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This article collects top 20 ebook torrenting sites for direct ebook downloads engine indexes torrents sites like The Pirate Bay and Mininova. Book piracy sites in the U.S. According to a survey held in the United States in , 50 percent of respondents admitted to using to access. Here is a complete list of all the eBooks directories and search engine on the web. The list compiled below is not the place for links to sites hosting. your site into our list, it appears to me your site is full of pirated eBooks.

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And here's the best 20 ebook torrenting sites. The Pirate Bay is world's number 1 torrent site available and is also the most used torrent search engine in the. Are you a big fan of Kindle ebooks who reads dozen of books per month? Always buy books in Amazon store is really a budget for normal. Free ebook download sites: – They say that books are one's best due to the pirated access provided to books and articles, the site is still.

The most effective technique has been to issue a notice to Google which results in suppression of the link in search engine results pages. The link to the illegal download still exists though.

And if someone knows about the pirate site and wants a particular book, they can bypass the Google search engine altogether. I find the notion that there is nothing effective to be done by hard working authors to protect their work deplorable.

60 Best Websites To Download Free ePub and PDF EBooks

These sites, their operators, and the folks who seed the downloads are truly in a basket of deplorables. The movie and gaming industries have gone to war with these pirate sites. Coalitions of international government agencies have worked together to bring down these sites, chase and imprison the operators, and freeze ill-gotten millions of dollars.

The enforcement expense is astronomical and the impact is minimal, specific only to the target site. Scores of other pirate sites continue to flourish around the world.

The frustration felt by the writers who come to me about this issue is palpable. My mission to find a tool to address this problem has been growing day over day, year over year.

Top 32 Best Websites To Download Free EBooks

During the lesson on enforcement of creative rights, I offered a tip on how an individual author can combat these pirates. Most pirate sites use BitTorrent technology.

Other books: ANY EBOOK

BitTorrent technology allows distribution of unauthorized copies of copyrighted material through its file sharing protocol.

The technology itself is not illegal.

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While searching "free kindle books" in Amazon but only get those public domains. If you have the same problems displayed above, this list is definitely what you need!

These 60 sites allow you to download free legal Kindle books. Most of them are limited-free. Perfect integration with Kindle devices and apps. Nearly all the books provided in the websites below are sold in Amazon Kindle store, which means they work perfectly on your Kindle devices and apps. You can download kindle books first for reading, then easily manage them in your Kindle cloud library and enjoy all the services provided by Amazon. Nearly all of the books are limited-free, so please keep a regular visit to make sure you will not miss out any book you like.

Not a US Amazon user? As most of the books are only free in amazon. For this situation, you have 2 solutions.

To register an amazon. Tips on how to read them on other devices or apps. If you are a user of a non-Kindle device like Sony, Kobo or Nook.

List of Websites That Host Pirated eBooks

You can use the Ultimate Converter to convert those books to Epub format, which is the accepted format for non-Kindle devices. Feel free to use this list by yourself.

You can bookmark this list or share it on your social networks in case you forget where to find this page. For website owners, you are also allowed to repost this list, but please specify the citing source clearly.

Like this page then you will not miss out any awesome site. Public domains site like Gutenburg is not included in this list. Some sites are using the same name, but in fact they are different. There is no duplicate site in this list. If you like this list, please click the like buttons below and share this free and useful information with more people! And if you are a Kindle user, you can also click the "Send to Kindle" button, then this list will push to your Kindle.

You can check it anytime you want even you are offline! Jonny Greenwood joined Epubor since , loves everything about eBooks and eReaders. He seeks the methods to read eBooks more freely and wants to share all he has got with you.

I hope you'll consider adding KindleAddicts. Though we list daily bargain books, we also have "Freebie Friday" every couple of weeks listing free Kindle books. Hi Kish, I've already stated in the post: Please include The Vessel Project in your list of sites. At least 3 free books are posted each day.

New site just opened with over 32, free instant eBook downloads and over 30 million paid books. The newly added info is drawn from the LibGen website , and it lists possible unauthorized sources where one might download the ebook. You can see the extra text as a blue line in the screenshot below: Apparently based in Russia, LibGen has been around since at least LibGen, short for Library Genesis, is by no means the first to offer a plugin which mashes up commerce and piracy but it could be the one with the most staying power.

In hackers developed a similar plugin for Firefox called "Pirates of the Amazon".

That plugin was only available for a short while before it was taken down, but when it was available it added an extra button to listings for videos, books, and music which helped a user pirate the content via The Pirate Bay rather than buy it. And that's not the only one.Please note that I have not added links to these sites, because I refuse to give these book pirates any traffic.

Currently, it has more than 10k books in categories. Cheryl Wright Good to hear Mike.

Pirate sites are making money by stealing books they have paid advertising on their sites. One disabled and unemployed reader who asked to remain anonymous said: All the E-books, Books and literature available on this ebook torrents are free to download for anyone without registration.

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