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The devil knows that the Church is lacking in discernment and takes advantage of us. The apostle Paul warned us: As a diversion, the devil gets our attention by having us focus too quickly on Jezebel or Delilah. The first spirit that attacks a church, long before Jezebel comes in, is the spirit of Ahab, over the church leadership.

Why would Ahab come in before Jezebel? The reason is that Ahab is the only spirit that can tolerate Jezebel, and that is a description of the leadership of today that is tolerating Jezebel in our churches. The effect of this demon is to flood the soul of the leadership with weakness and fear. Another thing to note is that the Ahab spirit occupies areas of tolerance within the mind of the woman or man who is in leadership; this is most dangerous.

This spirit operates the same way with the spirit of Delilah. The spirit of Samson will take over the leadership before Delilah is ushered in. The attributes of a Samson spirit are anger, unforgiveness, control, and disobedience.

When leaders operate under these conditions, this spirit has attacked them. In order to gain power and authority over the leaders and anyone working there, the Jezebel spirit will manipulate herself into the hearts of the leadership and discredit those who are in her way, those who are working for that ministry. Delilah, on the other hand, will seduce the leader of that ministry, or anyone close to the leader, into fornication or adultery.

If these spirits are not discerned in time, they will destroy that ministry. With these weapons we can be constantly on the offense against the kingdom of darkness. The first weapon is a powerful intercessory team that has a spirit of unity attached to it. The second weapon is a team of spiritual warfare intercessors, and the third weapon is a team of deliverance ministers. Today, the enemy is in fact working through these other religions. This is another way he steals your identity.

I want to expose the devil for who he is through the religions he has established on the earth, as well as the demons in the spirit realm that are working behind the scenes.

They pray five times a day and attend their services in the mosque. The Koran, which was written by a murderous spirit, talks about infidels, and if you were to become a Muslim and then convert to a different religion, the Koran commands that you be murdered.

Muslims torture their victims to the point of no return. They even take their own lives which is a suicide spirit in the name of Allah—who in my opinion as a former Satan worshiper is no god at all, but a demonic principality.

In fact, in my former days I had a spiritual contract with the demonic principality named Zarabanda an African name that reigns over the Middle East. The favorite color of Zarabanda is green.

If you go look at the mosque in Mecca, the most common color you see on their doors and flags is green. He has brainwashed them into worshiping everything and anything that has been created and to believe in it with a counterfeit faith. What keeps them away from the truth? Why would they want to worship created things when they can worship the Creator who created those things?

They have been hit by a delusional and delirious spirit, to think that putting their faith in created things and nature will get them to Heaven. There is a demonic book out there that speaks half-truths which is no truth at all. You can feel the demons jump off the pages when reading this book. Through these writings these demons can steal your identity and destiny. Here is an example, from the book entitled The Secret.

For example, if you think angry thoughts and feel angry, it is claimed that you will attract back events and circumstances that cause you to feel more anger.

Conversely, if you think and feel positively, you will attract back positive events and circumstances. Actually, feeling anger in this example only goes out to the spirit realm, and it gets the attention of the devil and demons, which gives them legal rights over your words and emotions, and all you bring back is an attack of hell on your life.

This is pure deception. The devil counterfeits the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and creates false healings by first afflicting the person with a disease and then removing it. The book of Job shows how the enemy afflicted Job with painful boils from head to toe.

Only the Lord was able to heal him, not the devil. But the devil tries to mimic God, as always, so what the devil does is afflict the person with a disease for a season and then stops afflicting them for another season. This keeps them in demonic bondage with the enemy, as he now has legal rights to continue to afflict this person whenever he wants.

As Proverbs This is a counterfeit light like good karma or bad karma, which is demonic. As God says in Deuteronomy Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on Heaven and earth to witness the choice you make.

Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live! The word Santeria means the worship of saints. Right off the bat they are deceiving you and pointing the finger in the wrong direction, because the only one they should be worshiping is Jesus Christ.

From the very beginning they are misleading you. There are no saints at all; they are demons. The foundation of their religion is based on five main gods, which they call Reachers. These are their names: Obatala, Yemaya, Ochun, Chango, and Oya. These are five demonic principalities.

They have given themselves these names, have deceived millions with their big deception because they infiltrate culture this way, and Santeria is one of the most powerful occult religions on the earth today.

I lived that life for twenty-five years. What a mockery this religion is; I despise Santeria. I love the people, but I hate the religion. They dress themselves in white for days after their ceremony called Santo. They claim that dressing in white means purity.

How is it that white clothes means purity? How do white clothes make the person pure? Purity should come from within the person, and the only way that can happen is through salvation through Jesus Christ. They also abstain from different types of food.

How silly is this, because the demons told them so. My question to them is, if the demon says stay away from drinking milk and eating eggs and rice or else you will die, but you have eaten eggs and rice and drunk milk for forty years and never died, explain this one? These people are under a controlling spirit: To make another point, these demons, the so-called Reachers, also force the people to stay away from wearing certain colors. How is it that from a child you have been wearing all these colors and nothing happened?

Those that practice this religion should reflect on these facts and not be deceived. This is foolishness—God made all colors for us to enjoy! How is it that you can confess your sins to man and your sins are forgiven, or pray to statues and they take your prayers to the Lord?

How is it that praying the rosary gets you closer to God?

What is this place called Purgatory, as the Scripture says in 2 Corinthians 5: Jesus said Paradise, not Purgatory. They throw these big demonic feasts where people get demon-possessed and the demons use their bodies to communicate with people in the feasts. They channel spirits—the so-called mediums—and these demons come down through their bodies. The first thing demons ask for is white or dark rum and a cigar. They smoke cigars and drink all night while possessing the people.

These demons even prohibit their followers from smoking cigars and cigarettes. What a lie. You are told not to because something bad can happen to you. This is deception. The only reason these demons do that is because they want your body to stay healthy so they can abuse you. I know this because I lived in that world for twenty-five years. The only person who can cleanse you from your sins is the Son of God.

Santeria is a religion of lies. How easy the enemy steals their identity. Tarot Cards For the many people who like to get their tarot cards read, let me expose this deception, since I used to read tarot cards when I was in that world.

Tea leaves and cups are the same thing. The readers operate the same way. They promise to tell you your future. They break the cards in three piles: They tell you your past to amaze you, they tell you your present to captivate you. The Bible exposes them. Now these demons are going to tell you your future. But little do you know that the demon speaking through the card reader and telling you all these things is the demon you are taking home with you, and he will make all these things happen.

But you now have a demonic door opened in your life and the life of your family that the devil can walk in and out of anytime he wants.

You have cursed your family down to the third and fourth generation as it says in Exodus You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea.

You must not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other gods. I lay the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected—even children in the third and fourth generations of those who reject me NLT. They believe the Holy Spirit is like electricity—just power, but not a person of the trinity. I saw my mother get sick in a restaurant and be rushed to the hospital because she was allergic to seafood.

Five times that evening she almost died. But the Lord Jesus Christ used that opportunity to reveal Himself to my mother that evening.

That evening the hospital room was undeniably filled with the presence of the Lord. And that night my mother gave her life to the Lord. She took back her identity that had been stolen for eight years. Thank God for Jesus Christ and His great mercy! I am always fighting for a cause, whether a belief system, an opportunity, a chance in life, a job, or fighting for my family.

Even on the dark side, for twenty-five years, I was always fighting against anything that opposed the kingdom of darkness, especially against the Christian believers. But today, thanks be to God, I am on the right side and have been given the opportunity to be enlisted in the most prestigious spiritual army in all eternity.

Sometimes I sit back and look through the portals of my past and examine the fights, battles, and wars of my life. People from the dark side, from the demonic kingdom I was once loyal to, fought to the very end to take over regions, control neighborhoods, and take control of the people in these neighborhoods and regions, yet for a cost that was dead in the water from the very beginning—with no eternal rewards of any kind.

When it was all said and done, the only place we were entitled to was hell. Today, as a believer in Christ Jesus, I ask myself this question over and over: Why are Christians not fighting back? The biggest concerns of too many churches today are growth programs and how many ministries they have in one building; most churches are just preaching people happy. I can imagine how this grieves the heart of God because it grieves mine and I am only a human being—how much more must it grieve God, since He is a holy God.

He is also a God of war, especially against the hosts of hell. In the matter of spiritual warfare, Christ has clearly won the victory. However, He leaves it up to us, His Church, to enforce that victory. We see this principle after Christ rose from the dead. Jesus appeared to His disciples and said, All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you Matt.

Christ died for all the churches on the planet, regardless of denomination. I am not asking for people to fight back in the natural or to hate anyone, because everything that confronts us is supernatural.

Christian business owners today work very hard to be self-employed and sacrifice. And all we do is sit back and do nothing about this? Another thing I ask myself is this: How is it that the atheist community has so much control? If they wear a T-shirt announcing who they believe in—the Lord Jesus Christ—they get sent home from school. This is purely demonic.

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How crazy it is in the corporate world, I think. But someone can curse, bad-mouth other people, and sleep around with anyone they want and the company is OK with this.

Colleges are brainwashing our children to believe in a system that is straight from the pit of hell. They try to make our children believe that God does not exist, that you only have to reason with yourself about what is right and what is wrong, and that God is just a fairytale. This is so demonic that even a Christian movie was made about this very issue. The schools are even handing out demonic flyers to the schoolchildren. If you agree with one of these flyers, it is like buying a ticket to hell.

Atheistic professors want the students to believe, live, and act like they themselves do. Our children are being threatened in ways that will affect their education. I have experienced this myself with my own daughter, but the devil is a liar, and he made a great mistake and picked the wrong kid to mess with, because her daddy knows how to pray and touch Heaven on her behalf. Her daddy knows spiritual warfare. They say that when you love someone, that love is love, and with their narrow-minded thinking they have managed to get their way.

It is sad to say, but we have compromised the unity of marriage, which God created from the beginning of time.

Where is the Church today? We can preach about marriage in the church building, we can teach about it in the church building, but outside of the four walls of the church building we are silent because we are being threatened by the minority —that they will take away our nonprofit c3 status.

Back in the day when I was growing up, there was a saying for people who were practicing the alternative lifestyle. We the Church run into the closet and hide, and we do nothing about the problem. I thank God that not all churches are in the closet, that there are still those that speak forth and stand up for righteousness and holiness.

Thank God, I belong to one of those churches. So, devil: Whether in a television interview, radio show, at a conference, or some other event, without a doubt this question always comes up. Spiritual warfare has to have a foundation and a structure in order for us to fight and win the battles against the kingdom of darkness.

The number one key we need to establish in spiritual warfare is the fear of the Lord. This is where spiritual warfare begins and ends. Yet the fear of the Lord seems to be lacking in most of our churches today.

I am sure that it blows the minds of angels and even of demons so much that they stand in amazement at our lack of fear and reverence for God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! This is why, when it comes to spiritual warfare, the majority of the time we believers never get the victory. The deception of Satan throughout the portals of time, all the way back to the Garden of Eden, is to break the fear of the Lord in your life.

This has been the most effective tool that Satan has used to tower over the Church. In the Garden of Eden the devil managed, as he is doing today, to bring the lies that will strip you down and take the fear of God out of your life.

Most of us have fallen into the same trap today, because we have been taught by our church that God is a big Daddy sitting in Heaven, and that He will not refuse His children if we pray a certain way or with endless demands and claims and request for all sorts of things from Him. Countless preachers have preached those messages over and over. We have lost our way: The way of the fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord means to reverence Him, to be in awe of who He is.

He is a holy God, and He cannot be compared to anyone or anything. The longer I walk with the Lord, the more I realize my total helplessness: That I am nothing and can do nothing on my own, and that anything accomplished in my life is by the hands of the Lord and Him alone. This is the fear of the Lord. As believers, we should have this reverence engraved in our spirits and hearts. We should live by this; otherwise, Satan will always have us by the throat. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of spiritual warfare.

Breaking Strongholds: Demons cannot enter into the spirit of a Christian because the spirit of a Christian is sealed until the day of redemption see Eph. A demon is an unclean spirit that is looking for a body to live in, and they are able to enter people through personal and generational sins and the following doorways: Personal and generational sins Curses Dabbling in the occult Witchcraft Alcohol Smoking marijuana and using any kinds of psychotropic drugs Pornography Worldly movies and music Having occult objects in your house Sex outside of marriage Abortions Incest Rape Unforgiveness Being angry and letting the sun go down on your wrath These are some of the main doorways through which these unclean spirits enter.

They enter into people and will reside in the flesh, which is your physical body and soul your mind, will, and emotions. Again, I repeat to Christian believers those who are living a life surrendered to Jesus Christ: Demons cannot enter into our spirit because our spirit is sealed with the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption see Eph.

Here are a few verses to prove this: And I will give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven: Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven: Then He called His twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases Luke 9: Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: Now we are ready to begin with your self-deliverance.

I want you to cough deeply out of your stomach, and then just relax and breathe naturally. Demons are spirits, and they often exit the body as tears, coughs, burps, yawns, screams, gas, or vomit. So you might need a tissue or to have a garbage can close by and use them as needed, and remember: Alright, here we go: I put you on notice, Satan that I am attacking you from my position of authority seated with the Lord Jesus Christ in the Highest of the Heavenlies.

I loose warrior angels of God to surround me right now, and I ask you, Father God, to loose a wall of fire like in Zechariah 2: I loose angels of God into attack formation and to attack all foul spirits inside of me! Every unclean spirit that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to come out of me: All spirits of insecurity—inferiority—every type of fear—nervousness—anxiety—insomnia: Wounded spirit—deep, wounded hurt—abandonment—orphan spirt—trauma—superstition spirits: Spirit of heaviness—depression—hopelessness—worry—sadness—isolation—suicide: Every spirit of cigarettes—alcohol—nicotine—marijuana—gluttony—eating disorders— rebellion—cursing—foul mouth—all psychotropic drugs and sorcery: Lying—cheating—murder—revenge—abortions—coveting—slander—mocking—rage—angry man—jealous—deceit: Doubt and unbelief—confusion—chaos—antichrist spirits: Pride—big pride—little pride—stiff necked pride—ugly pride: Spirits that came in from reiki, yoga, martial arts, transcendental meditation, reading occult books, Wicca, Hecate, the Goddess, Freemasonry, eastern star: I loose the sword of the Lord to cut and chop all kundalini, python, and serpentine spirits off of my spine and in my body: I bind and rebuke all spirits of mind control—occult mind binding—mind binders—octagon— squid—oculus—witchcraft mind control.

I break and cut all psychic heredity—all lay lines—all ungodly soul ties connected to me and command them to: Spirits that came in through adultery—incest—rape—fornication—all spirits of sexual fantasy —incubus—succubus—Asmodeous—Osmodeous—internet porn—lust—masturbation—anal sex—bestiality—homosexuality—sodomy, I bind and rebuke you and command you to loose me: Spirit husband—spirit wife—marriage-breaking spirits—infidelity—wife swapping—divorce— frigidity: All vagabond spirits—hindering spirits—blessing blockers—religious spirits: All spirits of sickness, premature death, destruction, root of bitterness, cancer, asthma, all infirmities: I command my strongman to start throwing out the demons under its command now!

I loose the arrows of the Lord God dipped in the blood of Jesus to rain down and impale the demons in Jesus's name. Angels of God! Come out! I am giving you demons a few more seconds to come out and then I am going to cage you up. Father God, I ask You to loose warrior angels to go in and cage every demon by itself in a cage filled with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Demons, I bind you from being able to communicate with one another and you will not harm me or my family in any way. All you can do is come out and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and then go to where the Lord Jesus Christ sends you—never to return. Every demon, as you come out, you are ordered to go to where the Lord Jesus Christ sends you and never return. I seal this deliverance with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I wrote this chapter as a manual for many people who feel in their hearts that they need deliverance, as many of the churches are not going out on a limb, are not going the extra mile to teach their people and set them free.

I pray that this chapter will truly be a blessing to all. Taking Back your Neighborhood for Jesus Christ I remember in my former life before Christ as a devil worshiper, I was trained to take over neighborhoods for the devil.

The reason why the devil wanted to take over the neighborhood is because his strategy and plan was that if we could take over the neighborhood, we could take over the people. So we would lock down the four corners of the neighborhood, the crossroad streets, which represent the North, South, East and West.

Through demonic rituals I was able to accomplish that mission. As believers, we need to take back the neighborhoods out of the hands of the enemy. Why would Jesus Christ place us in certain neighborhoods for a season or sometimes a lifetime? I believe we are called to be the watchmen on the wall to protect and to set the captives free in our neighborhoods, so people can come to the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Step 1 Identify the strongholds in your area. Here are some examples: Step 2 Examine the condition of your area or neighborhood. Do your homework. What is the rate of suicide, the rate of abortion? Is your area a poverty-stricken area? A poverty mindset controls the poverty of the people. See if there are any sex offenders in your area. There is a child molestation spirit and perversion spirit that is trying to ruin our children.

If you live in a high-end neighborhood or community, do your homework and look for a self- entitlement spirit, a prideful spirit, a religious spirit, a spirit of antichrist, an atheistic spirit, and an agnostic spirit. Especially if you have colleges or schools in your area, the professors may be wrapped around with these demons. Also look for homosexual clubs, whether in a poverty-stricken neighborhood or rich neighborhood.

A racist spirit is a spirit that brings division among cultures. Are there liquor stores in your area? These are some of the many demonic spirits and strongholds that are controlling and hurting people spiritually and keeping them from coming to Christ. Also, if Jesus Christ wakes you up at two or three in the morning, these are the best times to pray against these spirits.

You or the devil? Make an assessment of your neighborhood and take back those areas that have been bound with demonic strongholds. God has put you in that neighborhood for a purpose. People may live and die, spiritually, depending on what you do. God is waking up the Church, especially the leadership of the Church at large.

Jesus wants the leadership to set themselves up to be armed and dangerous against the enemy of our soul and his wicked devices. I believe that every congregation will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I know that for the past decade or so, the Church has been asleep and very unaware of the tactics of the enemy, especially on the subject of spiritual warfare. The Lord wants to shake us up, raise us up to be ready and to be the end- time Church that He died for; He wants to wake us up to the seriousness of the hour we are living in.

Unmasking the Devil : Strategies to Defeat Eternity's Greatest Enemy

Jesus has allowed it to happen to get our attention. The Body of Christ is experiencing major suffering: Many Christians have given up; even pastors are closing down their churches. Fornication spirits, adultery spirits, and many other demonic forces are being unleashed on the Church at large. Thank God not all churches have conformed themselves to the world system.

I thank God for the Holy Spirit, as He is equipping us to stand in this hour and prevail against the greatest onslaught of demonic attacks that we will ever see in human history. Help us, Lord, to be like the Church in the book of Acts. I would like to share a passage of Scripture with you.

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Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God Eph. This is one of the most powerful passages in the New Testament. I would like to share the urgency of how we need to stand on the Word of God. I pray that I am able to bless you and share a portion of it from my heart so that it will equip you with the power of the Holy Spirit to beat down the devil like he deserves: We need to exercise the authority that Jesus Christ has poured into us when He has made it available to us, to destroy the works of darkness.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might Eph. Paul was calling the church at Ephesus to position themselves against the devil and his kingdom. Remember this: The importance is what you do afterward: That determines the victory, and knowing who we are in Christ and how we are living in Him. Check yourself and allow me to share with you from the heart. Is your heart on fire for God, or is it cold? Do you have religion, or do you have a relationship with the living God?

We need to position ourselves to the pursuit of righteousness and fill our life with the Word of God so that His strength can be imparted into our inner man by the Holy Spirit. So I say to the Church today, be strong in the Lord and make lifestyle changes that please God, so you can carry a powerful anointing.

Far from it, it is used only to justify the lifestyle that the devil has set up and tricked us into feeling.

I say to put on the whole armor of God, so you are able to stand against the schemes and wiles of the devil. We need to live armored lifestyles. This passage from Ephesians is more than a Bible passage. Know this, those of you who are playing patty-cake with the devil: So rise up, beloved, in whatever situation you find yourself in, and turn to Jesus. You cannot walk in safety without God. It starts with saying no to the devil and yes to Jesus and getting the Word of God in us.

Then we will be able to stand against the schemes of the evil one. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour 1 Pet.

We lose sight of the reality of this creature called the devil, who wants to destroy us.

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Satan is a spiritual being filled with anger, and he will not stop at any cost. He is after our life-purpose and our destiny. Many believers have died premature deaths because they have taken this monster lightly. Because many believers died prematurely, with their purpose and destiny unfulfilled because they had stepped out of the permissive will of God, and the devil destroyed them.

That is sad to say, when Jesus Christ died to set us free. He has great power and he is invisible. So wake up, Church. You will never defeat him with your own strength. God is calling us to stand up and fight a real battle against the eternal enemy of our soul. Ephesians 6: Amazing, the insight and advantage Paul shares with us in this passage.

These four names are spiritual powers. In order to overcome those Satanic powers we need to live righteous lives and a life of prayer, so we can resist these dark powers that are aiming for us every day. The Bible makes it clear that the ear gate, the eye gate, and the mouth gate are entries that, if unguarded, the devil has legal access to so he can wreak havoc in our life.

The lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world 1 John 2: A short way of saying this Scripture passage is that it means the devil controls these gateways. Even the cartoons are filled with occult activity. The most innocent so-called movies are filled with garbage that will dull your mind to mush. There is no way, after watching it, that you can say you have the mind of Christ, as the devil now has legal rights into your mind.

These degrading acts and filthy language contaminate our spirit and weaken us down to nothing. This is a setup from the pits of hell. As an ex- devil worshiper, I used to entice Christians to engage in these degrading acts, to bring them to their flesh, to destroy them spiritually and ultimately physically.

Guard yourself from these attacks.

Too many churches today are trying to fight the devil on his own territory and with natural weapons that will never win the battle. The Lord is calling the Church to fight in a supernatural way. In other words, be on guard. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit gave Paul revelation into the spirit realm by using the Roman solider and the armor he was dressed in. The helmet of salvation is having the mind of Christ protect us, and not allowing the devil to invade our mind and bombard it with thoughts of the past or anything we are struggling with in the present.

Never allow yourself to dwell on the situations in your mind. Be steadfast and pray in the spirit to win and take back your mind. The breastplate of righteousness symbolically means to know our identity in Christ. Part II began with a ventriloquist act called Rogueries of Nicholas. He followed this by whistling various birdsong impressions. In Part III he performed "feats of strength in the character of a Chinese buffo", suggesting that in Parts I and II he was most likely wearing the customary evening dress of the Victorian theatre magician, and that such a costume was less suitable for acrobatics than loose Chinese pyjamas.

The strongman act was followed by "gymnastic exercises" or acrobatics involving bodily contortions with a balancing act. Last of all came the climax of the performance: the Aerial Suspension Illusion. On 2 February he played at Leicester. This is possibly at the Strutt's Mansion, Green Hall. On the Pier there was. Playbill by printer G.

Breaking Free of Rejection. Four Blood Moons. The End. Mark Hitchcock. Praying by the Blood of Jesus. Supernatural Anointing: A Manual for Increasing Your Anointing. Julia Loren. Translating God. Shawn Bolz. Faith Has no Feelings. Blood Moons Rising. Fashioned to Reign. Kris Vallotton. School of the Prophets.

Jonathan Cahn. Does Your Tongue Need Healing? Heaven is for Real: Todd Burpo. Birthing the Miraculous. Heidi Baker. War in Heaven. John G. There Is More! Randy Clark. Middle East Burning. Holy Spirit In You. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. Nabeel Qureshi.

God's Word Heals. Living in Heaven's Blessings Now. Master Teacher. True Riches. Spirit Wars. Called to Conquer. Protection of Angels. Rebecca Brown. How to Get Your Prayers Answered. Lucifer Exposed. Keep Your Foot on the Devil's Neck. Covenant of Blood. If You Want God's Best. They Shall Expel Demons.

Charles Spurgeon: Charles Spurgeon. Confession Brings Possession. What to Do for Healing. The Power of the Prophetic Blessing. Receive as a Child, Live Like a King. Kenneth Copeland. Blessing of Obedience.Paperback Verified Purchase.

I thank God that not all churches are in the closet, that there are still those that speak forth and stand up for righteousness and holiness. After I read this book it hit me so bad that I gave up smoking. When I used to astral-project over neighborhoods to curse them in the spirit realm, the saints in prayer would chase me out of their neighborhoods, and I was ineffective to accomplish my mission.

We need to examine ourselves as believers and ask ourselves the million-dollar question: Many of the churches today thank God not all are in bed with these two demons, one way or another. In different case, beside science book, any other book likes Unmasking the Devil: Strategies to Defeat Eternity's Greatest Enemy to make your spare time far more colorful. Work alone; they only use others So you might need a tissue or to have a garbage can close by and use them as needed, and remember: These are their names:

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