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Until recently, back issues of Omni Magazine were stored on the Internet Archive, for readers to page through at no cost. The collection of issues was taken down a couple of years ago, but it’s now back online on Created by Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione and wife. OMNI magazine blended science and science fiction, and was one of the most influential publications in the history of both. We draw on the influence of OMNI Magazine every single day, and so do a ton of other people, whether they realize or not. So there's great news - pretty much. Omni Magazine was published between and , and it I am looking for a PDF copy of the October contest results for “Medium Rare”. I have.

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phisticated pharmaceutics; -esearch that has its roots in the psychedelic'60s. Omni is not only a^acsz r: ; ;: t -:; It is also a magazine of science. OMNI. Site owned and operated by PWD, LLC — © PWD. OMNI is a Registered Trademark of PGMI. All RIGHTS RESERVED.:). Good news for Omni magazine fans – all issues are now available on Amazon for $ each, or free if you're a Kindle Unlimited.

At least one British edition was entirely unique and was shipped under the banner of Omni UK. An Italian edition was edited by Alberto Peruzzo and ran for 20 issues from to , when Peruzzo detached the name Omni from his local edition.

The Italian spin-off continued with the name Futura, while maintaining the same graphical style and with an unchanged intended audience, for another twenty issues, up to July The Japanese edition ran from to the summer of and included almost entirely different content to the American edition.

The German edition began in and ended in early Omni ran subscription adverts beginning in August for Science in Russia. This arrangement was intended to last for one year and was made possible by the Glasnost events in the Soviet Union.

Webzine[ edit ] Omni first began its online presence as part of Compuserve in the summer of On September 5, Omni became part of the America Online service. AOL subscribers had access to much of the Omni printed archive as well as forums, chat groups and new fiction.

After the print magazine folded, the Omni Internet webzine was launched on September 15, Now free of pressure to focus on fringe science areas, Omni returned to its roots as the home of gonzo science writing, becoming one of the first large-scale venues to deliver a journalism geared specifically to cyberspace, complete with real-time coverage of major science events, chats and blogs with scientific luminaries, and interactive experiments that users could join.

The world's top science fiction writers also joined in, writing collaborative fiction pieces for Omni's readers live online.

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Uncle Google gave me a helpful picture [1] but I'll try and work through the math the right way: Starting with two cubes: two of the faces of the base cube will have prisms and four of the faces will have a tetrahedron.

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I still have a complete set. It came from Rockwell. Instead of Archive. Any links that work?

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