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The present work describes a simple and effective means by which to let go of the obstacles to Enlightenment and become free of negativity. During the many. David R. Hawkins - Anatomy Of Consciousness, Hidden Determinants Of Human Pages·· Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender. Read "Letting Go" by David R. Hawkins, M.D./Ph.D. available from Rakuten Kobo . Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. The present work describes a.

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Letting go with love and confidence: raising responsible, resilient, . The Communities That Care process developed by doctors David Hawkins and. Richard. Letting Go describes a simple and effective means by which to let go of the obstacles to Enlightenment and become free of negativity. During the many decades. Editorial Reviews. Review. Dr. David Hawkins' book "Power vs Force" had a big impact on me when I read it several years ago and now I would like to let you.

It is an accurate representation of almost anything whether in the past or present.

He presents consciousness as simple map with a logarithmic scale ranging between 1 to For example, a score of 20 represents shame, is fear, represents the level of confidence and truth, while represents acceptance.

Others include; , which represents reason, for love, and for ultimate enlightenment. He noted that the average human, without serious spiritual growth, experiences a change of about 5 points in their entire lifetime.

However, focusing on consistent spiritual growth yields up to points difference. Other causes for high changes include near-death experiences or trauma.

Review Today, there is an increasing number of people who agree with her and contents of the audiobook. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. I find that many times the simplest truths are the most impactful which I would say is true in this case.

I do a lot of reading books such as this one by Tolle, Course in Miracles, Deepak Chopra, Easwaran, etc and this one helped put it all together and it made sense in a way that was actionable. When I started reading the book I was very depressed and apathetic. I felt trapped and like I was going thru the motions of every day life but without joy.

Right from the beginning of the book it struck a cord with me as he described all of the desperate things people do to try to avoid their feelings. I thought, this is me! It was like holding a mirror up and I saw my sadness and drain of energy to avoid my feelings and at the same time the desperate flailing about looking for anything to help make me feel better.

Within the first few chapters I was able to identify some old repressed feelings and just by recognizing they were there, I think it released them. I feel so much better.

Letting Go

I equate it to a ball that is being held under water and when it is released it shoots up. But I wondered could it be that simple? I am not sure if this book would have had the same impact had I not done extensive reading of other authors, hard to say, but this one helped all the concepts to coalesce for me. The other thing that I found helpful was the spirit of acceptance and understanding. I no longer feel shame or guilt over my less noble feelings such as jealousy, competitiveness, arrogance, pride, or anger.

I can recognize them for what they are as part of my human condition and the programming of my past. I can work thru them without hiding them or the added burden of guilt or shame and release them. That, in and of itself, is a powerful thing and a great gift that I received from this book. I would recommend this book to anyone and hope that it has the same positive, life-changing effect on you that it had for on me.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book changed my life and offers a process to free yourself from negative thinking that works! I have been working on myself for many years and had read Power Vs.

Force some years ago. I also recommend you read Power Vs. Force first, which talks about the evolutionary pattern of how we all spiritually develop, and that will help you understand the framework presented in Letting Go better.

Now the framework is repeated in Letting Go as well, but I think it makes more of an impact if you read Power Vs. Force first. Letting Go gives us a process for evolving our emotional and spiritual selves according to that natural, evolutionary pattern explained in Power Vs. Letting Go provides a framework and a process for letting go of old negative emotions, such as guilt, anger, or fear, which frees up our energy, makes us much happier, and lets us evolve spiritually.

The book is not religious and can be used with any belief system. The process offers a way to clear negative stuff from the unconscious that is repressed and suppressed, allowing us to experience happiness, which should be our natural state. How many of us can say we are always naturally happy? The book says that letting go of negative emotions may also cure chronic illness, of which I had my doubts because it sounded so woo-woo.

But over the course of two months I followed the process, which only takes moments a day as old feelings come up -- you don't need to contemplate your navel for hours on end or make a big deal out of it. You need to devote thoughts to the process, but not really time so it is a very easy process to follow and you can do it anytime, while commuting, in the shower, whatever, so it does not take time out of your busy day.

For myself, not only is some long-standing general anxiety gone, but a chronic illness has just gone away! I mean, one day it was there as it had been for 10 years, and the next day it was magically gone.

Not only that, but I feel much stronger, powerful, more peaceful, and much happier. I look 5 years younger. I have bought this book for Christmas gifts because I think it is better than therapy for just getting happier. Even if you think you have resolved all the traumas in your life, working this process will make you so much more happy and effective.

If there is one book you should be reading, it is this one. It is helpful to all who want to let go of things that are disturbing them.

On the back it says " it is an valuable resource for all professionals who work in the areas of mental health, psychology, medicine , self help, addiction recovery, and spiritual development.

It should have included anybody that wants less stress and more peace in their lives. Hawkins gives you solutions that have worked for him and patients for over 50 years. They have worked exceptionally well for me too.

For example, I loved the can't VS won't question to put things in perceptive. I can't means you have an underlying fear. He gives you ways to see through the fears and realized that you really can so it really is a won't.

That question is one that I use to see what my true motives are. All the information on work, love, depression, grief, courage, happiness and etc were outstanding in helping me to recontextalize the way I was seeing things.

Thoughts are endless and self-reinforcing, and they only breed more thoughts. Thoughts are merely rationalizations of the mind to try to explain the presence of the feeling.

The real reason for the feeling is the accumulated pressure behind the feeling that is forcing it to come up in the moment. The thoughts or external events are only an excuse made up by the mind. As we become more familiar with letting go, it will be noticed that all negative feelings are associated with our basic fear related to survival and that all feelings are merely survival programs that the mind believes are necessary.

The letting go technique undoes the programs progressively. Through that process, the underlying motive behind the feelings becomes more and more apparent.

To be surrendered means to have no strong emotion about a thing: "It's okay if it happens, and it's okay if it doesn't.

We can enjoy a thing, but we don't need it for our happiness. There is progressive diminishing of dependence on anything or anyone outside of ourselves. These principles are in accord with the basic teaching of the Buddha to avoid attachment to worldly phenomena, as well as the basic teaching of Jesus Christ to "be in the world but not of it. This is because there is more of it yet to be surrendered. We have stuffed these feelings all of our lives and there can be a lot of energy pushed down that needs to come up and be acknowledged.

When surrender occurs, there is an immediate lighter, happier feeling, almost like a "high. Hawkins, M. Letting go of negative feelings is the undoing of the ego, which will be resistant at every turn. This may result in skepticism about the technique. The solution is simply to keep on letting go of the feelings you have about the whole process. Let the resistance be there but don't resist the resistance. You are free. You don't HAVE to let go.

Wird oft zusammen gekauft

Nobody is forcing you. Look at the fear behind the resistance. What are you afraid of regarding this process? Are you willing to let go of that? Keep letting go of every fear as it arises, and the resistance will resolve. Let's not forget that we are letting go of all the programs that have made us a slave and a victim for a long time. These programs have blinded us to the truth of our real identity.

The ego is losing ground and will try tricks and bluffs. Once we start letting go, its days are numbered and its power is diminishing.

One of its tricks to to go unconscious about the technique itself, for instance, to decide suddenly that the mechanism of surrender isn't working, things are still the same, it is confusing, and too hard to remember and do. This is a sign of real progress! It means that the ego knows we have a knife with which to cut ourselves free and it is losing ground.

The ego is not our friend. Like "master control" in Tron , it wants to keep us enslaved by its programs. Letting go is a natural ability.

It is not something new or foreign.

Ballad Health

It is not an esoteric teaching or somebody else's idea or a belief system. We are merely utilizing our own inner nature to get freer and happier. When letting go, it is not helpful to "think" about the technique. It's better, simply, just to do it. Eventually, it will be seen that all thoughts are resistance.

It has energy and form. The mind with its thoughts and feelings controls the body; therefore, to heal the body, thoughts and feelings need to be changed.

What is held in mind tends to express itself through the body.

Thoughts are caused by suppressed and repressed feelings.

The body is not the real self; it is like a puppet controlled by the mind. Beliefs that are unconscious can manifest as illness, even though there is no memory of the underlying beliefs. An illness tends to result from repressed and suppressed negative emotions, plus a thought that gives it specific form i.

Thoughts are caused by suppressed and repressed feelings. When a feeling is let go, thousands or even millions of thoughts that were activated by that feeling disappear. Although a specific belief can be cancelled and energy to it can be refused, it is generally a waste of time to try to change thinking itself.

We surrender a feeling by allowing it to be there without condemning, judging, or resisting it. We simply look at it, observe it, and allow it without trying to modify it.

It will run out in due time. A strong feeling may recur, which means there is more of it to be recognized and surrendered.

In order to surrender a feeling, sometimes it is necessary to start by relinquishing the feeling that is there about the particular emotion e.

In order to relinquish a feeling, sometimes it is necessary to acknowledge and let go of the underlying payoff of it e. Feelings are not the real self. Whereas feelings are programs that come and go, the real inner Self always stays the same; Ignore thoughts. No matter what is going on in life, keep the steadfast intention to surrender negative feelings as they arise. Make a decision that freedom is more desirable than having a negative feeling. Choose to surrender negative feelings rather than express them.

Surrender resistance to and skepticism about positive feelings.Ill take down the data and handle it okay. One of its tricks to to go unconscious about the technique itself, for instance, to decide suddenly that the mechanism of surrender isn't working, things are still the same, it is confusing, and too hard to remember and do.

Alan Cohen. That being said, Hawkins composes thoughts, ideas, strategies about the concept of letting go - which has been addressed in many and various ways by both psychological and spiritual traditions - that do seem somewhat novel.

Let go of anticipating the next moment, trying to control it, trying to hang on to the moment that has just passed.

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