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Read online or download for free graded reader ebook For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway of intermediate level you can download in epub, mobi, fb2 . Hemingway, Ernest For Whom The Bell Tolls dc. type: Print - Paper eBooks and Texts. Bharat Ek Khoj. Editorial Reviews. Review. For Whom the Bell Tolls begins and ends in a Ernest Hemingway (Author) eBook features: Highlight, take notes.

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This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is. For Whom the Bell Tolls is a novel by Ernest Hemingway published in It tells the story of Robert Jordan, a young American in the International Brigades. Read "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Ernest Hemingway available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. In

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Michael Connelly. Come from Away. Genevieve Graham. But now we must climb a little in seriousness to get there. Are you hungry? How are you called? I have forgotten.

Let me help you with that pack. He worked his arm through the other strap and settled the weight of the pack against his back. His shirt was still wet from where the pack had rested. Bending under the weight of the packs, sweating, they climbed steadily in the pine forest that covered the mountainside. There was no trail that the young man could see, but they were working up and around the face of the mountain and now they crossed a small stream and the old man went steadily on ahead up the edge of the rocky stream bed.

The climbing now was steeper and more difficult, until finally the stream seemed to drop down over the edge of a smooth granite ledge that rose above them and the old man waited at the foot of the ledge for the young man to come up to him. He was sweating heavily and his thigh muscles were twitchy from the steepness of the climb.

I go ahead to warn them. You do not want to be shot at carrying that stuff. How do they call thee? He had slipped the pack off and lowered it gently down between two boulders by the stream bed. When we go to the bridge it will be by another way. Shorter and easier. If you are not satisfied, we will take another place. He sat by the packs and watched the old man climb the ledge. It was not hard to climb and from the way he found hand-holds without searching for them the young man could see that he had climbed it many times before.

Yet whoever was above had been very careful not to leave any trail. The young man, whose name was Robert Jordan, was extremely hungry and he was worried. He was often hungry but he was not usually worried because he did not give any importance to what happened to himself and he knew from experience how simple it was to move behind the enemy lines in all this country.

It was as simple to move behind them as it was to cross through them, if you had a good guide. It was only giving importance to what happened to you if you were caught that made it difficult; that and deciding whom to trust. You had to trust the people you worked with completely or not at all, and you had to make decisions about the trusting. He was not worried about any of that. But there were other things.

This Anselmo had been a good guide and he could travel wonderfully in the mountains. Robert Jordan could walk well enough himself and he knew from following him since before daylight that the old man could walk him to death.

Robert Jordan trusted the man, Anselmo, so far, in everything except judgment. He had not yet had an opportunity to test his judgment, and, anyway, the judgment was his own responsibility.

No, he did not worry about Anselmo and the problem of the bridge was no more difficult than many other problems. He knew how to blow any sort of bridge that you could name and he had blown them of all sizes and constructions. There was enough explosive and all equipment in the two packs to blow this bridge properly even if it were twice as big as Anselmo reported it, as he remembered it when he had walked over it on his way to La Granja on a walking trip in , and as Golz had read him the description of it night before last in that upstairs room in the house outside of the Escorial.

Merely to blow the bridge is a failure. You see that naturally. That is your right and how it should be done. Robert Jordan had said nothing. He tapped on the map now with the pencil. That is what we cannot have. What is to guarantee that my orders are not changed? What is to guarantee that the attack is not annulled? What is to guarantee that the attack is not postponed? What is to guarantee that it starts within six hours of when it should start? Has any attack ever been as it should?

But they are not mine. The artillery is not mine. I must put in for it. I have never been given what I ask for even when they have it to give. That is the least of it. There are other things. You know how those people are. It is not necessary to go into all of it.

Always there is something. Always some one will interfere. So now be sure you understand.

As soon as the attack has started and not before. So that no reinforcements will come up over that road. But you are to use the date and hour only as an indication of a probability. You must be ready for that time. You will blow the bridge after the attack has started. You see? That is the only road on which they can get up tanks, or artillery, or even move a truck toward the pass which I attack.

For whom the bell tolls hemingway ebook

I must know that bridge is gone. Not before, so it can be repaired if the attack is postponed. It must go when the attack starts and I must know it is gone. There are only two sentries. The man who will go with you has just come from there. He is a very reliable man, they say. You will see.

He has people in the mountains. Get as many men as you need.

Use as few as possible, but use enough. I do not have to tell you these things. There will be an aerial bombardment as preparation.

You are not deaf, are you? It is my attack. If you do not want to undertake it, say so now. If you think you cannot do it, say so now. That is absolute. I understand what you may be forced to do through my putting such conditions.

I explain very carefully so that you understand and that you understand all of the possible difficulties and the importance. It is a very complicated and beautiful operation. As complicated and as beautiful as always. The plan has been manufactured in Madrid. It is another of Vicente Rojo, the unsuccessful professor's, masterpieces. I make the attack and I make it, as always, not in sufficient force.

It is a very possible operation, in spite of that. I am much happier about it than usual. It can be successful with that bridge eliminated. We can take Segovia. Look, I show you how it goes. It is not the top of the pass where we attack. We hold that. It is much beyond. Then, no matter what can happen, it was not me that talked.

But you do know the one thing you must know about the bridge? I know that. Let us now have a drink. So much talking makes me very thirsty, Comrade Hordan.

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You have a funny name in Spanish, Comrade Hordown. If I had known how they pronounced Golz in Spanish I would pick me out a better name before I come to war here. Heneral Hotze. Now it is too late to change. How do you like partizan work? He grinned. Very scientific. It is only hearsay. I have never seen you do anything myself. Maybe nothing ever happens really. You really blow them? No, let us not talk any more about this bridge. You understand enough now about that bridge. We are very serious so we can make very strong jokes.

Hemingway, being by far the youngest of the three, learned much from his mentors.

Ernest Hemingway: Selected Letters Granada: Granada Publishing, New York: Viking Penguin, Hemingway: The Paris Years. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, Gertrude Stein. Hamburg: Rowohlt Taschenbuchverlag, Spring For Whom the Bell Tolls. London: Arrow Books, Margaret Atwood. Many of the characters, including Robert Jordan, would prefer death over capture and are prepared to kill themselves, be killed, or kill to avoid it.

Check nearby libraries with:. Ahead of them a horse whinnied in the timber and then, through the brown trunks of the pine trees, only a little sunlight coming down through their thick, almost-touching tops, he saw the corral made by roping around the tree trunks. October 25, History.

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