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THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Preface. Introduction. Who are the Elders? Protocol I. The Basic Doctrine. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (Russian: Протоколы сионских мудрецов) or The Protocols Dickerson, D (ed.), The protocols of the learned Elders of Zion ( PDF), Marsden, transl., IGC, archived from the original (PDF) on The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the most notorious and most successful work of modern antisemitism, draws on popular antisemitic.

Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion Pdf

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the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. After five years of research in formerly inac- cessible and secret Russian archives, he named Matvei Golovinskii, a reaction-. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a forgery of remarkable attraction for antisemi- tes.1 Its astonishing contents also draw the attention of those who find it . Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Forged document that claims to reveal a Jewish plot to take over the world. The Protocols were based on a satire of the French.

In fact, why do you insist on distorting the true title of the imprint that's posted here? Nothing in Wikipedia rules allows an editor to change the actual imprints title, to one he prefers. But how are you going to lock the article? Do you have some special privileges which I do not? Please slow down and lets figure this out properly! John Vandenberg , 27 September UTC Since the exact same pattern is now repeating itself a year later, I am protecting the text.

Please feel free to start a thread of discussion on the Scriptorium or Proposed Deletions I believe it's already happened, hasn't it? Per illustrations, just like Alice in Wonderland or other works, we include Public Domain illustrations even if they were included in a different printing of the book than the one we're showing -- ideally we'd have complete copies of multiple printings, but failing that, illustrations stay with the text - not the printing Links[ edit ] I did not think that the link to goyim or the translation of the Latin could be objective enough for inclusion here.

I made two edits to the page and removed them. I would be happy to expand on my reasoning - if req. No objection to restoration if my edit was unjustified and assuming the page is not deleted. Cygnis insignis , 27 September UTC I'd be interested in the "expanded reasoning" for not allowing the reader to tell what the heck "Goyim" means I had to look it up, the first time I heard it - and especially why you think we shouldn't translate little-known Latin quotes that modern readers are unaware to be able to translate themselves - and is a direct reference to the Latin Vulgate of Proverbs ?

The modern reader would be able to translate themselves, it is not a direct quote from that work By me kings reign, and princes decree justice. I don't believe we shoud make editorial decision like that, the intent of the author is uncertain.

Goyim has relative meaning, I would contend the meaning would depend on the author and the context are, again, an unknown. If anyone said 'other people', how would one determine who they meant.

I hope no one is spending too much time imagining what that author intended, I don't think there is an answer.

But he is quoting in Latin, from the Latin bible. Let me ask the other editor this question: Suppose I do this kind of linking to Mein Kompf. Would you object? Furthermore, are you not in fact doing Original research under the cover of being a Wikisource editor no insult intended by question? What's the difference between doing this kind of stuff and being an Antisemite or a modern Nazi who publishes the stuff because he believes its true and the public should read it and absorb that alleged factual presentation?

Wikisource, like Wikipedia, is not a place to present crackpot views and theories.

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And by touching up the unsourced text you not you personally are no different from those anonymous editors who have done exactly the same. In fact, we are all anonymous - our names are pseudonyms. So we should be extra careful what we do with proven "plagiarisms" and "hoaxes.

Would like like to see it as it is - or marked up in different ways, protecting us against re-circulation, or givingb us explanations, on the face of the bill? I only ask for the following: Give us an exact, precise, and accurate copy of a specific imprint of The Protocols, telling us when and where it was published, and that it is a notable issue of the item; by this I mean, for example, The Briton who are a known and notorious British group who have entered history as Hitler has.

But to give us a copy made by your next-door neighbor assuming he or she is not famous will simply not do. Live it alone. Do not touch it up, or mark it up; let the reading public have the benefit of seeing the thing as it was.

That's best done by scanning an item and turning it into a PDF file. I do not think we should re-type the item; let professionals do that. I have no objection importing that into Wikisource.

However, no other reputable entity or person, as far as I know, has done the same to other editions, like the British imprints. Since it appears that this version here of the item in question is spurious at best, I urge Adm Yann to undo his action there until such time as this dispute is resolved. Or at least until the dispute consensus shifts to the other side. Title World Conquest through World Government.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

The protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Eighty-first impression. Britons Publishing Society: London, Physical descr. Holdings All Details Shelfmark Request So it's a imprint - as more fully identified above.

But can we trust our source? Is it what they say it is? Talking about "fringe media sources", and referring to "a secret world government" without mentioning the fact it is a "Jewish conspiracy", and referring to it as "inexplicable" rather than just "presumed to be a forgery" are all very strange edits that confuse the reader and remove context. Anyway, you rereverted to yer own statement; it sounds like the blurb on a book jacket. It is editorial and sensationalist in tone, and any attempts at 'context' are bound to be highly subjective.

Your removal of information, such as the prohibition of its publication, is without explanation. As was the detailed announcement of secret protocols.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Presumed and forgery are inappropriate terms, it is obviously a pernicious hoax. I will not edit this pag again; I think it may be illegal for me to contribute to 'the protocols' distribution - it is certainly immoral. The notes field is not intended to be anything but a short excerpt, as we are not an encyclopedia - I agree that any description of this particular text is bound to be highly subjective.

Details about the banning of the book will need to be documented properly sourced and stable on the Wikipedia article before we should mention it here.

I dont like the word "forgery" and think that "hoax" is a better way to describe it, but the practise is to excerpt from Wikipedia, and Wikipedia says "forgery" so I have used that. John Vandenberg , 27 October UTC related works[ edit ] In order to better inform our readers, I think it is worthwhile to add other PD texts that show the linage of the text, and go into this topic in depth.

The English translation , mentioned on w:The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu , gives no clue to the translator: the imprint details are those of the original french version. If we cant find a PD English version, a Wikisource translation might be possible.

I have started on The truth about "The Protocols" , a series on newspaper articles explaining the forgery.

And here is one of the stories. Its lies about Jews, which have been repeatedly discredited, continue to circulate today, especially on the Internet.

The individuals and groups who have used the Protocols are all linked by a common purpose: to spread hatred of Jews. The Protocols is entirely a work of fiction, intentionally written to blame Jews for a variety of ills.

Those who distribute it claim that it documents a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world. The conspiracy and its alleged leaders, the so-called Elders of Zion, never existed. The version of the Protocols that has endured and has been translated into dozens of languages, however, was first published in Russia in as an appendix to The Great in the Small: The Coming of the Anti-Christ and the Rule of Satan on Earth, by Russian writer and mystic Sergei Nilus.

Although the exact origin of the Protocols is unknown, its intent was to portray Jews as conspirators against the state. In 24 chapters, or protocols, allegedly minutes from meetings of Jewish leaders, the Protocols "describes" the "secret plans" of Jews to rule the world by manipulating the economy, controlling the media, and fostering religious conflict.

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An Arabic translation first appeared in the s. Beginning in , auto magnate Henry Ford's newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, published a series of articles based in part on the Protocols. The International Jew, the book that included this series, was translated into at least 16 languages. Fraud Exposed In , the London Times presented conclusive proof that the Protocols was a "clumsy plagiarism. Other investigations revealed that one chapter of a Prussian novel, Hermann Goedsche's Biarritz , also "inspired" the Protocols.

Hitler referred to the Protocols in some of his early political speeches, and, throughout his career, he exploited the myth that "Jewish-Bolshevists" were conspiring to control the world.

During the s and s, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion played an important part in the Nazis' propaganda arsenal.In the US, Henry Ford sponsored the printing of , copies, [60] and, from to , published a series of antisemitic articles titled " The International Jew: Greenwood Press. It displays fine for me. On May 8, , an article [57] in The Times followed German translation and appealed for an inquiry into what it called an "uncanny note of prophecy".

StevenBorthick - - January 9, Subject: The text was purportedly brought to the United States by a Russian army officer in ; it was translated into English by Natalie de Bogory personal assistant of Harris A.

Contrary to the opinion of the National Socialists, that the Jews were a highly organized group, the appalling fact was that they had no organization whatsoever. Weizmann knows all about them. No objection to restoration if my edit was unjustified and assuming the page is not deleted.

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