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Dulce Base is the subject of a conspiracy theory claiming that a jointly-operated human and . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . The Dulce papers were comprised of 25 black and white photos, a video tape. · with no dialogue and a set of papers that included těchnical Information of the. IS THE TOWN OF DULCE, NEW MEXICO THE LOCATION OF AN UNDERGROUND BASE GUARDED BY U.S. FORCES AND INHABITED BY A GROUP OF.

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by Darryl Smith from CrowdedSkyes Website. Background. In late I was introduced to the DULCE PAPERS by UFO research group Quest International, UK. right in that -- according to the DULCE PAPERS -- human and cattle DNA may be used to develop "Almost Humans", and other unnatural living forms - Branton). I then examine criticisms raised against the Dulce underground base hypothesis. be viewed online at:


The light cast out the door illuminated a bit of the porch and nothing beyond. I checked the lock, just in case, and went back to my paper, but the mumbling outside continued.

Finally, I was creeped out enough by the feeling that people were watching me that I went upstairs to work on the computer up there. When I sat in front of that monitor, something strange happened.

The mumbling that I had heard outside now came from downstairs, again, as if the mumbler were following me but remained just outside my field of vision. I freaked out, woke up my entire family, and stalked through the house with a tennis racket, fully intending to brain whoever had come into the house.

Dulce Papers.pdf

That was when I was put to bed. What I think happened that night is that one of the symptoms of my sleep deprivation was an audio hallucination of indistinct murmuring. But because what I was feeling—that people were talking—did not line up with what I was seeing, my brain interpreted the murmurers as being just outside of my range of visual perception: outside when I was downstairs, and downstairs when I was on the second floor.

The source of the dread, foreboding, or control that conspiracy theorists sense is often outside the range of the normal experience of everyday life, which in no way diminishes the sense of a real threat.

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Often it seems to me that the more outrageous the claim, the harder it becomes to disprove. In that case, it is not inconceivable that the government would want to assess the national security implications of the crash, including its origins and technology.

They might very well decide to house the wreckage at a secure military base. Whether or not they would be able to keep it a secret—and for how long—is another story.

Dulce Papers.pdf

Abstract Quamachil aril powder samples were prepared and evaluated for chemical composition and sensory quality by packing in two packaging systems during storage for six months. The protein contents were The titrable acidity of white and pink aril powders were 2.

The anthocyanin content in pink powder decreased from Total polyphenol amount increased in both the powders irrespective of packaging material. Keywords: Chemical composition, Packaging, Quamachil aril powder, Pithecellobium dulce, Sensory quality, Sorption isotherm Introduction The fruit powders, extracts, concentrates, colours, flavours and juices are extensively used in food and drug industry.

They constitute a rich source of vitamins, minerals and are highly palatable. The fruit powders can be utilized to produce fruit juices by reconstitution, which almost have the same nutritive value as that of juices prepared from fresh fruits.

Many studies were reported on preparation and storage of different types of fruit powders and flavours.

The preparation and processing of vacuum-dried mango powder was studied and reported by Jaya and Das Similarly, hygroscopicity of freeze dried pineapple juice powder was reported by Phanindra Kumar et al.

Process for production of guava powder was reported by Chetan and Diane Quality spray dried banana fruit powder was prepared by Evelin Mary et al. The Ca, Fe and polyphenol contents in four different traditional Turkish fruits juice concentrates Pekmez were reported by Ozlem and Yuksel The polyphenol content in certain fruits and vegetables were investigated by Cieslik et al.

Anthocyanins have been found to exhibit potential therapeutic effect as anti-inflammatory, radio-protective, chemo protective and vasoprotective and also prevent the risks of cardiovascular diseases Seeram and Nair ; Kong et al. The polyphenols are important antioxidants which prevent cancer, coronary heart diseases and Alzheimer disease Smith et al.

Quamachil Pithecellobium dulce L.

The pulp around the seed is having white and pink colours. The aril is highly perishable and turns brown once peel is removed. The aril is used in the preparation of a beverage similar to lemonade in Mexico and the seed and leaves are rich in protein content and having good medicinal value CSIR The amino acid composition of quamachil seed flour was also reported by Felker and Bandurski These papers are being published as Exopolitics: Storage studies were also taken up at room temperature after packing the powders in polyethylene PE and metalised polyester polyethylene laminated MPE pouches.

No such corporation exists now - no record exists But one man some how caught my eye.

Quamachil Pithecellobium dulce L. SAPs are funded in a manner that fulfills federal guidelines and subject to both Executive and Congressional oversight.

Lazar's recollection of the briefing document he read in is very likely referring to the Dulce firefight. I was hired at S-4 as a senior staff physicist to work on gravitational propulsion systems and whatnot associated with those crafts.

The Draco [reptilian humanoids] used the caverns and tunnels for centuries.

The full extent of what occurred at Dulce may be a watershed in human history.

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