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YOJANA seeks to carry the message of the Plan to all sections of the people and promote a more earnest discussion on problems of social and economic. cent per cent per cent20(English).pdf (Website last visited 26 June ). 2 Other accounts in post offices include time and. Download Yojana Magazines , and (PDF) – For Free. July 16, ; Posted by: INSIGHTS; Category: IAS UPSC YOJANA · Comments.

Yojana Magazine August 2012 Pdf

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Yojana PDF Download Free, Yojana issues free download, Yojana Magazines are important source of information about various issues in India. August English Edition – August; September English. Download here all the yojana magazines for free in the years of ,,, ,,we collected from and. Here is the new edition of Yojana- August , on the issues related to ' Inclusive Growth, Financial Inclusion and Social Change'. We have.

Makilan June 14, at 4: Chandni June 24, at Sakshi July 13, at Thiluck September 27, at 5: Maria October 4, at 3: Dr vikram November 8, at Chirag goyal April 1, at 8: Ajit OmGhyan April 5, at Ajit OmGhyan April 10, at Rakesh pratap singh April 13, at 8: Bikramakant June 27, at 9: Hello, latest edition I want, how to download there is no link, send me pdf at mail id. Sunil Kasdekar July 1, at Divya September 13, at 8: Past, Present and Future Khadi: Challenges and Way Forward Cluster Approach: A Strategy for Development Indian Textiles: Global Scenario Textile Exports: From Sati to Mary Kom: A Development Challenge Perception Management: Challenges And Prospects Energy Efficiency: Present Scenario Maximum Governance: Reaching out through e-governance Diplomacy: Why A Conservative Growth Estimate?

Building a National Asset Towards a value-based society: Issues in India Inclusive Education in India: Perspective Climate Change: Insidious link Climate Change Mitigation: Proactive approach Ancient wisdom for a contemporary problem Climate change: Challenges in capacity building Gandhiji's vision on sanitation End of TOC Skill Development: Protecting and Promoting Handloom Skill Development: Evolving Ties India-China Relationship: Multilateralism in Retreat: Is Regional Cooperation the Way Forward?

Indian Diaspora: The Gentle Medicine Reforms: The Way Ahead Union Budget: Processes and Procedures Shifting Accountability? This act mandated the government to effect transfers of all government officers and employees, except Class IV workers, no sooner and no later than three years, except in emergency or exceptional circumstances.

Maharashtra was the first state to have introduced such an act. It issued 36 licenses for distilleries for making alcohol from food grains. He argued that Maharashtra had to import food and referring to food grains observed that promoting producing liquor from food grains was nappropriate. On 20 August Maharashtra stopped the policy. However, distilleries sanctioned before that date and those who started production within two years of sanction were entitled for subsidies.

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On 5 May court refused to hear the suit, saying, "not before me, this is a court of law, not a court of justice" as a reason for not hearing the plea. Sangeet Rao, stated that no law existed to scrap these licences.

The draft incorporated more stringent provisions and gave wider power to the Lokpal than the government's draft. Hazare began an " indefinite fast " [68] on 5 April at Jantar Mantar in Delhi as part of the campaign to form a joint committee comprising government and civil society representatives. He wanted this committee to draft a bill that had more stringent penal provisions and gave more independence to the Lokpal and Lokayuktas ombudsmen in the states. The fast came after his demand was rejected by the prime minister, Manmohan Singh.

Almost people reportedly joined Hazare in his fast.

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People showed support in social media. On 9 April it issued a notification in the Gazette of India on formation of a joint committee. It accepted the formula that it should be co-chaired by a politician and social activist.

The notification stated, "The Joint Drafting Committee shall consist of five nominee ministers of the Government of India and five nominees of the civil society. The five non-politician nominees were Anna Hazare, N.

He addressed the people and set a deadline of 15 August to pass the bill. He said that Real fight begins now.

We have a lot of struggle ahead of us in drafting the new legislation, We have shown the world in just five days that we are united for the cause of the nation. The youth power in this movement is a sign of hope. He also stated that country's future is not safe in the hands of Congress and BJP and he would campaign in the coming elections for those with clean background.

During the meeting of the joint drafting committee on 30 May , the Union government members opposed the inclusion of the prime minister, higher judiciary and the acts of the MPs under the purview of the JanLokpal in the draft bill. They also decided to attend only future meetings that were telecast live. He also criticised the Government for putting hurdles in front of the Bill and for maligning the civil society members.

On 28 July the union cabinet approved a draft of the Lokpal Bill, which kept the Prime Minister, judiciary and lower bureaucracy out of the ombudsman's ambit. Hazare rejected the government version by describing it as "cruel joke" and wrote a letter to Singh announcing his decision to begin an indefinite fast from 16 August at Jantar Mantar, if the government introduced its own version of the bill without taking suggestions from civil society members.

We have faith in Parliament. But first send the right draft, our agitation is against government, not Parliament.

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The government has overlooked many points. How will it fight corruption by excluding government employees, CBI and prime minister from the Lokpal's purview? We were told that both the drafts would be sent to the Cabinet.

But only the government's draft was sent. This is a deceitful government.

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They are lying. How will they run the country? Now I have no trust in this government. If it is really serious about fighting corruption, why is it not bringing government employees and CBI under Lokpal?

On 16 August , Hazare was arrested, four hours before the planned indefinite hunger strike. Later in the afternoon, Hazare refused bail. The magistrate dispatched him to Tihar jail for seven days.

Opposition parties came out against the arrest, likening the government action to the emergency imposed in the country in OdishaPrivate Indian Interview Programme. State-of-the-art management of human waste Sanitation, Development and Social Change: Amitkumar April 3, at 9: Further, of thetotal contracts finalised during the month, 14 were Automobile Ancillaries 3 0 0.

The shortage of water also led to disease from unsanitary conditions and water reuse for multiple purposes.

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