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destructive testing (NDT) technology in the world for many decades. The prime harmonization of training materials and consequent competence of personnel. IAEA-TECDOC 'Training Guidelines in Non-destructive Testing. Techniques. hour model Level 2 ultrasonic regional training courses conducted by the. Building on the previous edition, the book was expanded and rearranged to better cover the body of knowledge in ANSI/ASNT CP There are now seven .

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List of ASNT Test Questions and Formula Sheets. Image View Of Test Level 1 · Image View Of Test Level 2 PDF Study Material. ASNT Level 2 Magnetic Particle Testing Study Guide - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read Complete Magnetic Particle Inspection Work Book. UT level-2 book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. NDT UT book for Level

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Versa Integrity Group. Emulsifiers represent the highest sensitivity level, and chemically interact with the oily penetrant to make it removable with a water spray.

When using solvent remover and lint-free cloth it is important to not spray the solvent on the test surface directly, because this can remove the penetrant from the flaws. If excess penetrant is not properly removed, once the developer is applied, it may leave a background in the developed area that can mask indications or defects. In addition, this may also produce false indications severely hindering the ability to do a proper inspection.

Also, the removal of excessive penetrant is done towards one direction either vertically or horizontally as the case may be. Application of Developer: After excess penetrant has been removed, a white developer is applied to the sample.

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Several developer types are available, including: non-aqueous wet developer , dry powder, water-suspendable, and water-soluble. Choice of developer is governed by penetrant compatibility one can't use water-soluble or -suspendable developer with water-washable penetrant , and by inspection conditions.

When using non-aqueous wet developer NAWD or dry powder, the sample must be dried prior to application, while soluble and suspendable developers are applied with the part still wet from the previous step. NAWD is commercially available in aerosol spray cans, and may employ acetone , isopropyl alcohol , or a propellant that is a combination of the two.

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Developer should form a semi-transparent, even coating on the surface. The developer draws penetrant from defects out onto the surface to form a visible indication, commonly known as bleed-out.


Any areas that bleed out can indicate the location, orientation and possible types of defects on the surface. Inspection: The inspector will use visible light with adequate intensity foot-candles or lux is typical for visible dye penetrant. Ultraviolet UV-A radiation of adequate intensity 1, micro-watts per centimeter squared is common , along with low ambient light levels less than 2 foot-candles for fluorescent penetrant examinations.

Inspection of the test surface should take place after to minute development time, and is dependent on the penetrant and developer used.

This time delay allows the blotting action to occur. Other nondestructive testing methods, usually liquid penetrant or eddy current testing, must be used to test materials not strongly attracted to a magnet.

Theories 3. Magnetic particle testing may be used for raw material, in-process during manufacturing to prevent further manufacturing expense for test objects containing discontinuities, and to repair internal discontinuities such as cracks at the root of a weld.

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Theories 4. Final product testing is used on the final test object to prevent test objects with discontinuities from entering service. Maintenance tests are used for inservice discontinuities that may have been formed by overloading or fatigue cycles. Theories 6. Magnetic particle testing is based on the principle that magnetic flux lines will be disrupted by a discontinuity, and this distortion will cause some of the magnetic flux lines to exit and reenter the test object forming poles at the discontinuity.

This is called magnetic flux leakage and will attract fine magnetic particles that form an indication outline of the discontinuity.

Theories The magnetic particle test consists of six basic operations. Clean the surface to be tested.Eddyfi Technologies.

In MPI, the thin metal devices with artificial subsurface discontinuities etched into them, which are used placed on the part to determine field direction and adequacy are 1. When using non-aqueous wet developer NAWD or dry powder, the sample must be dried prior to application, while soluble and suspendable developers are applied with the part still wet from the previous step.

High school Grade 12 or equivalent and min.

Javed Please send me the link or copies of 50 book Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas. TesTex, Inc. Order By: D C B A both a and b inversely proportional to the distance 'r' proportional to the current 'I' none of the above When a current is passed through a long circular conductor of radius R such as a wire the maximum magnetic induction field occurs at 9. For a downloadable copy of the training calendar, click on link Training Calendar below.

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