Brad Linaweaver Dafydd ab Hugh] on * FREE* shipping on Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more.

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The Doom novel series is a series of four near-future science fiction novels co- written by Dafydd ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver; Knee-Deep in the Dead, Hell on Earth, Infernal Sky, and Endgame. The series is initially based on the Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth The first book, Worlds on Fire, was written by Matthew Costello, the original. Doom: Hell on Earth No. 2 by Brad Linaweaver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Doom novels are a series of four officially licensed books, written by Dafydd ab Hugh and Brad The four titles, Knee-Deep in the Dead, Hell on Earth.

Crushing ceilings : Seen only once. In the Deimos Labs, a yellow keycard was being "guarded" by a large constantly-moving piston that crushed any and all underneath it except for the key, which, strangely, was not harmed. Its movements and life-threatening demeanor are similar to how they act in the game, but in a more realistic way; if a person ended up underneath it, it would result in instant death rather than damage.

Monster infighting : Occurs frequently. Flynn uses this to his advantage multiple times in his many battles against the invaders, noticing that certain monsters are more prone to fighting specific types zombies vs. Strangely enough, monsters can fight, and successfully kill, their own kind; imps are quite susceptible to attacking one another, and zombies have a bad habit of shooting each other. At times, Flynn believes that they will fight and kill one another if no other humans on the Phobos and Deimos installations are found, and a theory is presented that they all have natural enmity towards one another a good example of this is between barons and cacodemons and that they are all in a forced, very tenuous truce with each other on account of the spiderdemon's mental hold of them.

Flynn and Arlene believe that, should the "mastermind" by found and killed, they will all turn on one another. This theory is demonstrated to be true by the end of Book One wherein the monsters are slaughtered by The Mastermind as they pose a threat to him, and is again demonstrated as Fly and Arlene make their ascent to the surface, only to find most of the monsters have killed each other off.

One of the best examples is when everytime Flynn ends up in a new location from Phobos to Deimos, then through the Hyperspace Tunnel with Arlene in tow he loses all his equipment and is forced to use a pistol, usually the first weapon he comes across.

Book two features a setting on the monsters invading Earth, but a much different story. For example, the resistance against the monsters is not unified here, as many Earth governments have turned traitor.

Book three breaks with the original plot, as contact is made with an alien race that is on humanity's side. These creatures supplied the blue soul spheres found throughout the game and the books. The main race is the Klave, whose members are found in linked mental pairs. The Klave do not understand individuality and can only interact with people in pairs.

The two who accompany Fly and Arlene take the names "Sears" and "Roebuck" for themselves after scanning human minds. Book four diverges even further from the original story, by moving Fly and Arlene into the future and introducing more aliens. Levels Many game levels are included, some in heavily modified forms.

E1M1: Hangar is described in detail as Fly's entryway into the base, including the armor room and the nukage room, as well as his first encounters with zombies and imps.

The swastika room from E1M4: Command Control is mentioned, seen by the main characters as an attempt by the demons to use symbols to scare humans, as they had previously used other symbols e. E2M1: Deimos Anomaly introduces Fly to teleporters.

Arlene is also found here, in the alcove with the red key card. Cacodemons are also encountered. Arlene is severely injured by a demon near the exit in E2M4: Deimos Lab , while she and Fly were distracted by a scrolling wall of faces also visible in the game.

While approaching the exit, Fly discovers the secret room containing a soul sphere behind him, and uses it to save Arlene. During the period of the novel set on Deimos , the characters teleport into an area where they are surrounded by a circle of Barons of Hell , before releasing a horde of Cacodemons in to fight with them.

The description of the scenario plus the reference to bodies of 'opposing' creatures in each other's lairs including crucified bodies of the Barons links this to the secret level Fortress of Mystery. E3M1: Hell Keep is easily recognizable by a good Doom player, as it is described nearly the same as in the original levels. E3M2: Slough of Despair is identified when one of the characters notes that the area looks like a giant hand. E3M9: Warrens : After passing through the part of book, which is equal to E3M1: Hell Keep, they have to fight their way through nearly the same area, but like in the game the map changes instead of teleporting out and leads to a second Cyberdemon battle.

E3M8: Dis is the location of the first Spider Mastermind battle, with the central building in the room housing a large machine which amplifies the Mastermind's telepathy to a wider range. The second novel describes a battle whereby a Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon are tricked into fighting each other. Although the scenario takes place on a train, the confrontation parallels the map Gotcha! Monsters The monsters in the novels are not demons, but aliens engineered to look like demons, and don't possess any of the purely supernatural properties exhibited by the monsters in the games.

The invading species first encountered humans in the 15th century, and had not expected such an evolutionary leap similar to the plot of Harry Turtledove 's Worldwar alternate history novels. In their natural state, the aliens are described as tall creatures with heads like artichokes covered in numerous eyes and leaves. They have long, sharp fingers like posable chopsticks. Many of the creatures may be of other races, however, subjugated and cloned for an army.

Some creatures seem to have a natural hatred of others, exemplified by the fact that Barons and Cacodemons willingly kill each other. The monsters are often referred to by new names by the characters. The exceptions are the Imps , as well as one scientist character who uses the proper game names. His reasoning behind the names is that they are "creatures from the id ". Former Humans: Dead humans reanimated through a chemical introduced to their bodies after death.

The chemical was likely developed by the aliens though human traitors on Earth were allowed to produce it in exchange for basic freedoms. Lampshaded by Fly, who thinks that spies should be telling absurd stories if that's the trick to trust. The Freds and their monsters have devastated all nations and humanity is struggling from the ruins to prevent extinction.

Fredworld suffers a Planetary Desolation at the hands of the Newbies. Fly and Arlene arrive and it takes them over half a day to even find a corpse to resurrect. Arlene is the first one to notice the planet is completely silent and desolate. Artifact Title : Infernal Sky starts to do away with the Doom elements.

Endgame has nothing to do with the games aside from a simulation of the Phobos base. The UAC makes use of them and builds their facilities around them. At one point, Fly wanders into a zero-G section and has to pull himself along with a handrail.

He rounds the corner and finds a trio of imps walking on the ceiling and walls. How they're capable of doing so is a mystery. Humanity, under Newbie influence, masters artificial gravity to a degree that the Old Ones couldn't: humans can install gravity fields on ships.

Ascended Extra : On the cover of the original Doom there is a second space marine in the distance running to join Doomguy in the foreground. The authors gave him a sex change and created the second protagonist Arlene Sanders. Bag of Spilling : Justifying the games, where every episode begins with the player armed only with a pistol. The teleporters between bases, the "episode" breaks from the games, destroy inorganic material. So Fly and Arlene arrive at their destination naked and unarmed and find clothing and a pistol shortly after.

After they crash-land on Earth, the transition from Doom to Doom II, the only things lost in rocket crash are the guns.

Battle Couple : Eventualy, Albert and Arlene. However, they never fight together as a married couple, Albert's wounding and inability to finish the mission was the catalyst for Arlene marrying him.

They bully their way to a radio by acting like an inventory sergeant and his assistance on a tour of inspection, complete with a Clipboard of Authority. Belligerent Sexual Tension : Albert and Arlene. They're reluctantly attracted to each other shortly after they meet. Albert tries not to argue with her but Arlene hates the Mormon church, blaming it as part of her brother's downward spiral, so she picks fights and challenges his beliefs.

Dafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweawer DOOM: Hell on Earth (english)

Eventually, after a few missions together, they start flirting and the point of contention becomes their mutual sexual attraction. Arlene is willing to sleep with him but Albert's faith forbids pre-martial sex, and so the religion arguments continue. Fly has no idea what kind of gun it is and calls it "the big freaking gun".

Big Red Devil : The hell princes, aka barons of hell, are giant red minotaur-like monsters. Bizarrchitecture : Justifying the games. The secret doors are explained as motion sensor-controlled automated sections of the mining facility.

Then the aliens start altering the place to terrorize the humans. Fly and Arlene aren't sure if the aliens are responsible for a computer bank built as a Nazi Swastika. Later they find the region of hell they're in is laid out as a giant hand.

Blackout Basement : The lights in the facilities are often off or broken. However, the true Blackout Basement is a maze on Deimos with a field that tampers with energy. Flashlights can't penetrate more than a foot into the darkness and night-vision barely functions. Fly and Arlene try a Dungeon Bypass but can't find the key card off the floor without investigating the maze. Bloody Bowels of Hell : A favorite form of reworking the Martian facilities: spread flesh all over the walls. Bluff the Eavesdropper : The squad meets the infiltrators who make the zombification serum.

The chemists blast obnoxious loud music and talk about bands and drugs with the heroes while the real conversation is held on note pads. Bookcase Passage : Fly finds the escape route of the chemist's basement hidden behind a bookcase. There was a fake book to operate it but the bookcase was blown to pieces before he could figure it out. Boring Return Journey : Fly and Arlene kill the spidermind at the bottom of the huge Deimos facility. Then they hike back up the whole place finding mountains of corpses and enemies too crazed to put up any resistance.

Boss Battle : The first fights against the cyberdemon and the spidermind are boss battles, with a massive arena that the fight takes place in, just as they were in the original game. Chainsaw Good : Arlene chooses an unexplained chainsaw on Deimos to clear a hallway of demons.

This nearly gets her killed. Fortunately, it goes far better the second time. Cliffhanger : At the end of each novel: Knee-Deep in the Dead: Fly and Arlene are trapped on Deimos, Earth is being invaded, and their air supply is running out. But Arlene has a plan to get them to Earth. Hell on Earth: Fly and Arlene are trapped on the 40th floor of the Disney building, enemies pounding at the door, and Jill and Albert flying for Hawaii. But Arlene has a plan to get them down and to Hawaii; involving duct tape, computer wiring, and "the biggest goddamn boot" he can find.

Infernal Sky: Fly and Arlene see a pattern here? But Arlene hates Fly for going too far and taking them centuries away from their war and her husband.

ISBN 13: 9780671525620

Clipboard of Authority : While still under suspicion of being enemy spies, Fly bullies his way to a radio by writing "notes" on a clipboard and acting like he's inspecting the facility.

Cut the Juice : Arlene's plan to escape the Newbie computer: kill the power running the simulation. When Fly brings up the point that killing the computer they're trapped in may kill them as well, Arlene just shifts tactics to finding the connection out of the simulation and into the main computer.

Deadpan Snarker : Everyone. If sarcasm and smart-ass could kill monsters the invasion never would have progressed past Phobos. Defictionalization : As noted on the Doom page, Covers Always Lie in that the original game's cover depicts the Doomguy wielding an automatic rifle which never appears and with a buddy running to his aid.

In the books, Fly wields a 10mm single-shot rifle called the "Sig-Cow" and is backed up throughout the invasion by a fellow Marine, although they have been genderswapped into the female Arlene.

Descending Ceiling : Arlene has to recover a key card left under a giant smashing plate. Deuteragonist : Arlene.

Fly's best buddy is almost always at his side from Deimos to the Fred home world. Disintegrator Ray : The Fred ray is a disintegrator weapon. Fly is disturbed by the ability to erase things from reality without a visible effect from the "barrel" of the weapon. Doing In the Wizard : The attacking "demons" are, in fact, alien biological constructs made to look like humanity's worst nightmares, based on reconnaissance from The Middle Ages. Fly was raised Roman Catholic, and is perfectly aware that being able to blast apart actual demons with a gun as if they were simple physical beings doesn't make any sense , so these are clearly fake, and he's right.

While some of the monsters can seemingly vomit fire and lightning from thin air, the others have cybernetic components and weapons installed. Not that it makes them any less dangerous, as Fly himself notes.

They pointed their clawed hands at me; but instead of the usual balls of flaming snot, these "demons" fired green energy pulses out of wrist-launchers. I hugged the dirt as the stuff crackled over my head and made every hair on my head stand on end. Not very demonic, but pretty damned deadly! Dungeon Bypass : Subverted. Fly gets fed up with hunting for key cards and fighting monsters over them so he blasts a door open with a few rockets.

This is the only locked door he ever destroys: he meets the barons of hell shortly afterward and they can withstand four to six rockets a piece. From that point on rockets are reserved for emergencies and "boss fights" and he and Arlene run the dungeons looking for key cards.

One time he suggests the option to Arlene to avoid entering a maze of unnatural darkness to find the key. Their rocket supply is dangerously low so they brave the dark maze instead of risking taking the next baron without ammo. They encounter a baron in the maze and they kill it for the key.

Running the dungeon cost them all their rockets when the Dungeon Bypass would have used a few. Lampshaded by Fly thinking it's out of a James Bond movie. Enemy Civil War : The different species of monster turn on each other very quickly, especially when under friendly fire. Fly believes there is a single intelligence that keeps them on the same side and sometimes it loses its grip on the minions.

In particular, barons of hell and cacodemons loathe each other, the first proof being a cacodemon nest decorated with crucified barons. Arlene simply replies "flying skulls". Fly takes it as a question, confirms that he's encountered flying skull monsters, and asks again for a name suggestion.

To which, Arlene replies: "Flying skulls, you lamebrain! Call 'em as you see 'em". Exorcist Head : The talking imp rotates its head as it lays dying and talking to Fly. Exploding Barrels : Just like the games. Fly learns about them by accident: he's pinned down and his shot goes wild, hitting a barrel and clearing the room with the chain reaction. First-Person Smartass : Fly is full of sarcasm and smart ass remarks even when things are almost literally going to hell.

Flamethrower Backfire : The Cyberdemon is defeated by smashing it into a wall so that its ammo pack full of rockets explodes. Friend or Foe : The monks in the prologue are only shadows in a dense mist. Arlene, the company scout, reports that they're unarmed monks but Lt. Weems panics and refuses to listen to her.

When Fly fails to knock Weems out, the lieutenant gives the order and Fox company massacres the non-combatants. Gag Penis : Twice Fly and Arlene find a bas relief of a hulking demon with an enormous penis that serves as a lever.

The enemy never arrives and they never find out why. She confirms their identities and welcomes them inside to receive a gift: a teenage clone of Jill and a black box on a card table with a card reading "Albert". The end. I didn't know what to say, so, Goddamn it, I decided to just shut up and be a Marine.

Semper fi, Mac I know when I'm beat! A duplicate Fly and Arlene slog through the Deimos facility looking for a backdoor out of the Newbie computer system. They find the door and open it, finding the soul of a Newbie, and kidnap it back into the simulation as the Newbies pull the plug.

The hyperactive evolution overclocks within the system and they will the Newbie to evolve out of the physical dimension. The quartet survive the crash and seek out the weapon, discovering humans. They are captured and taken to a human starship, where Fly and Arlene learn that the war is over, although humanity has become a communistic race, exhibiting extreme amounts of social atomism and an extreme fear of death.

The marines discover that the Newbies are infecting the humans, existing at the same level as DNA. Fly figures out that a human with faith in something cannot be "infected", and stages a rebellion on the ship. The rebellion is defeated, Sears and Roebuck are killed, and Fly and Arlene have their souls or copies of their souls placed in a computer simulation of Phobos and Deimos. In the simulation, Fly figures out that the programming is influenced by his memories; by lying to himself, he is able to alter what happened.

He collects a force of imps, zombies, and other demons on his quest for Arlene, and they later find a Newbie soul in the program, which, aided by the mind-directed simulation, evolves out of existence. A trapped Fly and Arlene decide they will attempt to remember the invasion as an outright defeat for the Freds, creating a Utopia for themselves; if this works is not revealed in the books. This makeshift army eventually entraps the 'essence' of one of their adversaries, a 'Newbie'. This essence evolves fairly quickly into a form unconcerned with basic reality.

Outside the ship, Fly and Arlene wake up. The "soul-sucking" computer cannot remove human souls completely. Along with their faithful the humans worshiping Fly and the bodies of Sears and Roebuck, they escape incineration by the launching human starship. They travel to the destroyed remains of the Fred ship that took them to the planet in the first place, and find an intact and working med-lab. Using this lab, they figure out that it works using symbols.

Finding a symbol that looks as close to the Klave as they can, they shove Sears or Roebuck, they don't know which into a drawer-like part of the lab and activate the machine, reviving the body of Sears or Roebuck, who then revives his counterpart. After Sears and Roebuck is revived, they find an intact escape pod that was not destroyed in the wreck and use it to get into the orbit of the planet, and take another ship from the planet's artificial moon. They chase after the Newbie-human ship, which is heading for Earth, although on arrival, they discover that the Newbies never arrived, likely having evolved out of existence as well as affected by the Newbie soul the game-force had captured.

Landing at a rebuilt Salt Lake City which was destroyed by nuclear weapons in the third novel , Fly and Arlene head to the Tabernacle to find out what happened to Jill and Albert. The pair encounter an AI and a clone of Jill, and a black box with a glowing light simply labeled as "Albert", which presumably contains his intellect Fly and Arlene discover that Albert spent many years researching a way to extend the human lifespan so that he would be able to see Arlene again.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.The marines find a Newbie, who leads them to a planet light years from the Fred homeworld. After coating themselves in rotting lemons, Fly and the gang start shambling their way through LA. They make a pig-like snuffling sound and are similar to their depiction in the games as rather brutish, stupid beasts who closely resemble guard dogs in intelligence and behavior. Jill Lovelace[ edit ] A year-old computer hacker, Jill Lovelace is orphaned when her parents were killed by the invaders.

Hell on Earth

Zombies smell like year-old limes. Also continued was the out of place vocabulary.

When Fly brings up the point that killing the computer they're trapped in may kill them as well, Arlene just shifts tactics to finding the connection out of the simulation and into the main computer.

The Navy crew are late, but arrive and launch the ship, leaving Jill behind. Flynn and Arlene believe that, should the "mastermind" by found and killed, they will all turn on one another. The authors even call attention to it: Arlene laments losing her wedding ring because it disintegrated with their gear.

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