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REAL TIME SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers beginners and experienced pdf free download. sap-fico interview Questions and Answers. Top SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers Pdf, SVR Technologies is one of the best SAP Training Institute in the USA, We Provide Online Training. In SAP FICO, SAP FI take cares about accounting, preparation of financial statements, tax computations etc, while SAP CO take cares of inter.

Sap Fico Interview Questions Pdf

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If you're looking for SAP FICO Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed. SAP FI/CO Interview Questions. - 9 -. Question 2: Master Data. How can you link customer and vendor master records and what is the purpose of doing so?. SAP FICO INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. & ANSWERS. How to Clear Each and Every Interview You. Give- % Success Assured. Published by a Team of SAP .

Which can fill the extract structure of a data source with the data from the SAP source system datasets. The extractor may be able to supply data to more fields than exist in the extract structure. Internal Number Ranges: No will be provided by the system automatically in serial order allotting the next available progressive number.

The number must be in numerical. External Number ranges: No will be given manually by the end user. System will not lock number automatically in this case. User can pick the number randomly. Number may be an alpha numeric.

Residual payment it clears original invoice with incoming amount and create new line item for remaining outstanding amount. Partial payment it leaves the original invoice amount and creates new line item for incoming amount. Open Line Item management is additional rapprochement purpose. OIM enables you to illustrate the open and realized items and expenses in an account. OIM should be utilized if an offsetting insertion is presented for each line item posted in the report. Operational chart of account — Day to day exercises and also mandatory.

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Group COA managed to the consolidation of Organization keys. This is for accumulation consolidation goal. It controls the account assignments that are made to the account. Specifically the field status group controls whether postings to cost centers, internal orders, profitability segments and so on are required, not allowed suppressed , or optional.

When you post items to a subsidiary ledger, the system automatically posts the same data to the general ledger. Each subsidiary ledger has one or more reconciliation accounts in the general ledger. You possess to allow a chart of accounts to specific firm code. Here a chart of accounts is the Managing table of accounts and is employed to the daily postings in the business code.

You own the following rights when practicing various corporation principles. You can utilize the corresponding chart of accounts for every corporation codes If the organization codes all have the same specifications for the chart of accounts set up, distribute all of the peculiar company codes to the corresponding chart of accounts.

That could be the case if whole organization codes are in the identical country. In extension to the running chart of accounts, you can practice two extra charts of accounts If the individual company codes require separate charts of accounts, you can choose up to two charts of accounts in extension to the running chart of accounts.

This could be the crisis if business codes prevail in various nations. The application of various charts of accounts has no impact on the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. While producing the balance sheet or the gain and loss statement, you can determine whether to evaluate the company codes which utilize various charts of accounts collectively or independently.

Those are extraordinary classification keys. Document type is nothing vouchers containing line items.

Several business transactions can be identified within a particular document type. What Does It Mean? Account currency is that the GL account in which currency do you want to maintain. If you decided that you want to maintain in company code currency, you can post any currency on that account.


If not, you want to maintain separate currency for that GL then exchange rate difference will come because of the conversion rate. For Stat. Stat key fig are not real account assignments.

In simple traditional terms, it is the base to allocate or define proportions with which the cost is allocated. SKFs are applied to estimate the debt of a recipient object. These states can be practiced for evaluating general expenses which are applied by all the different price hubs. There is no direct assignment. You plan the output for a cost center first in kp You can also define your own prices, but you have to run the price revaluation if you want to revaluate your actual activity prices.

A transaction is dialog program that modify data objects in a consistent way. Each dialog in an SAP system is controlled by dynpros.

A dynpros consists of a screen And its flow logic and controls just one dialog step. Such a dialog program is also referred as module pool, since it consists of interactive modules. A Dynpro consists of a cover and its race logic and manages specifically 1 dialog moves. Screen layout: States of the text, areas, pushbuttons and so moving to a screen. Screen feature: Such a dialog program is also refer as a module pool, since it consists on interactive modules.

This happens instantly after displaying the screen. A GUI status is a subset of the interface elements used for a definite screen. The status comprises those elements that are at present needed by the transaction. The GUI status for a transaction may be composed of the following elements:. The data passed includes field screen data filled by the user and a function code. A function code is a technical name that has been allocated in a screen Painter or Menu Painter to a menu entry, a push button, the ENTER key or a function Key of a screen.

An internal work field ok-code in the PAI module weigh up the function code, and the suitable action is taken. A function code has to be defined in the screen attributes for the push buttons in a screen. The Value counts as changed Even if the User simply types in the value that was previously there.

SAP has more than 10 million licensed users, more than 20, installations in more than countries and supports 28 different languages.

You can run SAP on Linux in homogeneous and heterogeneous environments. SAP is open to third party software and hardware products. Whereas we usually do not certify third party software, Linux Lab is open for joint development efforts. In fact, back in , we were the first business software provider to support Linux as an operating system for running SAP solutions.

We work closely with the Linux distributors and our partners to ensure our solutions work smoothly on Linux. More and more customers are requesting help with SAP on Linux. And we are there to provide them with the high quality support they expect from SAP.

Furthermore it helps other SAP departments with developing on and for the Linux platform and processes Linux-specific support problems — internal ones, as of external — or forwards them to the appropriate hardware or software partner. Despite our hardware partners being competitors, the cooperation is excellent and we had a number of very successful projects.

So the main reason is to offer you a free choice. Linux is growing with incredible speed and absolutely meets the quality standards of SAP.

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Another reason is the number of Unix operating systems SAP has to support. Especially when you try to get maximum performance out of your hardware resources, there are significant differences between the different Unix flavors.

All the depreciation calculations are stored under the chart of depreciation. What asset classes are there? The asset class is the main class to classify assets. Every asset must be assigned to only one asset class. The asset class also contains G1 account, when any asset is procured, G1 account is debited. Whenever you create and asset master, it becomes mandatory to mention the assest class for which you are creating the required assets.

So, whenever any asset transaction occurs, the G1 account attached to the asset class is automatically picked up and the entry is passed. You can also specify the default values for calculating the depreciation values and other master data in each asset class. Depreciation is not charged under 'Capital WIP' usually. The cost incurred on building a capital asset can be booked to an 'internal order' and through the settlement procedures, and can be posted onto an 'Asset Under Construction'.

The major components of Chart of Accounts are: To immune your company from the risk of bad debts and multiple outstanding receivable, you can set a credit limit for your customer by using credit control area in SAP. With the help of SAP, you can block the deliveries to your customer based on the credit limit and the accounts receivable balance in their account which is maintained by you.

In fiscal year posting period is a period for which the transactions figures are updated. The posting period variants in SAP is accountable to control which Accounting period is open for posting and ensures that the closed periods remain balanced.

It controls which field should suppress, display, optional and required. A short-end fiscal year results when you change from a normal fiscal year to a non-calendar fiscal year, or other way around.

This type of change happens when an enterprise becomes part of a new co-corporate group. To control the data that needs to be entered at the time of the creation of a master record an account group is used. The purpose of " Document type" in SAP is a Number range for documents are defined by it b Types of accounts that can be posted are controlled by it, e. Business area is at client level which means other company codes can also be posted to the same business area.

The Vendor and Customer codes are stored at the client level. It means that by extending the company code view any company code can use the customer and vendor code. Tolerance determines whether the payable places matching or tax hold on the invoice.

The following are the instances of tolerance can be defined for Logistic Invoice Verification. APP tools help to avoid any mistakes taken place in posting manually. Also, when number of employees is more in the company, payment through APP becomes more feasible. The due date can be changed on each individual invoice if required.

Top 100 SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers Pdf

Windows are names and window types, which are not physically positioned until they are allocated to pages and units of measurement are specified. Pages are defined to provide the system with a start and end point in text formatting. Page windows are the combination of windows and pages, where the dimensions of a window and its position on a page are specified.

The enhancement may be done through: SAP guarantees that all such exists will remain valid across all future releases. The customer exits include: The screen painter allows you to make modifications to screen attributes, the flow control logic, or the layout.

Figure 6: Figure 7: Modification Assistant. This provides you with a detailed overview of modifications that is easy to read and that dramatically reduces the amount of effort needed to upgrade your system. The Modification Assistant offers support in the following areas: This dialogue box appears exactly once per user for each of the various kinds of transport objects.

The actual data is placed in the Tem Se Temporary Sequential objects. The changes such as the creation of a new Company Code, changing a document type, etc. The components to be transported are specified in the object list of a transport request. Figure 8: Transport Organizer A Client is denoted by a 3-character alphanumeric code in SAP, and is a mandatory element.

The settings made at the Client level, data maintained, etc. A Client should have at least one Company Code defined. SAP comes delivered with Clients and , which contain all the default settings. Usually, copying from the default Clients creates additional and new Clients. Development Client 2. Test Client 3. Production Client In any implementation, you must have at least three types of Clients as mentioned above. There are some companies where you will have more than three.

These include: Also check to see if the field name you are looking for is in any of the tables. Logical databases can also be useful in determining how tables are linked together. You may also use other methods listed below to zero-in on the field. You can perform any of these, in isolation or in combination, until you find what you are looking for: This will detail the tables hit, and the order in which they were hit.

Not all tables hit will be displayed; for example, configuration tables tend not to show up, as they are buffered. The Runtime Analysis will show all tables accessed by the transaction. Figure 9: The LSMW assists in organizing your data migration project and guides you through the process by using a clear sequence of steps.

The most common conversion rules are predefined. Reusable conversion rules assure consistent data conversion for different data objects.

The LSMW performs the following steps: Figure Data Transfer Workbench There are two ways to do this: With this method, you have the flexibility of subprojects or objects that need to be transported. Transport request. With this method, you will not be able to select the objects, and the project as a whole is transported.

You can also find release, installation, upgrade, and migration information. Project Implementation ASAP helps to a reduce the implementation time, b achieve quality implementations, and c make effective and efficient use of project resources. ASAP integrates the following three components: ASAP Roadmap 2.

Tools Questionnaires, templates, etc. ASAP Roadmap is aimed at providing step-by-step direction and guidance throughout the project implementation by providing a process-oriented, clear and concise project plan.

The roadmap meanders through the following milestones or phases in the project implementation lifecycle: Project preparation 2. Realization 4. Final preparation 5. Go-live, support, and continuous improvement Project preparation is the first and initial phase of the ASAP roadmap where you are just starting the project. You will perform activities such as preparation of the initial scope, high-level timelines and plans, project charters, identification of project team members, project kick-off, etc.

ASAP Roadmap Business blueprint is the second phase in the implementation where you will try, identify, and document business requirements and goals to prepare the foundation for future stages of the project.

It is understood that whatever is explicitly stated in the business blueprint document is the only scope; no implied scope will be considered for system configuration in the next phase. Realization is the third phase where the implementing team breaks down the business processes identified in the second phase and configures the SAP settings.

Final Preparation is the penultimate phase in the project. This phase also serves to resolve all crucial open issues. This phase is marked by the following activities: Setting up a help desk involves, among other things, installing office and technical equipment and defining OSS users. On successful completion of this phase, you are ready to run your business in your production system.

Users make productive live business transactions in the system and all the issues cropping up in the wake of going live are supported and resolved by a support team immediately. The tool is Web-based to make mySAP.

The Quicksizer has been developed by SAP in close cooperation with all platform partners and is free.

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The Quicksizer calculates CPU, disk, and memory resources based on throughput numbers and the number of users working with the different SAP components. The tool gives customers and prospects an idea of the system size requirements for running the proposed workload, and is also useful for initial budget planning.

Initially used during the Project Preparation and Blueprinting Phases, and anytime after these phases when there is a change in system requirements, the tool helps in arriving at the recommendations for hardware deployment. These lists become the central repository from which you build the individual master lists to manage the initial configuration, final configuration, final end-user integration testing, and any other end-user procedures including the documentation.

The templates are replete with Best Practices or Standard Procedures for completing a particular transaction, which you can customize for end-user training. These maps define the activities, roles, system interfaces, and business documents required for inter-enterprise collaboration. They also show which SAP Solutions and Services you need to make your organization a truly collaborative e-business.It is possible to print the nancial statement version on a SAPscript form.

Is Business area at company code Level? What Is Extractor? Answer: Assembly scrap is scrap that is expected to occur during the production of a material which is used as an assembly. What are Validations and Substitutions? You can make as many numbers of cost centers as you feel necessary by combining various logical cost centers In fact you can use various combinations of cost center group by the price component gathering to trace and manage your expenses per section or across agencies.

How Are Scrap Variances Calculated? With Intel moving to 64 bit there is a high probability of even more Unix flavors. An ODS Object works to save compressed and debugged performance data on a record level atomic level.

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