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Title: The awesome book of Bible comics / Sandy Silverthorne ; illustrated by. Daniel Hawkins. Description: Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, This series of 5 books is an extensive Comic Book Bible going through the whole Bible, from Creation to Revelation Contact us to get a full PDF of the interior. Bible Comic Book Page 4. Download Bible Comic Book Page Download

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Good and Evil® The Ultimate Comic Book Action Bible is a Bible storybook meant to draw readers of all ages to the. Bible. Most of the content in Good and Evil®. I'm offering this FREE. PDF comic book, The Christ Chronicles Comic the Wilderness Episode. Which is based on Jesus being tempted in the. In this comic book we present only a part of the exciting story of. David. A more complete story of Saul and David can be read in the Bible in the book of First.

It took us a steady three or four years of marketing and telling people, "Hey, this guy is a pastor" before we could get our product on Christian bookstore shelves. I'm a Southern Baptist, and even with our denomination's connection to LifeWay, we had to make major art changes eight different times before LifeWay would stock it. There were times they thought, "No, this is too much. All of our artists have done work for Marvel or DC, where they don't necessarily have these kinds of restrictions.

I had to kind of rein them in a bit without sacrificing the real biblical content. I'm really proud of where we ended up. When it comes to the brain, text normally gets stored in short-term memory, but images tend to be stored in long-term memory. She brought her girl to church, and the girl had brought some form of Christian graphic media. How did you find ways to simplify, condense, or refine the text to make it work in that format?

So when you read a novel, you can do pages and pages that are just description of a specific place or situation. But of course, another thing we decided to do was to put the Scripture reference right there on the bottom of the page, so that anyone can look up the same Scripture in their own version.

So yes, it can be that gateway to biblical literacy.

So this is a way to help link them into it. When Mark and Roma Downey had those Bible specials on the History Channel, a lot Christians stood behind that presentation—and I think ours is actually more biblically accurate. Most professing Christians wish they read the Bible more. Besides the serialization of the biblical narrative that you mentioned earlier, is there anything else about this project that you are particularly proud of?

I just go back to the epic scale of what we were able to accomplish. We really tried to do something of top-notch quality, and I feel that we were able to present a good witness to our collaborators within the comics industry.

Jelani Greenidge is a freelance writer, speaker, arranger, producer, emcee, stand-up comic, and the associate pastor of Sunset Covenant Church. The series took popular biblical tales, such as Moses crossing the Red Sea, David and Goliath, and even the crucifixion of Jesus, and rendered them in the style of the emerging superhero genre of sequential art. Marketed specifically for the religious edification of children, however, the Picture Stories series had to be more than merely entertaining.

Images that were too entertaining, too lavish, might be considered idolatrous. Worse still, they might stray from the accepted meaning of the Bible, adding or omitting important details Protestants expected in their visual renderings of scripture.

In its style and content, Picture Stories from the Bible sought to teach Protestant child- ren valuable wartime attributes like self-sacrifice, obedience to authority, and respect for tradition. The story of King Josiah aimed particularly at the patriotic education of boys. In 2 Chronicles and 2 Kings, Josiah is portrayed as a religious reformer who removes idol worship from the kingdom of Judah, restores the Temple, rediscovers the Torah, and rein- stitutes the celebration of Passover.

He dies in a battle against Egyptians. Clenching his fist with a look of determination, young Josiah decides to seek wisdom just like his ancestor King David did. The story teaches them to follow biblical precepts even in the midst of national troubles. Outnumbered by a vast army of invading Egyptians, Josiah decides to ride out bravely and attack his enemies instead of retreating.

Wearing a golden cape and crown, Josiah rides at the head of his army. His war chariot is pulled by two gal- loping white stallions.

Two panels later, Egyptian arrows pierce Josiah and he dies. But his story does not end there. Right shall rule! In so doing, he left a more righteous nation to his own son. The story served a didactic pur- pose for wartime American Protestants, teaching children that their own obedience to God served the national interest.

When M. The younger Gaines possessed a bold new vision for sequential art and soon began publishing comics for mature audiences that held explicitly sexual and violent themes.

By calling his publication a magazine, Gaines managed to skirt the new censorship laws of the Comics Code Authority. Coates a unique perspective on the grotesqueries of the human anatomy which produced some of the most outlandish caricatures to appear in any print medium.

He drew Bible comics extensively for the publications of Herbert W. Wolverton believed the Second Coming of Jesus was imminent.


He used his sequential art to explore what it might look like if the End of Days happened in his immediate future. He thought it necessary to render every detail of the Word of God in his images, including the gory truth of violent passages. Terrified onlookers, dressed like modern middle-class Americans, run from the flesh-eating mon- ster.

Monte Wolverton Seattle, Wash. Used with permission. All rights reserved. When the prophet writes about a beast with ten horns plaguing humanity, Wolverton understood that he actually saw a horrible, horned creature eating people. The opaque texts of biblical prophecy were not ancient fantasy or myth, but vis- ual descriptions of things that would probably happen within the next decade.

They have dropped so many nuclear bombs that they have created a deep void crater that occupies about a third of the image. In the foreground, a massive steel girder appears melting and burned, drooping like a cooked noodle. Around the girder lie dozens of mangled, twisted bodies in a heap.

Faces, melted and full of holes, peek from the pile with expressions of severe pain.

The Kingstone Bible

Some have no eyes left, their cheeks like rippling water. They had to get right with God or face the horrifying consequences. When the Comics Code Authority began its crusade against sex and violence in sequential art in , many publications fell to the censors. Comics had to be squeaky clean under the new rules, promoting wholesome family values and All- American youth activities.

Archie com- ics told of the wholesome adventures and innocent romantic entanglements of a group of high school students in the fictional American small town of Riverdale. The series centered on Archie Andrews, a freckled, sixteen-year-old redhead who always tried to do the right thing. Archie made harmless mischief with his clumsy, hamburger-gobbling friend Jughead Jones.

He found himself at the center of an innocent love triangle, jug- gling dates with good-natured Betty Cooper and glamorous Veronica Lodge. The Spire Christian Comics series cast evangelical attitudes, biblical interpretations, and religious practices into the idiom of mainstream comic books, making them seem completely uncontroversial. In fact, the comics singled out those who were not born again as the strange ones. In the Spire Christian Comics universe, evangelicalism was the standard-bearer of cool.

If people would just accept Jesus as their personal savior and live their lives according to the plain-sense moral precepts of the Bible, Archie and his friends insisted, there would be no racial injustice, no school violence, no premarital sex, no feminism, no drugs, and no need for the counterculture movement. Before the rest of the country came to its senses, however, Christian Archie encouraged conservative evangelical youngsters to continue their distinctive religious behaviors with pride.

Besides Christian Archie, other com- ics in the Spire Christian Comics catalogue promoted similar ideas.


Some titles, like Jesus , followed closely in the footsteps of Picture Stories from the Bible. In Jesus, for example, the character Jesus always appears clad in white and scarlet robes. Occasionally, Jesus says things that are not contained in the text of the New Testament. When he does so, his words are almost always rendered in the funky patois of s youth culture. The title of the comic echoed a popular science-fiction movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind He is rounding up and killing Christians.

Riding in his Humvee to Damascus to stamp out the Christians there, Paul suddenly gets blinded by light. Paul immediately agrees. Soon, he starts wearing a suit and tie. He proclaims that Jesus is the Son of God, and finds himself arrested. He gains supernatural power from his conversion, including the power to heal a man in a wheelchair. Be enthusiastic about life!

The Comic Book Bible Series

In Picture Stories from the Bible, Jesus does not bleed at the crucifixion. On the cross, he looks small and pale. In The Action Bible, the crucified Jesus looks very different. His mas- sive pectoral and abdominal muscles give him the appearance of a bodybuilder or pro- fessional wrestler.

His physique makes him appear superhumanly strong, as if the ropes and nails that hold him to the cross serve no real function. He is on the cross by choice.

Although he bleeds from his hands, feet, face, and abdomen, he looks more powerful than defeated. He is hypermasculine, a bruised warrior who will not be defeated by death.

He was a fitting hero for America in , an international superpower embroiled in two long- standing foreign wars and still hunting for its enemy Osama bin Laden. They used a variety of visual styles, employing images to conduct religious work. At times, the images served as weapons in internecine Protestant wars over the authority of the Bible. Other Protestant sequential art tried to pres- ent the graphic realities of a world in sin, a world about to suffer the wrath of God.

Still other Protestant sequential art sought to give cultural cachet to a particular style of biblical interpretation.

Your favorite stories from the Bible. Absolutely free.

It used popular characters and idioms to make Bible stories appealing for a generation that elevated youth culture. In these and many other ways, Protestants used the images of sequential art to serve their changing religious needs. Translating the Bible into modern English required years of scholarship and valued fidelity to the original lan- guages above all else. By contrast, presenting the Bible as sequential art freed Protestant imaginations. Sequential-art Bibles enabled Protestant Americans to show the Bible as they wished it to be.

Notes 1. Doug Mauss, ed. Gaines, ed. Relevant histories of the Comics Code Authority and E. Coates or published them in countercultural magazines aimed at adults. Ironically, the visual style of these comics, pioneered by the likes of R. Much like Wolverton, he graphically depicted the eternal consequences of sin.

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“Jesus in the Wilderness” Bible Comic Book

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Jelani Greenidge is a freelance writer, speaker, arranger, producer, emcee, stand-up comic, and the associate pastor of Sunset Covenant Church. I'm a Southern Baptist, and even with our denomination's connection to LifeWay, we had to make major art changes eight different times before LifeWay would stock it.

He has even built our synagogue. And how can they hear without someone to tell them?

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