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Those who read get ahead. Here are the best books to read if you want to grow your career as an artist, promoter, manager, or industry practitioner. With that in mind, here are six music business and music marketing books worth checking out. They've already helped hundreds of thousands. All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Eighth Edition Hardcover – December 4, Donald S. Passman practices law in California and has specialized in the music business for more than thirty years, primarily representing talent. The author of All You Need to Know About.

Music Business Book

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I reached out to people around the music business and asked them for titles of books they're reading, or have been reading, and what they'd. 4 books absolutely everyone looking for a music career must read. If you're even considering getting into the music business, give these a read. 5 music industry books you must read in Understand the nuances of the music business, learn timeless wisdom and succeed with new tactics.

For practical tips on how to deal with workplace inequality, while still coming off as classy and professional, look no further than this book.

The 4 Best Books Ever Written About the Music Industry

You or the musician in your life is looking to level up their social media game and stand out, while still being their authentic, artist self. This book is different than a lot of resources on social media, in that it focuses a lot of the philosophies of expressing your artist self, than the latest platform algorithms.

The author is also extremely charismatic and energetic. Consider it like reading the British edition of the Harry Potter books in elementary school, part of the charm.

Skip to content. Best Music Business Books Reading Time: Passman A Thoughtful Choice If: You or the musician in your life plays live. You Might Also Like Previous Post: Episode 28 — Business Foundations. Next Post: Episode 28 — Wisdom.

This site uses cookies: Find out more. The author, Donald Passman, has been a top music attorney for more than 30 years since graduating from Harvard Law.

In other words, he knows his stuff. Music, Money, and Success is possibly the most detailed book about the flow of money through the music industry ever written. Using real examples and conversations, the Brabec twins move meticulously through every money-generating area of the music business.

This level of detail is made possible by the extensive experience of the authors. If your career involves working with managers, you can also benefit from truly understanding what artist managers do, what their motivations are, and how to work with them effectively. Artist managers need an intimate understanding of the music business and are tasked with supporting the artists under management, but they also need to understand how to motivate their own careers also.

5 Music Industry Books

Paul Allen teaches artist management, marketing, digital media, and music business at MTSU, and has been the producer or executive producer on stage productions for acts like Blake Shelton, the Dixie Chicks, Toby Keith, and Garth Brooks. Unlike our other selections, Hit Men was not written by a music industry insider.

Even so, the book has become the unofficial history of the pop music business. How do songs get on the radio?

How far will record labels go to get a hit? The Indie Band Survival Guide: Confessions of a Record Producer: Lee Hetherington.

The Future of the Music Business: Music Industry Forms: Empire State of Mind: Management And Creativity: On the Track: The Heroin Diaries: Life Hardcover by Keith Richards. This Business of Concert Promotion and Touring: Music 3.It covers: How to get your music in front of more people with less effort, tools and websites you can use to promote your music, how to use social media to market your content, how to make better quality recordings, how to brand yourself, and much more.

Ari Herstand has established himself as a music marketing and business expert by publishing detailed articles on a variety of topics.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How Music Got Free: The first half might feel like a rehashing of Hit Men, but as soon as Shawn Fanning appears it absolutely finds its rhythm. The book is easy to read, with plenty of clear, easy to understand examples.

It breaks down in relatively easy-to-follow language; recording contracts, licensing, management deals, show contracts, digital and streaming royalties, publishing, and many other topics. The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.

These are the same 11 components people reference today, even as we look to the future of virtual reality and a technology-driven industry. Learn more about this book here.

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