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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Classic Books List. “Why read the classics? A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.” These are a few recommendations, books. Black Queer and Trans* Reading List. Please add books or essays written by Black and/or POC Queer and Trans* writers (fiction and non-fiction) and books or . Showdown Master List: Round Two. Time to read and vote again, fandom! Peruse, admire, prepare to make impossible choices. This is a talented fandom.

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me: here's a flow chart of 41 lgbtq+ book recommendations, have fun! disclaimer: this is a very non-comprehensive list since I'm only including books that I've. Interesting reading lists from institutions, writers, experts and figures of historical or cultural importance. Operated by Lloyd Shepherd. Book Recommendations FIND A BOOK BY TOPIC: Click topic to view recommendations. - Fluffy and Feel Good Books - Ancient Rome and Greece - Fans of.

by Toni Morrison

Lesser-known iOS features Touch and hold a photo Do that and the share sheet opens. From there you can send the image by text, email, or whatever. One thing about this: the post will get reblogged to the most recent blog you posted to.

Not a problem for most people, but be mindful if you switch between blogs a lot. If you have Labs enabled, turn on FastQueue and hit the clock button that appears next to reblog.

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Smash cache Smash the cache to free up extra memory on your phone—it should run faster and crash less. Tap the account tab the human , then "Settings," then smash your cache. Interactive notifications Slide your Tumblr notifications to reveal their hidden functions. Thing is, setting it up is a little weird: Open a picture in your camera roll.

7 Books With Surprisingly Active Tumblr Fandoms

Press the share icon. It looks like this: Swipe through the list of apps and press More. Turn on Tumblr and anything else you want and rearrange the list order however you like.

Press done. Now, whenever you see the share icon Safari, camera roll, Notes, etc. Those precious seconds add up. Then there are the playlists, handcrafted especially for the eerie late night forest Bacchanalia or the dreamy winter break spent in Hampden. Fans are essentially creating the characters' imagined social media presences, one GIF at a time.

Not to mention the proliferation of fanart dedicated to severed pig heads and the gang hugging it out in festive Christmas sweaters a nice thing about Tumblr fandom is that you can imagine tragic book characters in happier situations.

And as much fanart tends to do, some depicts the book's characters, primarily Ralph and Jack, shirtless and occasionally making out with each other.

It's not exactly what your 7th grade English teacher had in mind, but hey, at least they're appreciating literature in their own way. Instead, they're delving into the notoriously dense novel lovingly nicknamed "The Brick" due to its size and heft and gaining an in-depth knowledge of Parisian life in the nineteenth century.

Fans will write fanfiction set in an eerily detailed Waterloo battlefield or draw fanart that depicts historically accurate cravats from the 's. Both the movie and the musical leave out copious details from the book, but thankfully, Tumblr appears to be the perfect platform for Hugo's overlooked segues about the Parisian sewer system. But the book's fandom goes beyond pictures of handwritten quotes and low-fi playlists.

To love Weetzie Bat is to dress like Weetzie Bat. Interesting reading lists from institutions, writers, experts and figures of historical or cultural importance. Operated by Lloyd Shepherd. A List of Book Lists.

High Fantasy Recommendations

Hudson The American by Henry James". June 16, May 16, February 13, At the end of it Chilton compiled a list of 20 depressing novels only two of which were written by female authors. This ostensible disproportion got me thinking about all the intelligent and insightful gloomy novels penned by women. There are many, far too many to include in a single list so I have whittled them down to 10, which is something Chilton should have done to balance out the inequality.

Pauline’s book recs : a MASTERPOST

December 02, The 10 best American essays since An interesting list in Publishers Weekly of the ten finest American essays since , selected by Robert Atwan, the founder of the Best American Essays series. There are links on the full article to readable versions of several of the essays: November 16, Wilderness of Mirrors: Brugioni The Agency: Washington Post Tags: November 12, This is the central idea of Escape from Freedom, a landmark work by one of the most distinguished thinkers of our time, and a book that is as timely now as when first published in Formative Reads.

Creole Other Diversity: The novels focus on exploring the duality of heroism in specific character stories from the Marvel Universe.

Stand-alone Series. If you remember how this one ends, you know that re-reading it is an excersise in having your heart torn out.

Caught in the Storm angryschnauzer. Come on, Simon Snow. This beloved story of a bull who refuses to fight has been around since Web is everything Jonathan wishes he could be:

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