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THE SUNSET LIMITED. This is a room in a tenement building in a black ghetto in. New York City. There is a kitchen with a stove and a large refrigerator. A door. James Lee Burke - Sunset Limited James Lee Burke - Sunset Limited ISLAND BOOKS Published by Dell Publishing a division o. The Sunset Limited: A Novel in Dramatic Form. Home · The Sunset Limited: A Novel in Dramatic Sunset Limited · Read more · Sunset Limited. Read more.

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Read, review and discuss the entire The Sunset Limited movie script by Cormac McCarthy on 'McCarthy has a true ear for the truncated rhythms of dialogue intensely alive to the power of words.' The Times. The sunset limited [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Cormac McCarthy. Published: (); The road [electronic resource (PDF eBook)] / Cormac McCarthy.

Your name: Your email address: Pick a user name: Forgot your password? Retrieve it. Search in Scripts. Search for Writers. The Sunset Limited Synopsis: A spiritual man Samuel L. Jackson and a suicidal professor Tommy Lee Jones have a philosophical debate. Samuel L. Jackson , Tommy Lee Jones. TV-MA Year: Select another language: Powered by CITE. I am both of these guys.

Fortunately, even though I can remember other times, I am much more "black" than "white" these days. Each man eloquently puts forth his position. It is at times funny, at times breathtaking, and at times it strikes to your bone with truth.

At one point, in a devastating condemnation of the brutality unerlying all existence and its utter meaninglessness, white says, "Whatever the darker story is, that's the one that's usually true. The play keeps you engaged, hoping for the white man to walk away from his resolve to kill himself, but knowing that a turn-around conversion to the kind of salvation black keeps confidently returning to would be very difficult to believe in.

Black gives up his power, letting God fill him and speak for him, waiting for his mouth to be filled with divinely inspired words to save white. White has too much power over himself and is completely impermeable to any kind of spiritual thinking. His rigorous intellectualism takes him to a dead end where the only answer is death, a death that he sees as positive and yearns for. While much of the play has a certain warmth due to black's character and his sense of humor, by the time The Sunset Limited nears its end, white's vitriolic sentences about the "human condition" and his yearning for death stun the reader into a gaping-jaw shock by the power of their perversity and their revelation of [Cormac McCarthy]'s only-occasionally-unfettered full powers of language as the ultimate art.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes their coffee strong and their whiskey straight.

This is a book about big issues, life and death. It never reverts to allegorization and it doesn't apologize for its characters' ways of speaking or their belief in the message of what they are saying. View all 3 comments. Mmm Hmmm. McCarthy gone done it.

He gone eclipsed Beckett hisslef. Desolation, I like them sound of that trickbag. Was that a re-enactment of Eden, with an angel substituted for the devil? Will man fail in either case? I am not up to it, as I said. All aboard The Sunset Limited. Nessuno mi aveva parlato di Sunset Limited.. Mar 15, Carmine rated it really liked it. McCarthy, di fronte a te non posso che arrendermi.

View all 9 comments. Pared down and packed with substance - dark dark humour to boot - Can written dialogues get any better?

Aspettiamo tutti Godot, chiunque o qualsiasi cosa sia. Ma, si sa, Godot ha il brutto vezzo di non arrivare mai. E, nel frattempo, noi ci perdiamo. Ripropone i temi da sempre a lui cari, ma qui lo fa, finalmente, con indubbia efficacia. Jackson e diretto dallo stesso Tommy Lee Jones: Ve li consiglio entrambi.

Esistono pareri diversi? Resistono a un esame approfondito? Il nichilismo non ha mai offerto risposte. Le domande di questo libro sono due: Sembra di sentire i Pink Floyd che ci chiedono se sabbiamo vedere la differenza tra un campo verde e una fredda rotaia d'acciaio.

Due uomini. Seduti uno di fronte all'altro. Uno bianco e l'altro nero. Uno ateo e l'altro credente. L'ateo ha provato ad ammazzarsi, il credente l'ha salvato. Vorrebbe che Dio gli dicesse cosa fare con quell'uomo. NERO Avanti. La nettezza di questa prosa scarna e cupa disegna un mondo dove chi si fa domande diventa infelice. Sep 21, Lee Bullitt rated it really liked it Recommends it for: But there were some great things to learn from either character.

As in "the black stood up", but just because Black starts calling White "professor" suddenly all his stage directions say " this was a good book and I'm sad to say I had to sympathize a lot with what White had to say, because I often feel the same way. As in "the black stood up", but just because Black starts calling White "professor" suddenly all his stage directions say "the professor did this and that".

Was that really fair now? I mean really, was it necessary? And also, why is it that whenever a white person has to learn something from a black person, that black person can never be a normal, well-spoken middle or upper class person? It's always some perceivably ignorant black guy who's ben in jail and has "learned a thing or two" from it, or some black girl, equally as perceivably ignorant in speech etc, that has gotten pregnant or something.

Ummmmm why? Those are not the only examples of blacks in the world? View all 4 comments. Aug 19, Iulia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review to come. Have you ever been stoned? Where every single goddamn song is the best song ever written, life is the simplest navigable journey imaginable, and you have figured out that there are no secrets to the universe, only questions to which you have all the answers?

Let me explain, but with some personal exegesis.

The Cormac McCarthy Journal

I spent a lot of my years in vario Have you ever been stoned? I spent a lot of my years in various states of the above sitting on porches, balconies, and in backyards talking epistemology. You know, real deep kid shit.

Chances are, if you liked to hamper your frontal lobe like I did, you had similar moments of profundity—the metaphysical midpoint between mutual masturbation and Dark Side of the Moon. Some extra love given for White Wickedness and heresy. Points deducted for the soul food dinner.

Still, there are worse ways to kill minutes. Honest work comes immediately to mind. To put it another way: Una stanza e due uomini. NERO e BIANCO distinti in base al colore della pelle intavolano una vera e propria partita a scacchi dove pedoni, alfieri e torri non sono altro che propensioni e credenze dei protagonisti legate alla religione, al modo di viverla e ai motivi per non seguirla.

Cosa c'entra Dio in tutto questo? Dio, se avesse voluto manifestare la propria presenza, sarebbe dovuto intervenire prima, prima che gli uomini si corrompessero a tal livello, prima che ogni valore, ogni ideale, venisse annientato. Il nero piega la testa da un lato e lo osserva. Non sei ancora pronto. Continua qui occhio allo spoiler http: Jan 12, Jesse rated it it was ok.

I guess it was bound to happen some time. Cormac McCarthy finally disappointed me.

It opens in medias res, after Black who is black just saved White who is white from leaping in the path of a train, The Sunset Limited, in an attempted suicide. The ex-con Black tries to convince White that suicide is not the solution, telling his own story of Christian redemption. Wh I guess it was bound to happen some time. White, whom Black calls "Professor," argues that life is nothing but pointless labor.

Guess who wins the argument. I had a couple problems with it. For one thing, the racial dynamic came off as patronizing. Black had some blatant "magical Negro" characteristics. McCarthy is fantastic at dialog and bringing dialects to life from the page, but his ebonics here were over-the-top and not always convincing.

I get that he's limited by the stage and wants to do something different from his books, but this is all build-up and no action. Black recounts the jailhouse fight CMcC loves those prison knife battles, doesn't he? There are beautiful, bleakly funny and brutally nihilistic passages, of course.

But it gets repetitive, even in a mere 60 pages. It's like one scene taken from a great play, then stretched far past its limit. May 04, Jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This doesn't have the same meat to it that Mccarthy's other dramatic works do. The Gardener's Son and the Stonemason are bother informed by this really keen sense of place, but the sunset limited has this enforced sort of anonymity to it.

Which makes sense given its stripped down parable-ish nature. But that's also what makes it more jarring and gives it it's dark edge. White's last two monologues are probably among the bleakest things Mccarthy's ever written. Even The Road, with it's obvious ap This doesn't have the same meat to it that Mccarthy's other dramatic works do. Even The Road, with it's obvious apocalypticism, doesn't feel as outright brutal as the end of The Sunset Limited.

Goes to show you don't need a poetic vision to create a howling, nihilistic void. All you need are two people talking. Un dialogo teatrale tra un professore bianco ed un uomo di colore. McCarthy piega i dialoghi al suo volere, rendendoli vivi e pulsanti. Sembra quasi di vederli, questi due uomini in conflitto tra loro e con loro stessi.

Una forza evocativa fuori dal comune.

Pan Macmillan's trade news has a new home

Mar 02, Ksenia Anske rated it really liked it. This was a delight, a quick smudge of darkness, with some humor in it, and some tough questions. One long string of dialogue for you to swallow up and then sit and stare and ponder.

Then he insists upon the need to go in any case. Black allures him to listen to his jailhouse true story in order to stop him from going to death and White agrees to listen but the true story only. Black narrates the story giving detail of event which took place in the jail. One day a nigger misbehaved with the Black and he tells how the fight started, how he got injured, how he injured others, how someone pushed the button of alarm, how the guard came and was about to shoot him but the lieutenant came and saved him.

Almost half of his blood was lost. Nobody died. He was about to die and they operated him.

When he came into senses he felt hurt with two hundred and eighty stitches. Still he had leg irons and was hand cuffed to the bed. Black says it was then that he got changed. Black says he does not know why God spoke and White comments that He is an opportunist. Both the characters dif- fer in their views about killing oneself, happiness and suffering.

Continuing to convince White, Black points out that according to the Bible, God has forbidden from committing suicide. To White, happiness is ridiculous. It is nowhere. In his opinion suffering and human destiny describe each other. White has been following throughout his life the prevailing social order and culture but without paying heed to any religion.

He seems unaware of his problem. As far as religion or God is concerned he clearly says that he does not want to be loved by God. Now even culture cannot console his soul. He does not want to see the people again whom he has known in his life. Without any hope of renewal he feels committedto suicide as only via to end his existence.

On the contrary, from the day Black has received his call he has embraced Christian simplicity and whatever divine knowledge he has, has been received directly from the Bible. White has been so deeply disillusioned internally that he thinks that in search of meaning to the existence of man, he has spent his whole life futilely. But Black has given meaning to his life with purpose of serving his fellow beings, therefore he feels comfortable with his faith.

White, a book-loving intellectual is thoroughly tilted toward death through suicide, whereas Black, a people-loving ex-con, finds life meaningful and worth-living having faith in God not only for himselfbut for others as well.

If White is an epitome of cynicism then Black is an epitome of optimism. If White is archetype of reason then Black is archetype of faith. If White is an embodiment of despair then Black is an embodiment of hope.

Both of them have opposing temperaments. In fact both of them try to convince the each other. Black does not want White to leave the apartment due to fear that he will commit suicide. At the same time White, with the help of his intellect and reason tries to persuade Black that in modern age there is no God. For him The Sunset Limited train is a metaphor for the journey of life but he does not want to take it to the end.

Quite opposite to him, Black feels happiness in getting what we need instead of what we want.

Because of his experience of pain and suffering in life around him White remarks that to stop worrying is not an easy task. Black has tasted the spiritual joy after helping others.

The Sunset Limited

Black wants White not to leave and for this purpose he is ready to change the topic and can discuss baseball. He decides to bring something to eat. White agrees to have some coffee and mentions again to leave after that. On the question of his relationships with colleagues, White replies that he loathes other professors and they loathe him.

Here Cormac McCarthy presents another point of opposition.

The Sunset Limited: A Novel in Dramatic Form

In the greatest country of the world the poor uneducated people coordinate with each other but educated people lack this coordination. White further philosophizes that he loathes them and because he is like them, therefore, he loathes himself also.

At this stage of discussion Black makes difference between different travelers by explaining that one Black stands on platform hundreds or thousand times to reach the workplace and another White stands on the same platform for another purpose.

On the issue of cursing unknown people on train, White admits that he does not like people. Here too, he is opposite to Black who helps people and believes in brotherhood. Then Black comes to his actual point and wants to know howcan such a manhurt himself. To White it is not the same thing as they are they and he is he.

Black believes that there are no Jews, no Whites, no niggers, no men of colour but only one thing and that is Humans. Black is a good learner also. Whenever White utters some new words Black asks meaning. Black brings food and then says Grace prayer. He thanks God for the food and all other blessings.

Black is not an ungrateful person. He thanks God for saving professor though he does not know why he is needed. Then they debate on the topic of civilization.

The Sunset Limited

Black gets surprised to listen White who explains that history is full of saga of bloodshed, greed and folly. He is sure that humans will not be here much longer. Black wants White to consider other people to be his brothers during his despair and self-destruction period. He has the opinion that the light of faith is everywhere around man who just has to see it. At this White declares plainly that he has no faith like Black. This declaration shows their difference on religion.

According to him, the efforts that people undertake to improve the world, make it worse.Despite the dark tone, the play reads extremely well, the dialogue is direct and penetrating. A powerful and philosophical story that questions everything humans hold onto, The Sunset Limited is a cross between science and faith that will make every reader question life and its meanings.

His perspective is that what he is doing is only fair as it is part of the human condition. Suffering and human destiny are the same thing. They debate the meaning of human suffering, the existence of God, and the propriety of White's attempted suicide.

Do you understand me? Keywords: Pessimism, optimism, atheism, nihilism, hope, despair.

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