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Friday, June 7, 2019

Are you in abusive relationship? This book may be just what you need to finally get some answers. In this groundbreaking bestseller, Lundy Bancroft—a counselor who specializes in working with abusive men—uses his knowledge about how. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. This fascinating investigation into what makes Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men eBook: Lundy Bancroft: Kindle Store.

Why Does He Do That Ebook

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This fascinating investigation into what makes abusive men tick is alarming, but its candid handling of a difficult subject makes it a valuable resource for. He's had a really hard life " Women in abusive relationships tell themselves these things every day. Now they can see inside the minds of angry and controlling. He says he loves you. Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. He has published five books, including the bestseller Why Does He Do That?, Daily Wisdom for Why Does He Do Title, Why Does He Do That?.

Acknowledging his abusiveness and speaking forcefully and honestly about how he has hurt her is indispensable to her recovery. It is the abuser's perspective that she is being mean to him by speaking bluntly about the damage he has done.

To suggest to her that his need for compassion should come before her right to live free from abuse is consistent with the abuser's outlook. I have repeatedly seen the tendency among friends and acquaintances of an abused woman to feel that it is their responsibility to make sure that she realizes what a good person he really is inside - in other words, to stay focused on his needs rather than on her own, which is a mistake. People who wish to help an abused woman should instead be telling her what a good person she is.

By teaching boys that they can do whatever they want instead of showing them how to nurture and respect people, and by turning a blind eye to all the songs, movies, pornography, etc. Bancroft thus reveals that we all can also contribute to creating a world without abuse, by supporting and believing survivors while fighting the toxic elements of our culture that condone the mistreatment of fellow humans. I would recommend this eye-opening, impressive book to everyone and anyone, especially those who want to educate themselves about a salient issue plaguing society.

I will end this review with an iconic passage from the last part of the book, which showcases hope amidst the darkness: "If you choose to believe that your life could be free of abuse, or that the whole world could be, you will be taunted by similar voices, some originating inside your own head.

Some people feel threatened by the concept that abusive is a solvable problem, because if it is, there's no excuse for not solving it. Abusers and their allies are reluctant to face up to the damage they have done, make amends, and live differently in the future, so they may choose to insult those who address the problem of abuse.

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I can't get two sentences in with out spacing out into PTSD from the domestic violence. Yeah that happened to me the first few times I read it - it's a bible for women - he so captures the dynamics and their intent and how they misrepresent their thoughts and entitlements as "feelings". I love this book. It's a treasure trove of information. BTW is there a way to make the typeface smaller? I've tried in Kindle and Adobe and can't find anything. Don't wanna grumble - I just hate the layout as it is - I like more of a semblance of reading a book.

I don't think you're really understanding what devaluing looks like in an abusive relationship.

So, hey, story time I guess. I was in a long-term relationship with a man who liked to spend all our money on booze and then come home drunk and beat me for what I wasn't doing to make his life easier.

One of his favorite excuses was that I "wasted money" at the grocery store- I occasionally bought a head of garlic, or some onions, and I was only supposed to be buying eggs and potatoes. So you think, well, why didn't you just stop buying seasonings?

Because I couldn't win, and he'd also hit me if our diet of solely potatoes and eggs! Between employment and housework I worked essentially constantly, I had no friends nor was I allowed to have any friends , and as we split the bills evenly he made three times as much money as I did , I didn't have any money of my own.

If I managed to save anything, he took it with some excuse, and it became beer or it went to getting fast food with one of the many coworkers he was trying to sleep with. He refused to use condoms, he tampered with my birth control, he tried to prevent me from getting an abortion but I had hyperemesis so that got annoying enough for him that he finally gave in. Afterwards I was afraid of PIV, so he'd come home drunk and hit me and then badger me into sucking his dick because otherwise he'd start throwing what little I owned out the front door, and because I didn't have any friends or money, I didn't know of anywhere else to go.

I'm a reasonably intelligent woman, although I was very young at the time. So why on earth did I put up with it? Why didn't I know I could leave?


She spent my entire childhood telling me how worthless I am and showing me that nobody would believe me or help me. Two, he didn't start out that way. During the phase where he suckered me in, he acted like I was everything he'd ever hoped and dreamed of I'm sure I was- an attractive doormat 15 years his junior and we'd live Happily Ever After.

Three, the physical abuse came slowly, and it came paired WITH the emotional abuse.

Pick, pick, pick, pick. He'd praise me to the skies, except this one little thing, it's so terrible, aren't you lucky that I love you, nobody else would put up with this, you know. Side note: He'd do things that scared me, but he swore I was just overreacting. He liked to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder and take me places, without warning. I'd scream because I was scared and claw at him because I couldn't breathe. He used the scratch marks as evidence that I was abusing him - I weighed lbs, he weighed Once my self-esteem was shaky and he'd driven off my friends who now thought I was nuts , then the obvious physical violence started.

Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men

I got away from him over a decade ago and it's not the physical injuries that left me fucked up for life. You think there's real physically violent abuse and not-real emotionally violent abuse and they're two different things, but they're two sides of the same coin.

Yeah the paired onset of the abusive behaviours is an interesting point. These emotionally controlling behaviours are I suppose what some might describe as "red flags" - perhaps we'd define a "red flag" as a behaviour which attempts to isolate a woman or trivialize her perception of any other "red flags" or physical abuse this definition needs improvement.

Some of the red flag behaviours like the ones you described are already physical abuse though, such as birth control tampering and being too rough on purpose.

Reward Yourself

I definitely agree that men exhibiting emotionally controlling behaviours are much more likely to become physically abusive and that women should interact with them under extreme caution. However, I don't think that conflating controlling behaviour with real violence under the same term is beneficial to pushing vulnerable women to reject interactions with potential abusers, because restricting the term "abuse" to a stronger more material form, physical violence, enables more clear cut rejection decisions by women regarding relationships with potential abusers - men who exhibit emotionally controlling behaviour.

Anyway, while I still think the emotional and physical aspects of abuse are two different things, I absolutely agree that they are two sides of the same coin and that emotionally controlling behaviour is a precursor and accompaniment to physical violence. I stayed with my abuser for 10 years because he never hit me so hey it wasn't real abuse right. He raped me but he never hit me so it wasn't real abuse right.


He cut me off from my family but he never hit me so it wasn't real abuse right. He cut off my ties with my friends and all my SOME and I had no one but him but hey it wasn't real abuse right. He would daily call me a useless bitch but hey he never hit me so it wasn't real abuse right. He did hit me.

A lot. But my broken collarbone healed. I got used to my nose. The scar on the back of my head where he threw me against the bathtub is covered by hair, and I lied to the young man giving me stitches.

My body is a little less than ideal, but it still works, it's still mine. I'm used to it now.They come to you as Prince Charming. Call her at home.

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Once my self-esteem was shaky and he'd driven off my friends who now thought I was nuts , then the obvious physical violence started.

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