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Read A Lady by Midnight read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. A Lady by Midnight is a Romance novel by Tessa Dare. A Lady By Midnight Spindle Cove 3 Tessa Dare - [Free] A Lady By Tessa Dare [PDF] [EPUB] We would like to show you a description here. After years of fending for herself, Kate Taylor found friendship and acceptance in Spindle Cove–but she never stopped yearning for love. The very last place she’d look for it is in the arms of Corporal Thorne. But when mysterious strangers come searching for Kate, Thorne steps.

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Chin high.

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Keep smiling. He was always leaving. This was their standard interaction, time after time. Kate screwed up her courage and attempted to be friendly. He always found some excuse to promptly leave the room. It was a ridiculous game, and she was weary of it.

She and I are going to play a duet. Kate was accustomed to awkward eye contact. Whenever she made new acquaintances, she became painfully aware that people saw only the bold, port-wine splash on her temple. People always stared straight past them. In time, she went from being just a birthmark in their eyes, to being a woman with a birthmark.

And eventually they looked at her and just saw Kate. Applaud when we finish. Tap your toes to the rhythm, if you like. Give Miss Elliott a bit of encouragement. And then he walked out of the tavern without looking back. When the red-painted door swung shut on its oiled hinges, mocking her with a loud slam—Kate shook her head.

The man was impossible.

At the pianoforte, Miss Elliott resumed playing a light arpeggio. No situation was ever hopeless.

A wafer-thin slice of lemon floated in the center, and the aroma of brandy drifted toward her on a wave of steam. The Fosburys were good to her. For that, she would have to keep searching. And she would keep searching, no matter how many doors slammed in her face. Why should I take to heart the words of a heartless man? The leaves were on their third use, at least.

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They seemed to have been washed of their last vague memory of being tea. Fitting, she supposed. Vague memories were the order of the day. Miss Paringham put aside the teapot.


I make my living offering music lessons. That is more than an unfortunate like yourself should have hoped. Time was growing short. She despised wasting precious minutes on niceties when there were questions singeing the tip of her tongue.

A wrapped parcel lay in her lap, and she curled her fingers around the string. I have such fond recollections of my Margate years. And our regular devotionals. Samuel Thorne of the Spindle Cove militia has made an art form of avoiding, rejecting and otherwise escaping any time spent with Kate.

He is keeping a very big secret about Kate that he refuses to reveal, not to Kate nor to the reader, because doing so will likely compromise Kate's standing in the community.

He is also trying to withstand the powerful attraction he feels for Kate. He's twice as rude and boorish out of the effort to hide how much he yearns for her. Thorne is a very smoldering hero. And of course, any man who is in the midst of pretending fiercely that he isn't the least bit interested in a woman must therefore find himself in a sham-engagement to that same woman.

It's like romance novel LAW or something, right? I liked Kate and her determination to be happy, and to make the best of any situation she found herself in, even though she had ample reasons to be miserable. I loved that she wanted to see people accurately, to understand them and their true selves just as she wanted people to look past her birthmark and see Kate. I also liked that her perception about other people meant that, within the responsibilities of her job as a music tutor, Kate would help other women who were feeling afraid or self-conscious using music and performance.

Kate, who is intimate with both of those feelings, has so much empathy and desire to help others feel better, which is remarkable the more the reader learns about Kate's life before she came to Spindle Cove. Thorne is dark and moody and not sure at all what to do with himself where Kate is concerned, save push her away and reject her as much as possible.

She is the spot of vibrant disordered chaos in his otherwise very ordered and monochromatic life. He can't look away and he hates himself for his weakness where she is concerned, because he is convinced that she is better off in every way without him in her life.

The story is a mix of silly and emotional, happy and wrenching that really worked for me. I think that was one of the best parts of Kate's character, really: she fought for happiness and contentment, and held on to it through her own force of will. She had a lot to be unhappy about, and she refused to be sad. Her resilience isn't blithe ignorance or avoidance of her problems. She is determined to be happy, to be thankful for what she has, with the hope that one day, she will have the family and love she most wants.

Two things bothered me, though. First, when a mysterious set of visitors arrive, it's like a carriage full of sequel-bait shows up. Contrasted with the complexity and depth of Kate, Thorne, and the other residents of Spindle Cove, the new arrivals' role as Possibilities and Plot Conflicts to stand between Kate and Thorne is sometimes clunky, like the difference between a piece of music played after hours and hours of practice, and a new piece played only a few times.

The other problem…well, I've written this sentence several times and I can't think of a way to describe my problem without spoiling things that are integral to the plot. One of the people in the carriage full of sequel bait has what on the surface appears to be a justifiable reason to dislike Kate and Thorne's engagement, but upon further reflection, his reason is ludicrous compared to the Much Larger Examples of Surprising and Socially Challenging Behavior that are in the carriage with him.

My reaction was, 'Dude, really?

That's the best reason you can give as to why they shouldn't marry? Here are some examples of the passages I highlighted, just because I liked them so much. A year's worth of avoidance and intimidation, all shot to hell in one afternoon, thanks to that wrongheaded, stupid, goddamned glorious kiss.

Daring her; daring fate. If she was ever going to recognize him, it would be now. As she took him in, he did some looking of his own.


He drank in the small details he'd denied himself for long months.She made wild sweeps with both hands. Like a whorehouse. Always singing. No situation was ever hopeless.

No one could take these things from her. Of course you do. Lord, how she smiled. She raised her own trembling hand to her temple.

Who can I maim or kill for distressing you this way?

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