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Reproduction and Communication for other purposes: Except as permitted under the Act (for example, any fair dealing for the purposes of study, research. Description. Height in meters above ground. Remarks. Fog Signals. LAKE OF THE WOODS. Menzies Reef. On the reef. 49 44 32 The two people have come to Lake of the Woods for solitude, and to be together. O'Brien begins Get the entire Lake of the Woods LitChart as a printable PDF.

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PDF | Anderson JP, Paterson AM, Reavie ED, Edlund MB, Rühland, KM. Lake of the Woods (LOW), a vast lake covering over km², is a. In the Lake of the Woods [Tim Obrien] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This riveting novel of love and mystery from the author of The. In the Lake of the Woods () is a novel by the American author Tim O'Brien. Related to . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

After a day of walking around the area and discovering the boat's absence, John talks to his closest neighbors, the Rasmussens.

After some time they call the sheriff and organize a search party. The authorities are suspicious of John's calm demeanor and lack of participation in the search effort. Kathy's sister joins the search, and John does, too. After eighteen days, the search party is called off; the investigation into John heats up.

With a boat from Claude and supplies from the Mini-Mart, John heads north on the lake. Claude is the last person to talk to John over the boat's radio and believes that he sounds disoriented.

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O'Brien introduces numerous alternatives over the course of the novel. Maybe Kathy had sped over the lake too quickly, hit a rough patch of water, and had been tossed into the lake and drowned.

Perhaps she had become lost in the wilderness, and ran out of supplies. Or possibly John had returned to the bedroom with the boiling water and had poured it over her face, scalding and killing her.

Afterward he could have sunk the boat and body in the lake, weighed down by a number of rocks. Or the event might have been John's last great magic trick, a disappearing act.

In the Lake of the Woods

John and Kathy may have planned her disappearance together, intending for John to join her and their starting over. O'Brien introduces details that supports each of the possibilities and leaves conclusions up to the reader. Although the inconclusive ending irritated many readers, O'Brien argued that this is the truest way to tell a story. It is reminiscent of his book, The Things They Carried , which presents several linked stories featuring different characters and sometimes differing perceptions of the same events.

The present conflict in the story occurs in late , in the Northwest Angle of northern Minnesota. John and Kathy intentionally choose this setting for its isolation, which they seek to forget the stress and emotion of the failed election. The American political environment contributes to the main story conflict, as well as the interaction between Kathy and John. Through the campaign, the couple had let their relationship take backseat to solving the political issues.

After moving to Lake of the Woods , Minnesota , John discovers one morning that his wife Kathy is missing. Through the use of flashbacks of John's childhood, college years, and Vietnam experiences, as well as testimony and evidence from affected characters, the novel provides several hypotheses for the disappearance of Kathy Wade, leaving the decision up to the reader.

The main storyline often branches out to flashbacks of significant trees in John Wade's past. His childhood is constantly referred to as the advent of his persona, Sorcerer.

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As a child, John was frequently abused verbally and emotionally by an alcoholic father, who was admired by other children for his public persona. John often visited Karra's Studio of Magic, where he bought the Guillotine of Death, purchased by his father.

John was devastated after his father's death and channeled his grief into magic. Wade met his future wife Kathy during their college years, becoming intimate with her despite his secretive nature. John spied on Kathy, of which she was aware, just as he was aware of her affair with a dentist. When John was deployed to Vietnam, he and Kathy communicated through letters; some of his frightened Kathy. John became deeply absorbed in his identity as Sorcerer. He is portrayed as a member of Charlie Company, who were involved in the My Lai massacre.

While working a desk job in records, John erased his involvement with the Company. After the war, John entered politics. He was elected as lieutenant governor of Minnesota and later ran for the US Senate, with his campaign managed by the business-oriented Tony Carbo. At one point, Kathy has an abortion, despite her great wish to have a baby, because John felt that her having a child would be problematic for his political career.

After his landslide loss in the senate race, during which there was revelation of John's role in My Lai, John and Kathy take a vacation at a cabin in Lake of the Woods. They are troubled by the revelation of John's Vietnam secrets, but pretend to be happy.

One night, John wakes up and decides to boil water for tea. He pours the boiling water over a few household plants, reciting "Kill Jesus". He remembers climbing back into bed with Kathy, but the next morning she's gone. Between and , brook trout , cutthroat trout , chinook salmon , coho salmon , and steelhead were also introduced into the lake.

No additional rainbow trout were stocked until The trout population remained relatively stable until about when the salmonid populations began to decline, probably due to competition from the warm water species combined with limited spawning areas and increasing fishing.

Despite the Game Commission's efforts to control the warm water species, their population continued to proliferate while the salmonid species declined.

In , the entire lake was poisoned with rotenone , killing all the fish in the lake. The lake was then restocked with rainbow trout, brook trout, and kokanee salmon. It used both natural production and stocking to maintain and balance of fish populations. Brook trout, black crappie, brown bullheads, yellow perch, largemouth bass, blue chub , and tui chub have self-sustaining populations while the kokanee salmon, brown trout, and rainbow trout populations are supplemented by stocking.

In addition to fish, the lake provides habitat for a wide variety of bird species. From the Forest Service campgrounds along the lake shore, birdwatchers can see grebes , ducks , geese , an occasionally common loons.

The lake also attracts birds of prey including osprey and bald eagles. In the forest around the lake, there are mountain chickadees , western tanagers , red-breasted nuthatch , yellow-rumped warbler , red crossbills , hermit thrush , golden-crowned kinglet , Steller's jays , gray jays , Vaux's swifts , common nighthawk , hairy woodpeckers , downy woodpeckers , and pileated woodpeckers. The forest is also home to a number of owl species including great horned owls , great gray owls , northern spotted owls , northern saw-whet owls , and northern pygmy-owls.

The fir dominated forest around Lake of the Woods is home to numerous mammals, both large and small.

The large mammals include mule deer , black-tailed deer , elks , black bears , coyotes , bobcats , and cougars. Some of the small mammals include porcupines , western spotted skunks , striped skunks , martens , minks , long-tailed weasels , snowshoe hares , yellow-bellied marmots , golden-mantled ground squirrels , Douglas squirrels , dusky-footed woodrats , bushy-tailed woodrats , creeping voles , deer mice , and northern pocket gophers.

In June each year, the Winema National Forest hosts a week-long summer resource management program for sixty high school students at the Lake of the Woods. The participating student come from Oregon, Washington , and California. The Forest Service gives the attendees the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while learning about the natural environment.

Participants study geology, forestry, fisheries, and wildlife in various environments. They also learn about recreation management, wildfire control, wilderness stewardship, and cultural resources. At the end of the week, the students develop and present a land management plan to demonstrate what they learned.

Today, Lake of the Woods is a very popular recreation site. There are summer homes around the lake.

All of these homes require Forest Service recreational residence permits. There are two campgrounds with campsites on the east shore of the lake. Aspen Point campground has 60 campsites and Sunset campground has 64 campsites. There are also two day-use areas for swimming and picnicking. There are three organizational camps near the lake. A year-round resort provides two restaurants, a general store open in the summer months, a marina available for boat rentals and moorage in the summer, and 32 rental cabins.

During the summer, the lake is a popular place for swimming, fishing, canoeing , boating , and water skiing. There are also trails near the lake for hiking , biking , and horseback riding. In the winter, the lake is used for ice fishing.

Lake of the Woods - Excess Nutrients: TMDL Project

In , the Forest Service estimated the lake hosted , recreational visitor days one person staying at the lake for one day equals one visitor day. The nearby Great Meadows area is now a very popular winter recreation site, especially for snowmobile riders and cross-country skiers.

The Forest Service estimated the area had 53, winter visitors in A private development near the lake will add homes, increasing recreational use of the lake. Lake of the Woods Resort is open for 11 months of the year. It is closed for the month of April.

It offers 32 cabins and sites for 22 recreational vehicles. In the Resort took over management of the Forest Service campgrounds by the lake.LitCharts is hiring. Or possibly John had returned to the bedroom with the boiling water and had poured it over her face, scalding and killing her.

In , the Forest Service estimated the lake hosted , recreational visitor days one person staying at the lake for one day equals one visitor day.

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