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Maven is a build tool, a project management tool, an abstract container for running build tasks. It is a tool that has shown itself indispensable for. These eBooks are designed to help your team gain full visibility and control in software development. With Sonatype training, you will learn Maven fundamentals and best practices directly Address feedback from proof of PDF: (MVNCOOK ).

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A Sample Maven instruktsiya.infoook. my-project. Using the Maven Help Plugin. 18 Optimizing with the Maven Dependency Plugin . For example: “Maven: The Definitive Guide by Sonatype. Reference. Contribute to sonatype/maven-reference-en development by creating an account on GitHub. The book is available in HTML and PDF format at.

Double Check Language Packs' Version Ranges NOTE: if you're skimming these instructions, you may be tempted to think you've already handled this step, because you have already released new language packs, as detailed above. If you think so, you probably have NOT yet completed the steps below. The steps below tell DSpace what version of language packs to use. The language packs you've released following the steps above won't ever get used if you don't do the steps below.

This is an easy thing to miss. Just check, to be sure.

Once the Language Packs are released, you will probably need to modify the DSpace root pom. This should be similar to the following: If possible, you'd only want to commit this after the i18n modules are available in the Maven Repository. In the main pom. In the below example, we are saying to use any language pack version which is at least version 3. You should also double check that the following "main pages" are updated in the Documentation: Release Notes- Should contain a very basic overview of the Release.

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Make sure the Release number is updated here! NOTE: For minor releases bug-fix-only releases , you may want to leave all information about the previous major release, and just enhance the content to state that this was a bug-fix release, and list any new contributors, etc.

You should be able to just copy the last version's page and update the version numbers. For example, copy the previous release's page, and change as follows: You'll notice all the JIRA history is generated via the jiraissue plugin.

In the url argument for that plugin, you should find the DSpace version number embedded in the querystring like: " All you should need to do is update that version number and the plugin will now search for tickets closed for 4. There's surely other areas, like Configuration section, which will require some updates for your release.

Ensure you tag multiple releases in chronological order! If you are performing multiple releases at once e. For example, the backported fixes to 3.

Nightly Builds

So, in order for the 5. The last tagged release will become the "Latest Release" in GitHub.

Warning: optional profiles need to be specified at compile time Just including a little warning about this up front.

The following optional modules need to be specified with every mvn command below. We will make an effort to keep this list up to date, but you should verify it before you cut a new release. Things change.

Forgetting an optional module means you'll have to cut another release. For example: git clone git github. More than once. Save yourself some time, be sure to use the SSH path. Note: if you are doing a maintenance release, you will need to check out the maintenance branch, and not the master branch. In this case, the example above would instead read: git clone git github.

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That being said, this step actually may not be necessary, if our release process is working correctly. Do a sanity check of the tests You know, just to save yourself a bunch of embarrassment later, run the tests?

Here are sample answers for DSpace 3. The Complete Reference. MaestroDev March Authors: Packt Publishing September 30, Authors: Russell Gold Buy the Book: Articles on Maven If you are writing an article on Maven we suggest contacting the developers on the mailing list as we would be happy to provide feedback to help ensure accuracy in your article.

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Sonatype CLM for Maven. Sonatype CLM for Maven

Exploiting Maven in Eclipse. Managing WebSphere Portal V5.It details the Flexmojos plug-in that will compile the SWF file using mxmlc. NOTE: For minor releases bug-fix-only releases , you may want to leave all information about the previous major release, and just enhance the content to state that this was a bug-fix release, and list any new contributors, etc.

For example: Checkout the 'dspace You can also apply a qualifier if need be eg. You will see the window appear in the IDE looking similar to Figure 8.

Maven by Example Maven: It advisable to set the inherited flag for the plugin to false to avoid duplicate runs of the plugin in each module. Once your project is opened, you can expand the Project Files section in the Projects window as displayed in Figure 8.

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