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PDF | This chapter, with its focus on quality of work life, briefly reviews the history of work–family research (note that this term from here on is used generically to. PDF | In the global competitive era Quality of Work Life of employees is important to attract and retain skilled and talented employees. A large. Quality of work life Movement initially a loosely organized network of a few dozen Improving the Quality of Work Life, barriers and Issues of QWL described.

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Quality of work life is a process in an organization which enables its Keywords: Quality of work life, job performance, employee satisfaction, job security. After reading this article you will learn about: 1. Introduction to Quality of Work Life (QWL) 2. Nature and Scope of Quality of Work Life 3. Importance 4. Problems . Quality of Work Life (QWL). Conceptual Framework of Quality of Work Life: Human beings are basically psychosomatic entities. They join organizations .

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A New Measure of Quality of Work Life (QWL) Based on Need Satisfaction and Spillover Theories

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Meadow, D. Rahtz and A. Samli eds. Workplace stress and fatigue can contribute to injuries at work and home. Self-employed people control their own work time to some extent. Most existing information on work-life balance is targeted at those in employment relationships. However, the self-employed too may benefit from maintaining healthy work habits and developing strategies to manage work flows which enable them to balance one with other roles in their lives.

Parents, people with disabilities and those nearing retirement may increase their work force participation if more flexible work arrangements are made. Employment has positive individual and social benefits beyond the financial rewards. Employers may also benefit from a wider pool of talent to draw from, particularly to their benefit when skill shortages exist.

In a situation of conflict between work and family, one or other suffers. Overseas studies have found that family life can interfere with paid work.

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QWL maintains balance between work and family. At the extreme, if family life suffers, this may have wider social costs. Involvement in community, cultural, sporting or other activities can be a benefit to community and society at large. While such activities are not the responsibility of individual employers, they may choose to support them as community activities can demonstrate good corporate citizenship.

Companies with QWL have employees with high degree of job involvement. People put their best to the job and report good performance. They achieve a sense of competence and match their skills with requirements of the job.

The Influence of Quality of Work Life on Work Performance

They view their jobs as satisfying the needs of achievement and recognition. This reduces absenteeism and turnover, thus, saving organisational costs of recruiting and training replacements. Job involvement leads to job commitment and job satisfaction.

People whose interests are protected by their employers experience high degree of job satisfaction. This improves job output. Many organizations, including Governments, NGOs, investors and the media, consider the quality of employee experience in the work place when evaluating a company. Socially responsible investors, including some institutional investors, pay specific attention to QWL when making investment decisions. Though every organisation attempts to improve the employer-employee relations and through it, the quality of work life of employees, problems may occur in effective implementation of QWL programmes.

Commitment is a mutual phenomenon. When employers want to get the best from employees but do not give them reward and recognition, people will not be committed to work. Jobs which deprive employees of self-development and growth opportunities lead to high dissatisfaction and disloyalty. Non-acceptance by colleagues, non-cooperation, too much politics, and negative behaviour by colleagues, supervisors and other people in the company also hamper commitment.

At the end of the day people want peace of mind, which if not available in the work environment will discourage them to show total support to the company. The present s tudy imply different views to aspects of quality of is an attempt to identify the perception of working life. In other words, in the 80s, the emp loyees towards QWL in a technical concept of quality of wo rking life detached institution.

This study helps the college psychology and approached a social teachers to know the level of perception approach; which was a technical perspective towards QWL and to enhance the same by of organization and team. Moreover, the the educational administrators.

Before resuming with objectives the Technical education plays an important role researcher has gone through past studies on to becoming a co mpetitive p layer in the the topic and present as Review of global knowledge economy. To improve the Literature.

A number o f researchers and quality of education in these sectors, skilled, theories have been paying attention in the knowledgeable, experience faculty is very QWL concept and have tried to identify the important resource.

Because of the influence different kinds of dimensions that determine of present socio economical factors retention the QWL M irv is and Lawler, ; Che rate of faculties day by day reducing. To reduce attrition rate and to maintain skilled and talented teaching faculties in this Table 1.

The study components of QWL and job satisfaction in conducted in Tiruchirappalli city limit faculty members of private universities in colleges reveals that their is a significant Bangladesh, the study revealed that all the association between quality of worklife of components are positively associated with teachers and working environ ment of the job satisfaction of faculty Tabassum, teachers.

A study by Tasmin, claimed Meaningfulness of job, optimism on security. However there is no general contextual factors of setting, all have study on QWL at technical institutions a profound effect on how staff views the considering nine important components of quality of wo rk life Cavry et al. This research emp loyees, concerning workplace decision, has made an effort to fill the research gap conflicts and problem resolving. QW L is with the help of p roposed research model.

For the current research, based on the literature review and brainstorming with 2. They are Work environment, Train ing and development is a organizational Organization culture and climate, Relat ion activity aimed at bettering the performance and co-operation, Training and development, of individual and groups. QWL enables the Co mpensation and Rewards, Facilit ies, Job emp loyees at each hierarchy to actively satisfaction and Job security, Autonomy of participate in build ing the organization work, Adequacy of resources.

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This process is based on two goals 1 To imp rove Work environment is a place in which one organizational efficiency and 2 To improve works. It is a social and professional the quality of working life Skrovan, QWL fo r academicians is Co mpensation and rewards are motivational an attitudinal response to the prevailing work factors, the best performer is given the environment and posited five work rewards, and this builds competition among environment domains that include role the employees to work hard and achieve both stress, job characteristics, supervisory, organizational and individual goals.

This results in the physical and emotional needs of the emp loyee dissatisfaction and lower QW L. Many employers have found it Adequacy of resources has to do with beneficial to allo w alternate work availability of sufficient time and equipment, arrangements for their emp loyees.

This is adequate information and help to complete one way to improve emp loyee productivity assignments Chelte, The advantages of these Literatures reviewed have shown that QWL alternate work arrangements extended to the is a multid imensional constructs, these emp loyee include flexib le work hours, constructs have to be consider during the job shorter or no commute, and a co mfortable design process.

The literature would also working environ ment. In the Job satisfaction is the favourableness or un view o f the review of literature, in Indian favourableness with which employees view context have limited literature and studies on their work. Like motivation, it is affected by QWL especially in the technical institution. Objectives of the study Job security is another factor that is of concern to employees. Permanent Technical institutions in India are currently emp loyment provides security to the facing the challenges of increased emp loyees and improves their QW L.

In such Environment, labour Emp loyees that have secured jobs and pay retention is very important factor for would feel co mfo rtable at the work p lace and competition and survival.

In this context, this affects their quality of life Drobnic and appropriate Quality of work life is one of the Prag, This study aims at exp loring the perception of 2. In autonomous work groups, employees are given the freedom of decision making, 4.

Methodology workers themselves plan, co ordinate and control work related activities. If the This study attempts to explain the various organization provides the appropriate characteristics related to QWL, QW L in authority to design work activities to the teaching environment and to find out individual emp loyees, then it is highly association between the selected variables possible that the work activities can match and dimensions of QWL.

The researcher used random emp irically chosen cut-off scores, Likert, sampling method to select a sample of In this research overall mean 3. The research methodology will considered as a cut off score.

Above the make use of quantitative approach to identify overall mean is considered as satisfied and the perception of emp loyees towards quality below the overall mean is considered as of work life.

The instrument used was a set dissatisfied. All in all there are 50 items in each set of the Table 2. Quality of worklife of emp loyees questionnaire. The questionnaire focuses on Satisfied 53 The organization can improve infrastructure facilities so as to improve the performance of employees. Work life balance: Organisation should provide the relaxation time for employees and offer tips to balance their personal and professional lives.

All in all there are 50 items in each set of the Table 2. This process is based on two goals 1 To imp rove Work environment is a place in which one organizational efficiency and 2 To improve works.

Like motivation, it is affected by QWL especially in the technical institution. Working conditions and quality of life in Europe.

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