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A: I will start by saying that I have written a couple of books on carnivorous plants; you can read about them here. One book is a summary book on carnivorous. Buy The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants: A Comprehensive Guide to "A beautifully illustrated and well-written book about carnivorous plants that will. Imitating a plant's natural environment is the key to success in growing carnivorous plants, and this book will help readers select the best plants to grow on a.

Carnivorous Plants Book

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The best carnivorous plant books available on the market. He explores in detail the wily manner in which each type of plant entices, Adrian Slack's book, Carnivorous Plants, is the best general survey book for a. Carnivorous Plants book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Adrian Slack focuses on some fifty species, using photographs, li.

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But I'm happy to sign your copy if you ever track me down! Carnivorous plants attract, capture, kill, and digest animals and protozoans. More than plant species from more than a dozen genera are carnivorous.

I have written a book that treats every plant known to be carnivorous, those which may be carnivorous, and even a few more. No doubt, there are other books on carnivorous plants, so why did I write one of my own?

I did so to bring my perspective to the world of carnivorous plantsthat of a conservationist, a geeky horticulturist, and a photographer. Because of the oddities of the publishing world, there are three different versions of the book; they differ only in the coverthe contents are the same.

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This is a lovely book, and I'm quite honored when someone tells me they enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately, it is out of print, and I have no special pass to get you your own copy.

That said, if you have a copy I will happily sign it if we meet face to face. Book updates and omissions Alas, because of space restraints, I was unable to include in the book all the text and photographs I would have liked to.

So I have created this web page to link to additional material related to the book. Appearances and shows I frequently give talks on carnivorous plants and of course astronomy.

Start ’em young! 5 Carnivorous plant books for kids!

Cheek also pointed out a number of inconsistencies and taxonomic errors in the text the genus Sarracenia , for example, is said to have 7, 8, and "14 or so" species on different pages , although he wrote that "[i]nconsistencies are inevitable in a multi-author volume such as this".

Reviewing the book for the Bulletin of the Australian Carnivorous Plant Society , Brett Lymn described it as "a serious scientific work" though "not just a book for academics".

He continued: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the book, see The Carnivorous Plants. Dust jacket showing Nepenthes pervillei.

Joel The Carnivorous Plants. Academic Press, London.

Special literature review. Carnivorous Plant Newsletter 18 2: An account of Nepenthes in New Guinea.

Science in New Guinea 17 1: Porembski, R. Theisen Carnivorous Plants By Adrian Slack Adrian Slack focuses on some fifty species, using photographs, line drawings, and diagrams to illustrate their peculiarities. Request Permissions Exam copy.

Carnivorous Plants

Overview Author s Praise. Summary Adrian Slack focuses on some fifty species, using photographs, line drawings, and diagrams to illustrate their peculiarities. Share Share Share email.

Authors Adrian Slack. Reviews Adrian Slack, a landscape architect Jane E. Brody The New York Times.Failing that, try ordering from a local bookstore.

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I encourage you to instead buy the second edition, which is much larger at pages long! Sometimes I pick it up just to flip through the photos, and end up learning something new as I do!

The sheer volume is amazing. Lloyd is very readable.

Start ’em young! 5 Carnivorous plant books for kids!

I refer to it constantly when looking for clues on growing new plants. This list is far from exhaustive! Yes, I know these have been replaced by other books, but I still think these are things of beauty to be cherished.

Information on how to feed carnivorous plants will enable even the most squeamish grower to ensure that plants receive the nutrients they require.

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