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Save this PDF as: . EEC Electrical Machines II EEC Electronics II EEC Electrical and Electronic Instrument II EEC Telecommunications II EEC. EEC ELECTRICAL POWER I. MR DARE. 2. 5. EEC ELECTRICAL MACHINE I EEC TELECOMMUNICATIONS II. MR OMOFOMA. 2. 8. EEC Electrical engineering technology: National Diploma (ND); curriculum and course specifications. Corporate author: Nigeria. National Board for Technical.

It took the ECJ more than 3 years to come to a decision, but the result was well worth waiting for. According to the ECJ, such persons cannot be said to have let the territory of the host Member State of their own volition without legitimate reason. Accordingly, the situation of former Turkish migrant workers such as Akdas et al. According to this principle, the amount of child beneit paid for children living outside the EU limited to a country with which a bilateral agreement has been concluded was to be based on the cost of living in the country where that child lives.

For children living in Turkey, 60 per cent of the amount of the child beneit allowance was granted. According to the then Minister of Social Afairs, there was no question of a reduction in the amount of the beneit but only of diferentiation, depending on the cost of living.

Nevertheless, the fact that there is no real diferentiation is evident as the beneit cannot exceed per cent, even if the cost of living in the country in question is higher than in the Netherlands. On i le with the author. Both Turkey and he Netherlands are signatory parties to this Convention.

Although this bill was adopted without any problems in the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament, the First Chamber questioned the legal consistency of the bill in light of international agreements, and in December , asked the State Council for further advice.

As this bill will afect Turkish citizens much more than Dutch citizens, the discriminatory character is beyond doubt. In , Dutch child beneit allowances were paid for 2, children living in Turkey. Based on the advice of the State Council, the bill, which had a very ambiguous character and was published in July , the Minister of Social Afairs decided to proceed with the bill, and it was ultimately approved by the First Chamber and entered into force in January She also enquired whether the Commission intended to circumvent the judgment of the ECJ by introducing the new proposal, which would strip Turkish workers of their acquired rights.

Furthermore, it was stated that the rules applicable to the EU and Turkey should be brought into line with those applicable under nine other Association Agreements. Currently, it is unclear whether the Turkish government will vote in favour of adoption since the Turkish government has no interest to do so. As mentioned above, this decision was a part of a package of four proposals now Decisions37 including proposals for Albania, Montenegro and San Marino, which are largely based on the decisions that were adopted by the Council in for Algeria, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Israel, Morocco and Tunisia.

In addition to the legal basis, the main diferences between these decisions are the scope of the equal treatment clause in the case of Turkey it concerns all social security beneits and the scope of the provisions on exportable beneits, in particular for invalidity beneits. Why the Netherlands bothers about the legal basis is less obvious; it is bound anyway. According to case-law, the measure cannot be annulled if recourse to the incorrect legal basis does not afect the substance of the measure or the procedure for its adoption and is thus a purely formal error.

And that is the situation in the present case according to the Advocate General. Firstly, the Court stated that neither the Ankara Agreement nor the Additional Protocol extend free movement of workers to Turkey. For these reasons, the contested decision difers from the decisions concerning the EEA and Switzerland. It makes sense, however, that when extending aspects of the internal law of the EU to third countries, like the adoption of social security rules, the legal 52 Ibid, para.

In this case, the beneiciaries of the same supplementary beneit as in the Akdas case not only have Turkish nationality, but Dutch nationality as well. An analogous interpretation of this judgment could mean that Turkish workers who 59 See www.

Nevertheless, the opinion of Advocate General Wahl in this Demirci and Others case, delivered in July , pointed in the opposite direction. As fully- ledged EU nationals, in his view, they derive their rights from the legislation of the Member State in question and, where applicable, from EU law. Otherwise, according to Wahl, two sets of rules on invalidity beneits would apply at the same time.

Understand how to present project proposal in the standard format 3. Understand the purpose and method of presenting different sections of a project report 4. Understand how to write non-technical report. Writing sample log book and laboratory experiments. Writing samples of project proposal based on assumed projects.

Writing preliminary pages of a project report i. Writing body of a report laid out chapter-by-chapter. Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Literature Review; Chapter 3: Construction work; Chapter 4: Testing, Results and Discussion; Chapter 5: Writing References to a report from different information sources such as: Writing appendices to a report including may be, tables, diagrams, parts list, graphs etc in the appendix.

EEC Contact Hours: Understand how to fill a log book for all technical works carried out. Title of Experiment, Objectives, Background Ask student to fill a log information theory , Components, Equipment Procedure, book schematic diagram s , Result Analysis, Answers to Ask students to write a questions.

Log book; Experiments, Data, chalkboard Explain the purpose of the following sections in writing project proposal: Clients requirements 2.

Specification 3. Proposed drawing 4. Cost estimate of materials, labour etc. Execution period. Cover page 2. Title page 3. Approval page 4. Declaration page 5.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Table of contents 6. Acknowledgements 7.

List of Tables List of Figures Body of the project report, divided into chapters References i. Ask the students to Samples of a identify each section of a Technical Report, project report.

State them in the right order. Ask them to write out each section separately. Theoretical Content Course Code: Ask students to Report, Background information on project 2.

Progress report 3. New Development if any identify the importance of its contents. Response to correspondence if any. Ask students to 5. Practicals Course Code: Week Specific Learning Outcomes: With the help of the instructor, Design an experiment to verify the measurement of OHMS LAW, having been given a Considerable general guidance will be required from the Log book, samples of project rod of IRON with a resistance of about 10 ohms, and using a dc instructor.

Preparation of some Technical Set out all section of the entries with some fictitious readings.

Take an example from the field of Electrical Installation to needed for the Nonprovide a lighting circuit to a room from a mains board. In this students to use in the Technical case diagrams could be important and should be given careful consideration. Using information given by the instructor on an assignments. Some cost guidance should also be Reports. Practicals General Objective: Provide one.

Teacher Activities Resources Explain the term constitution Ask the students: To identify the main parts Nigeria Constitution of the Nigerian Constitution. Assess to the students by association given the assignment to 1. Theoretical Content General Objective 2. Teacher Activities Resources Describe a federation 2.

eec 238 telecomms theory - Unesco-Nigeria TVE Project

Teacher Activities Resources 3. Teacher Activities Resources Discuss the significance of citizenship 4. Fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy in Nigeria Week Specific Learning Outcome: Teacher Activities Resources State the fundamental obligations of government as Ask the students to explain the Chalk, provided in the constitution directive principles and policy of blackboard, 5. Understand the laws of indices and their application in simplifying algebraic expressions.

Understand the theory of logarithms and surds and their applications in manipulating expressions. Understand principles underlying the construction of charts and graphs. Know the different methods of solving quadratic equations.

Electrical Engineering Technology National Diploma (ND)

Understand permutation and combination 6. Understand the concept of set theory 7. Understand the properties of arithmetic and geometric progressions 8. Understand the binomial theorem and it's application in the expansion of expressions and in approximations. Understand the basic concepts and manipulation of vectors and their applications to the solution of engineering problems.

Understand the concept of equations and methods of solving different types of equations and apply same to engineering problems. Understand the definition, manipulation and application of trigonometric functions. Understand laws of indices and their applications in simplifying algebra expressions Week Specific Learning Outcomes Teacher Activities Resources Define index 1. Chalkboard, Textbooks, Calculators. Understand Theory of logarithms surds and their applications in manipulating expression Week Specific Learning Outcomes Teacher Activities Resources 2.

Ask the students to solve logarithmic and surd related problems - do e. Ask the students to draw graphs -do- Know the different methods of solving quadratic equations Week Specific Learning Outcomes Teacher Activities Resources Solve quadratic equations by factorization 4. Ask the students to solve quadratic equations -do- General Objective 5. Find also the series of the first 20 terms. Ask the students to apply progression to solve problems -do- State the importance and application of the theorem Apply the techniques of vectors to solve various problems -do- -do- Understand the basic concepts and manipulation of vectors and their applications to the solutions of engineering problems Week Specific Learning Outcomes Teacher Activities Resources Compute the resultant of coplanar forces acting at a point using algebraic and graphical methods Apply the techniques of resolution and resultant to the solution of problems involving coplanar forces Apply vectoral techniques in solving problems involving relative velocity State the scalar product of two vectors Compute the scalar product of given vectors Define the cross product of the vector product or two vectors Calculate the direction ratios of given vectors Calculate the angle between two vectors using the scalar product.

Apply the techniques of vector to solve various problems -do- General Objectives Understand the Concept of equations and apply same to engineering problems Week Specific Learning Outcomes Teacher Activities Resources Explain the concept of equation, ie. Ask the student to solve various equations as indicated in section 10 -do- Understand the definition, manipulation and application of trigonometric functions Week Specific Learning Outcomes Teacher Activities Resources Define the basic trigonometric ratios, sine, cosine and tangent of an angle Derive the other trigonometric ratios; cosecant, secant and cotangent using the basic trigonometric ratios in Understand the basic concepts of differential calculus and its application in solving engineering problems.

Know integration as the reverse of differentiation and its application to engineering problems. Understand first order homogenous linear ordinary differential equation's with constant coefficients as applied to simple circuits. Understand the basic concepts of partial differentiation and apply same to engineering problems. Theoretical Content General Objective: Teachers are to give and solve simple engineering and technological problems Chalkboard, textbooks, lecture notes, chalk General Objective 2.

Know integration as the reverse of differentiation and its application to engineering problems Week Specific Learning Outcome Teachers Activities Resources Define integration as the reverse of differentiation. Semester 1 Text: Tools of Algebra Lesson Properties of Real Numbers Day 1 Part 1: Graphing and Ordering Real Numbers Part 1: Graphing and Ordering Real Numbers Lesson Algebraic Expressions. It includes rational, circular trigonometric, and inverse. AM Syllabus Please be sure to use IBO nomenclature.

Unit Further Mathematics for Engineering Technicians Unit code: QCF Level 3: Credit value: Visit this link to read the introductory text for this syllabus. Trigonometry i Sine,. April Course Description: In this year-long Pre-Calculus course, students will cover topics over a two semester period as designated by A and B sections. Develop trigonometric reasoning. Demonstrate an understanding of angles in standard position, expressed in degrees and radians.

April , version 2. Whole Numbers, Fractions, and Decimals 1. Victor Valley College has adopted the following institutional outcomes to define the learning that all students. Algebra II Text: Supplemental Materials: Evanston, Illinois.

The purpose. We re thrilled that you ve decided to make us part of your homeschool curriculum. This lesson.

Advanced Placement Calculus BC is primarily concerned with developing the students understanding of the concepts of calculus and providing experiences with its methods. Full Year Course Description: Number 1. Senior Secondary Australian Curriculum Mathematical Methods Glossary Unit 1 Functions and graphs Asymptote A line is an asymptote to a curve if the distance between the line and the curve approaches zero.

Five credits at the 20 level are required to obtain an Alberta High. The student must earn a grade of C or in order to enroll in MAT. Number Systems Number Line Converting expanded form into standard form or vice versa. Understanding of concepts and procedures Building.

Powers, decimals, HCF and LCM, positive and negative, roots, rounding, reciprocals, standard form, indices and surds 1. Mathematics programmes of study: Attainment target. October 29, Michael Nitti Written by: Diane Thole EU for the year: How do mathematical models.

Visit The College Board on the Web at: Introduction The career world is competitive. The competition and the opportunities in the career world become a serious problem for students if they do not do well in Mathematics, because then they are. Advanced Algebra 2 I. Equations and Inequalities A. Real Numbers and Number Operations 6. Core Standards of the Course Standard 1 Students will acquire number sense and perform operations with real and complex numbers.

Objective 1. Course Name: Trigonometry Instructor: Course Dates: Course Content: MATH Degree: Fundamental to this is an understanding of mathematical. Miriam Castroconde Faculty: The Hyperbolic Functions basic calculus concepts, including techniques for curve sketching, exponential and logarithmic. Identify subsets of complex numbers, and compare their structural characteristics.

Compare and contrast the properties of real numbers with the properties of. Brian Rodas Class Room and Time: MC38 Office Phone: Upon completion of any course in Mathematics the student will be able to: Macomb1 Pre-Calculus Semester 1 Course Syllabus The Plano ISD eschool Mission is to create a borderless classroom based on a positive student-teacher relationship that fosters independent, innovative critical. Content Area: Mathematics Course Title: Precalculus Grade Level: Helping the student realize that the analytical.

Operations with Radicals and Complex Numbers 9 days 1. Operations with radicals p. Simplifying radicals.

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The Mathematics iagnostic Test Mock Test and Further Information In welcome week, students will be asked to sit a short test in order to determine the appropriate lecture course, tutorial group, whether.

April 01 Revised: June , version 1. Investigating the Graphs of Polynomial Functions determine, through investigation, using graphing calculators or graphing. Only classes passed with a C or better will count towards meeting college entrance requirements. Emphasis is placed on programming and production of complex parts.

Upon completion,.Mid-infrared, from30 to THz 10 to 2. When the transmittingantenna is close to the ground, it should be polarized vertically, because verticallypolarized waves produce a greater signal strength along the earth's surface.

It suddenly shiftsto white and gradually turns darker gray at the right-hand side. Since light is an oscillation, it is not affected by travelling through static electric ormagnetic fields in a linear medium such as a vacuum. Theyboth provide communication services for submarines at a certain depth.

At least a pass in English Language is required.

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