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The Official Star Trek Fact Files was a Paramount Pictures-licensed partwork magazine series, distributed in the UK, Europe and Australia by GE Fabbri. I was wondering if anyone here collects the Star Trek Fact Files? I collected them as a kid, but never to completion. I managed about 8 folders. I am, and have been a fairly serious fan of Star Trek and its spin-offs. The Origainal Series was, without question, the best of the lot. The Next Generation was.

Star Trek Fact Files Pdf

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HOW TO ORDER Orders should be sent to: The STAR TREK Fact Files Woodgate (Fabbri) Ltd, PO Box 1, Hastings TN35 4TJ Please make your cheques /postal. File 2: Star Trek Timeline. File 2: Card 1: 15 Billion Years ago File 2: Card 2: File 2: Card 3: File 2: Card 4: (Wolf in the. Star Trek Fact Files to Encyclopedia. However Michael Okuda in an interview with STAR TREK Monthly number 99 is quoted as saying "The 'Star Trek.

Health in the 24th Century File 7: Applying for Federation Membership File 7: Formation and History File 7: Card 1d: First Contact Procedures File 7: Card 1e: The Prime Directive File 7: Seat of Power File 7: Early 21st Century Earth File 7: Federation Justice File 7: Card 5a: Omicron Theta File 7: Card 5b: The Moon and it's Colonies File 7: Card 5c: The Andorians File 7: Card 5d: The Benzites File 7: Card 5e: Deneva File 7: Card 5f: Card 5g: The Caldos Colony File 7: Card 5h: Card 5i: The Bolians File 7: Card 5j: The Tellarites File 7: Card 5 Appendix: Turkana IV File 7: The Federation at War File 7: Terrorist Threats to the Federation File 7: Federation Penal Systems File 7: Card 8a: New Zealand in the 24th Century File 7: Card 8b: Tantalus V File 7: Card 8c: Darwin Genetic Research Station File 7: The Daystrom Institute File 7: Card 13a: Baseball in the 24th Century File 7: Card 13b: Sport in the 24th Century File 7: Card 13c: Card 13d: Federation Colonies File 7: Mining Colonies File 7: Card 15a: Janus IV File 7: Card 15b: Delta Vega File 7: Card 15c: Rigel XII File 7: The Federation and Other Races File 7: Card 16a: The Federation and the Klingons Back to Top.

File 8: The Vulcans File 8: The Vulcan Chronology File 8: The Vulcan Race and Rituals File 8: Vulcan Psychic Skills File 8: Vulcan Self Defense File 8: Vulcan Discipline File 8: Vulcan Leisure File 8: Vulcan Clothing File 8: Vulcan within the Federation File 8: Card 9a: Vulcans in Starfleet File 8: Pon Farr File 8: Card 10a: Koon-ut-kal-if-fee File 8: The Geography of Vulcan File 8: Vulcan Ceremonial Grounds File 8: Fal-tor-pan Back to Top.

File 9: The Trills File 9: Trill Initiates File 9: Trill Association File 9: Trill Rituals File 9: Trill Host Difficulties File 9: Life Cycle of a Trill Symbiont File 9: File The Bajorans File Bajoran Society File Jeraddo File Card 2b: A Guide to Bajor File The Bajoran Religion File Bajor and the Emissary File Church and State File Bajoran Kai Uniforms File Bajor under the Cardassians File Card 4a: Bajoran Internment Camps File Bajor and the Wormhole File The Bajoran Resistance File The Circle File The Kohn-Ma File Bajor and Starfleet File The Bajoran Provisional Government File Bajoran Pregnancy File Festivals and Celebrations File Bajoran Jewelry File Bajoran Agriculture File Bajoran Myths and Legends File Card 16b: Card 16c: The Legend of B'Hala File Card 16d: Trakor's Third Prophecy File The Bajoran Militia File Bajoran Refugee Camp: Valo II File The Bajoran Prophets Back to Top.

The Klingon Empire File Klingon Timeline: The Klingon Race File Klingon Honor File Klingon Ethical Conflicts File Card 2c: Non-Military Klingon Endeavors File Card 2d: Klingon Border Expansions File Klingon Alphabet and Language File Klingon Insults File Klingon Rituals File The Rites of Ascension File Card 4b: Klingon Day of Honour File Card 4c: Klingon Weddings File Card 4d: The R'Uustai File Card 4e: The Order of the Bat'leth File Card 4f: Kot'Baval Ceremony File Klingon Leisure File Klingon Defense Force File Klingon Defense Force: Order of Ranks File Klingon Dress: Klingon Ritual Weapons File Klingon Food File Klingon Drinks File Klingon Mythology File The Legend of Kahless File Klingon Mating Rituals File Klingons and Tribbles File Khitomer File The Klingon Civil War File Klingon Sayings File Death in Klingon Society File Klingon Politics File The Klingons and the Dominion File Klingons and Cardassians File Klingon Justice File Klingon Music and Poetry File Boreth File Klingon Families File Card 22a: The House of Mogh File Card 22b: Hall of Warriors File Rura Penthe Back to Top.

The Romulan Star Empire File The Romulans and the Dominion File Romulan Timeline: Romulan Conflicts File Romulan Imposters File Romulan History File The Tal Shiar File Romulans and Klingons File Romulan Reunification File The Romulan Military File Romulan Military: Romulan Military Uniforms: Romulan Prison Camp: Carraya IV Back to Top.

The Cardassian Union File The Cardassian Race File The Obsidian Order File Cardassia and the Federation File Cardassia and the DMZ File Cardassian Torture File Cardassian Justice File Cardassian Prison Camps Back to Top. The Ferengi Alliance File The Ferengi Race File Ferengi Tradition File The Rules of Aquisition File Ferengi and Profit File The Role of the Grand Nagus File Ferengi Leisure File Ferengi Conflicts File Ferengi Females File Ferengi Childhood and the Attainment Ceremony File The Ferengi and the Dominion Back to Top.

The Borg File Individuality and the Borg File Lore and the Borg File The Borg Cooperative File Assimilation File The Borg and Species File Borg Anatomy Back to Top. The Dominion File Races of the Dominion File Dominion Strategy File Internment Camp File The Founders File The Founders' History File The Vorta File The Jem'Hadar File Jem'Hadar Fighting Skills File Jem'Hadar and Ketracel White File Jem'Hadar Anatomy File The Karemma File The Dominion and the Breen File The Q Continuum File Q and Captain Picard File Leaving the Q Continuum File Civil War in the Q Continuum File The Power of the Q Back to Top.

Pet Species File Noncorporeal Beings File The Culture of the Maquis File Starfleet Defectors to the Maquis File Conflicts of the Maquis File The Maquis and the Cardassians File The Maquis in the Delta Quadrant File Card 2e: The Last Days of the Maquis File Betazoids File Betaziods Working within the Federation File Betazoid Mental Abilities File Dorvan V Colonists File The Ocampa File The Kazon Race File The Kazon and Technology File The Kazon and the Trabe File Known Kazon Sects File Kazon Training Base File The Role of a Kazon Maje File The Vidiians File Card 7a: Vidiian Biology File Tribbles File Empathic Metamorphs File The Kriosians File Angel One Inhabitants File The Breen File The Sikarians File The Organians File Ardana File The Mintakans File The Minarans File Sigma Iotia II File The Genome Colony File The Talosians File Planet IV File The People of Vaal File The Talaxians File Card 23a: Rinax and the Metreon Cascade File Card 23b: Talaxian Beliefs File Kataan File Miramanee's People File Sargon's People File The Medusans File The Zetars File Tau Cygna V Colony File Chakotay's Tribe: Origins File Card 31a: The Sky Spirits File Card 31b: Chakotay's Medicine Wheel File Tyree's People File Card 32a: The Mugato File Intriguing design The material used in the construction of the station is unknown, although when decloaked it appears to be made up of heavily armored light gray metallic plates that may offer significant protection in addition to its highly powered cloaking system.

The station comprises a roughly cylindrical upper and lower section connected to a narrower central column; a symmetry exists about its center point, as the two halves are virtually identical apart from their rotational aspect. The upper and lower modules terminate in a flat circular port, with a number of upwardly angled cylinders arranged directly below the cone-like ends. A series of protruding plates are arranged around the widest circular diameter of these modules, angling inward to a narrow connecting collar made up of a series of interlocking flat plates.

The narrowest section of the station is located at these connecting points, and houses a series of horizontally protruding cylinders very similar to the angled units on the upper and lower modules. The configuration of these along with many other similar stanchions around the station suggest that they may be docking ports, as 22 Ba'Neth Vessels are detected by Voyager's sensor scans along with the station itself.

Located directly below the connecting collars are two identical three armed modules whose cone- shaped lower halves connect to form the middle section of the station. These docking arms are angled in such a way as to allow the maximum number of vessels to moor alongside them without causing an obstruction to other parts of the facility.

Prepored for bottle The Ba'Neth Station has the ability to charge and fire its weapons very quickly, and they often bombard an enemy vessel after initially refusing to answer any hails. It is only the threat issued by Captain Kathryn Janeway to transmit the coordinates of the station to the Kesat homeworld that stops them from firing.

Such a tactic results in the Ba'Neth representative finally being convinced to exchange information about their debilitating weapon in return for Naroq's photolytic converter. Armed with this technology from an investigator they were willing to kill, the Ba'Neth are then able to enhance their cloaking technology further and prevent future discoveries of their ships or stations.

O The cure for Lt. Both the upper and lower sections are identical in design and construction. Space station Crew: Approximately Features: The Ba'Neth Station employs a powerful cloaking device that has successfully kept this reclusive race hidden from other species. Captain Kargan of tbe I. Pagh is a typical example, but bis foolish handling of a situation in leaves bis standing diminished before bis cretu.

He does not eat with for themselves and their his men in the crew mess, House; they must have keeping a professional proved themselves a distance from them, capable leader of other n i maim L hft warriors, and they must flllllflljS lllfi Cipfllll also endure the constant He does not take kindly watchfulness of their first to well-intentioned advice officer, who waits for any from crew members, sign of weakness to preferring to make facilitate their own judgments based on his ascendancy.

Neither Captain Kargan has does he stand for any undoubtedly achieved all insubordination, rounding of these things to gain on those who would talk command of his own back to him and warning vessel, the LK. He is justifiably a proud This strict attitude is man.

He feels that his necessary on Klingon ship benefits from the best vessels. Kargan is a officers in the fleet, and survivor of the brutal chain that he can count on every of hierarchy by which the crew member to serve and Klingons operate, where a die in battle when the time key element of the duties comes.

He is always ready of each officer is the for battle; in true Klingon assassination of any style, his preference is to superior who becomes fight rather than to talk, and weak or unable to perform, to act rather than think too He does not, accordingly, much.

He is happiest with involve himself in the photon torpedoes armed disputes of his underlings, preferring to stand aloof and see how any conflict plays out. He relishes any physical fight that develops, as would any red-blooded Klingon. Kargan is most stern with newly-transferred crew members, j specifically on the rare M occasions - such as M during the Starfleet M Captain Kargan maintains his place in the center seat.

From here he can oversee the actions of his entire bridge crew unhindered. Captain Kargan is wary of Commander Riker's loyalty to him and the crew of the I. PAGH in Captain Kargan gives the image of a typical honorable Klingon when he contacts the U.

Morgan is not the honorable Klingon morrior he moq seem to be. He is not obove using onq meons ovoiloble to ochieve his desired gool. Worf's phaser. This action proves necessary after he attempts to draw his own weapon.

He resembles nothing so much as a petulant child when he recovers, demanding to be beamed back aboard his vessel so he can accept the surrender of the Enterprise.

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Kargan returns to the Pagh determined to exact revenge on Riker for his humiliation. He strikes his adopted first officer and orders him removed from the bridge, but the damage to his standing in the eyes of his officers has been done. He has been shown to be petty in his politics, and somewhat wanting as a captain. In turn, Riker takes with him the real esteem of the crew. This demonstrates, shortcomings in Kargan's true worthiness to command, and even a lack of honor, as he is willing to put his ship and crew at risk to massage his wounded pride.

It also gives Riker the opportunity that he needs as first officer to challenge Kargan's fitness for command under these circumstances. He openly damage to the hull of the Pagh.

Star Trek Fact Files

Kargan chooses to believe that this was caused intentionally by the Enterprise when the Starfleet vessel scanned his ship during Riker's transfer, and he decides to seek out the 'enemy' and retaliate. The fact that the Starfleet vessel later plots an intercept course with the Pagh removes any doubt in his eyes. He then cleverly gives Kargan a transponder device provided by Lt. Worf before he left the Enterprise, and the Kiingon finds himself beamed aboard the Starfleet vessel and removed from the equation on his own vessel.

Riker relieves him and takes command. He tries to draw his weapon on the Enterprise bridge, but he instantly felled by a phaser shot from Worf, adding initiated in - when they are not Kiingon. He insists on knowing exactly where the allegiances of these officers lie, emphasizing that loyalty to him and the Pagh is the paramount issue, whatever their other concerns.

He has his own ideas of fair play, however. Kargan's wariness of the Federation - despite the fact that the organization and the Kiingon Empire are steadfast allies - fuels his suspicion of Commander William T. Riker, first officer of the U. Many of the Kiingon captain's responses betray the abiding mistrust and even xenophobia that a good number of Klingons secretly harbor toward the Federation.

This underlying antagonism becomes a problem when a microbiotic bacterial colony causes Kargan's position is built on the typical Kiingon maxim that questioning why is not important - only a decisive response matters. File 70 he Ferengi are known throughout the Alpha Quadrant for their fiscal prowess and H ingenious moneymaking schemes. Leek is not your typical Ferengi, however - job satisfaction is the real goal for this calculating mercenary, and a challenge comes before profit.

Leek is a professional eliminator, available for hire to any Ferengi who wants to dispatch another. Fie is based on Ferenginar, and makes contact with potential employers only when detailed instructions have been met.

These include using a secure channel for all subspace dealings. This need for a challenge vitalizes him when he is contacted by Quark - the Ferengi barkeep aboard the Federation station Deep Space Nine - to join a mission to obtain the release of his mother, Ishka, from the Dominion Leek is used to working alone, but the mention of the Dominion excites his interest and he makes his way to the station.

Leek joins Quark, brother Rom, nephew Nog, cousin Gaila, and sometime mortal enemy Brunt on the mission, and quickly proves his pedigree. His mind is always on the operation and any possible flaws; when presented with schematics, for example, he immediately voices concern that they cannot be trusted. He must also be dissuaded from shooting Ishka to put her out of her misery during botched training simulations. He is oddly gregarious in the company of the others.

He has a low tolerance for incompetence, however, and this places him at odds with the more inept Ferengi. He enjoys jibing them for what he perceives as their cowardice and foolishness; at one point, This particular eliminator is quite stout for a Ferengi.

He wears a brown outfit with tan shoulders and an orange undershirt, completed by a gold medallion around his neck.

His manner is conversational and relaxed, but his notoriety has spread far and wide. He is regarded by many as a psychopath, though the actual killing appears to be secondary to the thrill of the plot and the chase. Leek is an expert with a dagger. He is often seen sharpening a blade with a laser tool, and he displays an uncanny accuracy when throwing the knife. He is always on the lookout for a chance to hone his abilities and challenge himself.

He believes they may not be entirely trustworthy. Leek announces that Brunt's vessel is an entirely unsuitable method of transport, stating: Leek may appear to be just another Ferengi, but the glint in his eye betrays the fact that beneath his mild- mannered exterior lies a psychopathic killer for hire.

Profit may not be place on the disused Cardassian his chief purpose in life, but he station Empok Nor, in a prisoner certainly does not like being exchange involving the captured cheated.

He wants an equal stake. Vorta Keevan Leek is less than r r Af ,, nA: He nevertheless does a He takes a back seat during the sterling job of keeping the group's plotting that follows, but does not spirits up, telling them not to listen react well to the idea of surrender, to Keevan's morbid mutterings and and adds his voice to Quark's that everything is going to plan - notion that they should fight and even after the arrival of a garrison prove that Ferengi can be as tough of Jem'Hadar soldiers.

He may Leek does not take part in the not be a typical Ferengi, but Leek actual negotiations, preferring to is obviously a patriot. He speaks leave this process to others.

He is fondly of Ferenginar, and longs instead happy to undertake guard to stand once more in his duty on Keevan, as it means he homeworld's rivers of muck, can keep a large gun at the ready.

Leek's talents are put to good He becomes rather friendly with use in the final melee.

His knife his prisoner, slapping Keevan on finds its target in the heart of one the back and making small talk. He appears to have to pump Keevan for information thoroughly enjoyed himself as on the most vulnerable parts of the Ferengi return to Deep a Jem'Hadar's body. His intuition Space Nine in triumph, comes to the fore when he Leek later returns to Ferenginar, correctly recognizes that Keevan is but remains in contact with Rom, not overjoyed at being returned to who some months later believes Leek chooses to sacrifice Ishka during holographic training simulations, leaving other members of the team in a state of shock.

Leek cradles a powerful gun while the Ferengi await the arrival of the Dominion. Leek gleefully discharges his weapon as the long-awaited battle commences. Brunt is another member of the team who set out to retrieve Ishka.

He and Leek take an instant dislike to each other. Leek has no great interest in latinum, but like all Ferengi he is compelled to act wisely with his fortune. To this end, he requests a consultation with the Grand Nagus in in the Chamber of Petitioners to decide how to invest his hard-earned latinum. Leek listens intently to Zek's words, and when the meeting is concluded he bows respectfully, and thanks the Nagus for once again proving that he has the wisest J lobes on all Ferenginar.

V V departs. They attempt to follow Borg doctrine and assimilate passing craft and life forms, but their attack strategy is unfocused. They manage to capture the Delta Flyer in mid, but Voyager gets the better of them in battle. File 71 n , Captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the U. History repeats itself two-and-a-half years later when four young drones are brought aboard from a damaged Borg cube The four youngsters, together with an older fifth, were taken from their respective race as infants and assimilated.

They are the sole survivors of a pathogen that swept the cube. The young drones were protected by their maturation chambers while the disease ran its course, but malfunctions led several of the chambers to open prematurely. ShocHing discovert] The youths emerged to find themselves alone on a cube meant for Their development was incomplete, and they struggled to adapt. They are no longer part of the collective, but they share their own hive mind.

They speak in unison, finishing each other's sentence, and walk with the precise, mechanical gait of all Borg drones They remain unpredictable, however, and contemptuous of authority - something that might be characterized as typical adolescent behavior. The drones manage to establish a hierarchy based on age. The eldest male takes command, as well as the moniker One of Five. He is assisted by the next oldest male, a Brunali boy named Icheb.

Icheb was the first to exit his maturation chamber, but was unable to establish order and was relegated to Two of Five There is a substantial age gap between these two and the three younger drones: She has the makings of an excellent drone, displaying logical thinking and working the controls with jnce.

The three juveniles, along uiith the older Icheb. Voyager Ncmmm.

After she is released from the collective , Mezoti renews her lost childhood. The creative results win her approval - even Mezoti's unflattering clay bust of her head. All of the children are highly intelligent and constantly questioning. They retain the comprehensive memory files of the Borg collective, but still attend class every morning with Voyager's other youngster, Naomi Wildman Azan and Rebi initially have to be disciplined for using their neural interfaces to cheat.

The children take part in the first annual Voyager science fair in The younger children react sadly when it appears that Icheb will be leaving them to rejoin his own people. Mezoti in particular misses him, and unwittingly provides a clue to the ruthless intentions of Icheb's parents.

Icheb ultimately remains with Voyager, but a few months later it is Azan, Rebi, and Mezoti's turn to say goodbye, when the homeworld of the twins is located early in Mezoti chooses to go with her friends - having once before expressed the hope she would not have to leave them behind for her own parents.

It is a sad day for the children - who know they will miss Seven and Icheb - but equally for the Voyager crew. They are nevertheless pleased to see the youngsters finally find a real home.

O Mezoti displays a degree of artistic skill when she ignores Seven's instructions, and instead sculpts a replica of her elder's head. I to defy his authority.

He keeps his.. I faith in the collective to the end. Mm The other children are beamed J H to Voyager to begin a new life. One of Five is very suspicious of outsiders, insisting the others tell Seven nothing. He rails against her authority, and violently insists that Captain Janeway follow through with an agreement to give them Voyager's deflector array. He is keen to enforce his authority over the others, and even threatens them with deactivation if they engage in spurious discussion.

Janeway offers the drones an alternative to rejoining the collective when it becomes clear that the Borg consider them irrelevant: The younger drones consider this, but One of Five resists. Further cracks in their unity appear when the drones disagree over what action to take when another Borg maturation chamber malfunctions.

Mezoti leads the argument that Seven be allowed to help the baby within by transporting it to Voyager. The situation comes to a head when Icheb prevents One of Five from killing Seven, and the other drones stand together as one voice Janeway appoints Seven as their guide and mentor, considering that she has already gone through the process. She salvages the children's assimilation files and some background data, providing them with their own names. Memories of their previous lives also begin to return.

Star Trek: Fact Files (1997-2002)

Seven finds her role as much of a learning experience as do the children. Their inability to follow even simple orders such as remaining in Cargo Bay 2 frustrates her.

On one occasion, Mezoti wanders into Astrometrics and answers a comm signal from another ship. She tries to patch the message through to the captain, but touches the wrong button and deactivates the transmission.

Seven attempts to keep order by introducing a strictly-regimented schedule involving punishment protocols. Seven has told them nothing as she does not wish to alarm them unnecessarily, but the children realize it is something to do with Deck Section 42 of that deck is currently off limits to everyone except senior officers. Neelix plays on this to keep their minds occupied. The group offers ideas on how the story might turn out, and what the mystery at its center might be. They also pick holes in the logic, but they nevertheless hang on Neelix's every word.

They enjoy the gruesome detail and simply being scared. Nevertheless, like all technology they are still susceptible to malfunctions that O Transporter circuits are disrupted by the anti-proton beams from the Planet Killer leading to further failures in ship systems. O Sensor scans of Nervala IV indicate how a duplicate Riker was made by the reflection of the transporter beam in O The two William Rikers that are created by a transporter malfunction in can both justifably claim to be the genuine person.

O Captain James T. Kirk is split into two beings following a transporter accident in O Efforts to rectify the malfunction that has split Kirk into two beings are initially unsuccessful; attempts to rejoin an animal from the planet Alpha result in the creature's death.

The last beam-out is by Lt. William Riker, later to become first officer aboard the U. Enterprise NCC D, but unknown to everyone until the return to the planet in on a mission to retrieve the scientific information gathered by the colonists, the distortion field produces an exact duplicate of Riker that is sent back to the surface of the planet while the 'real' William Riker safely returns to the Potemkin.

Thomas Riker, as he comes to be known, is eventually reunited with O lon storms above the planet Halkan in cause a transporter malfunction that sends a landing party from the U.

Despite attempts to boost the matter gain from Starfleet, the patterns of the two unfortunate individuals begin to deteriorate and lead to 'forming,' a complete collapse of the person's signal to form an unrecognizable mass of tissue and organs that fortunately does not survive long. Creating tuio Rikers In , a transporter accident occurs aboard the U. This planet develops a powerful distortion field in its upper atmosphere that T ransporter systems are one of the most widely employed technologies in the 23rd and 24th centuries, and are regularly used for short distance transportation of personnel and cargo between starships, and from vessels to starbases or planet-based facilities.

The technology behind transporter systems is constantly improved and refined, and while accidents are relatively uncommon, systemic failure, sabotage, and exterior environmental conditions can cause malfunctions which vary in their degrees of severity. Tmo sides of the some problem One of the most renowned cases of transporter malfunction occurs in during a geological survey of the planet Alpha by a landing party from the U.

During an initial visit, Geological Technician Fisher falls and bruises himself and has to be transported back to the Constitution- class ship for treatment.

Unknown to the transporter technicians, the metallic ore covering Fisher's uniform not only creates two diametrically opposed versions of Captain James T. Kirk on beaming up from the planet, but also leads to damage in the critical transporter ionizer, stranding the remaining landing party members in increasingly harsh conditions on the planet below.

The transporter is eventually repaired and the two halves of Captain Kirk reintegrated; the landing party members are rescued just in time. Ion storms are well known to all space faring races as extremely dangerous phenomena, and are characterized by the intense bombardment of energetically charged particles. Their effect on starships can be very serious, although the effect a particularly violent storm has on the transporters of the Enterprise in late is completely unanticipated.

During a mission to the planet Halkan, all members of the landing party are transposed with their counterparts from the brutal mirror universe, leading to the first encounter with this alternate reality. All parties are eventually returned to their rightful places, although the impact Captain Kirk has on the crew of the I.

Enterprise NCC has significant implications for the future of that reality. Component malfunction can be one of the most dangerous transporter malfunctions, tragically illustrated by the attempt to transport Commander Sonak and a second crew member to the refitted Enterprise in During an examination of the newly installed transporter system, it is discovered that a faulty module is preventing the transporter sensor from activating.

O Commander Sonak and another officer are killed by the transporters aboard the U. Starfleet after his isolation, and while he initially picks up his career, he later becomes disillusioned with the service, and in he is found to have joined the Maquis.

In , an alleged malfunction of the phase transition coils aboard the Enterprise is believed to be the cause of the death of the Vulcan Ambassador T'Pel, but transporter O Tuvix is a unique life form created by a transporter malfunction that combines elements of both Tuvok and Neelix in Chief Miles O'Brien indicates that they were replaced only a week prior to the incident. These vital elements convert the subject from matter to energy and back again, and after close investigation it is revealed that T'Pel is actually a Romulan operative, and her death is staged to mask her return to the Romulan Warbird Devoras under her true identity of Subcommander Selok.

Inextricably joined The away mission carried out by Lt. Voyager NCC Transported anraii a Commander Sisko and Dr. Bashir w are transported through time to the sanctuary districts of 21st-century Earth.

Death is, fortunately, not the only outcome of a transporter malfunction. In , Lt. Their colleagues believe them to have perished during transport when they fail to materialize on the pad. In , Commander Benjamin Sisko, Dr. Julian Bashir, and Jadzia Dax are transported through time when their transporter beam encounters a quantum singularity that is passing through the Sol System at the time.

Bashir is surprised to learn that the transporter patterns of his colleagues are used in his holodeck program in O The advanced drone One is created by a transporter malfunction that unites Seven of Nine's Borg nanoprobes with the Doctor's mobile emitter. Symbiogenetic organisms employ a reproductive process by which organisms of two different species merge to form a third unique species, and although the resultant being, Tuvix, argues his case for existence as an individual, Captain Janeway makes the difficult decision to split the newly created person back into its component parts after a process is discovered that will restore both Tuvok and Neelix.

Ploying the port Acts of sabotage aboard Starfleet vessels are rare due to the high level of security, but in a Runabout carrying most of Deep Space Nine s command staff is destroyed just moments after they are beamed off. Commander Eddington is successful in retaining their patterns with an emergency computer override, but is forced to find somewhere to store them as the blast disables the transporter. By rerouting them to an active holosuite, all of the personnel become characters in Dr. Julian Bashir's spy story scenario, but their physical patterns are eventually reunited with their neural patterns on the transporter pad of U.

After sampling DNA from Ensign Mulcahey, it subsequently develops a maturation chamber that rapidly grows a Borg drone utilizing 29th- century technology known as 'One. Unfortunately to Starfleet. Ahdar Ru'afo sits patiently while his El I ora slave women stretch his gray skin in a grotesque medical procedure. Saavdra also engineered an unsuccessful cover-up of the massacre Details of Saavdra's crimes were broadcast via a synaptic transmitter.

Starship Log: Sahgi believed Benjamin Sisko to be the Emissary and asked to be one of Kasidy Yates's bridal procession dais bearers. Sahreen was later recreated in the Torres Zeta One holoprogram that replayed his death.

Saint Mary's was the domain of a cleric named Father Mulligan, a role assumed by the Doctor. In , Tom Paris was prepared to develop a holographic simulation of Saint Moritz until B'Elanna Torres expressed extreme disinterest. Hoping to save some, others were selected for death. Eventually, everyone died and the ship drifted for 80 years. Sands Midth century hotel located in a desert region of Earth known as the Las Vegas strip.

In addition to lodging, the Sands provided entertainment, like Vic Fontaine, and gambling. After Bajoran dissident Oguy Jel painted a message on a Deep Space Nine bulkhead, his punishment included three weeks sanitation duty. Tuvok thought this tragedy provided Harry Kim with a motive to seek vengeance on former Maquis crew members aboard the U. Tuvok claimed to be from Scandinavia to explain away his unconventional appearance to the Leonardo da Vinci hologram.

Star Trek Fact Files No 241

Being a scarecrow is among the activities available in the Q continuum. Tom Paris's experience piloting this type of ship, at the age of eight, had a long-term impact on his life. In , Selek IV hosted a gambling tournament. The crew of the U.

In the 14th century the mythical Robin Hood occupied this area, despite its designation as a royal hunting ground. Q created a Sherwood Forest reality in Nine is the highest Cardassian security clearance.

Quark forged security clearance ratings to level 7. Level 1 is considered top for Starfleet security clearance. She counseled Marian to accept Sir Guy's generous proposal of matrimony. William English playwright and poet. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lt. Commander Data often explored humanity and the meaning of Shakespeare's words in the holodeck.

Garak did not share the respect for Shakespeare expressed by Klingon General Chang. Shecky's last name was Greene. Vic Fontaine, Odo, and two female companions attended a holographic Shecky performance in The Doctor placed his mobile emitter inside a selenide medkit to mask his holographic signature and gain access to the ship. In , 81 different sign languages were in use by Federation worlds. Roberta Lincoln was Gary Seven's secretary. Pabst Trent was Beata's secretary.

Ferengi secretaries expect bribes for access to their bosses. Secretary Constance Goodheart, in the Captain Proton holoprogram, need only "tag along on all the missions. She found it quite difficult to comprehend what her employer did. Quinn's idea, and death in , started the Q Civil War. Starfleet provides a variety of access codes, which are changed constantly, for a range of purposes. George Bernard English social philosopher and journalist admired by Species 's Valerie Archer, who owned a collection of his works.

Chakotay used a Shaw quote to gain Archer's trust. O The Tak Tak used a bizarre form of body movements along with speech to convey their intentions. Frank Fontaine often talked about seeing Sinatra's shows in Las Vegas and then gambling together. Creative Director: Nurse Chapel is forced to kiss Spock when they are made to perform in front of the Platonians in Nurse Chapel joins the crew of the U.

Enterprise NCC to search for her missing fiance, Dr. Roger Korby. McCoys able assistant during the U. Enterprise NCC-Ms five-year mission.

She goes on to forge successful career for herself in the highest ranks of Meet. Enterprise NCC s first officer, Spock, but only the Psi virus allows her to get close to him.

Sickbay Nurse Chapel is adept in the operation of sickbay's many systems, and proves to be a worthy assistant to Dr. Leonard H. Nurse Christine Chapel is a conscientious and likable individual. Nevertheless, her good character hides heartache and tragedy.

Enterprise jk NCC in , jk having achieved the position of doctor. She uses the new A biobeds to scan the Ilia probe. McCoy has heard of Chapel's promotion prior to his return to the refitted U.

Enterprise NCC- He jokingly demands that he will need a top nurse, "not a doctor who will argue every little diagnosis" with him. She brings to the role the same compassion and dedication that she showed as a nurse. She stands next to Ambassador Sarek during James T. Kirk's hearing. It saw the invention of flight, the jet engine, computers, television, and space travel, all against a background of social change which was as rapid and far reaching as the mechanical advances.

From the point of view of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets, the most important development of the 20th century was, of course, the advent of space travel.

In less than 70 years since the second flight at Kitty mankind had set foot on Earth's moon - a truly remarkable rate of progress.

The first man made object to be sent Russian Even the civilized regions of 20th-century Earth were not without their perils; violence, and abuse of human rights were rife throughout this period. Just two years later, Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel beyond Earth's atmosphere.

By the end of the century, the human race had developed unmanned satellites and sleeper ships that were capable of passing beyond Earth's solar system. The latter Not all of these remarkable developments were purely down to the ingenuity and forward thinking of the human race however; some technological 'advances' were in fact due to pollutions to the timeline caused by future technology appearing in the 20th century before its time.

Entrepreneur Henry Starling made a fortune during the second half of the century from Dr. Nichols of Plexicorp in San Francisco is credited with the creation of transparent aluminum; he is actually assisted by visitors from the 23rd century. His work would be honored in the future by naming the Starfleet vessel U.

Tsiolkovsky NCC in his honor. In , she disappeared while attempting to fly around the world, and was assumed dead. In actual fact, she and her co-pilot, Fred Noonan, were kidnapped by an alien race called the Briori, along with several other humans, and transported to a distant world in the Delta Quadrant.

A glimpse into an alternate timeline once revealed that her pacifist stance would have kept America out of WWII, leading to a Nazi victory. Gillian Taylor was one of Earth's leading luUu authorities on whales, the entire species of which were extinct by the 23rd century. When Admiral James T. Kirk and his crew travel back in time to obtain two humpback whales. Taylor chooses to return to the future with them to share her expertise and help reintroduce the species to Earth's oceans.

I QQQ Young astronomy graduate student Rain Robinson becomes uuU one of the century's unsung heroes when she helps Starfleet officers from the 24th century to bring down the plans of future technology pilferer Henry Starling, thus preventing a breach in spacetime which would have led to the destruction of Earth's entire solar system.

As the events are never entered in any official records, Robinson's contribution to Earth's history is largely forgotten. Gillian Taylor leaves her career as a marine biologist behind in order to travel to the 23rd century and assist in the repopulation of Earth's oceans by whales. Amelia Earhart's aeronautical endeavors became legendary , and her disappearance only fueled the myth. By the end i l of the century.

In a Ferengi Pod carrying Ferenqi Quark. O Social worker Edith Keeler worked tirelessly for homeless people during the depression of the early 's. O Many of Earth's nations maintained powerful military forces during the tumultuous 20th century.

O Humanity's early space missions used liquid fueled rocket ships to attain planetary orbit. Whether or not such technology would have been invented without Starling, or at what part in history it would have made its appearance, is a question that can never be answered.

Similarly, we will never know if Dr. Nichols of Plexicorp in San Francisco would ever have invented transparent aluminum on his own without a visit from future Starfleet officers who furnished him with the equation for its chemical composition in Times of violence Sadly, in spite, or in some cases because of, the technological and scientific advances, the history of the 20th century was also peppered with violence.

Sometimes it appeared that technology was moving too fast, and many people genuinely worried that the newly developed nuclear bombs would destroy the entire planet. One alien race even stepped in to save the human race from itself, training Earth-born agent Gary Seven to ensure that the nuclear arms race did not end in disaster. Khan Noonien Singh, a genetically engineered superhuman, amassed an army of loyal genetically enhanced followers, and together they attempted to take over the world.

At the height of his power, in , Khan ruled a quarter of the entire globe, including all of South East Asia and the Middle East.

By , however, he had been largely defeated, and he and his surviving followers fled the planet aboard a DY Sleeper Ship. The human race was left to contemplate the dangers of science allowed to run out of control, leading to a ban on human genetic enhancement that is still in place four centuries later.

Social changes also paved the way for the future. Global communications and easy travel were bringing the nations of the world closer together. In , at the ivuuinun omgn brought Earth to the brink of destruction during the Eugenics War, in an unsuccessful bid for global domination. Shannon O'Donnel finds herself caught between the 20th and 21st centuries in Portage Creek in the year Sexual and racial equality were beginning to be recognized across the planet, and people of all races and creeds were prepared to fight for their rights, backed up by laws on Human Rights and behavior set up and maintained by a world court.

For the first time, the human race was becoming a single entity rather than a disparate group of tribes linked by nothing more than similar genetics. The human race had a long way to go before Gabriel Bell's upbringing in the late 20th century serves him well when he comes to fight for civil rights in the 21st century.

Some of the men and women who would shape the future were born into very different circumstances during the 20th century.

Social workers such as Edith Keeler had to fight hard not to let the despair of the depression years sap their belief in the good of human nature. Gabriel Bell, born in , would face a life of extreme hardship and social injustice that would cement in him the spirit needed to lead the Bell Riots of the early 21st century.

The character would go on to be loved by future generations and would become a favorite of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Young Shaun Geoffrey Christopher no doubt had a privileged life as the son of a successful Air Force captain, which, combined with hard work, presented him with the opportunity to become an astronaut.

Early in the following century, he would lead Earth's first manned space mission to Saturn. Forward fhinhing All in all, the 20th century was a time of great change and even greater contrast, the century in which the human race took its first tentative steps beyond the atmosphere of its homeworld. First Contact with alien races and the vast United Federation of Planets was still a long way away, but the seeds had been sown for a long and glorious future. With the help of friendly humans the aliens - who are mistaken for Martians by the human authorities - retrieve their craft and return to their own time.

The alien landings at Roswell become a myth surrounded by conspiracy theories; the truth never officially released. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and visitors can simply sit by and watch the virtual world around them. The fantastic dreamscape hnouin as Unimatrix Zero offers precious escape from life' as a Borg drone.

It is a persistent thorn in the side of the Borg Queen, mho is determined to destroy it at all costs. T he dream of the Borg collective is to achieve perfection - but some Borg dream more than others.

Unimatrix Zero is a vivid virtual reality inhabited by tens of thousands of Borg drones when they enter their regeneration cycle, but the individuality and self- expression it offers is seen by the Borg Queen as a threat to the collective.

On the face of it, Unimatrix Zero is an idyllic forested environment. Birds sing constantly in the background, and the warm sun beats down on a small village enclave. This collection of tent-like dwellings, open at the sides, is positioned around a beautiful river and bay. Large lighting stands illuminate the area brilliantly at night. The entire vision seems too good to be true - which, of course, it is. Unimatrix Zero is a virtual construct, able to be accessed only by one in every million Borg drones with a particular recessive mutation.

It is believed by some that Unimatrix Zero started as a random malfunction during the assimilation of a single drone, and eventually spread to others.

The affected drones are only able to access Unimatrix Zero when they achieve something akin to REM sleep in their regeneration cycle. The first visit can be very disorientating for drones, as they simply materialize in the forest as soon as they enter sleep mode.

R virtual paradise It is unknown why the realm was configured in this way - perhaps by consensus, or according to the desires of that first drone. It may even represent a real place. Each drone that is part of the unique community is bound together by a single interlink frequency not even known to the Queen. They hail from all over the collective, and are spread throughout the Galaxy. Many races are represented, including the Hirogen and the Klingons. Unimatrix Zero is a sanctuary, a place where the Borg can experience self-expression and liberty O Drones who appear in Unimatrix Zero look as they did prior to assimilation; their bodies are devoid of the Borg implants that scar them in reality.

O The idyllic setting of Unimatrix Zero is a stark contrast to the ships and facilitie operated by the Borg; a beautiful hillside look out onto a calm bay. It is governed as a basic democracy, where everyone has their say and the majority rule, but the individuals are able to wander freely or congregate, expressing themselves through interpersonal relationships without the ever-present hive mind. Some take the opportunity to develop intimate relations of the kind they knew before assimilation.

She is able to isolate the carrier band, but it is useless without the frequency. The Queen's views are not altered when she manages to enter Unimatrix Zero herself.

She denounces the garden paradise as a primitive environment without redeeming features - a truly Borg point of view from the personification of the collective. They simply reappear at the i beginning of their next regeneration cycle.

O lt is not known how the dreamscape is fashioned, or whether it is constantly evolving. It appears that necessities - such as tools - must be made by hand. O The Borg Queen visits Unimatrix Zero on the advice of Captain Kathryn Janeway in early , in an attempt to understand what she is trying to destroy.

O Seven falls victim to a net trap designed for the Borg drones sent to Unimatrix Zero. They also use their former names in preference to their Borg designations. A number of children also form part of the community; they are able to run and play and laugh, while in the outside world they are most likely still placed within a Borg maturation chamber.

O The population of Unimatrix Zero is comprised of many different species. Some have little or no memory of the collective, indicating they have only recently been assimilated. Secret morld The community recognizes the determination of the Borg Queen to root out those drones with the recessive mutation, and takes steps to thwart this. The man called Axum designs a nanovirus to mask the biochemical signature of the mutation, but it still needs to be released into the collective from without, as the drones retain no memory of the Unimatrix during their waking hours.

The newly-returned Seven of Nine, part of the crew of the U. Voyager NCC and the community's only connection to the real world, is thus recruited. Captain Kathryn Janeway enters Unimatrix Zero with Seven via a Vulcan technique known as The Bridging of Minds,' and suggests creating an organized resistance movement by modifying the nanovirus to allow the Borg to keep their memories when they leave the dreamscape.

They can then use the realm as a base to coordinate their efforts. The Queen's initial efforts at closing down Unimatrix Zero meet with only limited success, as the crucial interlink frequency is protected by O Unimatrix Zero is destroyed in an effort to save the drones who appeared there. Despite this, the community loses more people by the hour. Collective revolution The virus is successfully released by Janeway, Lt.

Commander Tuvok, and Lt. B'Elanna Torres and sweeps through the collective. The population of Unimatrix Zero meanwhile create a battle plan, targeting the primary unicomplex, to disrupt the Queen's control of the hive mind. She responds with a final gambit - either the drones close down Unimatrix Zero, or she will disseminate her own variation of the nanoprobe virus to destroy all those with the recessive mutation.

The community is sadly forced to abandon the environment that has been their brief enclave from the horrors of their existence, evacuating the disintegrating dreamscape by ending their regeneration cycles.

She rejoins the community in late He is one of the community's natural leaders, and the creator of the nanovirus they hope will protect them. Other individuals with the recessive mutation include a humanoid male named Cirrol; Laura, a human assimilated at the Battle of Wolf in ; and the Klingon General, Korok.

She renews the affair in Enterprise NCCD, and allows both the release of the saucer section and its reconnection to the stardrive section. A series of retractable docking latches are arranged in a semi-circle to the stern of the deck, which fix securely into dedicated retaining ports constructed in the upper spine of Deck 10's stardrive section. In separation mode the latches retract into the body of the saucer section within Deck 9, allowing the entire saucer to move away under its own power and operate independently; however, in this mode saucer velocity is restricted to impulse speeds only, unless the separation sequence is achieved at warp speeds, in which case the saucer can maintain the decaying warp field for upto two minutes.

Located to the port and starboard of the docking latch O Deck contains additional components 1 of the U. In the event of damage to the primary fusion reactor, a spare unit is stored in close proximity to the impulse engine bays. Situated to the rear port side of Deck 9 are a series of systems designed to support the EPS system, operating for the entire vessel when in normal flight mode and transferring control of the vital power distribution network to the saucer section when separated.

A crew lounge is also provided to the front starboard of the deck, allowing personnel on this level to relax after their duty shift without having to travel to other parts of the ship.

One of the most important scientific and research tools in the fields of navigation and spatial mapping is located on both Decks 9 and 10 in the form of Stellar Cartography, continuing down from Deck 8 directly above. This department is situated centrally in close proximity to the continuing twin main computer core. Deck 9 also houses the upper sections of Deck 10's holodecks, giving a far greater degree of realism to the holographic experience due to the greater amount of space provided by the higher ceiling generated over two decks.

The starboard side of this expansive deck also contains a number of laboratories dedicated to atmospheric systems, once again providing specific research and development environments for specialists working aboard the Enterprise. It provides a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for crew members to unwind in after they have completed a duty shift. They allow crew members to create a realistic facsimile of any environment they can imagine in which to spend W their off-duty time.

T he rear port and starboard sides of Deck 10 continue to house the impulse engines vital for the independent functionality of the saucer section, and consist of a number of gas flow accelerators that directly feed the generated fusion energy into the driver coils. Antimatter storage pods are housed behind the saucer impulse engines to the rear of the engine rooms, with EPS support again located in close proximity to these dual drive systems. Located in the middle center of the port and starboard sides are double holodeck matrixes, directly below the Deck 9 high bays.

These facilities are smaller in size than the holodecks located on Deck 11 below; enlarged high bays: Additional Stellar Cartography facilities are located directly below a similar facility on Deck 9, with Deck 10 also housing a reduced number of crew quarters and a high concentration of lifeboats reached via the use of dedicated evacuation routes.

Situated centrally in the forward leading edge is Ten Forward, the most popular meeting place for off-duty personnel aboard the U. This deck shares its reduced area with a number of systems built into the dorsal connection spine of the stardrive section, including an area dedicated to tactical planning at the rear of the deck within the engineering hull. Working in conjunction with the connection systems on Decks 9 and 10 are a series of structural latching systems that allow direct connection to the Battle Bridge's hull in a semi-circular arrangement to the rear of the saucer section of Deck 11, along with a series of phaser EPS node groups located behind the latching arms.

The node groups feed power to the saucer section's primary offensive and defensive systems in the form of the phaser arrays situated to the port and starboard rear of the deck, allowing the saucer section to pose a formidable threat under its own power during a combat scenario. Situated directly below their high bays in Deck 10 are twin sets of large holodecks. Adjacent to these facilities are the high bays , for four gymnasiums, again utilizing a double deck arrangement to produce a more spacious environment for the crew.

Situated between the centrally mounted computer core is a repository for the central saucer turbolift carriages, along with a main stairwell that runs the entire height of the main computer core. This deck also houses a luxurious and comfortable banqueting and conference facility that is provided for VIP guests, and may also be used for any diplomatic functions held aboard the starship.

Worf's Klingon calisthenics classes. T he Delta Flyer features a number of advanced design specifications aimed at providing more effective facilities and protection for its crew. Despite possessing superior firepower and protective shields over the standard Starfleet Class 2 shuttle, the potentially hazardous nature of the Delta Flyer's missions still cannot preclude the possibility of the vessel having to be abandoned in cases of extreme emergency.

As such, the Delta Flyer is equipped with a number of self-contained escape pods that enable the crew to leave the vessel if it is severely damaged or incapable of sustaining life while in space, therefore offering a much greater chance of survival in cases of extreme emergency. Latest advances Escape pod technology is continuously refined and adapted, incorporating the latest materials and systems into highly mobile units capable of sustaining life for a limited amount of time in space, or transporting evacuated crew members to suitable nearby planets.The Cloud File 5: The Vulcans File 8: Trill Rituals File 9: File 2: Ardana File Federation Justice File 7: Carraya IV Back to Top.

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