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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Trendy wall stencil patterns that give your room a complete new fabulous look that suits your personality. Use designer wall paint stencils that give a stylish. Can't decide on one stencil? Opt for our stencil kits which allows you to create beautiful wall art using multiple stencils. Image. Stencil Kit 3. Image. Stencil Kit 2. Our painting guides & colour books helps you pick the right colour schemes for your home interiors & exteriors and get different room decor ideas. Order them.

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Ethnic designs possess distinctive appeal because of the warmth and character they bring to the table. Add the same to the decor at home with our range of. Give your walls at home an awesome theme, one that you best relate to. Choose from a wide selection of stencils that include themes for music lovers, travellers. Asian Paints Royale Play Wall Fashion Bliss Stencil/Wall Sticker for Home And Kayra Decor Reusable-Wall "Birds on The Tree" Stencil for Wall Decor/DIY.

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Asian Paints Interior Designs

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The customer support executives are responsive and they ensure to provide reliable value added service to their valuable customers. The service from customer support will be available round the clock on all their working hours and business days. With Asianpaints coupons and Asianpaints promo codes you can buy exterior paints with huge discounts. In online website of Couponrani. How to choose paint products helps you to pick right color for your living space at best discounted price.

The paints of this colorful company are known to be one of the best quality products.

Balance it with a lot of white or neutral colour furniture. Upholstery: Use upholstery, cushions and throws which are largely white in colour with accent of dark brown and very soft beige Accessories: Accessorize with bright yellow carnations in a white ceramic vase or add a light yellow lamp shade for some contrast and elegance. Lighting: Lots of natural light works very well.

Use muted yellow light in the evenings. You can combine it with light shades of blue, green and pink. Furniture Type: Light purples are more flexible when it comes to furniture colour -both light and dark browns work well. Upholstery: Use neutral pastel colours for upholstery like beige, off white. For cushions or throws, you can use pastel shades of pink, blue and green.

Accessories: Place a small potted plant or fresh flowers to bring the space alive and add freshness to the space. Lighting: Use natural or white light in the form of neat pastel colours lamp shades. Various tones of purple give diverse moods.

Lighter tones bring out meditative feel and deeper richer tones bring out luxurious look and feel. Purples Where to use: The darker shade of purple is more suitable for a drawing room. Furniture Type: Purple walls look even richer with chocolate brown furniture or drapes. Upholstery: Cushions, throws and upholstery which are light khakhi green or grey in colour balance the dark rich colour on the walls.

Accessories: Place a small potted plant to bring the space alive and add freshness to the space. Lighting: Use natural or white light in the form of neatly designed lamp shades of pastel colours. Oranges Where to use: The lighter tones of Orange will be suitable for small or medium size rooms. Upholstery: Combine furniture in white or other lighter tones for a softer feel of the space. Decorate with clear glass accessories or wooden curios Lighting: White light will induce a brighter feel to the room.

This colour of sunrise brings in warmth and energy to any place. Also boosts high energy and stimulates the mind.

Oranges Where to use: The darker tones of Orange will be more suitable for a room with plenty of light bedroom or a drawing room. Furniture Type: It will look very appealing with Dark Walnut tones of furniture.


White furniture can be used for contrast. Upholstery: cushions,throws and upholstery in soft beige, taupe tones or light greys will offset beautifully with dark orange walls. Accessories: Decorate with accessories that have simple forms and clean line. These could be in white or off white colours. Lighting: Combination of white and yellow light will make the room more appealing.

Reds Where to use: Lighter tones of red can be used in mid sized rooms where one wants the overall bright and energetic feel. Furniture Type: It could be teamed up with light ceddar colour furniture with some touch of white furniture.

Upholstery: Furnishings in glossy white and light grey will add the neutral balance to the space. Accessories: Adding light fixtures in white finishes or dark wood candle stands will make the space interesting and well balanced.

Lighting: White light will best highlight the spaces with light red tones. It draws attention and signifies confidence. Deeper reds evokes mood of passion wherein lighter tones evokes at atmosphere of relaxation. Reds Where to use: Limit the dark red to just two walls of the room.

It can be used in Dining and Living rooms. It could also be used with hints of lighter red.

How artist Moranngam Khaling’s new wallpapers with Asian Paints dip into Nagaland’s visual history

Furniture Type: Deep wooden tones with white accents. Upholstery: Furnishing prints in red and white, beige floor rug, and red toned upholstery. Accessories: Black and white photography with black frames make the space classy. Add a surprise element by using yellow or white flowers in a clear vase. Lighting: Use lighting fixtures in a chrome finish with a combination of yellow and white light.

Creams Where to use: Light cream tones could be used for a variety of spaces. It is ideal for small bedrooms or dressing rooms. Furniture Type: Light Cream walls could be teamed up with light wood or white furniture. Upholstery: For a romantic and fresh feel add candles in similar tones and pair these up with fresh flowers in a crystal vase Accessories: Also add a touch of black and white in accessories, photo frames or book shelf.

These colours make for very nice contrast. Use soft yellow light in the evening for a quiet elegant look. Softer tones of cream form a neutral base.

Asian Paints Wall Fashion - Stencils

Creams Where to use: Dark tones of cream colour are suited for bedrooms, study areas or a formal living space. Furniture Type: It looks highly elegant with dark walnut coloured furniture. Both ornate and clean contemporary furniture looks good with this colour. Upholstery: Upholstery in dark brown leather with drapes in different tones of cream will lend a great elegance to this room.

Accessories: Accessorize with a white lampshade, touch of brass and an indoor plant. Lighting: A combination of white and yellow light will work very well for this room.

Browns Where to use: Tones of Light brown are suitable for medium to large sized rooms with ample natural light. Add a touch of green or blue to make the room look lively.

Furniture Type: Furniture in combination of mid and dark wood tones will add an interesting look to the space. Upholstery: Add Upholstery in white, drapes in light green or blue tones along with some cushions in beige for a refreshing light feel.

Accessories: Accessorize with ceramics in dark colours and curios which look antique. Lighting: White light will be most suited for this room.

Browns are the new neutral and can be used interestingly in a space. Browns Where to use: Dark brown tones can be used to lend a very chic and stylish feel to the space. It looks very nice in a den, study area or a very personalized space. Furniture Type: For a highly elegant look add furniture in dark walnut colour. Upholstery: Upholstery in white and beige stripes drapes lighter tones of beige or brown. Accessories: Accessorize with bronze finished tableware and curios.

Also add some touches of white in the curios. Place some yellow and white flowers for a beautiful feel. Lighting: Combination of white and yellow light will make the space appear highly stylish. Greens Where to use: Light green tones will work very well for bedrooms. Adding a light cream to the adjacent wall will highlight the green colour.

Furniture Type: For a classy look add white furniture in the antique look. Also add a contrastring piece of furniture in dark walnut.

Upholstery: Upholstery in bright pink will add a glamorous feel to the room. Drapes can be in beige hues.

Accessories: Accessorize with a beautiful mirror, white vase and green table plant. Lighting: White light will work the best for this room. Its renewing, rejuvenating and relieves stress. Soothing ambience is provided by softer shades of greens. Greens Where to use: Dark green colour will be very appealing for a formal living room. It will work best in a large room with good natural light.

Team it up with adjacent walls in light green or light yellow colours for an elegant look and feel. Furniture Type: Furniture used should be a mix of white and brown. Upholstery: Drapes, cushions, rugs can be a mix of light greens, deep red, soft beiges with trims of black or deep brown.Peeling Peeling paints doesn't just look ugly but is also a sign that all s not well with your walls.

The Naga inspiration behind Asian Paints’ wallpaper of the year, Mithun

Soothing colours go well in bedrooms. Please enter valid mobile number Password must be of length 6 to 16 characters with at least a letter and a digit. Nature Inspired. We'll make sure you're updated on the latest and best from Asian Paints and the world of inspiring decor.

This book especially focuses on giving different colour combinations for different building structures, like single tower, multi-tower and apartment buildings. While scientific tools have been used to match colours and make them look like the paint you will use, yet, there is likely to be a difference.

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