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Living Dead Girl is a young adult novel written by Elizabeth Scott. The story follows a girl called "Alice" who has been kidnapped by a pedophile named Ray. Living Dead Girl book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Once upon a time, I was a little girl who disappeared. Once upo. Fans of Scott's YA romances Perfect You or Bloom may be unprepared for the unrelieved terror within this chilling novel.

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"Some books are read and put away. Others demand to be talked about. Elizabeth Scott's Living Dead Girl will be talked about." -- Ellen Hopkins, New York. —Horn Book “Some books are read and put away. Others demand to be talked about. Elizabeth Scott's Living Dead Girl will be talked about.” —Ellen Hopkins. This is one of the most upsetting and disturbing books I've ever read. I added Living Dead Girl to my TBR on Goodreads years ago so when I.

Through which viewpoint do you feel most connected with the character?

What do you think Scott hoped to achieve in shifting the point of view? In what way does the shift contribute to the mood of the story?

Scott uses a literary technique known as "stream of consciousness. Her thoughts are sometimes fragmented; they shift over time and space, and can be difficult to follow. Find passages in the text in which Alice's thoughts leap across time and space. Discuss what these scenes tell us about Alice.

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What effect does the stream of consciousness technique have on the reader? How does the use of stream of consciousness contribute to the overall story? How would you describe Ray? What events in his life have made him who he is? Find passages that support your thoughts. What character s does he resemble from other literary works or films. What actors can you envision playing his role in a movie? Ray doesn't want Alice to grow up. He starves her to keep her small and makes her wear little girls' clothing that is too small for a young adolescent girl.

Follow the Author

In what ways do you see Alice behaving childlike? In what ways is she mature? Would you call Alice naive? Why or why not? How does Alice feel about herself? What does the phrase "living dead girl" mean to her? Who does she hold responsible for the life she lives and the person she has become? How would you describe the relationship between Alice and Ray?

Does he love her? Does she care for him? Find passages to support your thoughts.

Ray plans to abduct another child and sends Alice to the playground in search of a young girl. Alice finds "Annabel" and tells Ray about her. What does she think about Annabel and how does she feel about Ray kidnapping another child?

When Alice first meets Jake and accompanies him to his car, he recognizes Alice's detachment and is horrified. What does her lack of emotion suggest about who she has become? Why is she void of emotion? In what ways has she become like Ray? Jake tries to help Alice in the end.

Why do you think he did so? Why did he take a gun to the park instead of reporting his suspicions to the police? A number of key phrases reoccur throughout the story.

For example, the narrator frequently repeats the phrase, "Once upon a time. Why does the author repeat the phrase? How does it influence your thoughts about Alice?

What additional phrases are repeated?

Parent reviews for Living Dead Girl

What effect do they have? At one point when Ray is abusing Alice she thinks, " Point to evidence that supports your thinking. Many children today are abducted, abused, and held in captivity -- many are held for years like Alice, and when given opportunities to escape, they don't.

Alice stays home alone and watches the soaps while Ray works; she goes out occasionally -- sometimes with Ray knowing; other times not. Why does she not leave?

She is now 15, and is still living with Ray, her abductor. They pose as father and daughter, though they have no connections to anyone in the outside world.

During this time, he has deprived her of food in order to keep her frozen in her childlike body, dresses her in childlike clothing, and has raped her every day. Ray also makes her sit in a chair as punishment when she is "bad". Alice refers to herself as the "Living Dead Girl": She is numb on the inside and is looking forward to the day when Ray will finally kill her, like he did the girl that he had abducted before her, the "First Alice".

Ray had kept the First Alice until she was fifteen and her body had begun to mature. He then killed her and dumped her body, which was later found, but he had never been suspected. Alice now hopes for death, rather than for escape. Since the day he had taken her, he had threatened that if she ever ran from him or tried to contact police, he would kill her parents.

By now, he has completely brainwashed her: He would take me back to Daisy Lane and make everyone who lives there pay. He would make everyone there pay even if he didn't find me. I belong to him. I'm his little girl. All I have to do is be good. One day, Ray tells Alice he wants her to find him a "New Alice" for him.

At first, Alice hopes that if she does, he will free her, or at least finally put her out of her misery. Instead, Ray tells her that she will train the new Alice to his liking. Alice takes trips down to the park where Ray had taken her once before and watches the young girls who play there. She writes down in a little notebook the different girls, what they do, and what they look like.

She returns to Ray and he asks her to tell him all about these little girls. On one of her trips there, she meets Lucy, a young girl who likes to swing.

Living Dead Girl

After Lucy tells Alice that she doesn't like her, Alice decides that Lucy will be the one to replace her. Alice then meets Lucy's older brother, Jake, a troubled teenager who abuses prescription drugs. Alice returns to his car and has sex with him to try to get some information from him about Lucy.Why won't it listen to me, to the little part I have that isn't Ray, to that tiny once upon a time girl who just wants to close her eyes and never wake up again?

In what way does the shift contribute to the mood of the story?

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Why do you Elizabeth Scott is a genius. She does not know he has something more terrifying than death in mind for her. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! And that you had to feel it through your empathy toward the character.

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