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FHM India September Download: FHM_India__pdf. Posted by David Enrich at AM. fhm_india__12 - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. FHM India FHM India June (Yami's Hot shoot) PDF - - Free download as PDF approach to the pictures of Carmen Electra FHM INDIA MAGAZINE PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY VIKAS Playboy Russia - January - February pdf.

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Kajal Agarwal Photoshoot For FHM India (September ). Kajal Agarwal is the cover girl for FHM Magazine's Indian edition for the month of. FHM India - India's most talked about men's magazine as well as the world's largest men's lifestyle magazine which boasts of a strong, socially relevant. This list of people on the cover of FHM magazine –present is a catalog of women who have appeared on the cover of the Indian edition of FHM magazine, starting with the magazine's inaugural issue in October Contents. 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; 4 ; 5 ; 6 ; 7 ; 8 ; 9 .. "FHM India September cover".

Brook produces a line of swimwear with New Look. In September , Brook launched a clothing line for Simply Be; the following year, she became a brand ambassador for Skechers. Brook had a breakthrough into mainstream presenting in January , when she was chosen to replace Denise van Outen as the female half of The Big Breakfast hosting team, alongside Johnny Vaughan.

She left the show in July During the TV series, her father Kenneth Parsons died from cancer, although she decided to continue dancing in his memory, she withdrew from the competition in week nine, she competed in the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special , dancing the Jive with Brian Fortuna , Brendan Cole having to compete with his partner Lisa Snowdon.

Brook and Fortuna were put into fourth place, but with the studio audience's vote they came second to Jill Halfpenny and Darren Bennett. In January , she joined the third series of Britain's Got Talent as a fourth judge, but was subsequently axed from the programme after less than a week on the panel, the producers having decided the four-judge format was "too complicated". Brook was billed as a guest judge in the episode in which she appeared, taped in Manchester and aired on 16 May. Brook made her full screen debut with a minor role in the film Sorted.

She has completed assignments as a film actress in Canada and made a short appearance as Lyle's girlfriend in the film The Italian Job.

Her first starring role was in the film School for Seduction , for which she received positive reviews for her role. The stores sell Mac personal computers, iPhone smartphones , iPad tablet computers, iPod portable media players, Apple Watch smartwatches, Apple TV digital media players and select third-party accessories; the first Apple Stores were opened as two locations in May by then-CEO Steve Jobs , after years of attempting but failing store-within-a-store concepts.

Seeing a need for improved retail presentation of the company's products, he began an effort in to revamp the retail program to get an improved relationship to consumers, hired Ron Johnson in Jobs relaunched Apple's online store in , opened the first two physical stores in Over the years, Apple has expanded the number of retail locations and its geographical coverage, with stores across 25 countries worldwide as of In addition to purchasing products, consumers can get advice and help from "Creative Pros" — individuals with specialized knowledge of creative arts; the new design will be applied to all Apple Stores worldwide, a process that has seen stores temporarily relocate or close.

Many Apple Stores are located inside shopping malls, but Apple has built several stand-alone " flagship " stores in high-profile locations, it has been granted design patents and received architectural awards for its stores' designs and construction for its use of glass staircases and cubes. The success of Apple Stores have had significant influence over other consumer electronics retailers, who have lost traffic and profits due to a perceived higher quality of service and products at Apple Stores.

Apple's notable brand loyalty among consumers causes long lines of hundreds of people at new Apple Store openings or product releases. Due to the popularity of the brand, Apple receives a large number of job applications, many of which come from young workers. Although Apple Store employees receive above-average pay, are offered money toward education and health care, receive product discounts, there are limited or no paths of career advancement. A May report with an anonymous retail employee highlighted a hostile work environment with harassment from customers, intense internal criticism, a lack of significant bonuses for securing major business contracts.

Many Apple Stores are located inside shopping malls, but Apple has built several stand-alone "flagship" stores in high-profile locations, such as the one located in Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Several multi-level stores feature glass staircases, some glass bridges; the New York Times wrote in that these features were part of then-CEO Steve Jobs' extensive attention to detail, Apple received a design patent in for its glass staircase design. Apple has received numerous architectural awards for its store designs, its "iconic" glass cube, designed in part by Peter Bohlin , at Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York City, received a separate design patent in During his tenure, it was reported that while Johnson was responsible for site selection, in-store service, store layout, inventory was controlled by then-COO and now-CEO Tim Cook , who has a background in supply chain management.

In January , Apple transferred retail leadership to John Browett. Due to the popularity of the brand, applicants for jobs at Apple Stores are numerous, with many young workers applying; the pace of work iPad. Employees work for only a few years as career prospects are limited with no path of advancement other than limited retail management slots. A May Business Insider article featured a lengthy interview with an anonymous Apple Store retail worker in the United Kingdom , where the employee highlighted significant dissatisfactions and issues for retail workers, including harassment and death threats from customers, an intense internal criticism policy that feels "like a cult", a lack of any significant bonus if a worker manages to secure a business contract worth "hundre Google Play Google Play is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google LLC.

It serves as the official app store for the Android operating system, allowing users to browse and download applications developed with the Android software development kit and published through Google. Google Play serves as a digital media store, offering music, books and television programs, it offered Google hardware devices for purchase until the introduction of a separate online hardware retailer, Google Store , on March 11, , it offered news publications and magazines before the revamp of Google News in May 15, Applications are available through Google Play either free of charge or at a cost, they can be downloaded directly on an Android device through the Play Store mobile app or by deploying the application to a device from the Google Play website.

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Following their re-branding, Google has expanded the geographical support for each of the services; as of , Google Play features over 3. Users in over countries can purchase apps, although Google notes on its support pages that "Paid content may not be available in some provinces or territories if the governing country is listed above.

App developers can control which countries an app is distributed to, as well as the pricing for the app and in-app purchases in each country. Developers can set up sales, with the original price struck out and a banner underneath informing users when the sale ends. Google Play allows developers to release early versions of apps to a select group of users, as alpha or beta tests. Developers can release apps through staged rollouts, in which "your update reaches only a percentage of your users, which you can increase over time.

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Apps meeting specific usability requirements can qualify as a Wear OS app. Google Play Music is online music locker , it features over 40 million songs, gives users free cloud storage of up to 50, songs. As of May , Google Play Music is available in 64 countries.

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Aaj holi khelenge sajan ke sang, sajan ke sang piya 2 6.

Kajal Agarwal Photoshoot For FHM India (September 2011)

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The physics to have objects way that numbers cant prove; a way that through as excitement and ambition, leading show battle damage proved so complicated comes from the heart rather than the head. Because it was most that they decided to make everything Because you know what happens to heads? In over ten different ways, we coaxed her to say yes to wear bikini, but she refused to budge. I wont wear a bikini. Not even for Steven Speilberg. If he ever approaches me for a lm, it will be more on the basis of my acting skills, and not on the basis of the two-piece.

Its her denial that has kept her away from FHM and those Google pictures searches of her chaste. I was apprehensive about shooting with FHM, the clothing part worried me a bit. If I shoot with FHM, I should be able to do justice to your content and in some way add to your immense popularity. If I am not able to do that, whats the point of me being on the cover!

I am not comfortable with the bikini image because thats not what I am. Also, I didnt want to portray myself as someone who is desperate for being called a hot chick because you guys have helped a lot of women break their stereotypes. Being on your cover is of great importance and I didnt want to take it lightly. So, we had to come to a consensus where you get something hot, and I get to keep my existing image intact. Thats for the bad news, the good news is that the year-old isnt under some lifetime oath to wear clothes that cover her wrists and TOP: ZARA ankles.

If I am not able to do that, whats the point of me being on the cover?. In fact, a childhood friend called me NO. For Now. Yes, we did add the for now. Yemen, I dont why, but she did. Yami is not new to the FHM fold, she has been pretty clued to our covers. I loved every cover Yet somehow, for someone who made a huge of Katrina Kaif. Also, the one that you guys splash with her debut lm Vicky Donor shes shot with Nargis was brilliant. Her next movie after Vicky Donor, Total Siyappa As for work, the Himachal born, Chandigarh tanked at the box office, but such is her hold on bred girl is completely focused, she is busy like the audience that they have now moved their never before and is still ne-tuning herself to attention and expectation to her next release the slaving life of Mumbai.

When she owes to VD, I wouldnt have been on your we nally spoke to her she was travelling to cover if Vicky Donor wasnt my lm. I am now living every word of those Everything that I have today is because of interviews that I read of lm stars about how Shoojit.

Working with him will always be my Mumbai occupies you completely. I know it priority. As for other lm that she is currently sounds like a clich, but I am never not lming, there is no point talking about them occupied in something or the other. Even in because everything has to be protected like her prayers, something that is as much part of Nuclear launch codes, so we picked on her for her daily routine as rushing from one shoot to the ak that she received on twitter for another, all she does is pray about getting more endorsing fairness creams, Endorsing a and more work.

I endorse them because thats my Yami has come a long way in her life from her job. Whether a celeb uses a product that he initial appearances in television commercials endorses or not completely depends on them, and soap operas your mother watches. She has she shoots us down. Oh God! Calling me 45 minutes down the interview, we asked her Yummy is so cheesy.

I am used to of being something weve been itching to for a while - called Yami to Yummy to Yemen from school would she date someone who is a sperm donor, days, so I have given up. When I was in school, only to have her freak out mid question. I I would fear my name being announced on the would never date anyone who donates sperms. When the script of Vicky Donor was being read out to me, I was just saying ok I came back home and I told my mom about the lm and even she was like okay.

No one knew how to react, so you can understand why dating a sperm donor isnt as cool as you think. And what are the other kinds of men you will never date? This is where the conversation got a bit doozy for us because as you know there is Carmen Electra heating up the front of the book as the Access Girl this month. But then full disclosure is for fools. Certainly Ben Affleck.

If there is an embodiment of how my man should be, it has to be Ben. If you are seriously match making then I would like to take things forward with someone who is a bit different from me, adventurous and open minded, but again, he shouldnt be a Pam Anderson fan, she says ruling out anyone born in the 80s. And what about the lms that come to her, how does she select them. Firstly, I look at my character, then the story and then the director.

But shouldnt it be like story rst, then the director and then the character. Not really. A script may not always be impressive. A lm like Bar, do you think, it would have sounded as promising to the actors on the papers as it turned out to be?

By the time we nished our chat, she had reached half way to Pune, we were still moping about bikinis and she was talking about how much shed love to be in a remake of DDLJ. Its impossible to imagine DDLJ without him, she says.

We continue to mope about the bikini. Or the lack of it. The world has gone dirt crazy, thanks to an valued at half a billion Yankee dollars. So why is explosion of muddy challenges that are everyone suddenly so desperate to splash about in helping guys and girls to get t, lthy and a muddy puddles? Just take your pick: We want people to apocalyptic hell zones of barbed wires, return to the days of hunter-gatherers. Sitting at a ames and icy water; military-style obstacle courses, computer or being a couch potato is not what our Bruce Viaene Photography, harri hytnen.

We're designed to be active, so sport adventure races that let you paddle and climb it feels good to rediscover your warrior instinct. Filthier Plus, if youre bored by the zombie-shuffling than a drawer full of Miley Cyruss latex undies, they monotony of 10k runs, or fear bike races will leave have boozy after-parties and festival vibes, so you can you with the physique of a weeny pre-pubescent get buff, hang out with your mates and meet mucky boy, these races will beef you up and give you girls.

You'll face your biggest Words Mark Bailey. There are now more than mud-and-obstacle fears and cross the nish line a completely different races and adventure races around the world, each and more condent person, promises Sevigny. The prize at the end of the road? The winners will be treated with kegs of frosty beer, and medals. Besides this they throw one hell of a bash because thats exactly what your aching bones need - dancing!

The all-terrain race is not intended only for the super athletic, but for the entire family.

The organisers encourage families to take part in the race, along with sporting some unique costumes, outts and uniforms. Participants have to give their and other participants safety top priority. The terrain is spread out with various obstacles which is why its is imperative that you strenthen your core.

Whether or not you spend a lot of time in the gym, you need to spend a lot of time doing HIIT besides cross training. To participate you have to pay bucks and be prepared to sacrice your clothes and knees. For dope on important topics like cost, shoe requirements, start timings, warm up zones, baggage, visit themudrush.

Functional tness is key as Whether youre more likely We wanted to take people you wont know the course to have a six pack of abs or a away from their 9 to 5 jobs to until race day 3 x 10 six pack of Dr Pepper, this is nd tness in the squats, deadlifts, kettlebell your chance to mimic wilderness, says Selica swings and box jumps will movie legend Gerard Butler Sevigny.

The Spartan theme warrior-proof your body in as Leonidas. Part of a global is inspiring men were the preparation. SIGN ME UP Spartan Beast is a 20km There's a new challenge Spartan Beast 20km takes battle with 26 obstacles like chucking spears and tackling giant washing-up liquid- covered slides designed to every few hundred metres, so you dont get bored. The course is kept sandbag carries. At the end, happy, broken people still want to do it again.

Visit uk. Spartan threesome in the Guinness- racers have to manoeuvre black peat of West Ireland, the giant Atlas balls made of Connemara Challenge is a stone, which makes you feel short sprint distance like a proper beefcake adventure race. Youve missed powering through the it this year but dont worry its Worlds Strongest Man on next year too.

You dash contest. Its worth checking through the course in your nads are still there hours, so its spot-on for every now and then anyway adventure-racing newbies. The quickie in the bog.

Competitors start with a 4km run through the foot-sucking Connemara bog. A little longer than the quickies youre used to, and almost as messy. To survive Failing that, joint stability and balance should see you through. Train with 3 x 12 single-leg lunges, Bosu squats and single-leg dumbbell deadlifts. The price includes post-race soup and bread.

Visit gaelforceevents. The Contestants have been Mud biking, hiking, km course has no stops, with building tness and skills rappeling and kayaking in no designated rest periods or for years before reaching the the shadow of Mount aid stations. Teams have to be Untamed New England Katahdin through a network be self-sufficient, responsible starting line New England Expedition the race.

You may 4-person team: We challenge DEAL? But we dont time Tough Mudder, whose gooey people and its all about having worldwide events attract half fun: Everyone lled with ice , Smoke Chute helps each other out and smog-lled tunnels , and hangs around afterwards Electroshock Therapy a net drinking beer. We even offer that zaps you, repeatedly free haircuts with a choice of test the size of your cojones, mullet, mohawk or skinhead.

The alone you need leg-ups, Complete Collection repeatedly, human chains and motivating youll need to prepare yourself bum pats along the way. August, from 69 plus 10 Tough Mudder gives you an insurance. The price includes a amazing sense of achievement free headband and a pint. Visit and team spirit, says top dog toughmudder. The race, based between District location spices up its champ Petri Forsman, it Athletes slide into a packraft Turku and Helsinki in two courses 10km or 10 features running, cycling, a kind of inatable rubber Finland, starts on 23 July.

Ryanair back-breaking boulders. Crawl on all fours under barbed wire, hovering between a faceful of sludge and a shredded noggin. These sharp. Stay snagged on barbed gloves will slip into these manly SIGN ME UP are armed with ghting t by wire and the fabric galvanise your black tights theyll Total Warrior Lake District chunky studded shoving this down means youll paws and help improve oxygen ow runs from August, from soles.

Visit ellis-brigham. To apply Log onto: No matter what Indian comedians tell you it is possible for Indian men to wear tuxedos and not look like waiters. Heres how. As told to Kumar Saurav. The accessories: F RAM E sophistication.

Be it the classic shawl The comfort: A crisp white tight briefs. A blazer and a coat collar with French and hiding the not so good ones. Classic yet stylish you cant go with a pair of trousers wrong with this. Buy and hence can be paired Trousers: A black pair of trousers with what you want to wear, with various bottoms a satin stripe running on the outside something that reects your like a pair of jeans, leg is a conventional style.

Black Also, they come with Belt: When there are so many options patch pockets. A Tux doesnt. Well polished, patent leather in frames, why limit yourself to 2. The lapels in a tuxedo jacket are black lace-up shoes. Go experiment, it made of satin while in a suit, it is of the Watch: A nice and sturdy leather or will make you look differently same fabric as the suit. No one pays with a cummerbund or a low cut vest A classic black is so much attention to the material whereas a suit has a belt for an common for all.

Aag (2007 film)

A deep used in the frame, but we all accessory. The buttons on a tuxedo jacket are colour for all skin be allergic to certain metals. Shades of gray they can be of other materials. The glasses, French cuffs for cuff-links and studs. A should avoid them as without any second thoughts, are suit can be worn with a regular dressy gray can just make important. Protective UV coating shirt. Tuxedos are usually black, dark grey, sense and are not just marketing navy or white with black trousers.

READ 2. Be very specic about shoes. A tuxedo is all 3. Avoid wearing excessive jewellery.

Glare about the right t. If youve been putting off your s Hence, care should be taken when grooming regime now is the time. The style: Always look for a style that compliments your silhouette. The most fundamental Randeep Hooda. If you dont intend to pay a bomb for an element in making a good tuxedo, eyewear, Titan has just launched these choosing the right fabric is paramount www. Try them.

Which is why weve had our eyes on the Z2 ever since it was launched. The phone boasts of an IP58 rating does manage to withstand a puddle of water. The Z2 is water resistant in a depth of 1. The phone rings too, its another matter that you cant answer them because the screen locks down. Moreover, below that depth there would be no network either.

The Z2 achieves this thanks to an internal rubber seal that protects its components and concealed ports which all recieve their own rubber plugs. Once we pulled it out of the dish we realised why we loved the phone - it was the chassis of it.

Despite being 5. We also like the intuitive keyboard, performances and the camera and the claimed battert back up of a decent snapper 30 hours. However, an hefty marked price would makes this phone leave us in two mind to actually buy it.

Android v4. The water-resistent claim works effectively provided you clip thee back cover properly. As per the phone, we are not yet sure if you should buy it, or wait for the iPhone 6, which is scheduled ed to hit the market in August. For people who take joy in openen platforms like Addroid, S5 isnt a bad deal even though by pure aesthetics, its unimaginative and ancient.

But hold on! S5 is still one of the most awaited phones of the year. The 5.

Even in low light. Well, that is what happens with the homegrown brands like Micromaxx and Karbonn. But that is not the case with the Moto E. The phone is a stunner, considering the price point it is lauched at.

The smooth plastic body, is in keeping with Motos design principles. In fact, we are yet to see a phone so beautifully crafted for this price. Another detail that got us raving about the phone is its brilliant 4. Under the hood, the phone is powered by a 1. Though, ipping through apps isnt as swift as on the high-end Androids out there, but its comfortable to give you a decent Android experience. There is a microSD support of upto 32Gb, coupled with various third party cloud apps that would come Sam is kno sung in handy.

The phone, in particular, aws with its overt wn for its camera, with no front camera on offer.

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The u that m se of plastic 5MP camera falls short of impressing us, and the lack of a ash makes it an even harder point most igh , of us, t tick the to sell. The screen is water-resistence as well, there c onside making this one of the best budget Android a doing re metal bo ring phones in the market. Step 02 Mix all the ingredients and make a blue cheese dressing. Step 01 Take blue cheese, fresh cream and chives in a bowl.

Step 03 Raw chicken wings.

Step 07 Step 06 Mix chopped garlic, barbeque sauce, green onion, salt, chicken stock, Roast it in a pre-heated oven for 5 minutes oil, black pepper and Tobasco sauce to make spicy BBQ sauce. Remove it from the re throw in green when the wings are coated with the sauce. We say you pair these along with stuffed jalapenos. Place a toothpick through and cook on the grill until the bacon is done. Cheese on crackers can make a delectable pair. This kind of cheese is usually of the cream colour and made from cow-milk.

Brie tastes You have to be a wonderful when baked with sour puss not to love strawberries and crackers. It has a gerkins slightly sweet and pungent avour. Goes best with red wine. Edam [ee-duhm, ee-dam] A semi-hard cheese with a red wax coating is usually produced in a shape of a ball. Edam is typically yellow and can be made out of cow or goats milk, depending on the origin of production.

Edam is a fantastic cheese on a cheese platter and to be sliced into a sandwich as it holds together very well. Has a very mild, neutral taste. Goes best with beer.

Chevre [shev-ruh] An extremely soft crumbly cheese wrapped in plastic that has some moisture as well. Traditionally, chevre is available in white colour. Its made from goat-milk. Chevre is a salty, earthy and tart cheese and can easily be spread on tarts or mixed with a salad. Goes well with red wine. With inputs from Chef Swasti Aggarwal, Foodhall. A Gorgonzola knife can be used for soft cheese. Because not all cheese goes on a Pizza and the side of a glass of wine. So heres some help guring out what is what!

Words Nishant Nayyar. Pair r multiple seasons, Emmantal can be white with n is classied as Feta easily recognised with the laden wine on only if it comes from bubbles in the cheese. This cheese mainland Greece. Comes in tubes, gms blocks; From Greece. Only variants that are aged for close to six months Comes in blocks Se or more, live up to the name.

Flavours of 2 kgs or more: Mozzarella is a fresh, pulled-curd cheese made from the milk of water buffalo. Mozzarella is prized for its soft texture and mild creamy avour. It has a characteristic crumbly in texture, odour and avour with a notable taste with a deep, tangy, of butyric acid; the green veins nutty avour. Typically deep yellow in colour, A ty typical ypical wheel of Roquefort some of the weighs between 2.

It can be easily spotted for k pasta led over than 5 kgs for institution its sharp salty avour, with a creamy and s dishes use; From Italy off-white inside.

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DJ Candice Redding; 7. Miss Malini with Surily Joseph 6 5. Theres a lot us. Im always watching my back, and to do that, Dredd and AD. Id sit at a table with my of business and personal sacrices to be made, you always need to be one step ahead. Every day, no matter what country Im in, the He was an accountant and a ferocious I still get a utter in my heart when I see our rst thing I do in the morning is run.

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FHM India June 2014 (Yami's Hot shoot) PDF - P2P.pdf

When he grew up, but The Sims creator Will he noticed that he didnt Wright was repeatedly shot see kids collecting insects down and mocked when he any more the urban tried to get his idea for a virtual sprawl of Tokyo had paved dolls house off the ground. Remove it from the re throw in green when the wings are coated with the sauce. We arent sure if its the painful memories of past wars with the press or his loosening bowels, but he is now literally walking around us in circles with growing speed before leaning rakishly against the mantelpiece on the far wall.

But sometimes, it Series which is neither charitable nor entirely you get a lot more space in the cabin for the six throws up rather spectacular treats like the true.

So then what does the GT do? While in office, after lunch, I Doc: What we were trying to the world has ever seen. She appeared in Oblivion, a science fiction film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Joseph Kosinski.

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