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So you need to have a TSCII-conformant tamil font to view the Tamil part properly . Several TSCII conformant fonts are available free for use on Macintosh, Unix. – Bhagavan Sri Skanda's Divine Online Abode (Home to the Skanda Guru Kavasam is a hymn filled with bakthi to invoke the true Guru. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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KANDHA GURU - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Skanda Shashti Kavacham, Kantha Sashti Kavasam Pdf Download, Kanta Shasti Kavasam Pdf Download, Kandhar Shashti Kavasam Pdf Download,, Kanthar.

Mythology explains and illustrates philosophy by means of legendary lives of real men or supernatural beings. Ritual gives a still more concrete form to philosophy so that everyone may understand it. The Puranas contain various myths. Skanda Purana is one of the most important of the Puranas. It states that at one time the Devas were strongly oppressed by the Asura Sooran, and his brothers, Tharagan and Singan.

Being unable to bear their ill treatment they prayed to Lord Siva and out of His abundance of compassion ejected six sparks from his third eye, the inner eye of intuition and threw them in the Ganges, but as Ganges could not bear the intensity of the heat, threw them into the Saravana Poykai. This is where Lord Murugan was born, hence He is called Saravanabhavan. The six sparks took the form of six babies and they were brought up by Karthigai Pengal.

Lyrics of Kandar Sashti Kavacham

Thus, He is called Karthikeyan. He is also called Guhan, Murugan, Shanmugan, and Velayutham. They represent Karma Mala, and Maya Mala. Soorapathman represents Anava Mala ego. According to Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy, Anava Mala is not completely destroyed but remains dormant when the soul attains bliss.

Oh Muruga of Mylapore. Oh Muruga with a Vel of Valli Mountain. Oh God of the seven mountains.

Ulluyiraagi irupathum anbu yenbai. Oh God with Vel of Kadhir Gama. For The thing which is everywhere is only love. Please come and occupy my stable mind as wisdom. Oh great one of Kumaragiri please erase everything in my mind. I surrendered. Oh holder of Vel of Chengottu. You said that the spreading love is Para Brahma. Oh teacher of the world. Oh Kanda. Love is Kumara. Oh Muruga of the butter mountain. Oh holy teacher of Kanja mountain. Anbe Skandan. Oh Muruga of the green mountain. Oh Singara vela of Chikkal.

Oh teacher of the Kumara Mountain. Oh Young god of the magnetic mountain. And Love is the only thing that is like a soul within us. You ordered that surrendering to you is my only work. Oh God who have found the truth by becoming a flame of Veda. Please come as Shakthi and as Shiva quickly.

I am also saying that. You have become what all I see. Oh Skanda Kumara who is the holy God. Oh Muruga come instantly as mother and as father. Oh Muruga come as the light of my mind. I need your protection. Make me understand that this illusory world is but an illusion. Oh Lord Shanmuga who is praised by the four Vedas. Oh son of Parvathi worshipped by Agama shastras. Oh root of all. Oh Muruga come. Please become one with my senses and make me clean.

And stopping me and showing me your grace. Oh God of gods. You belong to every one. You are the God that I can see with my eyes.

Oh child. Come as wisdom to protect me. Please grant me that true knowledge where I and mine are not there. You please armed with your Vel to protect this poor man.

I would make a temple for you within my mind. And For making love is a stable power in my mind. And desiring peace. Please come armed with our Vel with great speed. You are pleasant to all. Oh Muruga. I said. I seek your protection. Oh Kumara. Oh son of Shiva and Shakthi. Make me yours. Please come as love Oh Skanda. Oh Lord teacher who is Shiva. Please teach me occult education. And also please grant that knowledge by which I can know knowledge. Please make me boil in the honey of the happiness of Shiva.

It is your duty to make me like Shiva. Please bless me. Make me forget that good and bad are within me only. Please show me in my mind the scenes and sounds of your grace. Oh six faced one. Oh Skanda.

Please give me the power of wisdom. And after granting the great Sidhi which is Jnana Sidhi. I will loudly shout for your help. Come fast and give me the holy joy of Shiva. I have caught your feet. Oh Skanda who is the Lord teacher. Make me forget all philosophy and also forget myself. Strength which is filled by divine grace. Due to your grace. To remove my fear and grant me peace. I saluted your feet. And after giving me that joy of shiva. You place me without allowing move in your ring of grace.

Who is the lord of Teachers. Please make me yours after giving me the. And make me forget sin. I had asked you. I want your grace and giving grace is your duty. Oh Lord teacher who is Lord Shiva. Let your grace protect my eyes and eye brows. Let the good Vel protect my two nostrils. Oh doer of mercy.

In the western side. Let the hands of Skanda protect my neck. Let my entire belly be protected by the son of Goddess Uma. For protecting me in the north east. Let Kanda protect my teeth with strength. Let the son of Parvathi protect my lips. Let the good Muruga protect my toungue properly. Let my mind be protected by the stick in the hand of Muruga.

Let the pure Vel protect both my shoulders. Let The Kanda Vel protect both my eyes.

Let Karthigeya protect fingers of my hand. In the southern side. Let the flag of cock protect both my ears. Let Skanda reside sweetly and forever in my heart. For protecting me on the north. Oh friend of the oppressed. Oh he who rides the peacock.

Please come flying and hover in all ten directions to protect me. Let the consort of Valli protect my chest and stomach. Let the child of Ganga protect both my cheeks. Let the greatest among males protect the space between eye brows.

If this is chanted hundred thousand times with love. May be protected by the six faced lord. May be protected by the chief of devas. If you do according to what the teacher Subrahmanya says.

Please fill up your mind immediately with Muruga. Sreem hreem. And you would be the matchless God worshipped in this earth. Please remove my pride and live with in me as light of wisdom.

Chant this root and you would become evolved soul. For winning over the God of death. There is ne need to go anywhere seeking salvation. Om irundu namaha varai ondraaka cherthidadaa. For those with the root chant there is no fear of death.

Let my skin. And the salvation would be within your hands. Oru manathOdu nee uruvaiyum yethidadaa. If with full mind if you understand this root chant of Muruga.

The three dirts of the mind would go away. I have told you this root to win over illusions of this world. Absorb my form with single mindedness. And oh man. And chant this one crore times to attain salvation. This should be chanted one crore times to see the end. At this instant fill your fill your mind with the root chant. You would get all that you wish and the fear of death will run away fast. And Oh mind try to desire the reaching of the end.

KLoum soum namaha yendru cherthidada naal thorum. Oh God who taught Om to the God Brahma. As he is the great flame of grace of the six faced God. Oh Lord teacher Skanda. Please come and change yourself as rational knowledge. I surrender to you Skanda. You made Kanda giri as your own. I am alive only because of your grace. And please make me capable of seeing the rational Vadi Vela. Oh Kanda come inside me as the true knowledge. Me see myself within you. Sidhiya-yayum mukthi-yayum skanda guru thanthiduvaan.

Oh Saravana Bhava. Oh Sarvana Bhava. You would protect birth and death separately. I meditate on you. And desiring only for you. Please give me boon of no birth and make me full of Brahmam.

In Thiuchendur you held the powerful Shakthi vel. You can swiftly understand the meaning of Vedantha. Pleases dissolve me within your self. You who became the teacher to Lord Shiva in Swami Malai.

Oh Kanda who is the soul of my soul. And give me the boon to enable. You would make me forget the dirty heap of unnecessary principles.

Kanda Sashti Kavasam in Tamil - Hindusphere

In Pazham udhir Cholai you became the divine flame. And he would catch hold of you sitting and living inside you. In Pazhani you became the very ancient flame. You would give the great boon of absence of birth. I have surrendered to you. He would appear in our mind as the Lord teacher Subrahmanya. Sat in each and every hill as the great teacher. You would destroy all other thoughts and save me.

I do not know any methods to control the mind. Make me drown for a moment in the happiness of Advaitha. Please hear scholar of Jnana. Please make my sinful body pure. Please give me purity of mind and meditation. Oh God who blesses in Kali yuga. But I have caught hold of your holy feet firmly. Oh teacher with six faces.

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Please make me stand in the perennial bliss. Please hear Lord teacher Skanda. Please make me stand firm in your grace. I have understood your power.

Please drive away the poverty using your stick. Please drive away all my sins using your Vel. Please remove the dirt caused by passion. Oh God whom I can see. Oh holy Muruga. Please pulverize the devil of desires. Show me the truth and help me improve myself. Please drive away all my sorrows to a long distance away from me. For your form is the perennial bliss. Oh God who is the teacher Skanda. Please destroy the devil of pride completely.

I do not know how to control my senses. Please drive away pleasure and pain by your two eyes. By the true grace. Please make all my thought to be pervaded with you. Lord Teacher Skanda. I do not know anything about Ida and Pingala nadis. Please bless me so that you protect me. You come at this instant. You told that limitless love is godliness. Please make love as my eyes and protect me. Love is peace. Oh God with six faces. Love is Vishnu. Love is silence.

Love is gods. The holy trinity. And that Skanda Guru sat there as the light of the soul. You told that love is everywhere not only here and not only there. Oh God of love. Love is truth. Make me full of love and then make me yours. Love is Shakthi. And our Guru was born there to remove darkness. After coming. Make me a scholar having Jnana. Love is Brahmam and you told love is everything. Of love which is your grace and which in within and without. Please make love stand in my mind with stability.

You are love and I am love. Destroy all pride in me. He became the Teacher Skanda in Skandashramam. Oh Skanda who is wise. Love is Shiva. And he is the sacred teacher steeped in love.

The love that is filled everywhere is my teacher. The place without love is neither here not there. Oh Subrahmanya. Oh Lad who blesses. The Skanda jyothi in Skandashramam. I believed in you. You occupied all the hills of Kongu desam. And Oh teacher pleas make me a great savant of Shiva.

Oh Skanda Guru who blossomed in Kongu Nadu. Please teach me the mantra of Brahma. Please put me in the company of learned people. I would meditate in the middle of my forehead. Oh teacher Skanda who is praised by Kanja malai Chithar. Oh Kumara Guru who is surrounded by Pulippani Chithars. The land in which Kanda guru is there is throughout the world. And show me the light through the holy wheels. Oh Skanda Kumara who is praised by the saint of Karuvoor.Skanda purana This Kavacham armour addressed to Lord Shiva is unique and very important.

And stopping me and showing me your grace. But I have caught hold of your holy feet firmly. Other resources For devotees who do not know Tamil, below are links to English version Tamil words, readable in English Stothra Rathnas This is an excellent web site providing many hymns in English readable format along with translations.

The destination in this case is God, the foreign country is our earthly life filled with its karmic bonds, and the tour guide is the Guru — who knows all the pitfalls, deadends, detours, etc.

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Give me salvation which the trinity will praise. For those of our Guru.

And after granting the great Sidhi which is Jnana Sidhi. Love is Shakthi.

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