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Batman: Son of the Demon is a graphic novel by writer Mike W. Barr and DC Comics published a new printing of Batman: Son of the Demon in Batman: Son of the Demon () #1 by Mike W. Barr & Jerry Bingham is Graphic Novels. Batman must team-up with his arch nemesis Ra's Al. COMIX-LOAD | Batman - Son of the Demon () | Comic | English | Format: CBR.

With the danger past, Batman finds a map that points them towards the Himalayan Mountains. Ra's al Ghul finances a mountain-climbing expedition and the three begin scaling the frozen mountainsides. A sniper begins firing at them, and it appears that one of the bullets strikes Ra's.

Ubu pulls him inside of a crevice, while Batman deftly evades repeat gunfire. Ascending the peak, he finds a temple belonging to the Brotherhood. He enters the temple where he finds Robin bound with rope under armed guard.

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Batman frees Robin, and the gunmen begin to advance on him. Turning around, Batman reveals that he is not fooled by this elaborate ruse. The masked "leader" of the Brotherhood approaches him, but Batman tears the mask off of him revealing the face of Ra's manservant Ubu. He knew all along that Ra's was the true perpetrator of this crime. Ubu and Batman fight, but Batman's speed and skill prove more than a match for him.

Ra's finally enters the chamber along with his daughter Talia. The story begins in medias res as the Joker has managed to poison Commissioner Gordon and is crouched over what appears to be a bloody and beaten Batman.

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As Joker gloats over his "victory", the beaten Batman pulls out a handgun and manages to shoot the Joker in the face. At that moment, the real Batman appears and captures the Joker, throwing him into a dumpster. When he later visits a recovering Gordon in the hospital, he learns that in his short time back in Gotham , he has managed to rid the city of supercrime.

In the Batcave , Alfred tells Batman that he has been so focused on his war on crime that he has started to lose touch with his Bruce Wayne identity. Robin states that he believes a vacation away from Gotham could be beneficial, so Batman decides to attend a charity event at the London Pop Art museum where he can spend time rejuvenating the playboy Bruce Wayne identity. Although he is troubled by a quick meeting by Dr.

Kirk Langstrom, the former Man-Bat , he attends the party talking with a myriad of women. One woman that intrigues him is millionaire Jezebel Jet, former supermodel and newly named leader of a small African country.

They chat for a while before she claims that she does not want to be one of Bruce Wayne's conquests. Meanwhile, Langstrom is confronted by Talia al Ghul , who threatens that if he does not give his Man-Bat serum to the League of Assassins she will poison his wife Francine, rendering her blind and crippled.

While Bruce is at the party, Kirk and Francine are thrown out the back of a van in front of Alfred. He asks them what is wrong, and Kirk tells him that Talia now has the Man-Bat serum. Inside, the party is interrupted as an army of ninja Man-Bats attacks.

Bruce changes to his Batman costume and faces down the army in an effort to save the attendants of the gala until he is rendered unconscious.

When he awakens, he finds himself in front of Talia, who explains to him that he is the father of her son Damian. Damian is immediately hostile towards Tim, as he believes he alone is truly Batman's son and rightful heir. His petulant attitude gets him locked up in one of Wayne Manor 's many rooms, but he easily escapes. Later, Tim is searching for Alfred who has been locked in a room by Damian in the Batcave when he comes across Damian, armed with a sword that Batman had taken from him.

Suspicious, Tim tries to befriend Damian when the younger child reveals that he went out and beheaded a criminal known as the Spook, and placed a grenade in his mouth. Shocked, Tim yells at Damian that killing is not their way. Damian responds by tossing the head in the air, which explodes when it hits the ground.

The two spar until Tim helps Damian off the snapping Tyrannosaurus rex jaws.

Damian then punches out Tim and takes Jason Todd 's displayed Robin costume with him. Later, the Bat-Signal is lit and Batman finds Damian wearing the costume.

Batman asks how he got out of the Batcave without being seen and then asks what he has done with Tim. Back at the cave, Batman cares for Tim and reluctantly agrees to take Damian with him to stop Talia and save the British Prime Minister's wife, when Damian reveals he has worked out that Talia wishes to trade her hostage for control over Gibraltar. Batman wants to keep Damian under his control, as he realized that Talia sent him with Batman to cause havoc in his life.

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The two soon reach Gibraltar where they confront Talia. Damian appeals to both of them that he wants them all to be a family, but Britain's Royal Navy bomb the ship on where they are fighting.

Batman escapes, while Talia and Damian vanish in an explosion. The standalone story was about the Joker killing some of his former henchmen and tempting Batman to come after him.


The story was acclaimed and called one of the definitive Joker stories.I realize that is your way, but just this once, accept things as they are. Arkham Asylum: Dorling Kindersley. Ra's al Ghul and Batman turn out to be searching for the same man, the terrorist known as Qayin. Answers: Five.

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