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Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X by II Victor Appleton Series Title, The new Tom Swift Jr. adventures, 17 Download This eBook. Tom Swift and His Airship by Victor Appleton. No cover available. Download; Bibrec Download This eBook. The Tom Swift Jr book series by Victor Appleton II includes books Tom Swift and His Flying Lab: Tom Swift, Jr. and His Jetmarine, Tom Swift, Jr. and His Rocket Ship, and several more. See the complete Tom Swift Jr series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, and.

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Tom Swift Jr. E-books. My Kindle comes with me on work excursions and I wanted to include the Tom Swift Jr. books in my portable library. When traveling or. Welcome to the Complete Tom Swift Jr. Home Page. Tom Swift Jr., in case you didn't know, is the name of one of the most fantastic scientific inventors of all. A product of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, the 33 volume Tom Swift Jr. series was published by Grosset & Dunlap from to with a Tom.

Hazards are encountered from hostile natives who fire barrage after barrage of razor-sharp stone missiles and from a scientist with a deadly ray weapon. Tormented constantly by crafty enemies and nature's perils in the search of Bud, the rescuers unearth a clue that the young pilot is a prisoner of an unscrupulous group of white men who have discovered a fabulous ancient secret and are utilizing it for nefarious purposes.

How Tom, at the risk of his own life, outwits Bud's captors and opens up a new field for science makes tense, exciting reading. Graham Kaye From the moment Tom swift finds himself tossed about helplessly in an undersea geyser to the time he faces possible death at the hands of his enemies, the young scientist fights to overcome many obstacles in putting his two latest inventions to use.

When Tom discovers that helium on the ocean bottom had caused a geyser, he plunges into the task of building an underwater city of derricks and pipelines to capture the gas. His astounding new water-repelling machine and phenomenal hydrodome make the gigantic operation possible. While at work at the undersea mountain site, Tom and his pal Bud Barclay uncover what seems to be a pirate treasure, but find in the leaden chests a cache of death-dealing destruction.

Time and again the young scientist's plans are nearly wrecked. A sinister, hooded figure attacks him in his laboratory, and a mysterious submarine nearly costs him his life.

How Tom outwits his ruthless enemies and saves his country from grave danger makes a nerve-tingling story, packed with swift, tense action and high voltage suspense. It is a race against time and the stakes are high. First, Tom's foreign enemies appear ready to launch a manned moon rocket of their own. Second, the young inventor's friends on another planet propose a rendezvous in outer space, in the desperate hope that Tom and his scientist associates can help them conquer the unknown disease that threatens life on their planet.

From the first test flight to the day the Challenger roars moonward, Tom meets with frustrations and sinister perils, more challenging than he has ever encountered. In a neck-and-neck race with the enemy's rocket ship, Tom's fabulous invention, the super-repelatron, plays a dramatic part in heading off a crash landing on the bleak planet.

One of the greatest thrills of the young space pioneer's life comes when he guides the Challenger alongside his planet friends' spaceship. In this fast-moving, gripping drama of Tom's double victory in outer space you will find all the exciting elements that have made the Tom Swift Jr. To accomplish this astounding feat, Tom must perfect his latest invention, the matter maker, which will be essential for life on the moon.

Not only must this amazing solartron manufacture oxygen and fuel, but also food and other materials in sufficient quantity to support the moon pioneers for some time. From the moment the young scientist-adventurer starts planning for this daring venture, danger and mysterious happenings plague almost every step of his progress. A crushing blow comes when he discovers that one of the solartron's precious secrets has fallen into the hands of an unscrupulous scientific group.

Unwilling to admit defeat, Tom and Mr. Swift proceed to their Outpost in Space to conduct crucial tests on the matter maker. Just as success seems assured, the young scientist suffers the most devastating blow of all when his father mysteriously vanishes in the dark void of endless space. Frantic, Tom instigates a search that leads to the farthest planets. As you read this taut, nerve-tingling story of Tom's exploits, you will live every tense moment of his triumphs and electrifying adventures.

Graham Kaye Enraged Jaguars, violent winds of hurricane force, and a mysterious "giant" who roams the jungle around the Mayan village in Yucatan, Mexico, where Tom is encamped, are only a few of the perils that the young inventor encounters during his thrilling expedition. But even more feared by the young inventor is an unknown saboteur, intent on destroying Tom's two latest inventions--the electronic retroscope camera and his "parachute" plane, designed for landing in small areas.

Undaunted by the hazards that surround him and assisted by teh friendly natives, Tom perseveres in his objectives. He tests his paraplane for landing maneuverability in densely grown jungle areas, and uses his retroscope magic to the natives! Tom is astounded when he discovers that some of the carved symbols are similar to the mathematical symbols used by his mysterious friends in outer space to communicate with him.

Chapter Page

Is it possible, Tom wonders, that beings from another planet actually landed in Yucatan centuries ago? What happens to Tom and his friends as they seek the answer to this question in the dark depths of a buried temple will hold every reader in gripping suspense to the last line of this challenging adventure. Graham Kaye "We're trapped a mile below the ocean's surface," Tom Swift announces to his companions as calmly as possible.

His father and Bud Barclay exchange fearful glances in the air-bubble elevator stopped in its undersea descent by a jammed cable. This close call is only one of the many hazards which beset Tom on his most challenging deep-sea venture - a trip to the ancient city of gold on the ocean bottom.

Here, with his pal Bud Barclay and other members of the Swift expedition, Tom tests his two new inventions. With the de-organic-izer, which employs revolutionary scientific principles, crusts of centuries-old sea growth are removed from the city's buildings and the original gold luster restored.

With his other astounding invention - the spectromarine selector - Tom searches for a valuable new rare metal. He must succeed, if his father is to fill an important government rocket contract.

Tom Swift and His Flying Lab

A terrifying sea monster, an abandoned submarine containing human skeletons, a near-fatal leak in the hydrodome over the scene of operations, and the unexpected appearance of an enemy fail to daunt Tom in his mammoth undertakings.

How the young scientist-inventor achieves his goals is told dramatically in this thrill-packed story of undersea adventure. Graham Kaye A solution to the prohibitive cost of producing vehicles for further space explorations is Tom Swift Jr. But the success of the young scientist-inventor's project is threatened by the wily Li Ching, a renegade scientist. Banished from his native land because of rebellious acts, Li Ching is now the leader of a ruthless group intent on pirating scientific secrets.

But Li Ching and his nefarious confederates are only partially responsible for Tom's troubles. Olin Whaley, an unscrupulous international criminal, proves to be a second formidable obstacle. Despite the ever-present threats of sabotage and piracy, Tom and his friend Bud Barclay are soon taking Tom's latest invention, the Space Kite -- a two-man craft for training future space pilots -- on its test flight.

The experiment turns into a harrowing experience when the boys are nearly marooned in outer space. Undaunted by the failure of the Space Kite, Tom quickly discovers the defect and decides to build a larger craft, the Cosmic Sailer.

Certain that he has found the key to economical space explorations, the young inventor still has to conquer the sinister forces working against him. How Tom and the Cosmic Astronauts meet this challenge will keep the reader taut with suspense. Graham Kaye Tom Swift Jr. But there are factions at work determined to snatch the energy, which Tom has named Exman, from the young scientist-inventor's grasp.

First, a series of unexplainable, devastating earthquakes threaten to destroy a good portion of the earth, and Tom suspects the Brungarian rebels who obviously would like to capture Exman and use the space visitor to further their own evil purposes.

With the security of Enterprises and Exman at stake, Tom creates two of his greatest inventions -- a Quakelizor to counteract the simulated earth tremors, and a container or "body" to house the energy from outer space. If the earthquakes cannot be stopped, the entire world will be threatened by destruction, and the Brungarian forces will conquer the earth. How Tom utilizes all his scientific knowledge to produce swift-action results and outwit the Brungarians makes one of the most exciting Tom Swift adventures to date.

Charles Brey Tom Swift Jr. A Jupiter probe missile designed and built by Swift Enterprises on behalf of the United States government has been lost deep in the ocean through the actions of the Brungarians. Containing top secret scientific data, the probe must be recovered at all costs. In a race against time and the agents of the evil Brungarians, who are equipped with a new stealth submarine, Tom and his friend Bud Barclay use the electronic hydrolung and team up with the United States Navy to rescue the probe.

Yellow Spine PC Author: But even its young inventor could not anticipate what a dramatic role the Triphibian Atomicar would play in a technical aid mission which takes Tom and his top-flight engineers to the untamed Asian land of Kabulistan, to help the new republic develop its natural resources. Time and again Tom must pit his skill and courage against fierce, nomadic tribesmen. But this is not a one-sided conflict between the ancient and the modern. After a series of danger-packed episodes, Tom and his pal Bud Barclay are caught in a seemingly inextricable, underground trap.

How Tom builds a "do-it-yourself" rocket in a cavern laboratory and sends it homing for aid is a brilliant stroke of ingenuity. The young scientist-inventor's daring exploits in the primitive Middle East country of Kabulistan will keep the reader breathless with suspense until the last page of this gripping story. Charles Brey "Someone has stolen your invention!

And when a scientist in France publically tests a helium-extraction machine, it seems Bud is right. The machine explodes, precisely as Tom predicted any model made from his own unperfected plans would do. But the explosion is only the beginning of one of the strangest mysteries in the young scientist-inventor's career. Time and again he is forced to combat a sinister secret enemy while he works to complete his megascope space prober, designed to "keep an eye on the universe.

Although the AstroDynamics Corporation, a competitor of Swift Enterprises, is directing the project, Tom encourages his friend to make the flight in the interest of the United States. When another secret invention of Tom's becomes the target of his enemy, all evidence points to the fact that an unidentified traitor at Swift Enterprises is in league with a criminal mastermind outside the plant.

How Tom is trapped when he unmasks his enemies, how he engineers a bizarre escape, and how he executes a fantastic rescue when Bud's spaceship goes out of control on its flight to Venus are just a few of the suspense-filled highlights in the young space pioneer's latest challenge.

Charles Brey A violent explosion in space touches off one of the most thrill-packed adventures in Tom Swift Jr. The appalling news that a cargo rocket has disintegrated while en route with vital supplies to Swift Enterprises' research base on the asteroid, Nestria, sounds a grim warning that the lives of Nestria's personnel are at stake.

To rescue the marooned men, Tom undertakes a hazardous voyage to Nestria, only to find the way blocked by an invisible barrier of deadly radiation created by an unknown enemy whose objective is possession of the base. Tension mounts at Swift Enterprises when a mysterious Oriental is shot while attempting to warn Tom that his life is in danger from the Black Cobra.

The Oriental's mumbled warning, plus some revealing data collected by United States Intelligence, sends Tom winging to a secret fortress in South America for the first encounter with his inscrutable foe.

But the decisive encounter is destined to take place in space. How Tom uses his new invention, the magnetic deflector, to crack the radiation barrier around Nestria, and how the young space scientist and his crewmen pit their wits and courage against the asteroid pirates and their diabolical leader, the Black Cobra, will hold every reader breathless with suspense.

Construction of the road is urgent. At stake is the economic future of this friendly country. But no conventional highway will do.

Tom Swift in The Race to the Moon

For existing engineering methods can not be used to bridge the seething, bubbling swamp in the rain forest. Deep in the jungle, fantastic-sized creatures - throwbacks to the dinosaur age - and an eccentric scientist, missing for twenty years, add to the harassment's besetting the Swift work crews.

In a series of dangerous adventures, Tom must out maneuver the sinister forces working against him and the Ngombian government, win the trust of the hostile scientist, and carry through the skyway to a successful. Charles Brey Tom Swift and his pal Bud Barclay embark on one of the greatest scientific adventures of the century -- a daring underwater crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, equipped only with Tom's electronic hydrolung suits!

Hundreds of miles from land, the hydrolung batteries inexplicably go dead and the two boys are dramatically rescued in the dark of night. Examination of their equipment reveals sabotage.

A complex clue leads Tom to believe there is a connection between the sabotaging of the hydrolung and the sinking of the SS Centurion--which went down in mid-Atlantic with a fortune in gold bullion and a world-famous statue aboard. After making good on their second attempt to accomplish the nonstop swim under the Atlantic, Tom and Bud are given the assignment of salvaging the Centurion's valuable cargo. To locate the sunken ship, Tom designs the aquatomic tracker, an astounding device that detects and identifies metallic and chemical traces left by an object in water, then tracks the object.

How the young scientist-inventor outwits the vicious saboteurs and traps the most fiendishly clever mastermind of crime he has ever met makes a fast-moving story of super-suspense. Charles Brey A weird green object has appeared in outer space! But the Orb exerts an electromagnetic power that endangers Tom's spaceship and he is forced to return to earth. Since it is impossible to land men, Tom designs robot astronauts, equipped with his new three-dimensional TV cameras as "eyes", to probe the Orb.

While working feverishly to perfect his Video Viking robots, the young inventor discovers that the Orb has succeeded in communicating its hostility to a ruthless scientific group on earth and has ordered the leader of Q to destroy Swift Enterprises. After vanquishing his earth enemies, Tom launches his robots. The startling three-dimensional images of an unheard-of phenomenon that the Video Vikings send back during their probe of the Orb result in Tom's making another attempt at a manned landing.

The dramatic showdown with the master brain of the Green Orb climaxes one of the most daring space exploits in the young scientist-inventor's thrilling career. Edward Moritz An unidentified rocket ship crashes into the Swifts' outpost in space and vanished before Tom can track it down.

Shortly after comes the startling news that a Mars probe rocket, vital to the United States space program, has failed to respond to signals to bring it back to earth. Tom is confident that with his latest invention -- the Polar-Ray Dynasphere -- he can retrieve the stranded missile. But a web of espionage threatens his plan. A clue to the solution of the mystery prompts Tom to accept an invitation from the young Prince Jahan to visit his native land of Vishnapur in the snow-peaked Himalayas north of India.

In this remote Oriental kingdom, Tom and his pal Bud Barclay visit a strange lake of death and sight the tracks of a weird monster said to prowl the lake at night. Tom conceives an ingenious plan for draining the poison lake with the Dynasphere mounted aboard his new spacecraft, the Dyna Ranger, so that the valley may be turned into valuable farmland.

Fireball missiles and a hairbreadth encounter with a charging tiger are only two of the perils that confront the daring young inventor in this colorful, thrill-packed adventure. Edward Moritz A weird blast of sound engulfs an American city. Tom is caught in the panic while visiting there to demonstrate his new sonic boom deadener--the Silentenna--at a Noise Reduction Conference.

A top-rank scientist, John Wyvern, who is also attending the conference, mysteriously vanishes the day of the sonic attack. Attempts on the lives of both Tom and Wyvern's pretty daughter intensify the young inventor's determination to solve the mystery.

A clue to John Wyvern's whereabouts takes Tom to the sun-scorched Australian Outback, where he uses his latest invention-- robot bloodhound--to track down the missing scientist, but a deadly bush fire wipes out the trail. Meanwhile, other cities in the United States have suffered terrifying eruptions of sound.

The President receives an unsigned ultimatum, threatening an all-out sonic blitz unless the blackmailer's price of ten million dollars is paid. Tom's Silentenna offers the only hope of defense--but to perfect it he needs a special liquid-crystal device which only the missing scientist can supply. The young inventor's race against time to thwart the unknown sonic enemy will keep every reader's pulse pounding with excitement and suspense. Charles Brey The young scientist-inventor embarks on one of the most challenging missions of his adventure-packed career.

The mission: Can Tom locate it before his deadly foe the Kranjovians seize the capsule? Clues to the cache lead him to a location beneath the ocean floor -- near strange Easter Island, with its eerie ruins. Further search is impossible until Tom can invent and build a manned, burrowing mole-mobile--the Geotron. Tom and his close pal Bud Barclay race against time in an equally challenging project: If they fail to meet the deadline, a donor's bequest goes to the despotic Kranjovian government.

Their desperate contest with the Kranjovians propels Tom and Bud into a series of hair-raising perils. Tom's weird ordeal as a "bird man" of Rano Kao; the boy's narrow escape from being buried alive in a cave; their life-or-death undersea duel for the priceless cache -- all go to make up this electrifying, suspense-filled adventure. Ray Johnson Tom Swift Jr. With his latest invention, the telesampler, Tom hopes to glean unknown scientific facts from the next comet to pass near earth-- and even, perhaps, make a manned landing.

But his erstwhile enemies the Brungarians are a threat to the daring research project and U. Meanwhile, weird unidentified flying objects blazing across earth's skies are causing the U. Department of Defense great concern.

When Professor Feng, of the University of Heildelberg, gives Tom a strange clue to the UFO's -- a clue that dates back to the Middle Ages -- the young space scientist is soon caught up in a web of danger and intrigue. How Tom succeeds in solving the complex riddle of the UFO's -- just in time for a desperate race with a deadly comet as earth's fate hangs in the balance -- makes one of the most tension-packed, thrilling stories in the Tom Swift series. Ray Johnson When weird masked raiders attack a United States spaceport, Tom's plans for his latest space exploration project are jeopardized.

The project would launch astronauts on a newly sighted planetoid for an epic voyage around the sun. First, Tom must prove that his latest invention, the Duratherm Wing, can bring reentering spacecraft safely down to earth. A fiery mishap on the test flight is only the beginning of Tom's troubles. Fake evidence results in the young scientist-inventor being accused of masterminding the spaceport raid. In the meantime, another small planet has been mysteriously captured by earth's gravity.

On an expedition to the strange planetoid, Tom discovers a fantastic prize. But grim developments follow.

Tom Swift and his outpost in space;

The planetoid is sinking into the atmosphere and threatens the continent of North America with the most terrible catastrophe in history! How Tom meets this challenge with high courage and scientific know-how, and how he outwits his insidious enemies, will bring cheers from his worldwide legion of fans. Ray Johnson "Moon Serpents!

When Tom captures a sample of the gas in a metal flask for analysis, he shoots up from the moon's surface into space! Through quick thinking the young scientist-inventor rescues himself and realizes that he has discovered a new powerful energy, which he calls Serptilium.

At this time, a large railroad network is in the market for an advance method of rail travel.

A contract will go either to Swift Enterprises or to a rival firm, Cosmoprises -- whichever designs the best super-speed train. How Tom, using Serptilium, develops his invention and defeats Cosmoprises' evil attempts to win the prized contract makes exciting reading for all Tom Swift Jr.

Richard McKenna Illustrator: Ray Johnson What are the green glowing bubble creatures that the young scientist-inventor encounters in the depths of the Pacific Ocean?

How do they rescue Tom and his pal Bud Barclay from an attack by the fish men? Tom's electrifying adventures begin deep in the Mariana Trench where he has based his newest invention, the Dyna-4 Capsule, in a hunt for rare metals. A super submarine, the craft has been especially designed for deep-sea research and exploration.

On orders from Washington, Tom takes time out from his own project to recover5 a stolen vial containing a highly destructive explosive. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Rate it:. Book 2. These are the famous books about a young scientis… More. Shelve Tom Swift and His Jetmarine. Book 3.

Book 4. Book 5. Book 6. Tom Swift, Jr. Book 7. Book 8. Book 9. Book Tom and his father return to an underwater city o… More. While on an expedition to the Yucatan, Tom Swift… More. When his latest invention is stolen, Tom Swift, J… More.

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Shelve Tom Swift and the Cosmic Astronauts.Each scientific detail of this fascinating story has been carefully checked. But the Kranjovians seem to have beaten him to it! A crushing blow comes when he discovers that one of the solartron's precious secrets has fallen into the hands of an unscrupulous scientific group.

Finnan, via The Tom Swift Unofficial Homepage, describes him and gumption being both brilliant and other-worldly brave. In their own undersea craft, they try to thwart Tom in his attempt to claim the rocket which rightfully belongs to Swift Enterprises.

Graham Kaye did the covers for all the dust jacket editions vols. Shelve Tom Swift and the Mystery Comet. This may be the greatest discovery of the century. Tom Swift and his G-Force Inverter

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