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If you're yet to learn Sass, there's no time like the present. I suggest that you jump start your learning of Sass right now with this book. The combined expertise of. Get a Jump Start on the popular CSS preprocessor Sass today! Jump Start Sass by Hugo Giraudel, Miriam Suzanne Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books. [PDF] Jump Start Sass by Hugo Giraudel, Miriam Suzanne. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Jump Start.

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Get a Jump Start on the popular CSS preprocessor Sass today! Using Sass, you can write your stylesheets in a more concise, dynamic, and readable way, and. Jump Start Sass By Hugo Giraudel. Jump Start Sass By Hugo Giraudel - [PDF] [ EPUB] Jump Start Sass By Hugo Giraudel -. Jump Start Sass By Hugo Giraudel. Jump Start Sass. Hugo Giraudel, Stuart Robson. Jump Start Sass. ISBN: | pages | 4 Mb.

Just be aware that webpack is the future, and what bigger projects are starting to use.

Once you got that out of the way, continue with Egghead. You can follow up with the official ReactJS documentation which is very well made and will allow you to fully master it. Most courses on Redux are a bit complex in my opinion, but CSS Tricks Leveling Up with React: Redux does score a great balance between simplicity and being informative at getting started with Redux.

Looking back on my mistakes and what I learned I made a lot of mistakes in my 2 years of learning web development. Overall, I think my biggest mistake was not mastering the basics before moving on to libraries and frameworks. I guess this applies to almost every programming language out there, but in my opinion it applies even more to JavaScript. This is because everyone loves to complain how their last place had one of the worst, ugliest code base in the world.

How their code ended up so clean and well made they were proud of it? Strive to make variable and function names understandable in English, even if you have to write a bit more. Not doing so will only lead to you having to manually document it sometime in the future to make it clearer. This will also cause your overall codebase to become harder to understand by new developers and yourself. Yes, yourself. Why yourself? This is because in my experience, I found jQuery did me more harm than good at first.

Some of you may not agree, but please let me explain: When I first learned it, the general idea I understood was that jQuery was everywhere and that you could use it for pretty much everything. Because of this, I got used to using jQuery for pretty much anything, and for any problem I encountered, I looked for a solution for it that used jQuery. The problem was that my entire way of thinking and all the solutions to common problems I knew up until that point required jQuery to work.

Build Powerful Websites with WordPress & Jetpack

Using jQuery made me useless without it, and made me completely ignore the native methods and solutions that have always existed. It made all my solutions less portable too, since using them required jQuery. I spent a good 80— hours of training in Pluralsight, and I honestly want a good part of it back. I could have learnt so much more if I had taken courses from better sources like Egghead.

Overall, if you want to use Pluralsight, be sure that you are taking courses hand-picked by someone that took them first and that are recognized as high quality and useful.

While true, I cannot stress enough the value paying for the right course has.

Download Jump Start Sass

Yes, there are terrible learning paid courses which I would advise against since their value proposition is questionable see Pluralsight , but others like Egghead. Plus, they all have free 7—15 day trials so you can see which one works best for you. If you play your cards right, paying 1—2 months of either of them can easily net you knowledge you would only otherwise get after stumbling upon countless of articles and blog posts over a year.

So yes, they are not necessary, but if you can afford at least one month, you can be sure it will give you a strong edge.

These are in my opinion the secret sauce to being a successful web developer: Love what you do. This is simply the most important characteristic of them all. Those who are passionate about what they do often clearly stand out from the crowd. Be generous and share your knowledge. Always be on the lookout for new things.

Being on the lookout for new things all the time allows the best developers to always stay ahead of the curve. The shortest route Whew, this article took a while to finish 6 hours and counting. I also added a few bonuses, which I would have loved to have had back then. Make sure it is the very first element of the stylesheet and there is no character of any kind before it.

Because of this, Sass also does not require strings to be quoted.

Jump Start Sass: Get Up to Speed With Sass in a Weekend

That being said, languages that do not require strings to be quoted are definitely a minority and so, strings should always be wrapped with single quotes ' in Sass single being easier to type than double on qwerty keyboards. However, Sass takes care of this when compiling to CSS so the authoring has no impact on the final result. You can safely stick to single quotes, even for charset. Indeed, the declaration font-family: 'sans-serif' will silently fail because CSS is expecting an identifier, not a quoted string.

Because of this, we do not quote those values. Strings containing quotes If a string contains one or several single quotes, one might consider wrapping the string with double quotes " instead, in order to avoid escaping characters within the string.

Giraudel Hugo. Jump Start Sass

This allows calculations to be run on such measures. Zeros Numbers should display leading zeros before a decimal value less than one.

Never display trailing zeros. Do not forget the space before the 0 though. Units When dealing with lengths, a 0 value should never ever have a unit. Having a unitless zero for a time property such as transition-delay is not allowed. Theoretically, if a unitless zero is specified for a duration, the declaration is deemed invalid and should be discarded. Not all browsers are that strict, but some are. Long story short: only omit the unit for lengths.

The most common mistake I can think of regarding numbers in Sass, is thinking that units are just some strings that can be safely appended to a number.

While that sounds true, it is certainly not how units work. Think of units as algebraic symbols.

For instance, in the real world, multiplying 5 inches by 5 inches gives you 25 square inches. The same logic applies to Sass. To add a unit to a number, you have to multiply this number by 1 unit. Indeed, when trying to convert a number to another compatible unit, adding 0 will not do the trick.

More on that in this article.

Just keep in mind that adding the unit as a string is not a good way to proceed. To remove the unit of a value, you have to divide it by one unit of its kind. Slicing the numeric part of a number with a unit also results in a string. This is not what you want. Use lengths, not strings. Calculations Top-level numeric calculations should always be wrapped in parentheses. Not only does this requirement dramatically improve readability, it also prevents some edge cases by forcing Sass to evaluate the contents of the parentheses.

Needless to say magic numbers are a plague and should be avoided at all costs. When you cannot manage to find a reasonable explanation for why a number works, add an extensive comment explaining how you got there and why you think it works. Magic number. Ideally, we should fix it properly. Colors Colors occupy an important place in the CSS language. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.

Start Free Trial No credit card required. Jump Start Sass. Product Manager: Simon Mackie.They publish high-quality articles, books, and video courses.

Forms, Preview Edition. Also, this styleguide is my own and therefore very opinionated.

Calculations Top-level numeric calculations should always be wrapped in parentheses. At some point, you will probably find yourself going against the rules described here.

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