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Part I: Introduction to K2 Blackpearl and Process-Driven Chapter 2: Evolving Workflow and BPM into Process-Driven Applications Chapter 3. K2 blackpearl and the K2 platform is a large, powerful, "game-changing" application Since this is the first book on K2 blackpearl, you will find a broad range of. Get this from a library! Professional K2 Blackpearl. [Holly Anderson;].

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"Professional K2 blackpearl," the new book from Wrox Press, is now available at, and other book retailers. The e-book. Professional K2 blackpearl by Holly Anderson PDF DOWNLOADS TORRENT > GO Downloads e-Book What should I do if the main link does. Book Description Professional K2 blackpearl®. K2 blackpearl enables you to quickly build simple to very complex and dynamic process-driven applications.

Will tasks need to be performed on behalf of another person? Will the process involve the participation of the entire organization? Are the process participants geographically dispersed? Does the process need to escalate if someone fails to action it? Do multiple people need to review and sign this off?

Are external parties involved in the process, for example regulatory agencies, customers and partners?

Is it important to notify users of process status? Is overall process visibility important, for example for employees, managers, executives or auditors?

Do you need visibility into your process, like who is doing what and how long does tasks take to complete?

Does your company have the infrastructure to aut omate this process? Do all individuals involved in the process have access to a computer?

Do you need to obtain information from other comput er systems? Are these systems able to integrate with other systems through AP Is or Web services? Does the vendor of the soft ware support and allow thi s integration to be performed? What, if any, are the licensing implications of this 3rd party application of allowing this integration? Has this cost been accounted for in the total cost to automate?

Do you have disparate systems that need to participat e within a business process?

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Are these systems owned and hosted in-house or are they systems used and maintained by external parties? Process automation can bring many benefits to a business, and there are K2 features that can solve some of the more difficult problems of non-automated proc ess, like version control, tracking, compliance, auditing, multiple or parallel approvals, escalations, delegation, surfacing business information from other systems, and increasing the accountability and trans parency of your business operations.

You start by creating a high level activity design and continue by adding more and more detail into the proc ess. Once the design is complet e, the actual creation of the process follows. The more detail that is placed in your design, the more complex the actual design environment will be. The drawback of having multiple Processes or SmartObjects in the same project is that, by default, when deploying the project to the K2 server, all processes and SmartObjects in the project are deployed.

Should you decide to exclude certain items from the deployment, they need to be excluded from the project build task right click the project and select Exclude from build before deploying. Depending on the scope of your processes, separate projects should be created for different processes. The deciding factor is usually whether different development teams will be working on the projects simultaneously. If they will, separate projects are required for each team. Generally, projects are subdivided into folders that cover specific processes.

For example, suppose there are a set of processes specific to HR, Finance and Operations. One would create separat e folders for each of these areas of the business and creat e the processes for that business area in the relevant sub-folder. The folder structure is deployed as part of the process title to the workflow server. A well-organized structure can allow users to find relevant proc esses more easily than other approaches. PAGE 12 Workflow projects will be deployed using the project name as the top-level folder, then any sub-folder and finally the process name.

For example, the following project structure is deployed to the server and results in processes that reside in separate folders, as shown in the subsequent figure. By grouping processes according to business unit or functional area, users can group and search work flows more easily. Choose something descriptive but not too lengthy.

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Name your activities using nouns and your events using verbs. For example, Manager Approval is a good activity name, and Approve Request is a good name for the client event within the activity. All of these names are used at some point in the management of the process as well as in the reporting of the process, so choosing good names is important and considered a best practice.

The use of Pascal Casing i. PascalCasing or Camel Casing i. Do not use Hungarian notation to name K2 items. In earlier days most programmers liked it - having the data type as a prefix for the variable name was very useful.

This practice however, has fallen out of favor and is not recommended in. NET coding standards. The use of meaningful, descriptive words to name variables is used to describe. NE T variables, and standards state that variables should use camel casing and methods and classes use Pascal casing. Naming K2 items other than the custom code employed and data variables should probably follow Pascal casing, but this is more of a preference.

Using one of thes e methods is a best practice. In large proc esses where many activities are defined, it becomes helpful to color code the activities based on the task that is performed in that activity. The color legend can be defined for the particular process needs, but as an example use something similar to the following. In addition, it can be beneficial to color the lines according to their rules.

The following can serve as a general guideline but depending on the actual process more colors can be added.

Lastly, you should color events or activities that contain custom code using a reserved color, such as orange. This helps developers understand which activities and events can be updated to newer templates, and whic h should not. The Update Design Templates function will overwrite any customization applied to the default wizards with the exception of the Default Server E vents code and WF. If the code behind an activity or event is modified updating the design template removes thos e modifications and updat es to the newer template.

If customized activities are in a different color, such as orange, developers can easily see which activities have been customized and exclude these from updating. Note : Processes developed with an earlier version of K2 blackpearl should always be updated to the latest template versions at some point.

Feature and functionality changes in the newer version may cause problems when coupled with the older version of the template. It is considered a best practice to update the design templates with each release if the process is to be redeployed. Another related best practice is to avoid code customizations outside of a default server event. In the following figure, activities that are performed by systems are colored black, activities performed by humans are left in the default color, and activities with custom code are colored orange.

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In previous releases, the Workflow Foundation WF extender projects where temporarily written to the project path, so upon check-in the extender projects were also checked in. They are not nec essary to check-in, however, and will cause problems because they are treated as temporary in nature by K2.

In K2 blackpearl , the extender projects are no longer written to the project path but rat her to the temporary folder, and are therefore not checked-in.

Developers who are working in K2 projects should be using the same local source control path as every other developer. This prevents any problems with path length issues in the actual project files if the length starts approaching the Windows path length limit, and it results in greater predictability. Note that two developers cannot work on the same file in a project at the same time, since changes are saved into the sourc e file during development. It is not recommended to merge changes to these files using source control tools, since the internal file structure of the.

There is a very real chance of file corruption should the files be manually edited. Although two developers will not be able to edit the same process file. In all cases it is important to understand the differences between the various data fields available in K2 blackpearl. PAGE 15 Data fields allow a process to store metadata, either for the entire lifetime of a proc ess or for the duration of a single activity. Data fields should only contain data that are tightly related to the particular business process or activity that they are defined for.

Ideally data fields will only contain pointers or ID values to the business entities and data that is stored in the application databases.

The process should almost never contain data fields that will be displayed in the UI layer. The only exception to this is when worklist filtering is required on certain fields outside of the standard K2 work flow fields. For example if the worklist needs to be filtered by department, then it would mak e sense to have a Department data field in the process and display this value in the custom worklist. In this case, consideration must be given to the size of a user's worklist.

As the worklist size and number of dat a fields increas es, filtering reduces performance of the worklist. Why This Works Export and Import Capabilities Designer Choices K2 Designer for Visio Audience Using the K2 Designer for Visio Importing Exporting Collaboration Experience Extensibility When to Use It When Not to Use It K2 Web Designer for SharePoint Using the K2 Web Designer Action Menu Templates Wizards Favorites Process Templates Users and Groups K2 Designer for Visual Studio Using the K2 Designer for Visual Studio Future Design Tools K2 Studio K2 Web Designer 2.

Working Collaboratively Example Scenario Identify Roles and the Plan Manage to the Project Plan Source Code Control Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Summary IV. Administration of K2 blackpearl Server and Component Administration Server Architecture Workspace Management Console General Workflow Server Settings License Management Environment Library and String Table Management Role Management Working Hours Management Process Instance Management Process Version Management Process Error Management Worklist Administration SmartObject Service Management Archiving Workspace Web Application Management Runtime Services Management Workspace Application Pool Workspace Logging Report Administration Report Data Source Administration K2 SharePoint Component Administration General K2 SharePoint Settings K2 SharePoint Feature Management K2 SmartObject Integration K2 Site Administration Integration K2 Web Designer Integration K2 Tasklist Web Part Management The Configuration Manager Administering Permissions and Security What Is Security?

Integrity Data Integrity Source Integrity Confidentiality Availability The Three "A"s The Security Policy Regulatory and Legal Compliance Deploying a Secure K2 blackpearl Installation Organize, Plan, Test, and Document Securing the Environment Principal of Least Privilege Reducing the Footprint Separation of Duties Logging Permissions and Privileges Installation Privileges Service Account Privileges K2 Service Account K2 Workspace Service Account SharePoint Service Account Reporting Service Accounts Operating System Privileges File and Folder Permissions Registry Permissions SharePoint Permissions SQL Server Permissions K2 Workspace Permissions K2 Performance Monitoring Permissions MSMQ Permissions The Discovery Service Securing K2 blackpearl Communications The K2 blackpearl Security Landscape K2 Security Framework Security Programming and Extensibility K2 Management Console Server Rights Process Rights Process Action Rights K2 Server Roles Environment Library Templates Security SmartObject Security SmartBox Security EventBus Security Programmers and Process Designers The K2 Object Browser Export Permissions Server Debugging Secure Development Practices Troubleshooting Security Issues File and Registry Auditing Log Files K2 blackpearl Console Mode Advanced Tools Administering and Creating Security Providers The Active Directory Security Provider ADUM Settings Configuring Support for Multiple Domains The Security Provider Object Model A Pluggable Architecture IHostableType It's All About Context The Security Manager The Logger IHostableSecurityProvider IAuthenticationProvider IAuthenticationProvider Initialization Authenticating Users IRoleProvider Initializing the Role Provider Retrieving Users and Groups Searching for Users and Groups Searching for Users Searching for Groups Resolving Destination Queues Remotely Invoking the Security Provider Building a Custom Security Provider Where to Start Code Organization Installing the Custom Security Provider Staging Provider Dependencies and Configuration Staging Host Server Configuration Settings Installing the Security Provider Library Configuring the Security Provider Debugging the Security Provider Testing the Security Provider K2 connect Disaster Recovery Planning Setting the Baseline Continuity Planning Recovery Planning Testing Disaster Recovery and K2 blackpearl Database Disaster Recovery Options The K2 blackpearl Databases Performing a Database Backup Manually Configuring Automatic Backups Restoring a Database K2 Web Components Restoring K2 Web Components K2 blackpearl Server s K2 for Reporting Services Restoring the K2 for Reporting Services Components K2 for SharePoint Additional Components High-Availability Planning Logging and System Reporting K2 blackpearl Logging Installation Log File Logging Framework Logging Framework Configuration File The appSettings Section The Extensions Section The Category Section Predefined and Parameterized Messages Logging Messages: Enabling K2 blackpearl Logging Running the K2 blackpearl Server in Console Mode Logging to the K2 blackpearl Server Log File Logging to the Windows Event Log Extending the Logging Framework Custom Logging Kerberos Logging K2 blackpearl System Reporting Performance Monitor Interfaces Opening the Performance Monitor Using the Performance Monitor K2 blackpearl-Specific Counters Creating Charts, Alerts, Logs, and Reports Charts Alerts Logs Reports Using the K2 Workspace and Reporting K2 Workspace Overview Working with the Worklist Actioning a Worklist Item Using Custom Forms Using the Worklist Actions Menu Using Batch Actions Suspending a Worklist Item Redirecting a Worklist Item Releasing a Worklist Item Delegating a Worklist Item Viewing Process-Related Data Data Fields View Flow Finding a Worklist Item Sorting the Worklist Searching the Worklist Filtering the Worklist Viewing Managed Users' Worklists K2 Reporting Saved and Published Reports Standard Reports Using Reports Creating New Reports Working with Reporting Services Exporting K2 Reports to Reporting Services K2 Event Notifications Notification Events Custom Events Summary V.

Advanced K2 blackpearl Concepts and Platform Extensions The K2 Event Bus Key Features of the Event Bus Open and Extensible Architecture Separating Events from Actions Pluggable Event Systems Built-In Event Handlers Pluggable Message Queuing Mileto by Gorman, Vanessa B.

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Applications by Indrajit Chowdhury, with the sole aim of arming you with the most vital and invaluable information on raising quails. Professional K2 blackpearl by Holly Anderson, pdf, epub, mobi, fb2, djvu, lit, txt, rtf, doc, docx, chm, htmlz, lrf, azw, azw3, kindle, ebook, torrent, downloads Related links:.This number should not be thought of as a rule but rather a guideline. They are not nec essary to check-in, however, and will cause problems because they are treated as temporary in nature by K2.

Category 5.

Do you have a paper forms and folders that are passed around? Environment Library Templates Security Are external parties involved in the process, for example regulatory agencies, customers and partners?

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