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If you bought the PDF version of iOS 5 by Tutorials and/or iOS 6 By Tutorials, we have good news for you – you are entitled to upgrade your. If you are an iOS 5 by Tutorials PDF or iOS 5 and 6 by Tutorials Bundle PDF customer, you can access the latest download link in the iOS 5 by. The quick synopsis: iOS Apprentice: Fully updated for Xcode , and now in PDF format as well! iOS 5 by Tutorials: Mobi and Epub formats.

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Welcome to the second part of the tutorial series on how to generate a PDF using Quartz 2D! In Part One, we set up an app framework for [ ]. For example: “Programming iOS 5 by Matt Neuburg. (O'Reilly). have altered the pagination of the printed and PDF editions of the book. . In any case, perfectly good hands-on “Hello, World” tutorials are a dime a dozen;. An iPad iOS 5 Gesture Recognition Tutorial, Basic iOS 5 iPad iOS 12 App Development Essentials eBook (ePub/PDF/Kindle) edition.

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Fortunately Xcode has already created a template of this method for us. To locate this method, select the draw2D. Defining a path that comprises multiple points allows us to draw using a sequence of straight lines all connected to each other using repeated calls to the CGContextAddLineToPoint function. Non-straight lines may also be added to a shape using calls to, for example, the CGContextAddArc function.

Quartz also provides support for drawing dashed lines. This is achieved via the Quartz CGContextSetLineDash function which takes as its arguments the following: context — The graphics context of the view on which the drawing is to take place phase - A floating point value that specifies how far into the dash pattern the line starts lengths — An array containing values for the lengths of the painted and unpainted sections of the line.

For example an array containing 5 and 6 would cycle through 5 painted unit spaces followed 6 unpainted unit spaces. Before we can display an image in our example application, however, that image must first be added to the project resources.

Begin by locating the desired image using the Finder and then drag and drop that image onto the Supporting Files category of the project navigator panel of the Xcode main project window. In this instance it is useful to identify the screen size since this changes depending on the device on which the application is running.

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This can be achieved using the mainScreen and bounds methods of the UIScreen class. The mainScreen method returns another UIScreen object representing the device display.

Core Image was introduced with iOS 5 and provides a mechanism for filtering and manipulating still images and videos. Included with Core Image is a wide range of different filters together the ability to build custom filters to meet specific requirements. Examples of filters that may be applied include cropping, color effects, blurring, warping, transformations and gradients. A CIImage object is typically initialized with a reference to the image to be manipulated. A CIFilter object is then created and configured with the type of filtering to be performed, together with any input parameters required by that filter.

iOS 5 by Tutorials Second Edition Now Available!

The CIFilter object is then instructed to perform the operation and the modified image is subsequently returned in the form of a CIImage object. In DFU mode, iPhone follows the boot sequence with a series of signature checks as shown below.

Boot loader signature checks the kernel and kernel signature checks the Ramdisk. In Forensics, we will create a custom Ramdisk with all our forensic tool kit and load it on iPhone volatile memory.

Signature checks implemented at various stages in the boot sequence does not allow to load our custom Ramdisk. To load our custom Ramdisk we have to bypass all these signature checks.

In the chain of trust boot sequence, if we compromise one link, we can fully control all the links that follow it. The hacker community have found several vulnerabilities in BootRom using which we can flash our own boot loader and patch all other signature checks in all the subsequent stages.

Apart from signature checks, every stage is also encrypted. These encryption keys can be grabbed from JailBreaking tools.

Building Custom Ramdisk First we will build a custom ram disk with all our forensic tools and patch the ram disk signature checks in kernel. Later, we use jailbreak tools to load our kernel by patching BootRom signature checks. The entire forensic toolkit contains python scripts, few binaries and few shell scripts.Using the color reference and the context we can now specify that the color is to be used when drawing the line:.

Defining a path that comprises multiple points allows us to draw using a sequence of straight lines all connected to each other using repeated calls to the CGContextAddLineToPoint function.

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Populating the Table We're going to manually add some dummy data to our table using a series of arrays. Views Read View source View history.

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