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After years producing award-winning sample collections, Sample Magic share the secrets of house music production in this page full-colour book packed. Sample Magic's new book, The Secrets of House Music Production, offers house producers a way to bypass all that, with a guide that unmasks many techniques. Plughugger Review. "When renowned sampling masters Sample Magic takes on the subject of house music production, the expectations are very high. But after.

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Sample Magic - The Secrets of House Music Production iPad Edition iPad Edition [iPA] | MB Links update: 08/11/ Published in , Sample. The Secrets of House Music Production: A Reference Manual from Sample Magic [Marc Adamo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After four years producing award-winning sample collections, Sample Magic share the secrets of house music production in this page full-colour book.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Secrets of House Music Production The biggest name in dance sample libraries brings you the essential guide to producing cutting-edge house music.

Heading to Thomann Headquarters in Germany.

Brandon K. They always drop some samples and plugins with it lol.

Yeah, pounds to dollars is roughly twice. Yeah The Sunset sessions are dope!

Sample Magic Secrets Of House Music Production book

I checked them out also, well worth whatever I paid. Cheers Reply. I agree, I love that set, you peep sunrise sessions from them? Jamari December 14, at 2: And The guys from Sample Magic read this site so state what ya feel, and see where it leads Reply.

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Jamari December 16, at Peace Reply. Montoya December 15, at 2: The Sunset Sessions are Sweet!

Mike January 9, at Mike January 9, at 4: The first chapter is dedicated to the drums and starts off with the foundation of dance music: On the dance floor the kick is king and in optimum conditions the baseline is his closest ally.

What impressed me here, was the fact that the writer is very sober about it about all parts in the book as a matter of fact. If you're one of those who usually just dial up a nice kick and start rolling, there are a couple initial mental preparations you'll learn to go through before you do anything.

The kick has a purpose and is you job to nail that purpose even before you begin, and Sample Magic does a great job in explaining this. In fact, all tools and techniques are viewed in the same clear light: The book covers all other parts of the drum kit, teaching you many valuable tips on when and why to apply certain compression or when to use transient designers, and the chapter ends with a couple of examples on how drums in different genres are built up.

You heard about swing and the legendary feel of the MPC? You've ever wondered how exactly is the best way to work with swinging up your beats? How much should you apply?

Should you apply swing to just your drums or the whole track? The answers are in here. The structure of the book is basically like this: Then it moves on to how to choose and finally how to improve the sound. Every section is also filled with small but relevant tips and tricks.

Between the chapters are interviews with artists such as The Young Punx and Jody Wisternoff who tell about their way of working. There are a fair number of pages dedicated to vocals and how you use vocals in the best possible way. Although the book doesn't teach you how to write lyrics, the advices it hands out are very good, and is more useful than many of the books I've read on the subject.

If you really want to learn how to improve your lyric writing, I do recommend the book 'Writing better lyrics' by Pat Pattison it's a very clever book that teaches you several different approaches and how to move forward when you are stuck.

The chapter on vocals naturally discusses the value of the hook, how to cut up vocals to create a great take and how to create some advanced editing stuff with Melodyne. It's clear that the writers of this book have been recording vocals in real situations.

The Secrets of House Music Production - PDF

The tips and advices are as with everything else in this book: Apart from the chapters concerning the kick and snare, I quickly moved forward to see what Sample Magic had to say about mixing. The chapter on mixing takes up no more than 18 pages - but this should be viewed against the fact that most of the production has already been dealt with in the previous chapters. The book even goes so far to present a 32 step guide on how to create a good mix.

Although everybody develops their own methods for creating good balance in the music, this serves as a good round-up of what needs to be done. If there is anything I feel Sample Magic missed out, it's the oh-so-boring but oh-so-powerful matter of pan. If you use panning sensibly and with some planning you can create extra space for your instruments. The only down-sides are the slightly thin cover and the fact that there are no audio files on the disc to reference the topics discussed in each chapter.

These niggles aside, this is a great book that is essential reading for any house producers who want to fast-track their progress and get hundreds of tips in one place. Although the walkthroughs lean mainly towards making house music in Logic and Ableton, there are plenty of techniques relevant to all genres of electronic music.

Sample Magic is the world's leading provider of pro-audio loops and samples to music producers across a range of genres, from house and electro through dubstep to disco to chillout and soundtrack. Register First Name.

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With regards to copyright laws surrounding appropriation, he concludes that negative effects would be incurred if they were relaxed to accept sampling as fair use. No trivia or quizzes yet. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Questionnaire 22 II.

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