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Sunday, June 30, 2019

The My Book™ Duo drive comes with RAID-optimized WD Red™ drives inside to deliver high-speed, quality storage to rely on. RAID-optimized firmware is. The My Book Duo drive is desktop RAID storage with massive capacity ideal for storing photos, videos, documents and music. RAID-0 mode provides super-fast. There is a fair amount of misinformation regarding the Western Digital (“WD”) MyBook Duo series with respect to encryption and potential data loss. I am sharing.

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Western Digtial's high-performance direct attached My Book Duo Western Digital's strategy is more than just a skin-deep makeover. With a capacity of 20TB, the WD My Book Duo is the mother of all external drives. Buy WD 4TB My Book Duo Desktop RAID External Hard Drive - USB - WDBLWEJCH-NESN: My Book Duo is your personalized digital vault. With up.

There is also the option which is set-up through the software to enable encryption. This is bit AES hardware encryption. The My Book Duo can be used with either Mac or PC systems but it needs to be formatted in the correct file system for that system before use.

Build Quality and Handling The latest WD Duo is a complete redesign from the previous generation which had existed for a few years. The updated look is definitely more stylish and overall it has a higher quality feel. The simple lines and single light across the front of the drive make it easy to see the statue of the drives. The ports are neatly hidden around the back and help to keep the drive and cables tidy.

The switch to the latest USB-C port is the biggest step forward. The old USB 3. As usual with external hard drives, there is no type of cable lock to keep the USB-C cable locked into the back of the drive. While the USB-C connector is far more robust, for peace of mind, I would like to have seen an option cable guide or lock.

Once the cable is connected and the drive is positioned, it can then be connected to your computer. It takes a few moments to mount, slightly longer than a single drive but still fast enough.

Once it appears, it will show as with any other hard drive that you plug into your system. But, before you get started, it needs to be configured for your use and system. Once installed, which takes a few moments, it recognises the drive and you can click the Apps to install WD Drive Utilities. When I first started the WD Apps it asked for a firmware update, I clicked yes and it ran through quickly with no issues.

From within WD Discovery, I clicked the cog next to the drive. RAID 0, or stripe, maximises the storage so will utilise both drives and give you a single storage drive with a 12TB capacity.

Striping the drive will also give you the fastest read and write times.

RAID 1 mirrors the content from each drive. This means that when you copy a file onto the drive, it will be duplicated across to the other drive.

Western Digital Introduces Its Highest Capacity External Desktop Storage System Ever

Before clicking OK, I made sure that I had the right file format for my computer. Then just need to tick the confirmation box and click configure, and the software handles the rest.

As with any other drive, it can be ejected and remounted. If I need to power the drive down, I can eject it from the system. I can then use the button on the back to switch it off before removing the power cable. This can be done if I need to transport the drive or swap out a drive. This means that the storage is optimised for safety, so if one drive fails my content will still be safe on the other drive. RAID 1 also offers slower transfer speed than when compared with RAID 0, so this test will show the results from a real-world test of the drive being used as storage solution for photographers and videographers.

Just as a side note, I also have a back-up running through BackBlaze to cloud backup. The first performance test is to run the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test.

For a drive of this type, those speeds are more than sufficient for all image manipulation from files directly from disk and most types of full HD video editing, again direct from disk. The estimate transfer time was 12 hours which proved to be quite close.

Through the 12 hours the two drives worked away without issue and at the end, a quick integrity test showed that all files had been copied across without issue.

My Book Duo

Finally, the last test was to see how easy it was to recover files after a complete drive failure. To do this I simply ejected the drive, powered down and removed one of the drives. I then popped in a new drive and connected theMy Book Duo.

After a time I checked and the process was complete, the Duo had re-mirrored all content. All very easy. As well as the core features of the drive through the WD Discoveries App, you have access to further applications, some of which need to be paid for.

Now they sport USB 3. The inherent advantage of a dual-drive solution is that you can either have double the capacity or twice the security, depending on how you choose to configure it. And, by providing a solution where the drives are accessible, your storage solution can be repaired if a drive fails, or be upgraded to larger capacity storage when you need that.

Within minutes of the unveiling, all the dust in our office had headed on over to see what the fuss was about. When powered up the front of the unit has a pencil-thin line of white light that gently pulses away to indicate drive activity. WD notes that this is a USB 3.

TechRadar pro

This provides two additional USB 3. Striping is the default configuration.

But anyway, the option is there. A small plastic tool is included for you to pop the top of the unit off and access the drives inside for replacement. The drives are mounted on tool-less trays that slide out easily. Being so accessible, the temptation is to consider buying a 4TB model and then source larger drives for installation. Just remove the drives from the unit. However, Western Digital has cooked up a suite of tools that enhance the experience for those who can be bothered to install them.

The backup tool is basic though serviceable, allowing you to secure specific local folders hourly, daily or monthly. You can set up multiple schedules, allowing different frequencies of backup for each folder structure specified. The security tool enables you to utilize the bit AES hardware encryption and define a password that is required to unlock the drive.Have a read and let us know what you think.

Massive capacity desktop RAID storage

This application also gives you control of the idle sleep timers and even has a data erase feature to wipe the drives so you can start over with a fresh array. The My Book Duo can be used with either Mac or PC systems but it needs to be formatted in the correct file system for that system before use.

RAID 1 sees content from one drive mirrored onto another.

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Now they sport USB 3.

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