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When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold. My fin- gers stretch out, seeking Prim's warmth but finding only the rough canvas cover of the mattress. PART I "THE TRIBUTES" When I wake up, the other side of the bed is cold. My fingers stretch out, seeking Prim's warmth. Personalized experience. Get started with a FREE account. Encyclopedia of Biology shortages, or the Hunger Games. had to kill the lynx because he scared off game. I almost.. Gale. The Unofficial Recipes of The Hunger Games .

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Get started with a FREE account. Hunger Games. Pages · States of America. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 I Since , my understanding of problem solving has been enriche. The Unofficial Recipes of The Hunger Games. Recipes . Some survivors think it's good luck, though, to be free of District 12 at last. To have escaped the endless hunger and oppression, the perilous mines, the lash of. the audience take notice of me in the Hunger Games. .. our place beyond the reach of the Capitol, where we're free to say what we feel, be who we are. At least .

My mouth has gone as dry as sawdust.

I desperately findCinna in the crowd and lock eyes with him. I imagine thewords coming from his lips.

Be honest, I think. Be honest. Caesar laughs, and vaguely I realize some of the audiencehas joined in. I nod. This is what I meanabout Caesar. He tries to help you out. Whatdid you think of that costume? Big laugh. A real one from the audience. Cinna, my friend, I should tell him anyway. Twirl for me. I spin in a circle once and the reaction is immediate. The audience breaks intocheers. But the nerves and thespinning have gotten to me. Caesar wraps a protective arm around me. So, how about that training score.

Hunger Games Book 1

Give us a hintwhat happened in there. My lips are sealed. His mood is quieter now. Can you tell us about her? No, not all of you. But maybe Cinna. And I love her more than anything. After the reaping? I swallow hard. But instead of warmth, I feel an icy rigidity take over mybody. My muscles tense as they do before a kill.

When I speak,my voice seems to have dropped an octave. The buzz-er goes off. Best of luck, KatnissEverdeen, tribute from District Twelve. I look to Cin-na for reassurance. He gives me a subtle thumbs-up. Hehas the audience from the get-go, though; I can hear themlaughing, shouting out. Thenhas a funny anecdote about the perils of the Capitol showers.

Peeta hesitates, then gives an unconvincing shake of hishead. There must be some special girl. Peeta sighs. Unrequited love theycan relate to.

You win, you go home. Peeta blushes beet red and stammers out. Then I can see my face, mouth halfopen in a mix of surprise and protest, magnified on everyscreen as I realize, Me! He means me!

I press my lips togetherand stare at the floor, hoping this will conceal the emotionsstarting to boil up inside of me.

The crowd is murmuring inagreement, a few have even given agonized cries. The crowd screams assent. Peeta has absolutelywiped the rest of us off the map with his declaration of love me. We stand for theanthem. Poor tragic us. But I know better. After the anthem, the tributes file back into the TrainingCenter lobby and onto the elevators. I make sure to veer into acar that does not contain Peeta. The crowd slows our entou-rages of stylists and mentors and chaperones, so we have onlyeach other for company.

No one speaks. My elevator stops todeposit four tributes before I am alone and then find the doorsopening on the twelfth floor. Peeta has only just stepped fromhis car when I slam my palms into his chest.

He loses his bal-ance and crashes into an ugly urn filled with fake flowers. Theurn tips and shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces. Peeta landsin the shards, and blood immediately flows from his hands. No right to go saying those things aboutme!

Now the elevators open and the whole crew is there, Effie,Haymitch, Cinna, and Portia. Haymitch turns on me.

Turning me into some kindof fool in front of the entire country? To you! That boy just gave you something you could neverachieve on your own. You were about asromantic as dirt until he said he wanted you. Now they all do. The star-crossed lovers fromDistrict Twelve! Haymitch grabs my shoulders and pins me against the wall.

The most I could say about you after your interview was thatyou were nice enough, although that in itself was a small mi-racle.

Oh, oh, oh, how theboys back home fall longingly at your feet. Which do you thinkwill get you more sponsors? I shove hishands off my shoulders and step away, trying to clear myhead. Cinna comes over and puts his arm around me. My cheeks burn again at the thought of Gale. So what does it matter? My anger fading.

Haymitch is right. I survived my interview, but what wasI really? A silly girl spinning in a sparkling, dress. Theonly moment of any substance I hail was when I talked aboutPrim. Silly and sparkly and forgettable. No, not en-tirely forgettable, I have my eleven in training.

But now Peeta has made me an object of love. Not just his. To hear him tell it I have many admirers. I remember how strongly theyresponded to his confession. Star-crossed lovers. Haymitch isright, they eat that stuff up in the Capitol. I force myself to ac-knowledge Peeta.

In the silence that follows, delicious smells of our dinnerwaft in from the dining room. We all follow him to the table and take our places.

Butthen Peeta is bleeding too heavily, and Portia leads him off formedical treatment. We start the cream and rose-petal soupwithout them. Tomorrow we will be in the arena. He has done me a favorand I have answered with an injury. Will I never stop owinghim? After dinner, we watch the replay in the sitting room. Iseem frilly and shallow, twirling and giggling in my dress, al-though the others assure me I am charming.

Peeta actually ischarming and then utterly winning as the boy in love. Tomorrow at dawn, we will be roused andprepared for the arena. But Peetaand I must make an early start. I know Haymitch and Effie will not be going with us. Cinna and Por-tia will travel with us to the very spot from which we will belaunched into the arena.

Still final good-byes must be saidhere. Effie takes both of us by the hand and, with actual tears inher eyes, wishes us well. Thanks us for being the best tributesit has ever been her privilege to sponsor. Haymitch crosses his arms and looks us both over. And weonly nod. What else is there to say? When I head to my room, Peeta lingers to talk to Portia.

Whatever strange words of parting we exchange canwait until tomorrow. My covers are drawn back, but there isno sign of the redheaded Avox girl. I wish I knew her name. Ishould have asked it. She could write it down maybe. Or act itout. But perhaps that would only result in punishment for her.

I take a shower and scrub the gold paint, the makeup, thescent of beauty from my body. I decide to keepthem as reminder of who I am to the audience. Katniss, thegirl who was on fire. Perhaps it will give me something to holdon to in the days to come. I pull on a thick, fleecy nightgown and climb into bed. And I need sleep desperately because in the arena every mo-ment I give in to fatigue will be an invitation to death. One hour, two, three pass, and my eyelidsrefuse to get heavy.

A frigid wastel-and? Above all I am hoping for trees, which may afford mesome means of concealment and food and shelter, Often thereare trees because barren landscapes are dull and the Games olve too quickly without them. But what will the climate belike?

What traps have the Gamemakers hid den to liven up theslower moments? And then there are my fellow tributes.

The more anxious I am to find sleep, the more it eludes me. Finally, I am too restless to even stay in bed. I pace the floor,heart beating too fast, breathing too short. My room feels likea prison cell. I run down the hall to the door to the roof.

The energy field enclosing the roof pre-vents any desperate form of escape. I want to see the sky andthe moon on the last night that no one will be hunting me. The roof is not lit at night, but as soon as my bare feel reachits tiled surface I see his silhouette, black against the lightsthat shine endlessly in the Capitol. And what difference does it make? Whether we speak or not? My feet move soundlessly across the tiles.

The Hunger Games

I can see him give his head aslight shake. Thewide streets are full of dancing people. I squint to make outtheir tiny figures in more detail.

Which is pointless, of course. My best hope is to not disgrace myselfand. I want to die asmyself. Does that make any sense?

The Hunger Games

I shake my head. How could he die as anyone but himself? His purity of self. Only I keep wishing ould think of a way to. I mean, what else am I allowed to care about at thispoint?

I take a step back. Aboutstaying alive. Thanks for thetip, sweetheart. I want to spend mine in District Twelve. Then I turn and leave the roof. I spendthe rest of the night slipping in and out of a doze, imaginingthe cutting remarks I will make to Peeta Mellark in the morn-ing. Peeta Mellark. We will see how high and mighty he iswhen he's faced with life and death.

Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence: Third Edition

He'll probably turn intoone of those raging beast tributes, the kind who tries to eatsomeone's heart after they've killed them. There was a guy e that a few years ago from District 6 called Titus.

He wentcompletely savage and the Gamemakers had to have himstunned with electric guns to collect the bodies of the playershe'd killed before he ate them. There are no rules in the arena,but cannibalism doesn't play well with the Capitol audience,so they tried to head it off. There was some speculation thatthe avalanche that finally took Titus out was specifically engi-neered to ensure the victor was not a lunatic.

I don't see Peeta in the morning. Cinna comes to me beforedawn, gives me a simple shift to wear, and guides me to theroof.

My final dressing and preparations will be alone in thecatacombs under the arena itself. A hovercraft appears out ofthin air, just like the one did in the woods the day I saw theredheaded Avox girl captured, and a ladder drops down. Iplace my hands and feet on the lower rungs and instantly it'sas if I'm frozen.

Book 1 The Hunger Games

Some sort of current glues me to the ladderwhile I'm lifted safely inside. I expect the ladder to release me then, but I'm still stuckwhen a woman in a white coat approaches me carrying a sy-ringe. I'm a statue. But that doesn't prevent me from feelingthe sharp stab of pain as the needle inserts the metal trackingdevice deep under the skin on the inside of my forearm. Nowthe Gamemakers will always be able to trace my whereaboutsin the arena.

The woman disappears and Cinna is retrieved from the roof, Avox boy comes in and directs us to a room where break-fast has been laid out.

Despite the tension in my stomach, I eatas much as I can, although none of the delectable food makesany impression on me. The one thing that distracts me at all is the view from thewindows as we sail over the city and then to the wildernessbeyond. This is what birds see. Thevery opposite of me. The hovercraftlands and Cinna and I go back to the ladder, only this time itleads down into a tube underground, into the catacombs thatlie beneath the arena.

We follow instructions to my destina-tion, a chamber for my preparation. In the Capitol, they call itthe Launch Room. The place animals go before slaughter. After an initial print of ,, the book had sold , copies by February Since its release, The Hunger Games has been translated into 26 languages, and publishing rights have been sold in 38 territories.

A film adaptation, directed by Gary Ross and co-written and co-produced by Collins herself, was released in Download The Hunger Games 1 Pdf. This website is hosted on a cloud server. Download files are uploaded by me or my teammates.

We are trying to make this a huge website with millions of books. Katniss and Peeta take a train to the Capitol, amazed by the luxury of their compartments. They team up to get Haymitch, their drunken mentor, to stay sober enough to give them advice. He designs a remarkable costume made out of fake flames for Katniss to wear in the opening ceremony.

When they enter the arena the next day, Katniss is able to survive in the woods fairly easily, but soon the Gamemakers engineer a number of obstacles to bring the competitors together. First, a wall of fire drives everyone away from the edge of the arena, and then a series of fireballs target Katniss.

One catches her on the calf, and she becomes badly burned. When Katniss is cornered by the Career tributes tributes from wealthier districts who have trained their whole life to compete in the Games at the top of a tree, Rue helps her locate a tracker jacker nest, and Katniss sets it loose upon the Careers.

However, Katniss also gets stung and begins hallucinating, and she vaguely remembers that Peeta—who had seemed to be allied with the Careers—put himself in danger and ends up saving her life and telling her to run. Rue and Katniss team up, but their alliance is short-lived, as Rue is soon killed.I am not beautiful. It has since been released in paperback and also as an audiobook and ebook.

I can hear blade whistling toward me and reflexively hike the packup to protect my head. Which is pointless, of course. I nod. Just keepturning it back around, all right.

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