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Nine Princes in Amber: Book One (The Chronicles of Amber 1) - Kindle edition by Roger Zelazny. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB Zelazny, Roger - Amber 07 - The Second Chronicles of Amber 02 - Blood of Amber · Read more. Get this from a library! The Chronicles of Amber. [Roger Zelazny].

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The chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny; 7 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Amber (Imaginary Cover of: To Read (free ebooks). The Chronicles of Amber is a series of fantasy novels written by Roger Zelazny. The main series consists of two story arcs, each five novels in length. Amber is the one real world, casting infinite reflections of itself -- Shadow worlds, that can be manipulated by those of royal Amberite blood. But the royal family is.

The first books were amazing, the later ones less so.

The problem with Merlin was that he was too powerful, creating the same problems for the writer as Superman presented. How can you create any suspense when, no matter what happens, Merlin can magically pull something out of the air to defeat any foe?

I do like the very nice looking six-volume hardbound collection of the shorter fiction with commentary edited from his essays though - those look great, and I might need to blow a lot of money on them. Apparently, I can also retire on the resale value of my copy of Night in the Lonesome October not that I would ever sell it.

December 12, , pm 7 This sounds like the equivalent of of my Belgariad by David Eddings.

He soon finds that Luke is in fact Rinaldo, son of Brand of Amber, and has been responsible for yearly attempts on his life, on the anniversary of Luke's discovery of Brand's death.

Luke imprisons Merlin in a cave of blue crystal which negates his magic abilities and from which he cannot escape. Further mystery ensues back on Earth when several people who apparently knew a lot more about Merlin than they should, turn out to have no memory of previous meetings. Merlin traces his way back to his first confrontation with Jasra, where he finds himself at a magical fort, the Keep of the Four Worlds, a nexus of magical energies which has recently fallen under the control of a mysterious blue-masked sorcerer calling himself "Mask", who seems to have a vendetta against Merlin.

Merlin returns to Amber, ventures out into Amber City, escapes an assassination attempt, and is saved by Caine's mistress, Vinta Bayle — who, also, appears to know more than she ought about him. Merlin then finds himself having to rescue Luke from Dalt, the two having apparently come to blows.

Luke reveals that Jasra has indeed lost power and is now a prisoner — and has the cheek to ask for Merlin's help. Luke ends up in the crystal cave himself — and Merlin, after yet another uncanny encounter with a shape-shifting werewolf which escapes, minus an ear and with severe burns and that appears to be backed by Mask.

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Merlin decides to gain leverage over Luke by "rescuing" Jasra without Luke's help, and then taking Jasra as a prisoner in Amber. He confronts Mask, escapes with the now-petrified Jasra, and returns to Amber, where an unusual Trump summoning imprisons him in the Mad Hatter's tea party from Wonderland.

It is Luke who has dropped the acid — he, too, having been taken prisoner in an independent attempt to rescue Jasra, and having apparently been given it as an experiment. He is ambushed by a creature from Chaos, a Fire Angel, but defeats it with the help of a Jabberwock and a vorpal sword.

He leaves Luke to sober up and seeks his stepbrother Mandor, who thinks that their half-brother Jurt may be at least one of the assassins trying to kill Merlin — right now, most likely, for headship of the House of Sawall once its current lord dies, since Mandor the eldest son has stepped aside, leaving that office to be disputed between Merlin and Jurt who was indeed the werewolf from earlier.

They meet up with Fiona and discover that the Logrus is making an attempt to damage Corwin's Pattern. But Merlin refuses to help Mandor and Fiona learn more, and returns to Amber, only to be embroiled in diplomatic controversy: in order to avoid Luke's possible accession to the throne of the Shadow kingdom Kashfa, Random is playing politics to put his own candidate on the throne, and the neighbouring kingdom of Begma objects to that particular candidate's territorial ambitions.

The Begman duke's elder daughter Coral and Luke's old friend Dalt the Mercenary are both revealed to be bastard Amberites, sired by Oberon out of wedlock: Coral walks the Pattern and disappears completely, apparently held prisoner by it. Dalt challenges Amber with an armed force, demanding Luke be surrendered to him as prisoner, but Luke has sworn off his vendetta and is under Queen Vialle's protection.

Negotiations result in an arranged fistfight between Dalt and Luke, which Dalt wins and captures Luke. Coral's younger sister Nayda is revealed to be possessed by the mysterious body-possessing "t'yiga" demon which had previously been Vinta Bayle and, for a short while, several other people on Earth, in "Trumps of Doom" : but since the real Nayda actually died of a long-standing heart condition just as the t'yiga possessed her possession is normally harmless , it is now trapped in her form permanently.

Merlin calls in Mandor to imprison the t'yiga, which turns out a to have been sent with orders to act as a bodyguard to Merlin, by an unknown sponsor, and b reveals that Jurt is in league with Mask, and is trying to gain power from the Keep of the Four Worlds in the same way that Brand did, and become a Living Trump.

Mask is wounded by Merlin, but then it is revealed that "he" is in fact Merlin's ex-girlfriend Julia, whom he had thought dead. She turns out to be exactly the right person to leave in charge there, as she does not wish for the power of the Fount of the Four Worlds herself, but is quite happy to prevent others using it, since gaining its power destroyed the last of Brand's humanity, and she appears to have genuinely loved him, and lost him to his power-lust.

Merlin tries to use Trump magic to locate Coral — with the help of Mandor, Jasra and even his own creation Ghostwheel, with whom he is back on good terms — but is ambushed by various ghostly constructs of people that have walked the Pattern and Logrus, and even by Corwin's most recent Pattern-ghost from his own Pattern, not the Pattern of Amber , and finds himself drawn into a struggle between the Logrus , the fundamental power of chaos, and the Pattern, the fundamental power of order.

It is revealed that the Pattern, and its chaotic counterpart the Logrus, are sentient, and wish Merlin to choose a side to tip the balance of the multiverse towards one or the other — with other Pattern- and Logrus-ghosts also taking part in the "trial" to influence him one way or the other.

They try to make him choose between them using ghosts of family members who have traversed their two paths. He attempts to walk the route of neutrality to avoid choosing sides, but ends up being tricked into taking sides twice — firstly by having a Chaos dagger planted on him as he sleeps before attempting to take the middle path in a three-way choice between the extremes of Order and Chaos this is rather appropriate: he would rather aid neither side, but his chosen method is usually the magic of Chaos , and secondly he is coerced into aiding the Pattern to strengthen its position in Shadows, while rescuing Coral from her imprisonment.

During the trial he somehow obtains possession of the Jewel of Judgement: the attempt to return it to Castle Amber provokes a confrontation between the Pattern and Logrus themselves, causing a mighty explosion in which Mandor suffers a broken arm and Coral loses an eye.

The ty'iga demon in Nayda's body escapes and tries to return the Jewel to the Logrus, but is captured by Ghostwheel — which, after removing both Nayda and the Jewel, passes its own synthetic "consciousness" through the Jewel, thus traversing the Pattern.

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Coral's damaged eye is operated on by Dworkin, who replaces it with the Jewel of Judgement. Merlin investigates Brand's old quarters, and finds his old sword Werewindle, and a mysterious and powerful "spikard" ring, which he keeps. Random sends him to the kingdom of Kashfa as the Amberite representative at a coronation Since he has a fairly legitimate claim on the throne himself, is on better terms with his neighbours Begma, who objected to Duke Arkans , and has given up his vendetta on Amber, Random is letting things stand.

Further complications ensue when it turns out that Coral — now Merlin's lover — is actually Luke's long-forgotten wife following a diplomatic arranged marriage in childhood although Luke seems willing enough to have it annulled in the future.

In a hospital on the Shadow Earth, a young man is recovering from a freak car accident; amnesia has robbed him of all his memory, even the fact that he is Corwin, Crown Prince of Amber, rightful heir to the throne -- and he is in deadly peril. Why unglue this book?

Have your say. Rights Information Are you the author or publisher of this work? If so, you can claim it as yours by registering as an Unglue. Roger Zelazny, Publisher: Victor Gollancz Limited Published: The chronicles of Amber Contributors:Cyador's Heirs. As Corwin and then his son Merlin tell their tales, the War Factory.

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Betancourt talked about some of these concerns in an interview,[10] stating that some of them won't prove valid at end of his series. In the end, the future of all rests upon Corwin's determination, and upon the horn of the unicorn Don't have an account? As for their specific influences—particularly on my Amber series—I never thought about it until Jane Lindskold started digging around and began pointing things out to me. After Brand recovers, he tells Corwin of several incidents leading up to his capture.

For over sixty years, readers of all ages have been enchanted by the magical realms, the epic battles between good and evil, and the unforgettable Roger Zelazny Publisher:

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