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Exploiting Chaos is the quintessential road map for all those who seek op- portunity companies have risen from chaos, and he provides a toolkit that manag-. Chaos Permits You to. Think Differently. Page 8 by Jeremy Gutsche. Exploiting Chaos. Ways to Spark Innovation. During Times of Change. THE SUMMARY . Greetings! To kick off the new year, we have made Trend Hunter's award-winning innovation book free as a PDF. So, you can browse it free online with videos.

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"Exploiting Chaos - Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change" is an award-winning book on innovation by Trend Hunter CEO. Exploiting Chaos: Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change [ Jeremy Gutsche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The hottest. Check out the first chapter of Exploiting Chaos, available as a free PDF download here: Link | Exploiting Chaos website | Book available.

Build on Others' Mistakes Remington Rand, a Smith Corona competitor, did move into the computing business in , and by the company had declared bankruptcy. Smith Corona executives that had been pushing the company to expand into computers were haunted by Remington's fate, failing to realize that those Remington execs might have been right on strategy and wrong on execution. Lesson: Don't let the failure of others reinforce inaction.

Develop Scenarios In the s, Royal Dutch Shell developed two future strategies, one based on stable oil prices and the other based on a spike. When oil prices rocketed in , Shell was ready.

Lesson: By developing multiple scenarios, you can avoid the certainty of being incorrect and instead prepare for disruptive change. Yet it still didn't solve the problem: The demise of Napster only inspired more illegal file-sharing companies.

Lesson: You will only answer the problems you are trying to solve. Learn from Failure John Grisham was rejected by a dozen publishers before getting a deal. Thomas Edison, in his words, "discovered 1, ways not to make a light bulb" before hitting on a design that worked. Lesson: Successful ideas first require excessive testing and experimental failure. A new chief executive and chief financial officer introduced one small change to the broadcaster's innovation process: They created a gambling fund to bet on risky ideas.

See a Problem?

The first big winner: Ricky Gervais' series, The Office, which had failed the normal screening process. Lesson: A simple gambling fund can be one of the most effective ways to tolerate failure. Chairman Steven Ross went even further, firing people for not making mistakes. Lesson: Fire people for not failing.

'Exploiting Chaos': Trendhunter's New Innovation Trends Book

To learn about his new customers, Cadillac's head of external design went to a gritty corner in Detroit, waited for an Escalade to roll by, and asked the driver if he could join him.

Lesson: Customer obsession can be the fastest ways to gain perspective. Act Crazy A senior leader can unintentionally squelch the creativity of a group. Instead, he or she should throw out a wild, impractical idea at the start of a brainstorming session.

That will help others in the group to think more freely and to feel free to express themselves. Lesson: The role of a leader is not to suggest great ideas, but to create an atmosphere that fosters the ideas of others.

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Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change

Sort order. Jan 09, Valeria Lyalina rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Once you accept the inevitability of perpetual change, you can abandon your quest to gain control, and instead, go with the flow. Fire people for not failing The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. Jun 22, Marten rated it liked it.

Sep 11, Jeff rated it liked it. I loved his presentation, and actually advocated that he present at the NC State graduation instead of the guy who focused on innovation at Xerox huge innovators Exploiting Chaos is essentially the written lots of pictures too form of the presentation that he gave.

The book is a wealth of information on how to get on the cutting edge of cool and how to create a culture of innovation from y I saw Jeremy Gutsche at the ACUI Conference in Anaheim in The book is a wealth of information on how to get on the cutting edge of cool and how to create a culture of innovation from your current culture.

It's like drinking from a fire hydrant though; the book is literally filled with ideas and even encourages readers to just read the headlines on each page as they by themselves can be inspirational slogans. Let's be honest here, this book is not deep. Jeremy even says himself that when creating we should focus not on substance but on style and his book seems to have taken his own advice.

Ever hung out with a person who feels too cool to be around your group and he knows it? Exploiting Chaos left me thinking "wow, jeremy gutsche is cool". I wonder if Gutsche has read too much of his own press.

Eventually, I left thinking that I didn't really have much to learn from Gutsche except how to be a logo spouting, no substance tool. I don't mean to discount the value of some of what Gutsche says. He certainly provides us with some things to think about and how to be innovative and stand out.

However, Gutsche feels a little too much MTV, just a bunch of cultural filler that is like eating a 5 lb bag of gummy bears, you might enjoy it at first but by the end it leaves you feeling bloated and a little disgusted with yourself.

Let's be honest They're overly concerned with creating bureaucracy to control every details of every interaction, they squelch innovation and employee creativity, and they're filled with lifetime middle managers who probably don't deserve the job they have.

Exploiting Chaos for Quantum Control

Such is life. The best thing you can probably get from Gutsche is to stop wasting your life working in organizations that stifle the kind of creativity and collaboration that I found myself desiring after reading "Exploiting Chaos". We're bright people and we can do better.

Much like Malcolm Gladwell said, the environment tends to dictate our actions and the culture of the organizations we work for can kill our spirit if you let it.

Don't be a casualty of shit bosses, make your own way and exploit the chaos in your own life to create real innovation and real opportunity. Jul 08, Tim Beck rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 14, Mark Victor Young rated it liked it.

Lots of great ideas about not being afraid of tumultuous times in the marketplace. He shares lots of examples of companies which thrived despite poor economic conditions thanks to a risky idea or new way of looking at something.

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Also lots of examples of companies which took a very conservative approach to downturns which spelled their eventual doom. The book is broken down into little one or two page anecdotes, all with lots of pictures and charts for explanation, so it is easily picked up and p Lots of great ideas about not being afraid of tumultuous times in the marketplace.

The book is broken down into little one or two page anecdotes, all with lots of pictures and charts for explanation, so it is easily picked up and put down. I heard Jeremy speak and his live talk is basically this book condensed with slides. He's a good speaker and not a bad writer.

Launched in , the cereal dominated the marketplace leading up to the s. As the Great Depression tightened its angry claws on America, Post found itself hungry for cash. The prominent cereal maker assumed they "owned" the market. How could anyone stop lusting for Grape-Nuts? Accordingly, advertising budgets were cut to weather the storm.

As the managers of Post reclined in their rawhide chairs, bracing for a slow economy, a hungry tiger lurked in the shadows. That tiger was the Kellogg Company. Their mascot, Tony the Tiger, had not yet appeared, but his insatiable spirit was already born.Semiconductors are so difficult to make that the leading The world of business is in a constant state of evolution. They flow together and will J Keep your finger on the pulse of pop culture 24 help spark your next big idea.

Shane McCall rated it it was amazing Oct 11, In fact, Second, Smith Corona had a year history of reinventing itself: Intoxicated by his own success, R.

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