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Primary Longman Express e-Textbook follows the aims and objectives laid down in the Curriculum Guide. It offers balanced coverage of the learning targets. Welcome to Primary Longman Express Companion Website! A wealth of new resources are uploaded for your different school-based teaching needs! Check out. Detailed Information × - 45k - jpg Chapter 6, Book 5A Primary Longman Express Fun in Hong Kong.

Primary Longman Express Pdf

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Primary Longman Express Pdf Download Free. Primary Longman Elect. Book 3B Primary Longman Express. Download ppt 'My classmates. Free primary longman express e-book download software at UpdateStar - e- books 電子書;» primary longman express super e;» primary longman express pdf. Free primary longman express 1a ebook download software at UpdateStar - e- book 1b;» primary longman express super e;» primary longman express pdf.

Audio Demonstration of pronunciation of key words, phonics sounds, continuous texts and dialogues. All audio performance is done by native speakers and not text-to-speech software to provide authentic and accurate examples for learners to follow. Karaoke Reading Demonstration of reading aloud of continuous texts and dialogues with karaoke effect and animation where appropriate.

Phonics Video Visual demonstration of phonics sounds by native speakers allowing pupils to observe and learn the proper shape of the mouth when producing sounds in the English language. The activities can be done in both online and offline environments.

Learning: our vision

The results can only be submitted to the platform in an online environment. There is instant feedback informing learners about whether their answers are right or wrong.

Hints Learners are encouraged to learn from their mistakes by redoing the activities until they get the answers right. Aug 30, - Pre-Primary. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

primary longman express e-book

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primary longman express e-book

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